Anna Trebunskaya: Discovering I Was Pregnant Was ‘Shocking’

09/05/2013 at 01:00 PM ET

Anna Trebunskaya Pregnant Expecting First Child
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Professional dancer Anna Trebunskaya fully expected she’d return to Dancing With the Stars for its 17th season — until she discovered she was pregnant.

“It was a bit shocking at first, but I got over that pretty quick,” Trebunskaya, 32, tells PEOPLE of finding out she was expecting her first child.

“Even though this was not planned, I believe things happen for a reason and it was meant to be.”

She continues, “I’ve always wanted to have a baby, but it was never the right time. I guess it was fate — or the universe — telling me it was time to be a mom.”

While she had hoped to return, once she realized she was expecting, it was no longer an option. “I don’t think it would be best for my health and the baby’s health to go through all of those hours of rehearsals,” says Trebunskaya.

“I’ll definitely be watching. They have been so supportive of me. They are still my family and I think they have a great cast this season. I think Valerie Harper and Jack Osbourne are going to be amazing. They have such phenomenal personal stories,” she adds.

Now in her second trimester, Trebunskaya, who divorced former DWTS pro Jonathan Roberts last year, says she plans to make a few more appearances with Ballroom With a Twist through September, before taking it easy for the remainder of her pregnancy.

The auburn-haired beauty is settling into her new life as an expectant mom, eating frequent small, healthy meals of “leafy greens, vegetables and lean proteins” and exercising regularly.

“I visited my doctor yesterday and I feel wonderful. I feel healthy, the baby is healthy and normal,” she says, noting that she declines to reveal the baby’s father. “That’s my private affairs.”

One thing Trebunskaya isn’t shying away from is asking for parenting advice. “Tweet me. Send me links,” she says, laughing. “I have so much to learn. I’m up for any advice. Bring it on!”

— Monica Rizzo

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Valentina on

She’s so beautiful. Best wishes to her and her baby


I wish the best for her, but I’m going to be one of THOSE people. It’s not the universe and it’s not fate… it’s called unprotected sex. Pregnancy is something that can (and usually does happen) if you have sex without protection long enough. (Also, not that it matters to me, but if she divorced her husband last year, who’s the baby daddy?)

jco1231 on

I don’t understand these people who always say its a “surprise” or they were “shocked” to find out. Shouldn’t be all that surprising or shocking if you had unprotected sex! Sheesh!

Carrie M on

History – I agree with you completely! OK, maybe she wasn’t planning on having a kid but unprotected sex can yield a kid sometimes! Plain and simple!

No matter, I do wish her and her baby well.

Guest on

Do you mean one of “those” people who are apparently blissfully unaware that one can actually become pregnant even when taking precautions?

Lisa on

@History, pregnancy also occasionally happens with protected sex, too. Condoms can fail, birth control pills can be negated by certain antibiotics, etc.

kim on

soooo, no mention of a father…i’d have to say that it was NOT the universe or fate that caused an unplanned pregnancy. its called being irresponsible.

deconoir on

I would like to say for the record that I was on birth control and I got pregnant with my son. I do believe it happened for a reason, so people judging this “unprotected sex” preaching … people do get pregnant while protected. It happens more than you think.

Dawn S on

Congrats! She seems like such a sweet soul on the program…hope that’s not just for TV. πŸ™‚ I happen to have two babies that were both conceived while using birth control. So to the naysayers, if it’s never happened to you, yeah for you! But it does happen! At least she’s an adult and able to take care of herself and her baby! Best of luck to her!


Who said she had unprotected sex? Were some of you saying that there with her? Protection does fail once in a while you know. Quit being a holes about it!!

4tmama on

Congrats, so happy for you, take care πŸ™‚ ❀

Charli on

Every baby is a blessing. She sounds like she has the right attitude. Congrats.

SoNotHollywood on

I do not believe in fate. I believe in Ecclesiastes 9:11 though, and if you don’t know what that says, I suggest you check your Bibles. Things HAPPEN. Coincidences HAPPEN. Anna, you are DIVORCED and (probably) unmarried at this time, and bringing a child into the world without a structured family. You haters can call me whatever you want but there IS a creator of the universe and he did make everything with an intent. Sex and pregnancy outside of marriage is WRONG.

