Alec and Hilaria Baldwin Introduce Daughter Carmen Gabriela

09/04/2013 at 10:00 AM ET

Alec Baldwin Carmen Gabriela First Photo
Chris Knight

She may not know it yet, but Carmen Gabriela gave her father Alec Baldwin a special gift upon her Aug. 23 arrival: another shot at fatherhood.

“It’s a second chance for me, in a way,” the actor, 55, tells PEOPLE exclusively in its new issue. “Everybody knows I had a pretty unpleasant custody battle for Ireland.”

With his 17-year-old firstborn “well-adjusted and as happy as one can be,” the former 30 Rock star says the past is behind him — his priority is to devote himself to the ladies in his life. “We just want things to be easy, to be nice,” he explains.

New to baby bliss is wife Hilaria, 29, who can’t get enough of the newborn. “I knew I was going to love her a lot, but it’s incredible how deeply,” she tells PEOPLE.

The yoga instructor and Extra correspondent often finds herself forgoing sleep to stare at Carmen — but with their 2-week-old‘s days and nights reversed, the couple are starting to feel the effects.

“She sleeps like a rock all day. And at night she’s like, ‘Let’s have a conference,'” says Alec.

Adds Hilaria, “Now I’m getting to the point where if I don’t sleep, I’m going to start walking into walls.”

For much more on the Baldwins’ new life with baby, pick up this week’s issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday.

— Anya Leon with reporting by Charlotte Triggs

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Marie on

I hope you don’t think that everything is going to be “easy and nice” the entire time. Life in general is a challenge and you can’t just coast automatically on parenting a child.

Becks on

I have a really hard time believing that woman is in her 20s!

ecpjll on

cute baby but i feel sorry for it for having Alec as a dad. He has SOME TEMPER!

ivanan on

cute baby, but post-processing on this photo is seriously overdone, the wife looks like an animated character.

Lindsay on

I agree. And she looks closer to his age than her own. Not sure if its the makeup or the pose, but it’s not flattering her. The baby girl is adorable though! Too bad she’s going to grow up being called a pig by her dad.

Mikayla on

I totally agree ivanan! I thought I was the only one who noticed that! A really bad photo!

Athina on

Cut the guy some slack. He’s doing his best and will be a good father to this baby as he is/was to Ireland. I think the baby actually looks a little like Ireland.

Cris on

I hope he has learned from his horrid mistakes and is a better father. I don’t know how his older daughter could take him seriously. Between his nasty mouth and temper tantrums and his trophy second wife, he is a joke.

Gemini on

She’s a darling….looks a lot like her daddy.

thenitenurse on

I think Hilaria has her hands full with two babies in her house now.

thenitenurse on

He looks like the grandfather with his daughter and grandchild. Older men and younger women I just don’t get it.

Sophia on

Haha it does look like he’s the grandpa!

TJ on

Hilaria looks strange in this photo. Too much photoshop or something. Alec looks good though. Congrats to them!

gerrp on

Congratulations …enjoy your new lil girl…they grow up so fast…β™₯

stacey on

Can’t believe she’s 29!!!!………..looks much older.

Anna on

Agreed stacey! Was gonna post the same. Thought she was 40.

Mamatothreegirls on

Congratulations! She’s precious and I hope you both enjoy her fully. While I was close to Hilaria’s age when my first, now six, was born, I understand how it could be really fun to be an older parent too. You would have the time and resources to be able to enjoy her so much.

Molly on

I agree, cut him some slack. I bet most people haven’t been involved in a bitter custody battle.

Librababe on

Why was it necessary to edit Hilaria’s face so much? I highly doubt she looked so bad that the editors just had to make her look fake. :/

Nicole on

Adorable baby. But thing would be a lot more “nice” and “easy” if Alec would stop attacking photographers … like he did 4 days after this birth. That won’t bode well during his next custody battle either.

