Rachel Zoe Expecting Second Child

09/03/2013 at 11:00 AM ET

Rachel Zoe Pregnant Expecting Second Child
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Update: “Rodger, Skyler and I hope that everyone had an amazing summer! Before we head into the chaos of fashion season, we wanted to take a moment to OFFICIALLY confirm that we are expecting another child,” Zoe, 42, wrote on her website Tuesday.

“We are beyond excited for Skyler to have a sibling and for us to fall in love all over again. We feel incredibly blessed. Thank you all for your constant love and support of our family.”

Originally posted June 20: Rachel Zoe‘s latest collaboration is on its way — she’s pregnant!

The celebrity stylist turned fashion designer and her husband Rodger Berman are expecting their second child, sources confirm to PEOPLE.

The couple — who tied the knot in 1996 — are already parents to 2-year-old son Skyler Morrison.

In January, Zoe admitted she hadn’t closed the door on the idea of another baby.

“I’m so happy with where I am right now,” she told PEOPLE. “Who knows? I never say never to anything. Who knows what life will bring? We’ll see.”

One thing’s for sure: if baby on the way ends up being a girl, Zoe may finally have an excuse to stop stock-piling Skyler’s wardrobe.

“Listen, I know it’s excessive. It’s disgusting and I’m embarrassed,” Zoe told The Hollywood Reporter. “My only excuse is that I didn’t have a girl. I have a living doll with no opinion right now.”

A rep for Zoe had no comment.

— Anya Leon with reporting by Julie Jordan

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Lyla on


jenn on

Wow how did she get pregnant being so skinny?

Anyways, congrats!

Pam on

Seriously jenn? It doesn’t matter how skinny or fat you are. Lol.

Anon on

If you are too obese, or too skinny, it CAN affect conception Pam. Google it – it’s a medical fact, smarty pants.

momofsdg on

Actually Pam, women who are underweight can have a harder time conceiving b/c it affects their ovulation and menses. Even Giuliana Rancic was told to gain weight after failing to conceive.

Hey on

Yes, my God Pam, believe everything you read on all mighty google. Skinny tribal people get pregnant. Geesh. Due to her age it’s doubtful she’s using her own eggs. Fertility help regardless. Congrats to them. Would love to watch her adorn a daughter.

Stacey on

Hey, 42 isn’t that old to need fertility help. Many women get pregnant into their 40’s without fertility treatments or donor eggs.

nunya on

That was a really stupid comment jenn.

fanofboardwalkempire on

Congratulations to Rachel and Rodger! Happy news.

lilah on

Their son is so adorable and her husband is smokin’ hot!!

Melisa on

His boyfriend thinks so too lilah.

American Mom on

Haha! Good one Melisa!

Allison on

My thoughts exactly!

TEXAS13 on

Congrats to them…I am so happy for them.

TEXAS13 on

Congrats to them both…I hope Skyler gets his baby sister.

Rachel on

Actually, being too thin CAN impact pregnancy. Some women that are too thin stop having periods. Anyway, congrats to the family!

Sandy on

Nicole Ritchie got pregnant and at the time she was sickeningly thin. We remember her running down the beach pic. Tori Spelling also too thin and got pregnant.So who knows?

Anonymous on

Congrats to Rachel and Roger- but please cut Skylar’s hair and put him in normal clothes!

Christine on

I couldn’t agree more!

CamdenAgain on

Congrats. Now, if she could please cut her son’s hair.

justwondering on

Some religions, you do not cut hair unti age 3 I think. That maybe one reason her son’s hair is long. Or she thinks it is cute. Either way, it is the parents’ choice…til the child grows up enough to assert their style. 😉

Sandy on

And if she cut her son’s hair how will it change you? It’s her child so why is it such a big deal?

Lynocat71 on

Congrats to Rachel, Rodger and their precious baby boy-! I always watched her show and thought she was extremely harsh but, I bet she has changed quite a bit since having her baby boy. Pregnancy and motherhood agrees with her-!

Marin on

Pam- Actually it does matter how fat or skinny you are. You need to have a certain body fat percentage to menstruate and get pregnant. Reversely, it becomes more difficult to get pregnant if you are overweight or obese.

Britsi on

I would so love to see here have a little girl!!! I think she would be the best dressed baby ever 🙂

Congratulations whether it’s a b/g!

Kms on

I’m surprised she could get pregnant being so skinny.

Anonymous on

Really excited for Rachel and Rodger! They make gorgeous babies!!!

EllaO on

Girl girl girl please! And the boy doesn’t need hid hair cut he’s not even three and adorable. She must be healthily to get pregnant at 41 so leave her alone.

