Brian Austin Green on Megan Fox’s Pregnancy: ‘I Do Whatever She Asks’

09/06/2013 at 03:00 PM ET

Brian Austin Green Night of Generosity
Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

Brian Austin Green knows the secret to keeping his pregnant wife, Megan Fox, happy — “I just do whatever she asks for and I say ‘Yes,’ no matter what it may be.”

The Transformers star, 27, is expecting the couple’s second child together, and Green, 40, admitted that Fox wasn’t feeling well enough to accompany him at the 5th Annual Night of Generosity at the Beverly Hills Hotel on Friday.

But despite her no-show, Green told reporters that his wife of three years is “doing great.”

“She did great the first time around, but I wouldn’t wish the experience on anybody,” he said. “I couldn’t do it.”

The couple, who are already parents to son Noah Shannon, 11 months, are prepping for the new arrival but Green admits he isn’t sure how they’ll manage juggling a toddler, a new baby and his job on Anger Management.

“We honestly have no idea and we discuss it daily and think, ‘How are we going to do this?'” he said. “I think we’ll see when it happens. People do it all the time.”

But at least Green has an understanding boss in his sitcom’s star, Charlie Sheen.

“I couldn’t really ask for a better situation than that,” Green said. “[Charlie’s] one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met and worked with.”

— K.C. Blumm with reporting by Mariah Haas

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Kat on

Brian seems like a really nice guy and a very smart husband!

diana on

aww with them both the best!

Guest on

I wasn’t sure about Megan Fox a few years ago, she just came off as a wild child, at least to me, I’m so happy to see her and Brian have started a family together. I have totally changed my opinion of her. She seems like such a wonderful person and a great mom too. I wish them nothing but the absolute best.

Big Fan on

I love Brian and Charlie. I think deep down, Charlie is a guy with a huge heart.

Sam on

Love when these celebs wonder “how they are going to do it”…they have everything at their disposal and don’t have to worry about finances, etc. If only they knew what others have to go through.

shanice on

10 years + these two have been together, which is a rarity in Hollywood. His wife was one of the biggest sex symbols years ago but yet she was really grounded. I’m happy for both of them and wish them all the best with their family!

Mom of 3 on

Hang in there! I remember looking at my one year old, while being six months pregnant with twins wondering how we were going to do it! No family near, and a husband who would be deploying when they were months old. You make due, you survive. At least you can afford a nanny!!

Anna on

Oh Sam, there always has to be one bad apple in the bunch. We know nothing about them and their home life. Some celebrities really do try to give their children normal lives, the best they can. Sure the money and hired help is great, but maybe some of these celebrities know there is more to raising kids than that. I’m happy for them!

Sun on

Very smart man and just don’t agrue with a pregnant wife when she is not feeling great. Trust me..

Shawna on

Shes pregnant again within a year of giving birth… learn what causes this to happen and dont keep her pregnant. Enjoy what you have.

Blessed Mom on

Um, yea, no mention of his other son? Wow, that’s classless. If you’re going to bring up their child, you should bring up his older son as well.

Tayler on

Love him!

Traci on

Megan has deformed thumbs.

Anonymous on

Shawna- What’s wrong with having children close in age? It’s not like she got pregnant one month after delivering her eldest, a la Tori Spelling (no, they haven’t announced a due date, but assuming she confirmed at the three month mark like most celebs do, Noah was around seven months or so when she got pregnant with this baby)!

Anyway, Brian sounds like a great father, and it sounds like Megan’s having some trouble with morning sickness!

planetsinc on

I met Charlie Sheen years ago, during the filming of “Terminal Velocity”. And i can tell ya, He was super nice and very attentive to his fans. Especially the one person (ME), who shouted from a block away, “Charlie”! …LoL ….Love BAG also! 🙂

Jen on

I find it odd and a bit amusing that he wouldn’t wish pregnancy (or labor &delivery?) on anyone!

Anonymous on

They wonder how they are going to juggle it and do it with schedules..HELLO WATCH THE WORKING PARENTS OF AMERICA..They don’t even have the income ya’ll do and you don’t hear them saying that..geez

Krista on

Actually, I saw an interview with her a month after their first child was born and she kept saying how hard it was to be a new mom. She said after a couple of weeks, they had to get a night nurse or they were going to end up killing each other if they didn’t both get some sleep. So, there is your answer. On top of their nanny during the day, they have a nanny at night to wake up with the baby. That’s how they are going to do it.

jean on

Megan Fox looks like she has had several plastic surgeries. Brian seems kind of off to me after suing his ex for money. I wish them the best!

Marky on

Some of you posters need some counseling of some sort, to help you understand why you feel so much resentment toward a couple because they have enough money to hire help if they like. Many people have free help after they have a child; my mother stayed with us for several weeks after our first child was born, in the event I needed help. She didn’t get up with the baby at night, but she was there to help in the daytime, to do anything needed.

When my last child was born, my MIL came and stayed 2 weeks, and while she didn’t take care of the baby, she made meals , kept the house in order, did the laundry, and told me how great a job I was doing as a mom of 3 kids under 4. I was so grateful for the help. If you turn down help from parents and friends, just so you can punch your martyr card and whine about what a hard time it was and how awful it is that you had no help and they can have a nanny. Even with the help I had, I was so tired at night, and I had 2 other children to attend to…and before you go on about how I knew about BC and should have used it, I had been told in no uncertain terms it was impossible for me to ever conceive again.

As to having her children close together, my sister and I were 11 months apart, and we were always very close, got along well, and were there for each other until she died. My boys are 15 months apart, and they are the same. Having children close is not a bad thing, in and of itself.

Nancy on

Wish them well.

I remember David Silver on 90210 and loved his character.

I always wondered why nerdy David dated 3 hot brunettes in real life: Vanessa Marcil, Tiffani Thiesen and Megan Fox.

Its because he is a super sweet guy!

cbaker on

she does not seem maternal to me.

never have seen her with the baby.

i am sure nannies will raise both kids.

and that could be better than a mom that doesnt know or care to know how to take care of her kids.

Maria on

I am a HUGE fan of Charlie Sheen as well as Anger Management.

I didn’t realize Brian’s’ character would be returning. He has great chemistry with Charlie.

Been a fan of Brian since Beverly Hills 90210.

So glad to see he is still acting. I watched his other shows, Wedding Band & Freddie, they were hilarious. Unfortunately, I believe Wedding Band, on TBS, was canceled.

Always though Megan was a talented beauty. So happy to see a couple in Hollywood still going strong.

God Bless them, wishing them a LONG and happy life, together.

Anonymous on

cbaker- Considering we haven’t seen the baby with anyone else either, I think they’re just choosing to keep him out of the public eye as much as possible.