Baby Boy on the Way for Simon Cowell

09/04/2013 at 11:00 AM ET

Simon Cowell Lauren Silverman Are Expecting a Boy

Simon Cowell recently said seeing an ultrasound of the child he’s expecting with Lauren Silverman was “surreal.” Now we know what the proud dad-to-be was looking at on that monitor.

“Simon and Lauren are expecting a baby boy,” a source close to the X Factor judge tells PEOPLE.

So how is Cowell, 53, feeling after learning that his first child will be a son? “Simon couldn’t be happier,” says the source. “He is just so excited. All he talks about is the baby. Lauren and the baby are doing great.”

Cowell certainly looked happy when he was photographed holding hands with Silverman, 36, while spending time together in France last month.

“Simon very much enjoyed their vacation,” the source says. “The baby is bringing him and Lauren even closer — it’s just amazing to see Simon this happy. Lauren and the baby have really changed his life for the better.”

And, as usual, he’s not afraid to speak his mind: “I feel very paternal right now,” Cowell said in a recent interview with The Times of London. “So I am very happy.”

— Lee Hernandez

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A on

He seems so happy to be a father, even under the not really ideal circumstances. Congrats!

Lola on

Well, I suppose even the biggest of dirtbags are not immune to the pure innocence and sweetness of a child. Good luck to him 🙂

Marky on

I thought they said she was 11 weeks at the time of the sonogram. Is it really possible to see the sex at that time? Though you needed to be at least 14 weeks…..

Crystal on

Congrats to the biggest a$$ and his whore! What a wonderful way to be bring a blessed baby into this world. Smh! These two disgust me to the highest degree (NORTH)!

Elle on

It’s awful, what they dd, but at least they’ll have a boy instead of a girl. Girls are usually more sensitive to the world and she would have been reminded a lot of how she was conceived. Hopefully this boy will grow up through it and be able to shake it off.

stephanie on

Congratulation but What does this woman see in him . Oh yes yes he has money and money talk.

Marie on

Will that poor baby be born with Simon’s hair and hair line, part right down the middle with a sour look on the face?

itsallgoodnroanoke on

A father! What is the big deal! He stabbed his. Friend n the back/ slept with wife/ bragging about it. A BOY/ NO MORALS AT ALL. He looks STUPIED CAUSE ALL THE WOMEN! HE GOT SCREWED BY A SMART/ MARRIED/ NO CLASS NOR MORAL CHICK. HE LOOKS STUPIED AND IS STUPIED!

Guest45 on

Stop glorifying these two; she cheated on her husband & he got his friend’s wife pregnant, there’s no making that look better. These two should be ashamed of themselves.

Linda on

I like seeing Simon with a smile. I hope this baby brings them both a lot of joy…..and it would be nice if they got married too!

Ruby on

F—- off, Simon. Stop trying to be relevant when you are nothing more than scum. I feel sorry for your child, he has two low-life individuals with little to no moral values as parents.

Jennifer on

There must be something that must be said about people who knock up other people’s wives.


Just Me on

I have to laugh at all of their pictures together. Their body language speaks volumes! She is always the one holding on to him and he seems closed off. Look at their hands here: she is trying to hold his hand, which is straight. She is a gold digger and her life is set for the next 18 yrs. I’m sure if they break up, she will demand money to keep up her lifestyle.

AmandaC on

Yes thank you I am enjoying my friends wife…lol


Feel sorry for the 2nd son of Lauren Silverman. Conceived in lies and deceit. She obviously abandoned her young son to go on vacations and sexual trysts with Simon Cowell – even though she was married to his friend! How can Simon trust this deceitful, immoral, untrustworthy woman? And Simon is stupid beyond belief if he doesn’t KNOW she tricked him into this kid – so she could leave her husband and STILL live the useless life of a “socialite.” Lauran Silverman is a disgusting excuse for a woman. Great mother to have for your child!!!