Melissa on

Everyone is dissing Jennifer Lopez for her relationship with a younger man 15 years younger, but nobody seems to care about the 26 year age difference in this relationship. Actually we shouldn’t care about either if they are happy. But it seems to really anger people when its an older woman. |I don’t get it.

Debby on

I agree Melissa! My mom was 16 years older than my dad and he looked older than her (military career, they she 4 years for every year they’re in), and mom out lived dad by 9 years! The age thing never came up but once at dinner with my sister and me; lol dad said he always thought she was just 5 years older… Lol were like… Uhhhh… Did you ever look at your marriage license !? Lol all he said was ” I’ll be damed, she sure looked and looks great!” ! Lol

Mel on

What a beautiful baby girl. Enough with the old man/ younger girl comments though. If its not for you, fine, but it works for them. And we have no idea what it was like during the custody battle, so relax people. I’ve lost my temper before, it just wasn’t posted all over the world.

Congrats to them, I bet she’ll be stunning when she’s big because she looks just like dad.

Debby on

I agree Mel. We don’t know the whole story! Parents tend to use the kids to hurt each other (some don’t realize they’re doing it; others do!) . He may be an a$$ but I believe he loved/ lives his first daughter if she gave him the chance without mom whispering in her ear ! We’re not privy to all the inner workings of the split, just what was tabloid fodder.

Cris on

Mel, people lose their tempers but I would NEVER call my child names and especially the names he called her. He is vile. Just because he can act doesn’t mean he gets a pass for being less than human to his own child.

DaisyMoon on

This dad was subjected to an extreme form of “parental alienation” by a bitter ex…

He’s no angel, but he always seemed to be an involved father who loved his daughter deeply and didn’t want to lose her…

Yeah, I’ve heard “the” phone call…

He was driven to that.

LR on

Oh, please (the two of them trying to sound like the average Joe), they have a staff you can be sure of it… nanny, cook, housekeeper and personal assistances. They don’t have to lose sleep if they don’t want to.

Alec’s “second chance”…time will tell, but I don’t give this marriage much hope with his temper. Wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a repeat of custody problems for him.

grace on

Hes too old to have a newborn baby. At 55 you dont have much patience.

Jenn on

Wow, she does look ALOT older than 29. I would have thought 45?

TerriblePhoto on

People – what is with the completely overdone photo. Hilaria doesn’t even look real!

Rad79 on

He’s going to be one old dad at high school graduation.

dancer92136 on

She is really cute…congrats

Marge on

Is it just me or does the photo look like a painting? I thought it was at first until I realized it’s just super airbrushed. Terrible job.

Lauren Kaminski on

Awwww congratulations! By the way the mom looks 10 years older than she is.

Lynne on

Hilaria is only 29 years old. I don’t think she has been photo shopped – she is simply that young and beautiful. It happens, you know. . . some people are just very attractive. That’s not a crime here in Canada, perhaps “natural beauty” is after all an indictable offence in the U.S.A.?? . . . hmmm? Americans tend to be jealous and mean I think. Just appreicate that she is a gorgeous woman.

Leigh on

And there’s nothing more delightful than a sanctimonious Canadian.

Linda on

Seriously, they should have airbrushed his hair…what is with that/? LOL


What a beautiful family. Your daughter is gorgeous.

haven on

Hilaria is a very pretty lady. This picture does not reflect that she looks older. She doesnt wear a lot of make up either one of the natural beauty. Cute baby. Alec looks like her father more than her husband.

spinee on

Pretty baby…she looks like daddy. @thenitenurse….they might just follow the same pattern as Katherine/Michael and Dina/Clint. AB will be in his 70s, Hilaria in her 40s and tired of an old man making her feel! Too bad his first marriage didn”t work. He was so in love with KB and they were a great couple!

Guest53 on

beautiful baby; adorable

Lovely on

Why does his wife look like she’s closer to his age, rather than someone who is barely 30 yet? Anyway, cute kid.

Anonymous on

Is he the most “unlinked” celebrity in Hollywood? Sorry for the little girl…at his age he’s only going to get CRABBIER!

fatima on

beautiful baby! but mom looks 39 not 29. not a good pic of her at all.

