Anna Trebunskaya Expecting First Child

09/04/2013 at 01:00 PM ET

Anna Trebunskaya Pregnant Expecting First Child
David Livingston/Getty

There’s a big reason why Anna Trebunskaya isn’t joining the cast of the new season of Dancing with the Stars — she’s expecting.

The reality show star, 32, is four months pregnant with her first child, her rep confirms to PEOPLE.

Trebunskaya — who split from her husband of nine years, fellow DWTS pro Jonathan Roberts, last October — hasn’t revealed the name of the baby’s father.

The Russian dancer isn’t letting her pregnancy slow her down — she took to the stage with Dmitry Chaplin as one of the performers in Ballroom With a Twist in Ogunquit, Maine, last week.

Instagramming a photo in front of the billboard, she wrote, “Would never [have] thought that this situation would be in my life…#feelingblessed for the experience and opportunity.”

— K.C. Blumm with reporting by Monica Rizzo

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trinnme on

Wonder why did not have any with Jonathan….she is such a pretty feisty young lady baby be beautiful Happy 4 her!

Traci on

Wonder what happened with her and jonathan 😦

I’m Standing Right Behind You on

I ADORE Anna and I’m so sorry she is not with Jonathan.

kittykatsam on

Not sure how I feel about this one. Was sad when she and Jonathan split and that’s a pretty fast hook up after the split.

Edie on

Another celebrity, pregnant and no husband…this is news? What’s new?

Tanya Gonzalez on

Congratulations on your pregnancy. What a blessing, I’m really happy for you.

Callie on

“Would never [have] thought that this situation would be in my life. Really?? When one does not use birth control, these things happen. How much of a surprise could it have really been?

Chrystal on

She wasn’t referring to her pregnancy, Callie, she was talking about the show hence the photo.

Elizabeth on

My husband’s vasectomy failed. We found out the same day we found out we’d be welcoming our fourth. So yes, birth control can fail.

Amanda on

Maybe they did use birth control and it failed? How can you presume that they didn’t use it. Also, it isn’t just her responsibility, it’s the guy’s too.

Dot on

Maybe Jonathan didn’t want children and she did. That can break up a marriage.

Children are a blessing and I am happy for her.

Donna on

Love Anna! Beautiful dancer…she will be missed on the next season of DWTS. So happy for her though; sounds like it’s what she wanted, so good for her!

Marlie on

Maybe Jonathan didn’t want to have kids? It’s a possibility

Bree on

@Callie you do realize that birth control can fail right??

Maybe you should stop and think before making assumptions and being judgmental about circumstances you know knowing about.

Congrats to Anna!! Will miss her on Dancing this year but can’t wait to hear this birth announcment 🙂 That is going to be one adorable baby!!

Anonymous on

😦😦😦😦😧😶😮🙀 wonder if it will be a cute baby😌

Karen on

I think who ever the father is might be the reason she left Johathan. I never liked her and I’m glad she’s gone. I hope she is gone for good!!!

Mayra on

That’s my same and immediate thought Karen.

Lauren Kaminski on

This makes her sound like a cheater!

Regina on

Congrats Anna! She’s one of my favorites on the show.

ME on

Hmmmmm,……… 10 months after breaking up with her husband and she’s pregnant?!! It takes longer than that amount of time to meet someone and decide to have a child, or at least IT SHOULD!

Anna on

Actually she had only been divorced for 6 months when she got pregnant. If She is already four months along. She obviously was already seeing someone when they split.

Martina on

@ Callie –
“Instagramming a photo in front of the billboard, she wrote, “Would never [have] thought that this situation would be in my life…#feelingblessed for the experience and opportunity.”

Anna is obviously referring to her professional success, not being pregnant.

Cinder Lou on

I wonder if Maks is the dad. He and Anna were “together” (in photos) as recently as mid-May 2013 …

Deb on


Alice on

That’s great. I love Anna.

Ashley on

always thought Jonathan was a little light in his loafers! maybe that’s why they didn’t have a child!!!

labiz12 on

why is this news??????? she’s not famous…

Anna on

Good luck being a single mom. Sounds fun! Hope you know you can’t go off screwing different men when you have a baby at home.

Beth on

Congrats to Anna! She is my favorite female pro! I was wondering why she wasn’t dancing this season! Love her!

Anonymous on

she is so cute no ones business who the baby daddy is

Sable senegal on

She probably hooked up with one of her costars or ex celeb partners.who either is with somebody else or don’t want kids.might be a coworker of her ex hubby’s also that’s why she won’t reveal the paternity of the baby.good luck 2 her pregnancy because its very sticky situation.but its also a blessing!

RC on

I didn’t know they split. But I have to say, they did not look happy. I always thought if any of them wasn’t sick or something when they were together, or weren’t having some problems. Good for her if she’s happy. I didn’t like her on the show, old techniques, never got anyone high scores, but the worst her attitude – that bitchy look she gave others when she thought they didn’t see it. Well, anyway, if it’s with Dmitry, than definitely an upgrade.

DJ on

I’m happy she’s happy..I hope she has a great pregency..I am just so sad she & Jonathon split 😞😞😞 I remember them dancing around the time they split up? I just don’t get it? Married, separated & now pregnant with an anonymous person, which is stupid! Don’t want to tell your husband, obviously they’re still married or last season when DWTS said “Real life Couple…” Be happy..I really loved them as couple though..

Zoe on

Maybe Johnathan didn’t want kids and she did? She might have just gone to a sperm bank.

Anonymous on

This is news because we are on a celebrity site and she is a celeb and she is famous. If she was not, no one would no her.

It’s interesting that everyone assumes she cheated or has a new boyfriend…maybe she is having this baby alone because after all those yrs her husband didn’t want any! Stop making assumptions.