Pam on

Do you know how many unmarried couples are having babies these days? Just in my area, I read the birth announcements every week and there are like 15 and all of them are unmarried. Out of the many hundreds I’ve read, I think only 2 were married. It’s very common these days. Not everyone feels they need or want to be married. I don’t agree with that, but it’s not my place to preach anything to anyone. I just live my life the way I believe it should be lived. I always knew I would be married when I started a family.

Amanda on

He makes everything with an intent, does he? Even *gasp* babies born to unwed mothers? Maybe this baby is part if “God”‘s plan. So who are you to question it?

Judge, judge, judge, judge…that’s all you bible thumpers do here, and you use your Christianity to mask your bitterness and judgment as “worry” about the person’s morality. When you really just want to preach and act like you’re super holy yourself. When you’re the exact opposite. Hypocritical catty wenches.

aeromel78 on

I don’t know why people think it’s weird when women say they are suprised to find themselves pregnant. There’s only something like 3 days a month you can conceive a child, so realistically you could have unprotected sex a whole lot and NOT get pregnant. It’s not smart or safe but it IS possible.

Anyway, I like Anna. She brings out the best in her partners and I wish her a lot of luck with her little one.

TJR on

I also became pregnant while using birth control. How do people not know that happens?! It’s possible regardless of the precautions you might take. Regardless, it was the best thing that happened to me and I wish her all the best.

Rhonda on

Why is she shocked? Unless your uterus, ovaries, or fallopian tubes are removed, you CAN become pregnant. You can have your tubes tied or be on birth control and still get pregnant. If you have sex there’s always the chance that a pregnancy can occur. This girl really needs to educate herself about reproduction.

Maria on

You people making the statement about her having unprotected sex are rushing to judgment. Birth control is not 100%.

Katie on

For all of you saying that it shouldn’t be shocking to find out you’re pregnant, its called unprotected sex, you obviously have no idea that birth control can fail! Condoms break and all the forms of birth control out there are not 100% effective. Trust me, I know. I got pregnant with my daughter while on birth control, so it really could be shocking to her!

Christina on

So many people judging but why does it matter? The woman is 32 years old. She could have been taking bc pills and they could have used a condom too. But its no ones business what she did or didn’t do. And possible maybe the baby’s father did not want to be mentioned. Can’t judge a person when you don’t have all the facts. She has the right attitude and that is what matters.

cheo22 on

She says its shocking because she is ‘shocked’ to NOT know who exactly is the father !!…lol…. sexy mama was gettin’ it in after her divorce… and lost track of the sperm donor

Pam on

I used to work in the same building as one of her best friends, who is a dance instructor at a gym/center. She told me that Anna is one of the nicest, sweetest people she knows. So I have no doubt she will be a great mother and that child will have a great life. Congrats Anna!

Sydney Chandler on

If you have unprotected sex and you’re not on the pill, it’s a surprise that you think it’s a surprise that you became pregnant. This woman just got divorced last year and in a relationship and pregnant this year. People in Hollywood change partners faster than they change their underwear. I’m not a prude but I really don’t think this is something she should be bragging about. No one should look toward Hollywood for any sort of moral behavior. Hope she has a healthy baby but that’s it.

Megan on

Even PROTECTED sex can produce a child sometimes. Birth control can and does fail, you guys! It did for my parents…more than once!

genibre2013 on

I also HATE when people say it’s shocking. Unless you abstain or on Paraguard, pregnancy is NOT shocking. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

wjw on

^^ Used protection…my son is now 8. When it says it’s only 98% effective….believe it.

Guest on

@deconoir is absolutely right. My daughter was a birth control baby. =) I am not saying she was on bc or using a condom, etc. It’s possible it was unprotected. Just don’t jump to any conclusions. (Hasn’t anyone seen FRIENDS anymore? Condoms are only effective 97% of the time….)

James Czornyj on

Gee when you lift your dress and spread your legs, what do you think will happen

Julie @ Willow Bird Baking on

If you are from planet Earth, surely you realize that even so-called “protected” sex can yield children now and again. Don’t all of us have friends who have gotten pregnant with an IUD, birth control, condoms, you name it? That being said, it’s NOBODY’S business regarding the particulars of how she got pregnant and the details of her sex life. Good grief.

katrina on

you know.. i get the whole unexpected pregnancy happens with unprotected sex.. however.. it happens on birth control as well.. that is when its a shock.. so how do any of you know if she was protected or not? I had one when birth control failed and there was no reason it should have.. it does happen sometimes.. as for who the father is.. its not really our business.. congrats to her and hope her and the baby are healthy and happy.

