Shannon and Monica Brown Welcome Daughter Laiyah Shannon

09/06/2013 at 11:00 AM ET

Monica Shannon Brown Baby Shower
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Monica‘s baby girl is here!

The singer and her husband, Phoenix SunsShannon Brown, welcomed their first child together, Laiyah Shannon Brown, on Tuesday, Sept. 3 in Atlanta, her rep confirms to PEOPLE.

After 12 hours of labor and a failed epidural (anesthesiologists administered a second dose), Monica, 32, delivered the couple’s daughter. Born at 1:55 p.m., she weighed in at 6 lbs., 1 oz. and measured 19 inches long.

“Mom, Dad and baby are doing great!” her rep tells PEOPLE.

On hand for Laiyah’s debut were big brothers Rodney, 8, and Romelo, 5½ — Monica’s sons from a previous relationship. “They were there when their little sister’s entrance into the world took place,” the rep adds.

The family was released from the hospital on Thursday and is now settling in at home.

On Friday, the new dad posted a picture on Instagram of him sleeping soundly while cradling his newborn daughter. “I THANK GOD for her! JOY has been restored in my LIFE!” he writes.

After announcing there was a baby on the way in May, the proud parents-to-be celebrated their baby girl’s pending arrival with a pink carousel-themed shower in August.

— Anya Leon with reporting by Mia McNiece

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librababe on

Pretty name! Congrats 🙂

lilah on

Awww, congratulations!!

Lesley on

Congratulatons to the beautiful family!


Congrats Monica and Shannon! I am sure baby Laiyah is a beauty and will bring much joy to your lives.

Crystal on

I have been a fan of Monica since she started her singing career. I am so happy for she and her family. The baby is beautiful (from what I got from the sneak peek on Instagram)!

Mya on

Congrats to them…I’m sure she is over the moon about finally having a daughter in the house!

Cici on

I went to school with Shannon…. Congrats!

4tmama on

Congrats, all of these precious blessings from God, celebrate, rejoice!!

jeanmarieok on


lola on

not a natural birth in my book! that was as artficial as possible! and for the dad to say finally joy has been restored….WOW how is that supposed to make his wife and boys feel—no joy until a baby girl! harsh. what superficial idiots!

Patrice on

@lola I knew someone would take his comment out of context. Shannon has said many times how much he loves his wife and boys. But being from Maywood where he is from we had hard lives and this is his first time seeing and experiencing birth. So me having more insight allowed me to see that he sees things through fresh eyes. Babies will do that. The love so pure and holding a part of you gives that feeling instantly . Trust there’s no Laiyah without Monica. Many will get it many will pick it apart. I’m sure Monica is Happy to have a husband that really really appreciated both her and Gods contribution to his life

Patrice on

Also natural birth in today’s terms means no C section etc. so this IS natural. I really hate a negative nancy !!! Congrats to the Browns

Anon on

Agreed. Calling it natural is people’s way of avoiding the v word.

Tina on

Congratulations Monica and Shannon!!

Simone on

This little girl is going to grow up in a house full of love with parents and siblings that many people will envy her for!!Congratulations to the Browns and sons 🙂

Joy Palmer Troublefield on

Congratulation Shannon anf Monica On your bundle of joy.

Bernice on


Anonymous on


Sunshine Dockery on

Congrats Monica & Shannon n ur beautiful gurl

sheryl834@ on

God bless you guys on your new arrival. I pray that guys will continue to rain upon.Your family as a whole. God Bless

stephanie on

Congratulation proud parents. Love you Monica and your music.Give kiss to baby girl!!!

Darlene on

I love their humbleness

Apryl on

@ Lola it takes a special who picked a part this beautiful story! Shannon is not the boys father so this would be the first time in the delivery room and witness child birth. It is a beautiful and unforgettable experience! Congrats Shannon and Monica on your new addition to your family.. May God bless you and your family.

dorcita on

Congratz on ur new bundle of joy wishin u the best 🙂

Nazareth Ibarra on

I’m so happy for her but oml im so slow i didn’t even know she was pregnant

Marky on

Congratulations to the happy couple! Lola, seriously, why do you feel compelled to be critical of someone els’s birth experience? I think it is absolutely unbelievable that you think this baby’s birth is “as artificial as possible!” There was no c-section, no surrogate (necessary for some), nothing other than having an epidural. Her delivery, her choice. Why don’t you just focus on your own deliveries, and not criticize others? Women should support women’s choices for themselves.

Anonymous on

Patrice- Agreed. Also, nowhere in this post is it claimed that Monica had a natural birth (although perhaps it did earlier. I know PEOPLE often updates birth posts with new info and what not).

Anyway, congrats to them!

Raevonne on

Congrats to Monica and Shannon! But this is actually his second child. He already had a son before he met Monica.

lenneth boucher-franco on

what a joy may God richly bless you and your family

yesman on

Why do some of you claim that this his first time in the delivery room & witnessing childbirth? He has a younger son from his long-time girlfriend. I think his son is about 6 years old.

kim on

Congrats to them!!! this is soo sweet. monica is the most humble, & most deserving of all her blessings.I loove looooove!!!! Im sure there were just no words that could possibly explain the joy shannon was feeling in that moment. its no doubt theyre happily married. i dont get why ppl read way too much into things

Anonymous on

yesman- You’re right. I momentarily forgot he had another son. I wonder why he didn’t get to be in the delivery room like the other big brothers?

duh on

Shannon’s son lives in California. Monica lives and gave birth in Atlanta. I doubt the son’s mother was going to fly him across to country to witness the birth of his father’s child with another woman. Just saying…

Anonymous on

duh- Well if that’s the case, she (Shannon’s son’s mother) was being very selfish. Whether she likes it or not, Laiyah is her son’s sister (not just “his father’s child with another woman”) and he had a right to witness her being born like his half-brothers did!

Then again, maybe they asked him if he wanted to be at the birth and he said no.

Anonymous on

A natural birth refers to the medication given during birth as well, so Lola is correct, this is not a natural birth. While I understand its not mentioned or may not be important to some, she is in fact correct. When I made my birth plans for all four of my pregnancies, I had to list if I had intended to have a natural birth…aka medications, drugs. Natural childbirth by definition means “a system of managing childbirth in which the mother receives preparatory education in order to remain conscious during and assist in delivery with minimal or no use of drugs or anesthetics.”

I couldn’t care less if someone uses medication during childbirth, breastfeeds, co-sleeps, etc, but I do care about things being stated correctly.

charday on

Congrats Monica and Shannon on the new baby. One of Monica’s biggest fans so glad for her that she had another healthy baby and its a girl. I know how Shannon feels i also just gave my husband his first child in July, and he loves my other kids just like they are his. So please lets not think negative cause he is just a lil happier that His daughter is born @ Lola

Dolores Houston on

Congratulations to my favorite singer god has sent you a blessing may she bring joy to the family an I know she a beautiful like her moms. Best wishes Monica enjoy love you always a true fan.

Terri on

Anonymous, they aren’t his half-brothers, they are totally unrelated. And it’s not selfish to not fly across the country with a 6 year old to witness a birth – especially if it wasn’t a scheduled birth. I’m sure she’ll allow the son to visit his father & new sister, when it’s convenient for the new family. Geez.

C2C on

I love that her middle name is “Shannon”! Daddy’s little girl!