Barbra on

Sorry. I hate both of these two disgusting losers. He slept with his friend’s wife. His friend’s wife not only slept with Simon, but his brother and others as well. Golddigging whore is what she is. Plus, shouldn’t she be with her 7 year old son that she claimed to love so very much? He started school here in NYC and she isn’t even around. She’s too busy trying to sell us on how much she loves Simon (more like his wallet). Karma is a bitch and I hope both of them suffer for what they are putting that little boys through. Think of your child Lauren!

Evelyn on

I actually am a mother at the school her son adam attwnds in New York and it was lauren . Not Andrew the boys father who took him to his first day of school along with all of the other moms and dads. She is always at school and always with her son . Maybe what she and Simon did is bad but no one can say she is a bad mother. That’s for sure.

WiddoMouse on

I was personally hoping they would have a girl, but congratulations to them both.

CS on

He will be quite the role model–ugh!

Jen on

Typical dumb broad with no class whatsoever. he’s a pig too they make the perfect couple. That’s until he finds a smarter younger woman who isnt out to attempt to trap him with an unwanted kid.

Laura on

Has anyone ever heard how her other son is doing? You know the one with her husband she cheated on? A little boy just had his world turned upside down but I am so glad they are so happy. What a load of crap.

layla on

My thoughts exactly! They were so considerate of her son’s feelings. These selfless people will make wonderful parents!

Simon will finally have to learn that you can’t throw money at everything to make it go your way. You can’t buy your child’s love and respect.

me on

So…a year’s worth of black onesies. *snickers*

Traci on

Very happy for Simon and Lauren, even though she went outside her marriage.

postathread on

Gold digging whore…Guess her “wealthy” NY business man husband wasn’t “rich” enough? And this guy is going to give up his “bachelor” lifestyle for her….HA HA…SMH….

Dorie on

This is already the most overexposed baby ever…

Kat on

Yup, trying too hard to convince the public, they’re cool with the situation, “we’re happy” blah! blah! Poor baby Cowell!

Anonymous on

maybe her husband can be the godfather

Amber on

@Marky in regards to finding out the gender early. She is over 35 so she may have taken the new Maternit21 test which alot of women are opting for instead of the amnio. It helps to identlify Down Syndrome but also tells you teh gender; especially if the Y chromosomeis found. I took mine at 11 weeks and found the out the sex 10 business days later. Cray.

jewels1972 on

I had a sonogram @ 12 wks & the baby was in such a perfect position that you could already see “it” perfectly! Tech said she was 99.9% sure what “it” was & it was indeed confirmed a few wks later that I was carrying a boy! So it all depends on position of the baby during ultrasound. 🙂

fanofboardwalkempire on

Simon is going to be a great Dad to his little boy and I am just thrilled for him and Lauren- there will be a ton of love to go around and that is what a baby needs!

Cara on

All this lovey dovey photo shoot is ridiculous, it is so transparent as nothing more than damage limitation, he cannot afford to upset the US audience, he needs the US audience.

It is the ultimate disgusting saga, have affair with wife of best friend behind his back, then get said wife pregnant. There is no way he could have added to that betrayel by walking away from her and the baby. He is in damage limitation mode and being walked through this step by step by his PR people. This woman definitely backed him into a corner ! he has no where to run …. for the moment

cynthis on

the only one i feel sorry for in this situation is her first born!can simon love him like his owe i qaurenntee not and that little will know hes not special cause simon is arrogant and it will be his spawn thats number one pushing the other aside

layla on

It would be nice if they raised this child away from the press and all of the publicity. I know it’s a long shot with Lauren as the mother ( probably planning her People cover already), but seriously, how about sheilding this kid from your vulgar behaviour?

rosewood11 on

I am so thrilled to see Simon this happy. I pray health and safety for Lauren and the baby (I heard Eric for his Dad), and of course for Simon. It has been said that “He will indeed be a wonderful doctor, who also saves the father!!!” Wishing all concerned much joy!!!

Isabel on

Best of luck to the boy. He’ll need it.