Simon Cowell: Pregnancy News Left Me with Mixed Feelings

09/07/2013 at 12:00 PM ET

Simon Cowell had two reactions when he learned that he was going to be a father.

The X Factor judge, who’s expecting his first child with Lauren Silverman this winter, tells Ellen DeGeneres in an interview airing on her talk show Tuesday that he thought, “Oh my God, this is exciting, and it’s going to be a bit of a nightmare for the next few weeks.”

He’s referring to the fact that Silverman was still with her husband, Andrew, when the baby news broke in July.

“It was kind of uncomfortable. You know, the situation,” Cowell, 53, admits. “But these things happen and everything is kind of calm now and I’m happy. I’m actually happier than I’ve ever been.”

Simon Cowell Pregnancy Ellen DeGeneres
Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

The British star says the baby — whom a source tells PEOPLE is a boy — will be raised in New York, Los Angeles and London, and admits that despite all the stressful attention, the mom-to-be (who already has a 7-year-old son with her now ex-husband) is “in a really good place.”

Cowell defends Silverman, whom he recently spent time with in the south of France, against the allegations made about her in the media.

“There was a lot of stuff said about her, that she trapped me and that she’s a gold digger. Absolute nonsense,” he says. “She’s a great girl.”

— K.C. Blumm

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Aimee on

So now that “things have calmed down” I guess this makes the situation o.k.???? Simon is what I have always thought he was…..SELF CENTERED and thinks he is ABOVE everyone else. But, guess what?? Money doesn’t buy you decency!!!!!!!!!!

Guest on

Almost feel sorry for him. I don’t think he really wanted children, and he is entitled to that decision. I know all the comments about safe sex will appear now. Hoping for the best for all concerned, especially the baby.

Sophia on

Why would you feel sorry for him? He screwed over his friend by impregnating his wife! Even if they were separated that is wrong to do to a friend.

Also, if Simon really never wanted children he could have prevented it. And he has so much money he’s not going to have to be a hands on dad if he doesn’t want to (although for the babies sake I hope he is). He can pay someone else to care for the child. So I wouldn’t worry yourself feeling too sorry for poor Simon!

Sylvia on

Nope, sorry no sympathy here. You don’t do something that low to someone – especially if you consider them to be your “best friend”.

Simon is a self involved human being and I know people can change if they so wish, but I don’t see him changing.

Linda on

I do wish happiness for people, but it shouldn’t come at the expense of others. This situation could have been handled better if she’d told her husband about the affair before she got pregnant….or even better….if she had told him the minute she started having feelings for Simon. Her husband would have been spared the humiliation and betrayal.

Stacey on

You really think her husband didn’t know she was seeing him before she was pregnant by him? This man has cameras following him around the world. Pictures are constantly posted of him with whomever he is with. You really think the husband was that dumb? Their marriage was already into the divorce process while Simon and she were dating.

Sun on

Stupid man and stupid woman. They deserves each others. What’s matter with married people and what they were thinking these days???? Stupid

guesr on

One word, “INFIDELITY”

Pammy61 on

I, for one, am happy that things have settled down for the three, soon to be four, of them. I think Simon will surprise everyone and become quite the doting dad to the baby as well as immensely involved with the 7 year old. Babies can make people change drastically – often for the better. What’s done is done – and they are not the first people/celebrities to have a baby in this type of situation. Everyone else seems to have moved on – it’s time the public does as well.

guest on

A great girl doesn’t cheat on her husband with his friend…. She trapped him and I can’t be swayed to think any different… She’s nothing more than an expensive hooker.

Sail phuket on

But these things happen ????that what he said. So Simon what you saying it fine I cheated with someone wife. You never have any Moral anyway…You both deserve each other

Jerk on

I bet Laurens husband has mixed feelings.

goaskalice on

Why are we STILL reporting on this, People???? Who gives a s*it

obamagirl on

She’s a gold digger. She trapped you.

Aussie on

You Go Simon! I think your’e going to be an awesome dad!

Tara on

I think it’s really insensitive for him to bring up the affair. It’s a choice that could hurt your child later on. Why would you do that?

Diane on

Bad news. “She is a good girl”….REALLY? She is married, has an affair and gets impregnated by another man?
Wow, I must be old fashioned, but that is not such a good girl, Simon. And, SHAME ON YOU TOO!!!

Mommy on

awww…. Simon is giddy….

Lorraine on

Ickers, Simon. Shutter it. You do realize your child someday will hear about your discomfort, right?

And you are aware of how to apply a condom for usage when bedding down the wives of your friends, right Simon Cowell, you dirty dog you. Fifty plus years old acting like a pampered school boy who has his problems wiped clean with wads of cash. Here, there and everywhere.

Yuck, Simon Cowell. Yuck. Thanks for proving your child some interesting reading in the future. What a creepy, creepy “love” story this all is.

Isabel on

I wish the best for the baby. He or she will need it most with such examples for parents.

Cinder Lou on

“These things happen.” I guess so. And I guess it makes it all right now. As long as Simon’s happy, that’s all that really matters, right?

guest on

He can try to sugarcoat this all he wants, but it is what it is. The infidelity and dishonesty is awful. Some friend he is, some wife she was. I can’t see this lasting…

edith on

They are both immoral and low . How is he bragging about the pregnancy when he has NO clue if it’s his ? How does he know she wasn’t sleeping with her husband too. Do a DNA you dumb fool, Lauen is a hobag. Got him fooled already….

Guest on

he is completely cavalier about the entire situation….

gyl on

A bit of an unpleasant start, but Simon is an older dad and it is probably the best thing that has happened for him. Whether this woman is a gold digger or not, remains to be proved. I do think that it helps her chances with him now that there is a child attached to the scenario. But wishing them a healthy baby.

kay pasa on

I bet you he will never change a single diaper.