Jess on

She looks OLD!!!

ava on

Cannot believe she’s 29…in this picture she looks a decade older at least! And it’s a shame because she’s a beautiful woman and seems very relaxed and ‘chill’ when you see her on The Today Show etc. Beautiful baby and glad he’s happy.

Mimi on

Sorry to be a buzz kill here but I am thinking Hilaria just gave birth to a gold mine. Child support $$ if and when this marriage ends. Too big of an age difference and no one knew who she was before she met Alec, now she’s on Extra. With his temper and liberal airbag personality, I think Hilaria will have enough of this. I don’t know much about her but she is young and pretty, and I predict she will want her freedom before she gets too old. Beautiful baby though, she will be loved.

Debby on

She is/was a Master Yoga Instructor Mimi. They met when she was teaching a class in L.A.

Smithy on

To the very first commenter — Marie.

Take a pill honey. I’m sure they know that, but thanks for the deep life lesson girl. What would the world do without your sage wisdom?

Claudia on

photoshoped much?

Anonymous on

“A second chance”…. I’m sure that makes his first born feel great. You know, the “rude little pig”? Not sure why people are having kids so old, it’s not fair to the child.

Kari on

Good grief. Did they have to make Hilaria look more like Alec’s age??? 29??? Not so much.

Jen on

I can tell these two both have an extremely high opinion of themselves. I’m sure the kid will be just as obnoxious. He is an angry old man and she’s happy to use all his money.

Judy on

Maybe the baby will cool down his jets!! Can you say “Anger Management!”

kilswitch on

Hilaria, what kind of name did your parents give you lol. I thought she was way older than 29. Yes, the touchups do not do her any good.

Denise on

She is beautiful. Best wishes to Alec, Hilaria and Ireland. Enjoy her..

Guest123 on

Carmen is the spitting image of her dad. Alec looks natural. Hilaria’s hair looks like it was superimposed in the picture. Weird and out of place?

Michelle on

How long before this marriage implodes! and he will be in another custoday battle lol

Carole on

26 year age difference. He is married to a woman who could be his daughter. It’s so weird. Nothing new for Hollywood, but is it love on her part or money and fame?

Kelly on

What a beautiful family!

Sophia on

Cute baby, but Hilaria looks like something that came out of Madame Tussaud’s wax museum!

Jessie on

He used to be hot, now he’s creepy!!

Carmen on

Love the name! πŸ˜‰

AmandaC on

He looks like he’s going to eat it any minute…lol

ldg on

a polite congratulations to the parents.. but enough ! already–

interesting that Hilaria appears to be a loud self-promotoer– diametrically opposed to the shy, slightly agoraphobic, gifted performer Ms Kim Basinger is.

between Mr Baldwin’s repeated and embarrassingly public ‘brushes’ with anger (paparazzi related, and not); and his new wife’s shrill, relentless self absorption, I find both of them unappealing and .. ‘in-elegant’ !

Mr Baldwin, please continue (if you want !) to give your audience fine performances (like the stellar Glengarry Glen Ross!), otherwise.. YAWN, remember that less, much less, is more !

Charlie on

Isn’t it funny how men can “have a second chance at life” by fathering children at pretty much any age they want?

Mimi on

Yup my thoughts exactly. Our clocks stop ticking in our early 40s, if not earlier while men like Rod Stewart and Robert Deniro keep bringing kids into the world in their 60s. Alec isn’t that old but he’s not far from it.

Annie on

To Jen who posted already: Amen, exactly. As for the baby, first of all, don’t “celebrities” try to protect their infants and children from being photographed for the child’s safety? This newborn looks like Stephen Baldwin, like Ireland does, or even Danny, not Alec, and in addition to the medievalidiot aspect of that look, which Ireland — consider her mother’s genes — was spared, there’s a worst possible kind of Irish and a worst possible kind of Mexican look going on here. For the love of God, spare us having to look at her!