Hjo on

I wish her and her baby lots of happiness. It really bothers me all the people saying it wasn’t fate she got pregnant or that it wasn’t a shock to find out. I was completely and utterly shocked to find out I was pregnant even though I used protection ( it broke) and took the morning after pill. I did everything you are supposed to do and my methods failed. And i am so glad that fate intervinwd
Because my son is the best thing that ever has happened to me. So all you people judging her, you weren’t in the bedroom so you don’t know what happened.

katrina on

ok.. i know i am going to bet bashed for this one.. but if sex and pregnancy outside of marriage is wrong.. then how is “Mary” held high.. as she was most definitely not married when she got pregnant.. give me a break people.. bottom line is unless you are not having sex at all and a virgin, you can get pregnant.. i had my tubes tied.. and 8 years later had a baby.. it happens.

no name on

Don’t be so quick to judge when you don’t know the whole story. You can get pregnant even when protected.

Best of luck to her!

Star on

@HISTORY both of my sons were conceived while I was on birth control. My husband and I were not trying to get pregnant (the boys are 15 months apart) we were no the less excited and happy.

Jill on

Congratulations to her, she will make a terrific Mom. But I just don’t get it how people are “surprised” or “shocked” about these things. People her age should know how this works.

Ashley on

Actually, birth control is remarkably effective when used properly. For example, the “85% effective” statistic for condoms takes into account improper use of condoms, but the percentage is much higher when condoms are used correctly. There’s the non-prescription morning-after pill if a condom breaks or slips off. And the antibiotics that reduce the effectiveness of the Pill have huge warnings on the bottle telling women taking the Pill to use a back-up method of contraception. So yes, a very small percentage of true accidents do happen, but most “surprise” pregnancies are due to having unprotected sex or incorrect use of birth control.

And if Anna considers the identity of her baby’s father to be her “private affairs,” then maybe she should quit talking to the media so much about her pregnancy.

lsu on

To those people like jco1231, how do you know it was unprotected sex? I know people who were on the pill that got pregnant. You must be a man….

yay! on

She has probably been infertile, and assumed that because she tried and couldn’t get pregnant before that it will never happen. I know the feeling, and totally understand that unlike most ppl getting pregnant is not easy. Congrats!

Jessica on

While there are unwanted pregnancies, there are no unwanted children! All of these people stuck on the “protected sex” lectures and scolding need to step off their self-righteous pedestals! God intends for each and every child, whether circumstances are ideal or not. πŸ™‚


How do we know it was unprotected? Sometimes contraceptives fail

Anonymous on

I think finding out you are pregnant is shocking no matter what the situation no matter if you are trying or not it is always shocking to learn you are getting ready to give birth to a human being. I think that is what people mean when they say the were shocked yes you know how getting pregnant works and happens but when it actually does happen it is shocking, surprising, and scary all in one!!

Susie on

She was married for over 10 years and may have thought she was infertile and couldn’t get pregnant. That could be why she was surprised. It happens. Happened to me. Married 25 years no bio children. We adopted, oldest was 18 when I got pregnant at 49.

Ayisha on

I never understood how people say they’re shocked to be pregnant, but have unprotected sex!! Can someone please explain this to me?

Maria on

Can’t there just be happiness for this woman? Everything has to be ripped to shreds, from the fact that she says she was surprised to find herself pregnant to assumptions about whether she uses birth control or not, to “lectures” about it being “wrong” to have sex out of wedlock. Just, blah. The negativity in this world continues to shock and baffle me. Why so angry, people? Anna sounds happy, why can’t you just be happy for her? And if you can’t be happy or positive, why do you feel to spew your anger? It couldn’t possibly make you feel good to spread your gloom around, could it?

Congratulations, Anna! I was wondering why you weren’t competing this season either, and I stumbled upon this article and found my answer. I hope your pregnancy is nice and easy and that you have a healthy and happy child!

Terri on

It wasn’t “fate” or a “suprise”. Unprotected sex often leads to pregnancy.

Mary on

I got pregnant while on birth control, it happens, I wish her health and happiness.