Smithy on

So….um…..yes, knocking up my friend’s wife was a bit uncomfortable. Now that they’ve had a quickie divorce and she’s my girlfriend….I’m super comfortable.

Take away the money and this is a classic trailer park soap opera. I hear banjo music y’all.

Deesker on

Here’s a question. Why would Ellen DeGeneres even have him on her show? He has no morals. He’s a d**** bag. He had an affair with his friend’s wife, who’s just as bad. Shame on you Ellen for having this piece of crap on your show.

Anonymous on

If this woman can sleep with a man who is not his husband. She can theoretically sleep with any man. Is the baby really Simon’s?

Nicole on

A baby is always a blessing. It may be the greatest gift someone could give him. Here is wishing him the best.

Thorne on

I have absolutely no respect for someone who betrays a friend and Simon did it in the worst way. They are both lowlifes. Money doesn’t buy decency. Will never watch another show with his name on it.

Jess on

Wow I’m surprised that he actually recognized the “truth”! Guts feeling right Simon??

Hmmm on

Why is he making the rounds with this? He never did any interviews before. While I’m happy he gets to be a father when maybe he would have ruled it out, the situation calls for a lot more discretion. Not a constant “hey, look at me, I’m going to be a father and I want to rub salt into some wounds in the process”. Guy seems to have lost his mind.

Jerk on

He so casual about the whole thing, like his and her feelings were all that mattered. I have lost all respect for Simon. Reminds me of Jolie and Pitt

Jamie on

Cheating with his friends wife and getting her pregnant made him “uncomfortable.” Wow. He really is a clueless, vile person. I have absolutely no respect for either of them. Where are their morals!? My thoughts go out to the innocent seven year old and this baby who will be brought into this world in a less than ideal situation.

Crystal on

I too wonder if the baby is 100% his? Even if Lauren and her husband were “separated” or having problems that does not mean she wasn’t still sleeping with him. A DNA test is definitely in order. No use raising someone else’s kid. Besides, how can he believe ANYTHING that comes out of that tramp’ s mouth? Obviously the only way she knows how to get anything in life is by lying on her BACK! They are both disgusting. I feel so sorry for that baby and her son. What poor excuses of parenting examples to have to look up to. Not just parents but people PERIOD! I wish they would GO AWAY! Slink off back under that rock you and your whore crawled out from under.

Debbie on

Simon is nothing but an arrogant scummy billionaire. Can’t find his own women so he steals his best friend’s wife. How classy you are Simon 😡


Yep, she’s a great lady who was MARRIED to someone else. His comments are so disrespectful to the ex-HUSBAND. Lets see how long it takes for this “lady” (used loosely) to spread her legs for another man, not Simon. Karma will bitch slap the shit out of both of you when you are least expecting it. Your happiness shouldn’t be at the expense of someone else’s. Female version of Leann Rimes. No respect for anyone. I hope the ex-husband finds a real lady and gets his happiness.

lydiaferguson on

hey Simon have you heard of a CONDOM

Ruby on

What a piece of rubbish. He and his baby momma absolutely disgust me. There is nothing “okay” about this situation. It never will be “okay”. You’re both pathetic excuses for human being. This child is going to need extensive therapy.

PS on

So these things happen, huh? Whoops, aw, look at that, my pants fell down and I got led around by my crotch, next thing I know she’s pregnant. How about that. Tsk. Please.

Anonymous on

I’m living in hope that being a dad will help him start dressing more age-appropriate. Those t-shirts have to go along with his unbuttoned to the navel dress shirts. He’s got a good body but I just feel like he’s trying to dress like he’s this young hot stud. He needs a makeover and fast! 🙂

LM on

That’s good Simon’s supportive of the mother. It’s absolutely true – she didn’t trap him. I don’t like that phrase because all men know how pregnancies occur. Unless she slipped him a rufie (sp?), he was not trapped.
I hope this child has two good parents who love him, after all of this. That’s the important thing.

Lita on

I am not throwing stones. Hate all the righteous.

LM on

You know I just read thru these comments and here’s a novel thought – how about people quit trashing a women who they have no idea about. Her oldest son probably has access to these types of sites and has to read people call his mother awful names.

Did Simon and Lauren make mistakes – absolutely. But how would you people feel if the public called your mother, daughter, sister, etc disgusting names. That makes y’all worse then she is.

Christy on

What’s he gonna say? He has no choice but to put on a happy face. Anything else and he’d look like a jerk.

Vijaya on

Both Simon and Lauren cannot be trusted. They both betrayed Andrew. I pity the unborn baby who will have whores for parents.

Vijaya on

She is not a great girl. Good girls do not cheat on their husbands. She is a gold digger. Some may call her a whore or a slut.

CS on

Does this man not have a real shirt? He was on Leno in the same undershirt. Yuk

karen on

How does he know its his and not her husbands?

Jen on

I find the treatment of men in this situation to be problematic. Where are the howls of “home wrecker” like it would be for a woman. Why does he get to go on TV and be cavalier and “oh sometimes these things happen” and get no push back or embarrassing questions and accusations. Both he and his girlfriend did wrong, and she gets the “gold digger” label, but he just gets to shrug it off and laugh about it. He has no shame and those interviewing him have no guts.

Anonymous on

How does he know the baby is his SON? was there a DNA test? Lauren was sleeping with both her then husband and Simon.

Sandy on

Righteous BS, right is right and wrong is wrong………..this was wrong !! For anyone with any morals at all.

Terrimillward on

He is still a loser

Katie on

He’s on a damage control tour. Trying to make the media think he is not a low life POS for having his best friend’s wife. Sorry he still is-If you will cheat you will lie.

Jan on

Ewww I can’t stand this awful man and his adulterous lowlife women.