Farrah on

What happened to Kym and Louis Van Amstel? They are my favorite pros. I like Anna too. I hope she is happy and her baby is happy and healthy as well.

4tmama on

Congrats, happiness & joy to you!! ❤ 🙂

gina on

Use to like her because of Johnathon but, come on, she’s never been a contender on the show. She always gets the crap celeb and never makes it very far. We recently saw her saw her at the San Jose airport. We complimented her dancing on DWTS and she was so rude, she barely looked up from checking her phone. She’s not exactly anyone’s favorite and that’s well deserved. Hope she can find her soft side for the baby’s sake.

Anonymous on

Anna- How do you know she’s going to be a single mom? Just because she hasn’t mentioned who the baby’s father is doesn’t mean he’s not in the picture!

Also, how was she “obviously seeing someone” when she and her husband split just because she got pregnant six months afterwards? It’s not unheard of for people to get pregnant after having been in a relationship for only a few months. I certainly don’t condone it, but it DOES happen, unfortunately.

I also think it’s important to remember that the date a couple announces their split isn’t neccesarily the day they actually split. It’s possible that Anna and her husband were separated for quite awhile before deciding to divorce.

Anyway, congrats to her!

Farrah on

Congrats! I hope the baby is happy and healthy! Why is Kym Johnson, Max and Louis Van Amstel not on this season? They are some of my favorites on the show.

Ann on

Best wishes t her……..

Carolyn on

Exciting! Another poor child with no dad in the picture.

m.j. richardson-marks on

wonder what happened the pro Chelsey and the other blonde,forgot her name?

brandy on

she was talking about the event that she was a part of not being pregnant when she said those things… should have clicked on the instagram photo before commenting and you would have known that.

Alice on

I feel like the baby’s father is Jonathan…maybe they reconciled?

Martina on

Anna, please don’t post nasty comments like that. Really. It’s just gross, whether you are trolling or not.

Cathy Bittel on

A very big CONGRATULATIONS on your coming bundle of joy! You will be such a wonderful mom. May you have an easy delivery and very happy, healthy baby!

kitty62862 on

I won’t criticize, she got divorced first.

Best wishes.

Penny on

Ok, so none of us knows the circumstances with her and Jonathon or with her new man, so those who are condemning, please restrain yourselves! This is her life and her business. I am very happy for her and I hope she has a healthy, happy baby. Single mom or not, the baby will be loved and well looked after!

Martina on

It’s easy to judge and say ‘she got knocked up 10 month after the divorce ” – but here is reality. People get married and sometimes fall out of love. It happens. Life happens. It’s better to move on then stay in a loveless marriage. And if a financially secure 32 year old woman chooses to have a child, that’s her business.

leah on

good for her. maybe her husband didnt want to have any kids and she moved on. im sure the father is going to be around we probably know him so she doesnt want to make a big deal of it


Being preggo and not being married is not that big of a deal… the issue that I have is that she’s saying it was fate that she got pregnant or the universe… or whatever.. but the reality is, having unprotected sex usually leads to pregnancy. So, that’s just a better way to say I wasn’t using birth control. Again, this whole “pregnant and not married” thing is old news… you do NOT have to be married to be a good parent or a great parting couple. Get over it already… but come on, tell it like it is… she was having sex and not using birth control… end of story.

Martina on

On the subject of birth control… My second little miracle came when I was 40, on birth control AND using a condom. Go figure. I would have a lot of explaining to do had he not looked like my husband’s twin 🙂

Melissa on

“I thought I would never find myself in this situation?” You had sex and you are carrying a baby, now because you didn’t use protection. It’s not a situation. Well congratulations and good luck with your new bouncing situation

Martina on

@ Melissa – I don’t know what’s happening with people’s reading comprehension. Anna was referring to having her photo on a big billboard… not being pregnant. It’s clear from the article.

cecilia on

Wow such harsh comments grow up

Chris on

She is one of the few genuinely nice people on the show. I wish her well. Even if she stays a single mom I have no doubt she WILL be a good mom

ally on

Anna, You are so quality that I am happy for your pregnancy but sad for the way it has happened unless you and Jonathan got back together. Not good for a child to be born with only one parent although you will be great. You say the man is supportive then he needs to come out and take responsibility instead of hide your relationship and hide who he is. A real man should be happy with you, supportive with you, holding your hand instead of seeing you out and about all alone. A real man who is supportive would be right by your side. I do hope all goes well for you.

ally on

Anna and Jonathan are both private people. They came out and said they were friends and that they both choose to move on. To clear anything up Anna is not a liar and she stated neither her or Jonathan were unfaithful. They have been very classy in not bad mouthing each other and we have heard from Anna but nothing from Jonathan. Anna was very sad about the break up and spent a lot of time alone for several months. Anna did not ruin her marriage by seeing someone else. So lets not bad mouth a classy lady. A lot of nice people date a few weeks and get pregnant because they were not prepared and as Anna stated she was surprised but ready for a baby. It probably felt wonderful to be loved again after losing and sometimes we know what love leads to. Be careful accusing her of being with lots of men. She had one man for many years and he chose to leave her so this may be her second man ever in her life. However I do believe the man should be a man and stand by her side. However she has been out of the country a lot and he may not even be in the us. Just do not accuse a women of things we do not know. I hope her life will be wonderful as her and I so wanted her and her hubby to have a baby but maybe he did not want one. We do not know but both her and her husband or ex husband Jonathan Roberts are wonderful people. They were friends for years then married for years and both are superb. I do hope the father will step up and stand by her side and be there when the baby comes into this world and will be 100% a man and father. You people that do not like her do not need to say mean things just move on. As my momma use to say if you can;t say nothin nice do not say nothin. Oh I heard that in BAMBI also. I think Thumper said that and that is really good advise.