Martina on

People, calm down! I was shocked to discover I was pregnant even though my (1st) pregnancy was very much planned! It’s just shocking realizing that you are creating a new life, that there is a little human being inside of you – and all that stuff. Jeez people, stop being son angry and judgmental.

Tammy on

Sex + no protection = pregnancy. It’s simple math.

Hill on

“ok.. how is β€œMary” held high.. as she was most definitely not married when she got pregnant.. unless you are not having sex at all and a virgin, you can get pregnant…”

Christians believe that Mary was indeed a virgin when she conceived; she is typically referred to as “the Blessed Virgin” or “the Virgin mother.” Her agreement to carry a child while unmarried is a crucial element in Christian, and especially Catholics, theology, as out-of-wedlock pregnancy carried an unfathomable stigma in the Jewish culture of the time.

BiteMe on

Big mistake in not telling the media who your baby daddy is up front, cause now they’re going to make it their business to dig into your personal life & put photos & all on the front page next week.

Hope it’s not Simon Cowell. LOL.

Zenni on

I guess it was fate to be a mom??? Um how about having sex without protection?!

And she looks like Debra Messing, very pretty.

casmia on

We all got here somehow… albeit, not always under the most ideal of circumstances, but so goes life. You don’t look at a human when they’re an adult and say “So, are you a bastard child or what?” In the long run, it doesn’t really matter.

So what if she had unprotected sex. If anyone has the means to care for a child, she does. And I’m sure she’ll make a great Mom.

cella on

If you had sex and are not sterilized, you should not be surprised if you get pregnant. Especially not at her age.

Michele on

Well, it must be the universe then or fate; considering according to her she always want to have a baby but it was never a good time (all while she was married). I take it that she or her husband were using protection then. Now that she’s no longer married, suddenly the protection stopped working.

Debbe on

You can get pregnant from protected sex AND you can be SHOCKED that you are pregnant whether you used protection or not. I was shocked completely when I was pregnant…even though I expected it would eventually happen, it shocked me when it actually did, I could not believe it was actually my reality. People are taking her comment about being shocked out of context I think.

Celeste on

Even though she was married for 10 years, it wasn’t a traditional marriage as Jonathon is gay. So happy for her, she has always been my favorite on DWTS. So sincerely sweet and beautiful. Wish her all the happiness in the world!

Anonymous on

I work in the medicine, specifically newborns. Please do not say that birth control prevents all pregnancies, as it does not. I took care of triplets. They were born to a mom with 3 kids under 5 already. She was on the pill, and used condoms as a back-up. They were a month away from her husband’s vasectomy date. Multiples are not only from fertility drugs and birth control does not always work. I looked after another baby who was conceived by a mom 5 months after she had her tubes tied. There are numerous stories like these. The only 100% effective female birth control is a hysterectomy or abstinence. Pregnancy can be shocking for many women, even those trying to conceive. Once a baby is on it’s way, I think we need to show support to the mom. Judgement and criticism are negative energy and make no mom any less pregnant.

suzy diamond on

Apparently her mother never had the “talk” with her and be sure to pick up that pamphlet on std’s and aids. Stupid woman.

Jen on

SoNotHollywood, you say that our creator makes everything with intent, so, wouldn’t our creator have made this baby, the one you’re calling “wrong” because conception did not occur according to your guidelines? Clearly, our creator’s intent was for Anna to be blessed with a baby at this point in her life.

Anonymous on

Michele- Or maybe, as others have suspected, she was having fertility issues and THAT’s why she never had kids (and before you make some comment about that not being likely because of her age- infertility can and does affect women, as well as men, of all ages. It does not discriminate).

Maria- I couldn’t agree more! People need to give it a rest already!

JMK on

My second pregnancy happened while I was on “the pill” in 1972 within months of having my first child. So it can and will happen. My DIL just lost a baby and she’s been on the dippo shot for over two and a 1/2 yrs. Dr. says “he don’t know what happen” but that it can happen about 1% of the time. So protective sex can produce an unexpected child.

Lauren Kaminski on

I am happy for her but at the same time how is it shocking if u had sex? A surprise maybe,but not shocking! I wish her the baby and the daddy all of the best!

Flick on

You have no idea the circumstances surrounding her pregnancy. Birth control is not completely fool proof and there are drug interactions that decrease how effective it is. One or both partners could have had trouble conceiving in the past or had reason to believe they were infertile. Additionally, it’s no one’s business who the father is or how the child was conceived. A pregnancy is hard to miss so obviously she can’t hide that but if she’d like to keep the circumstances surrounding her pregnancy private then that’s her right.