Congrats on

And what happens to the poor child if things aren’t ‘easy and nice’, the way Alec wants them to be? Be safe, little Carmen! Your dad is an angry, violent man!

Congrats on

‘cut him some slack’…

From which screaming, violent, racist event do you want us to ‘cut him some slack’ on? There are SO many too choose from, you will have to be way more specific.

maddiesmom on

This looks like a portrait and not a photo. Hilaria doesn’t even look real.

Mommie Dearest on

The baby is adorable, but “Hilaria” (formerly known as Hilary, btw) is a phony and Alec is a hothead.

Anonymous on

It’s supposed to be about the baby and the family dick-wads! Not about how they look or how old Alec is. Get a grip. Congrats on the birth of your precious baby! πŸ˜€

Sameday on

Wow. Lots of mean comments about age difference and looks–both his and hers. Point of this article was to introduce their beautiful baby girl. You don’t have to like the parents or their looks to be able to extend congratulations on the birth of their baby.

Gina on

The baby looks like her dad..

Anna on

Wait!! Where is Hilaria’s stupid little eyebrow lift she does when she knows the cameras are directed at her?

Jennifer on

When a 29 year old woman has a baby with a 55 year old man, things are not going to be nice.

jsp81355 on

Pretty mommy, pretty baby. God bless.

Finn on

Unless you’ve been on the receiving end of a bitter ex who vengefully alienates you from your own child, do not judge this man. The way he spoke to her was wrong, and he has owned up to that. Unless you’ve lived it, you’d be surprised at what having the most important thing in your life wrongfully withheld from you can do to a person. Some ex’s simply don’t understand that just because their relationship has ended with their significant other, that does not include the kids, who have a RIGHT to a relationship with their own parent. This right includes freedom to love them and be in their lives free of all the adult baggage that goes along with the end of a relationship.

I’m in your corner Alex…congrats on your beautiful new little girl, and may your relationship be filled with nothing but love and happiness.

Sally on

So, does having a baby make you feel younger, fat Alec?

Phyl on

What a’bunch of nasty remarks! “Let you without sin cast the first stone”! We all make mistakes through life. But at least Alex has repaired his life… and he hasn’t been on drugs and wasn’t unfaithful to his wife. So he looses his temper at the over zealous press that has gotten way out of line. He tries to be protective of his family. So would I. The press is way out of line. And Hilaria is just plain beautiful. Quit being so jealous and negative.

Anonymous on

It’s funny how his daughter is over that phone call from 10 years ago and yet some of you are not. Weird.

Secondchnaces on

I hope he takes this “second chance” seriously. My father-in-law was horrible to his 1st born, he loved her, just not enough to stick around or be apart of her life, however, he was a wonderful father to my husband. He’s a great grandfather to our children and he’s making up for horrible actions.

Good luck Alec!

J on

If he wants things to be easy and nice then he should learn to control his temper.

dudley doright on

hopefully he dosent call this one a Dirty Little Pig!!! just kidding…congrats…hopefully he can enjoy raising this child bcuz he had horrible custody issues with his ex wife

caseylyne on

I find it so funny that he is so anti-papp and yet they do a spread for People Mag. Not really keeping your private life private.

Marky on

What is wrong with so many of you posters? Seems you just get on these threads to complain and act hateful about every couple on here. Why not just say, “Congratulations! Beautiful baby and lovely name!”, or somesuch? Instead, it’s “she looks old”, “he’s a jerk”, “she’s a gold-digger”, “he’s a jerk”, the constant refrain, “they have a nanny, a cook, and a housekeeper, so who cares?”. Seriously? Don’t any of you feel like saying something nice…ever??

Mireya on

He’s a very HANDSOME Man…that’s all I have to say…

jane on

how cute! her little feet are sticking up, like ‘please put on my shoes!” best wishes for the family!

corieglad19 on

What a beautiful picture,hope that they are happy for many, many years and the new baby Baldwin Love lit

Amber on

He “has a second shot at fatherhood”? He still has his first daughter &even though she’s 17, she still needs him. All children still need their parents, regardless of age. If you think his babie’s cute, you should see my niece who was born on Aug. 30, she’s a doll! ❀

Jann on

Good for them, glad they’re happy. And everyone deserves a second chance, people. Fatherhood is one of those things that doesn’t come with an instruction manual. He’ll do better this time. Good luck to all.

