Vanessa Lachey: I’ve Had My Oprah Aha Moment

09/06/2013 at 01:00 PM ET

Vanessa Lachey Jokes: Nick Would Be Willing to Nurse
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She’s got a new job on the sitcom Dads, but Vanessa Lachey is also busy planning not one but two birthday parties — for her son, Camden John, and husband, Nick.

“The same year I’m planning my son’s first birthday, I’m also planning my husband’s 40th birthday [in November], so it’s been quite an interesting process [with] different scales of things,” the actress, 32, told PEOPLE at the TCAs.

“I’m planning over here what kind of wine we’re gonna have and the liquor, and over here I’m like, streamers and beach balls!”

Sitting with her castmates, Tonito Castro and Brenda Song, from the Seth McFarlane sitcom (which premieres on Fox on Sept. 17), Lachey says that her life as a working mom is a dream come true.

“I had one of those Oprah aha moments. Literally when I started at MTV and someone said, ‘Ten years from now, where do you see yourself?'” she recalls.

“I remember vividly saying these three things: I see myself married to a great guy. Check — thank goodness! With at least two or three kids — one is good for now, as I’m learning I’ll take that slowly. And to have a multicam sitcom, because I think there’s something beautiful about being able to come into people’s homes and entertain them once a week.”

But in the Lachey home, it’s little Camden — who turns one on Thursday — who’s the entertainer.

“He loves to dance, he loves music,” Lachey says. “He loves the water — the pool, swimming, the beach — to the point that when we give him water and try to sign ‘Drink, drink,’ he literally puts his face in the cup and starts [acting] like he wants to go swimming.”

She adds, “But I won’t do a pool party for his first birthday ’cause I feel like we have the rest of his life to do pool parties. He’s 1, this one’s for Mom and Dad.”

— K.C. Blumm with reporting by Michele Stueven

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kim on

love her

Sharon on

She is a lovely person, I wish her the best.

Lola on

THIS is top story?

Jody on

and so who the hell cares!!??

cbaker on

i would rather read this than the fact that brad pitt took a bath and got a haircut………wow !

rollerderby on

at least she realizes that first birthday parties are for the parents and not the child. They mean nothing to a child that young, and lavish/expensive ones are realy stupid and self-indulgent. Babies don’t know it’s the anniversary of their births, and cake is bad for babies, and a kid such as this one certainly doesn’t need more toys.

heather on

She may realize it, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be a lavish self indulgent party.

rollerderby on

her husband is 40, so he shouldn’t father more kids. Past 40 is too old.

Ohanna on

Seriously? Why ever not? He can take care of them, he is not a womanizer having kids with each one. So what is your reasoning.

kimberly on

there’s something about her, something about this couple that I just adore. So happy for them and Happy Birthday Camden!

Cam on

She always seems self absorbed and ditzy. Her son looks just like her

Didi on

They are an awesome couple! ♥ To the Negative Nellies who commented: grow up and shut up!!!!

newlywed on

@ rollerderby in reference to: “her husband is 40, so he shouldn’t father more kids. Past 40 is too old”. Congratulations! You’ve won the award for most idiotic comment of the day! Let me guess, being that in your words he is 40 and “too old” to have more children, I guess it would have been a better situation if he was like most of America and having children when he was in his teens and still an immature boy as opposed to a 40 year old mature man! Whatever it is that you are doing to kill your brain cells, please stop. You’re doing yourself and the intelligent people a disservice by spewing nonsense such as what you stated.

Anonymous on

She said they try to sign “drink, drink”. I don’t remember hearing/reading anything about her son being deaf.

heather on

One year old typically can’t talk so you teach them sign language to communicate. It’s not uncommon.

Jessica on

@lola, I’d much rather hear stories about Nick & Vanessa then Jessica and her unemployed loser “fiance” and about how they are still going to get married eventually for the millionth time.

Dawn on

They are a very cute couple with an adorable little boy

Dawn on

Well said @Newlywed!

JeniLee on

@anonymous – I use sign with my PreK class- its just another way to enhance learning and communication. You don’t need to be deaf. Giving a child a tactile way to learn something is great and helpful for non-verbal learners.

Observer on

Something beautiful about coming into people’s houses to entertain them. Are you kidding me? What crap. These celebrities are so full of themselves.

Pat Brown on

I never understood why people comment on other people’s comments, really have a lot to today? I’m glad she found some happiness, because she has no relationship with her own mother. I don’t see this lasting long term, most marriages don’t, she also seems very very fake to me. Just an observation!

Toodles on

I don’t know what it is about this person, but nothing she says interests me one bit. Many others do, and I respect that, but my preference would be to reduce her coverage – pls. folks, recognize boredom!

Michelle on

They make such a cute couple. There little boy is so cute. I don’t mind reading news about this family because they don’t report everything they do like Kim K and Beonyce. How ever you spell her last name. You get tired of hearing about those celebrities. Happy Birthday Camden and Nick. .

Sydney on

I like Vanessa and shall be watching Dads as well as Nick’s hosting of The Singoff later this year. I hope the Lacheys will post a picture of their cute little 1 year old.

BiteMe on

Too bad she’ll always be known as his sloppy seconds. Ditzy Jessica will always be known as the one that got away.

Anonymous on

Anonymous, it’s very common and easy to teach hearing infants and toddlers sign language. It’s a great way for them to communicate with you.

Sloppy seconds? Really? She’s known as his wife. Everyone in this world has multiple mariners. It’s part of life. Sad that you can’t move, especially with people you don’t know.

Sydney on

Comments are interesting. To BiteMe, in this world, how many couples marry, divorce and then marry again to another. I think it is a substantial number. How lucky and undoubtedly happy is Nick that Jessica got away.

Missy on

@Jessica…please get over the Jessica/Nick relationship…everyone else did. No need to hate on Jessica. She makes enough money for all of them 😉

Anonymous on

Shes amazing. love her…

tRISH on

Dissappear not relevant!