Ann on

Best wishes to her……..

Susan on

Ok, I’ll say it… this can happen if you are having protected sex too people! Birth control is NOT 100 percent effective! There is no “safe sex”….

guest on

Hey People…lighten up…I was on the pill & I got pregnant. Was taking my pill every morning & was not on antibiotics. & it wasn’t new either, I had been on it for 15 years! Pregnancy CAN occur even if you are on birth control. In my case, my grandmother passed away the same week I got pregnant so I say she went to Heaven & sent me a baby! πŸ™‚ Believe what you want but why can’t people just be happy for her! Can’t stand people who have to rain on others…

princesspr64 on

Bad news. I won’t be able to see her on the show…BUT, the great news, hearing she is going to be a mother! Love her and will miss her on the show!

Tamika on

Many people get pregnant on Birth control I know people in my personal life that had tubal ligations and they got pregnant nothing is fool proof. Secondly if you are married for a number of years and don’t get pregnant and then get a divorce an do (we don’t know how this happened) it is a surprise and miracle. Lastly all you ohh you need two parents (male & female) to take care of a child would have looked down on her if she had an abortion because of her career and untimely pregnancy. She feels this is her miracle it is not for us to say it’s not. Congrats Anna enjoy your pregnancy DWTS will be there hopefully when you are ready to come back.

Diana on

@Kim – she is married to one of the other dancers so I would venture to guess its hers.

As for her comment that it was unexpected, no one knows her situation – she very well could have been using protection – things happen. She may not have been ovulating and assumed she couldn’t get pregnant, but things happen.

Jojo on

Maybe she is so shocked and it’s so unexpected because she WAS on birth control ? It does happen guys.

Anyway, wish her the best. Don’t watch DWTS regularly, but she seems very sweet, and up for the baby challenge πŸ™‚

Anonymous on

I didnt realize that she and John had divorced.


So… all of you saying that even protected sex can lead to pregnancy are just proving my point. HAVING SEX CAN LEAD TO A PREGNANCY, THEREFORE IT IS NOT SHOCKING OR FATE OR THE UNIVERSE. As for the whole GOD IS THE CREATOR crap… give it a rest already. It’s all part of God’s plan, right… tell that to the people who lose their babies in the 1st, 2nd even 3rd trimester. God would then be the biggest abortionist of all time. People do NOT need god to have babies… they don’t need god to be married and they don’t need to be married to be good people or good parents. I wasn’t putting this woman down at all, in fact, I wish her the best of everything. Saying she’s shocked is just stupid though.. SEX (most times) leads to baby. I don’t think her mothering skills will be increased or decreased based on a government issued piece of paper. As for asking who the baby daddy was… that was just my own curiosity.

Granny on

Christina, Maria, Guest, Lisa, Jen and the others who used good sense and kindness towards Anna are so on trac k. I was blissfully shocked to find out I was pregnant, even though we were trying. History, Rhonda and the others of you who have nothing but negative things to say, you need to take a pill and sit on it. And those of you who say the baby’s daddy is not your business, YOU’RE RIGHT. Carrie, you need to remind those who make assumptions, look at the first three letters of the word. Jamie, one question for you. Did you live with them or know them personally to say her ex wanted children? She’s a fantastic person, let her live her life her way. Unless you are contributing to her wellbeing, leave her alone. And for Mary – she ws impregnated by God, so Amanda, even though I am a believer, I am not a “Bible thumper”. I am not making judgments, and neither should anyone else, that is of course unless they are PERFECT. And we know there are NO perfect people around. Wishing Anna and her baby the best. Will miss her on the show.

Tay on

For all those out there saying she was irresponsible, having unprotected sex….rubbish!! No birth control is foolproof. My sister-in-law got pregnant AFTER her tubes were tied!! It’s only foolproof if you DON’T have sex.

Erin on

Congratulations to Anna πŸ™‚ I’m sure it was a shock, it was to all of her fans! Even protection can fail, and even if she planned this, it could still be shocking. A lot of you made really good points in your comments about how the pill and other protection does fail. And as for the secret father of the child, it is her private life. She’ll tell us all when she’s ready. I wish all the best to her and the baby πŸ™‚