Leila on

They have themselves a little night owl, huh? That’ll probably change in time. Congrats to the new parents on their darling daughter!

Denise Schmidt on

~If he just wants things to be easy, and nice … I suggest he not only *look within* but go for counseling as well. He’s a ridiculous time bomb !!!

Martina on

Beautiful baby. Alec seems like a really scary individual. I hope he treats this lovely child well.

sky on

Glad they were able to sell their baby’s photo. I only wish they would advertise that they gave the proceeds to charity.

Meg on

Lynne and Ava–who are you kidding? There is nothing beautiful about Hilaria–she’s a full-of-herself snob who looks a lot older than her age. But with a marriage to and baby by a rich, famous man, she’s financially set and people know who she is now. If not for him, no one would care about her.

b maclins on

It’s the dyed black hair that ages Hilaria. She’s channeling Priscilla Presley back in the day. I know he’s an explosive, egotistical jerk, but I’d love to be around him all day just to listen to his voice. And he’s damn funny — got to give him that. Sweet baby girl. All best wishes to the family.

Marie on

He is such a putz, but makes beautiful children, this baby is gorgeous just like her big sister who actually looks more like her dad in the face than her mom.

jane on

Alec Baldwin is crazy!!!!!!!!!!!! his new wife married him for his money and she got pregnant right away to guarantee extra cash in the future. That poor little girl will have lots of possessions but will grow up in a house of hell. I hope Ireland will take care of her, she is much more mature then her father and evil step mother.

Sarah S. on

Dear Hilaria, please stop dyeing your hair jet black…it absolutely ages you!!

Dear Alec, please start managing your hot temper for the sake of your family!

Lastly, congrats and best wishes on having little Carmen in your lives!

deb on

This type of reporting always cracks me up….as if celebs are different from the rest of us. Up all night, love my baby more than I ever could have imagined, etc…geeze how special.

Jennifer on

Imagine how old Alec is going to be when that baby reaches middle school.

Marcia on

Very cute baby. Looks just like Dad.

Cate on

Congratulations to them! On a related note, some of your comments about their age difference really tick me off. People love who they love. Do you want me to be accepting of gay marriages? Then don’t bash the type that my husband and I have. And no, he’s not wealthy and I’m not a gold digger. Idiots.

spelling on

Why is Alec assuming there will be no custody battle for this one? eh?

His temper is hair trigger, but he is such a fine comedic actor.

PacificGirl on

Cute! She looks like Alec.

Leesa on

I’m sorry… what made him think anyone actually cares?

Anonymous on

She is gorgeous! Congratulations to you both!

Brianne on

Congrats, Hilaria and Alec! That’s a precious baby girl!!!

GreekPrincess80 on

I happen to love this guy! and she’s only with him for the money. This will unfortunately not last! Adorable baby! and I hope it looks like him!

Kat on

Don’t just introduce the baby, introduce that wax figure on the left! Oh, it’s Hilaria. That’s hilarious.

Icky on

Does Hilaria lie about her age? She sure looks older than 29.

J ross on

Alec ranks up there with the Kardashian’s for drama. The wife needs to RUN fast with the baby.

Charli on

What a cutie pie!! Ilove babies.

Stacey Gray on

There is NO way she is 29…..

thenitenurse on

Hey I didn’t know that Alec became a granddad.

Really on

Photoshop much?

lydiaferguson on

LIFE Is A Journey, Congratulations to you and your new Addition

Brooklyn on

She does look a bit odd in this photo – older than 29 for sure.

Anonymous on

@ Athina wonderful father who call his daughter an ungrateful little pig !!! Whoa!!!

