Go Behind the Scenes of Alicia Silverstone’s Photo Shoot for her New Book

09/06/2013 at 02:00 PM ET

Alicia Silverstone The Kind Mama Book
Courtesy Rodale

To say Alicia Silverstone is excited about her upcoming book, The Kind Mama, is an understatement. Eight months before its release, the nature-loving mom — son Bear Blu is now 2 — announced she was working on the new project on her blog while also thanking fans for all their support.

“I want to show women that a kind of lifestyle can also be the key to getting knocked up — without drama — and having a super healthy, super vibrant, soul-quenching pregnancy, birth and mama-hood,” the actress told PEOPLE.

“In my new book, I’m sharing the wisdom I’ve received from some of the smartest obstetricians, midwives, pediatricians and friends I’ve been lucky enough to know.”

Silverstone is clearly on a roll. She released The Kind Diet in March 2011, recently launched a breast milk-sharing program and is also debuting a diet cookbook late next year.

But her main focus right now is The Kind Mama, which will hit stores in April 2014. Her goal is to show readers how to “boost fertility” and take them through every stage of pregnancy up to the first six months of their baby’s life.

Although it’s not coming out for a few months, the actress was “kind” enough to share a few behind-the-scenes pics from the book’s photo shoot with us exclusively. Check them out below:

Alicia Silverstone Family Photos The Kind Mama Book
Yelena Nesbit

Husband Christopher Jarecki and son Bear Blue having fun in the garden.

Alicia Silverstone Family Photos The Kind Mama Book
Yelena Nesbit

Silverstone arranging bowls for a prop shot.

Alicia Silverstone Family Photos The Kind Mama Book
Yelena Nesbit

Silverstone, Jarecki and son Bear Blu are joined by an unexpected (and very large) visitor on the set.

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lovely123 on

Wow, one kid makes for a mother of all wisdom and knowledge. Oh powerful leader of motherhood.

lovely123 on

On a side note, that is one very cool dog/wolf.

Violet on

Alicia and Bear look soo cute on the cover of her new book!! 🙂

Violet on

Omg!! That Husky dog is huge!!! 😀

Marky on

I’m sure her intentions are the best, but…….she would do well to have some real education and not sit around with her vegan friends, and bash one and all who are “meat eaters” while talking about how she has been exposed to all the fabulous wonderful experts so now she knows everything about everything!

I’m fine with her doing her own thing, but she makes me crazy with the “my way is the only real, acceptable way, and anything else is supposed to be disgusting, not acceptable, possibly abusive, and makes me smirk and wrinkle my nose,” attitude. I can’t even eat tofu, anyway, or soy in any form, so guess I’m screwed for sure, LOL!

Isabel on

I’m sure those struggling with infertility will love to know having a successful pregnancy is just a matter of a few lifestyle changes. Forget actual medical conditions and years of research conducted by physicians. Alicia surely knows the real secret.

Jen DC on

Y’know… I’ve never actually met a preachy vegan. After being vegan myself, dating vegans, living with vegans and having at least 3 close vegan friends, not one of them says a word in criticism about others’ eating habits. If it comes up in conversation, they share their reasoning, but never have I ever felt pressured (now that I’m an an omnivore again) not to eat anything in or outside their presence. And if that’s been your experience, I am truly sorry for you and would like to let you know that like any stance, some people do take it too far.

And for the record, I ate very little tofu as a vegan. I actually ate a broader diet as a vegan than I do as an omnivore, primarily because I had to.

As far as giving fertility advice, what is she gonna say that a doctor isn’t going to say first? “Calm down,” “keep trying,” are the first two that come to mind. So what if she thinks and writes that a different diet may help? The medical community generally dismisses discussions of diet – which, if we did medicine from a prevention POV instead of a fix-it POV, might change. It *should* change.

Besides, a different diet *may* help! And a diet absent animal products and that avoids toxins isn’t the worst thing to follow when trying to become pregnant, maintain a pregnancy or in life generally. Obviously people with medical conditions WILL KNOW they can’t limit their “treatment” to following a vegan diet.

So much bashing. People can’t have opinions that veer too far from the norm or want to share their (successful, even if limited) experience without folks losing their minds. Calm down!


When did she become an expert at parenting. (That’s not a snide remark… that’s a serious question). In my opinion there is no such thing as a ‘parenting expert’. However, I will say that based on the things I’ve seen and read (in her own words, not gossip), she is probably the last person I would take advice from. Her and mayim bialik have this sense of self where they think they are the end all be all to how to raise kids. Mayim’s ridiculous parenting techniques cost her her marriage and Alicia’s ‘interesting’ advice has made her the laughing stock of a lot of parenting message boards and websites.

So… yeah, waste your money if you want, taking advice from someone who’s a first time parent, OR, trust in yourself, do what YOU know is best for your children and yourself and DON’T give your hard earned money to this ‘celeb mommy who thinks they know’. Seriously, you know how to raise your children better than anyone else will ever be able to!!

MollyF on

I’m not a vegan but I have several friends who are vegan. I respect their opinions and actually I’m not eating as much red meat as I did in the past because of the health risks to my body (have some digestive issues that I can’t process red meat very well). I think a more vegan diet is great, but I know I can’t do it because I like fish and chicken a lot.

I respect Alicia and her beliefs. More power to her. 🙂

jennrae on

I’ve never thought of Alicia as having a snooty attitude about meat-eaters, and I eat meat. I have noticed, though, that a preponderance of omnivores tend to dislike vegans and vegetarians without cause–not just the idea of not eating meat, but the actual people who practice it–and imagine them to be holier-than-thou to assuage their own guilt. I think it takes a lot of effort and discipline to be veggie, and some meat-eaters tend to feel threatened by healthier and, yes, kinder people (not only to animals but to the environment).

Also, this is just like any celebrity book and not one you’d look to for definitive scientific advice. It’s not being published in some medical journal. Just look at the cover. Another celebrity product that one might look to for tips, but it’s clearly not the bible. She obviously had a good pregnancy and is sharing her reasons for why, nothing more, nothing less.

Wisdom comes in all forms. You don’t have to be eighty years old and have raised 15 children to be wise.

MommytoanE on

Alicia lives her life her way…and I live mine my way. All that aside, she does have a very handsome little man! I love the picture on the cover of her book and Bear is quite a cutie as he’s grown up too. That dog tho…wowza! Huge fella. Looks a beautiful husky to me.

Hannah on

Why do i feel like this book will be one of those crazy eat vegan avoid everything else books….i find it hard to take someone seriously as an author when they chose to name their child Bear Blue.

kristen on

As a vegan and a mom raising a vegan child, books like this are always helpful. It’s not preachy and it’s not geared toward bashing meat eaters. Books and information sharing like this make it easier for those of us who are attempting to parent (and live) in a way that is not the “norm.” You try telling your doctor that you won’t give your kid jarred baby food (meat or not) and see the reaction you get. You tell most of your friends that you’ll raise your child vegan and see the reaction you get. It’s not about “us” trying to convert “you.” It’s about us finding others who are like us and sharing what we’ve learned along the way.

And as much as meat eaters claim that vegans are preachy, I can guarantee you that I’ve never been as critical about a person, parent, or child’s eating habits as meat eaters or junk food eaters are of my (and my child’s) eating habits. How often have you heard “oh, poor kid, won’t ever get to enjoy ‘real’ birthday cake.” Or “can’t wait to see your kid drunk with a bag of In and Out burgers…”