Aloha on

Not a fan of Alec’s after hearing him rant at his other daughter, but nevertheless I wish them the best.

David on

I wonder if this one will be a “selfish little pig”.

Edie on

How much $$$$ did PEOPLE pay this jerk?

Baby is always sweet…

Mia500 on

She’s adorable. She looks like Alec. Congrats to the Baldwins!

Carrow on

This is not knock against Hilaria or however it’s spelled but that photo makes her look way older than 29!

Sueyd on

The wording of this article is so unfortunate. A “second shot” suggests that the first attempt failed. Yet the article continues with a depiction of his older daughter being “well adjusted and happy”. It would appear to me that he does not need a second shot at fatherhood. Marriage perhaps, but that is an entirely different issue, which should not include children in its evaluation.

Fan on

Cut them both some slack. Carmen Gabriela (lovely names!) is really beautiful. Looks like Daddy. Hope they all are happy. That’s some age difference though…

Guest on

Gorgeous baby!!!!

J.E.B. on

Be forewarned, baby Carmen! Some day your daddy is going to yell at you, and call you a dirty rotten little pig.

TeeBee on

So that’s why he beat up the paps, so he could get paid himself for the photo’s……

yvone on

congrats. beautiful baby and family

Sylvia on

That baby is beautiful!

I don’t know about Alec’s wife…there is something sketchy about her.

That’s just my opinion

Ms Vickie on

Congratulations Baldwins! Thanks for sharing! I think baby looks more like her dad right now πŸ™‚ She’s a cutie!

Larry on

And this Planet needs another Baldwin———–Why ???

Sherron Teal on

These two will end up divorced, another custody battle will ensue. Baldwin never learns, he doesn’t recognize that he has anger issues. Until he faces his problems of anger, no woman will stay with him ever!

Izzie on

Looks like a promo for some stupid Lifetime movie. “The Lurking Lothario” starring Alec Baldwin. He looks like he doesn’t belong in the picture and Mrs. Baldwin was given a nice helmet head by the photoshopping interns. The poor baby appears already disgusted.

Donna on

I like Hilaria’s hair…that’s about it. The baby is beautiful …poor sweetheart has a anger prone Daddy and a Mommy who thinks she’s a star just because she married one.

Phyl on

I can’t get use to women not standing up for each other. What a shame that women now-a-days are so ready to tear another woman apart! Pretty nasty remarks about Hilaria… and Alex. You just make yourselves look like jealous, nasty, empty people.

I doubt that you are perfect or even close to it.. and you must be pretty unhappy with yourself to have nothing good to say. So the picture isn’t perfect! Are YOU? This is a beautiful couple and a beautiful baby.

Marcus on

I wonder how long it will take before he starts calling this one a “little pig”?

jaycee on

Funny she forgot her fake accent.

Alana on

The baby does look like him. His new wife is very pretty…and very eager to be in front of the cameras. She got herself a sugar daddy and an anchor baby. She’s happy.

Cory on

Oh…good, he’s got someone else to debase.

Cassie on

What does a man his age need with a new baby? I think it’s just to keep the new younger wife happy. Jeeesh!

dt on

Just about 13 years he can be calling and leaving her an answering machine message calling her a spoiled pig. Something to look forward to.

Diana on

This evening I saw Hilaria on one of the Hollywood news shows on TV and she was totally jamming a pacifier in that baby’s mouth. It was horrible – I’m a mother and what I saw made me want to cry. The baby was shaking her head from side to side and CRYING to get her mother to stop with the pacifier. The stupid woman was of course, looking at the CAMERAS , not the baby, while she was forcing the pacifier on her.

The way she holds that baby sometimes with her forearm across it’s chest and blocking one of the baby’s arms is just bizarre. She acts like she’s dominating over Alec {and she is…} AND the baby β€” something is wrong with her. Very controlling woman. I feel sorry for the baby, in all honesty I just do.

Hilaria also said in the same interview that the baby “looks like an actress”. Yes, well, the yoga teacher snagged an actor and her plans are to totally control that baby and Alec and in her mind the child is already famous ….that is if she doesn’t kill the child with a pacifier first. CREEPY WOMAN !!!!

Hattie54 on

The baby is so cute and looks just like her Dad.

Anonymous on

Alec. enjoy your wonderful life and family! You look awesomely happy! Congratulations!

We love you, your show, and your masculinity!

sarah on

We all have our own private lives and we don’t know or need to know every little detail about someone else’s lives, Its called privacy so I think they deserve congratulations and a whole hearted good luck. Lets not judge by the past but look to the future cause it has yet to be determined and it will be what we make of it.

Me on

I truly hope Alec calms down and finds new peace in fatherhood. A baby brings a joy like no other. May they all have a great life together.

Sylvia on

She rubs me the wrong way, there is something sketchy about her. And there is no way she is 29 (a year younger than me) she looks at least 40.

Elaine on

A couple of years and he will be going through another custody battle.

Amy on

First of all she does look like she is 29 years old. Halaria is very beautiful! All the people who are hating on her needs glasses! The baby is very beautiful like her daddy! His ex wife was uglier than Halaria! I wish him the best of luck! How do you all know that she married him for money? You people are not god.

Amy on

Congrats to the beautiful couple! Their daughter is beautiful! Hilaria is better looking than his ex wife! I wish them the best of luck.

thenitenurse on

Awww, Hilaria now has two babies to take care of.

JF on

Just don’t get divorced … he tends to get ugly over custody …

Alice on

Carmen certainly is a Baldwin, doesn’t look anything like her mother. She is definitely going to be blonde and blue eyed like her big sister. Did you see the video of these two on extra, I see the rot is already setting in, Daddy Baldwin looked like he was ready to kill Hilaria at one stage, it was quite frightening. I’ve also heard he has appointed a new “assistant” working on his new show with him and they are “very friendly”.

The Naked Vegetarian on

I don’t care – I love Alec!!! I am happy for his family!

PS on

If he can focus on getting that horrid temper under control, he can make this second chance count and not have to deal with another unpleasant custody battle. Just sayin’… otherwise, congratulations, beautiful baby.

Pamela on

I know this is off topic however, just wait until Ireland matures a little…Hilaria aka Cruela Deville is going to lose her mind, since his daughter is al tall, blonde stunner. Not a short, fake raven haired bitch!
Btw., it was proven that Hilaria was in fact tweeting at James Gandolfini’s funeral… Real classy Mrs. B……

On a lighter note….cute baby!!

Laurie on

She is DEFINITELY a Baldwin….looks just like Daddy.

M on

Congrats Jack Donaghy!

kim on

He looks like the babies

Chris on

Congrats to them. My only question is why does Hilaria look like a Stepford wife? In ever picture lately her fair if perfect, her pose is perfect, smile perfect. She is the perfect wife. WTF who are you?

Anita DeLuca on

Alec looks great for his age and they hardly look like they are decades apart. Let them be happy and who cares about age b/c their clearly in love. I know plenty of couples who are the same age and they are missssserable. The baby (like all babies) is beautiful.

Cate on

I will support gay marriage, interracial marriage, etc. when others support age-gap marriage. Why should I work to change my own intolerant views if you are not willing to change yours?

mpinky310 on

I was surprised to read that Hilaria is 29. She looks 39.

mary on

hilaria….smile once in awhile when you are not behind the camera, then you just might be considered attractive!

mary on

These comments are pretty bad for this couple. Although the baby is adorable. I agree with a lot of the comments about the father and I also agree with his wife. I saw both of them at the mall lately and not once did his wife crack a smile..she looks stuck up and miserable. She has no reason to act that way, she is not attractive whatsoever. Hilaria…read some posts of what people really think of you!! You would be nothing without your star husband. Remember that!

diane on

OMG he surely looks like her father, but I do not believe she is 29, maybe 39, but 29 nah. But whatever age she is, her and the baby will be set once they get a divorce. LOL

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