Sahaily on

Congratulation to you that is a blessing!!!

Rachel on

It does not matter if you are fat or skinny. Having your period has nothing to do with it either. You have to be able to OVULATE. You can have a period and not ovulate and you don’t have a period and ovulate.

Congrats Rachel. You beat me! I am so ready for #2 also!

Nicole on

Obviously she did in vitro, however, I still don’t know how her body supports a pregnancy. Anyone who has watched the show and knows anything about eating disorders, knows she has one. She openly has admitted to not eating all day and only having coffee. I wish she’d get some help and I worry about any girl born into that family.

LisaS on

Agreed Nicole and I also think she probably did some stuff with her doctors to ensure this be a GIRL.

Lisa T on

Well that’s unfortunate. Skeletor and her She-Man are so obnoxious. Surprised she even gets her period, at her sickly weight.

RachelB-MD on

go namesake!!! congrats

ava on

How did she get pregnant being so old is my question! I’m guessing it’s another boy.

daisy on

Harsh ava. I got pregnant with my baby girl at age 42 and I’m too thin as well. Those factors do NOT preclude a woman from getting pregnant and definitely don’t require IVF for a pregnancy.

Pam on

42 is not that old.

BBB on

@Rachel, being underweight or overweight are both issues that can lead to infertility (usually reversible upon returning to a healthier weight). Either will lead to an imbalance of hormones that can prevent ovulation, menstruation, or affect the environment of the uterus. Fat in the body affects sex hormones and excess fat or suboptimal fat deposits are a problem.

J on

Yes, seriously, Pam. It can affect trying to conceive.

Sarah on

Bet chya $5.00 it’s a GIRL!

leslie on

someone in the posted comments mentioned that it was obviously done by in vitro-I don’t get it? How is it obvious? I work for an ob gyn and it wasn’t to me but maybe I’m missing something-

Jodie on

Everyone is so negative! So what about her weight, She seems like such a good mum and I think lil Skyler is adorable.. I hope she gets a little girl she would be the best dressed baby 🙂

kim on

some people are very narrow minded and ignorant. while being severly underweight can cause medical issues that may make it difficult to conceive, zoe is not THAT skinny. i am 5’4″ and weighed 100lbs, 0% body fat when i got pregnant w each of my 3 kids. i concieved NO problem.

i dont know why people have to be so judgemental instead of just being happy for their growing family.

Lu on

It is physically impossible for a female to have 0% body fat kim.

LisaS on

Yeah- NOT possible for a woman Lu.

Lu on

If she’s only 41, then I’m still a zygote.

LisaS on

Lol. 😆😆😆

Pam on


Alissa on

Congrats! I am happy they are having a second, for all of them. Rachel is so awesome and has really embraced motherhood. I am glad she is allowing herself to find happiness in new ways, although seemingly conflicting in the beginning, she now knows she can have a great career and be a fabulous mom. And I am sure Rodger is ecstatic…he wanted kids for so long!

Melissa on

If you’re too skinny and older than 35, it is hard to get pregnant.

I think, Rachel’s son is gorgeous! Her husband, has long hair. Nothing wrong with it! There’s was a picture of Mason Disick and Skylar, wearing the same thing and Mason, has long hair, too! It’s because, he’s a “pretty boy”!

I don’t like that his name is Skylar, though. That’s a girl’s name, to me.

Congratulations, on your pregnancy!

Athina on

What wonderful news! This couple are devoted and caring parents. Congrats to them!

Nicole on

@kim, it’s impossible for you to have zero%body fat, please give me a break, then you say she’s not that skinny when she’s clearly underweight. You’re 5’4 and 100, this is slim, but not underweight. Rachel, according to online sources is 5’8 and probably weighs not even 100. It’s an absurd and non sensical comparison.

cara on

My condolences in advance to that poor little prop, I mean baby………especially if it’s a girl. Mommy wants to play dress up so bad, the kid will long for the day when she can make her own decisions and buy her own clothes, ones without labels or that make her stick out like a sore thumb.

Callie on

Let’s hope for a girl, than maybe she’ll stop dressing her SON like a girl! With her being such a huge fashion designer, you’d think she’d dress him better. Congratulations!!!

Anonymous on

Skyler is a living doll! He is so cute!!!! Can’t wait for the next one!

Milky on

0% body fat Kim! Surely you’d be about dead?!

And yes being emaciated does affect ovulation but IMO Rachel is just thin, not emaciated. Starving villagers in Africa still manage to have babies, you have to be on death’s door skinny (like 0% body fat!) anorexic for it to be obvious to a layperson that you’re not ovulating.

And if you’re having your 2nd baby, 41 doesn’t mean it’s impossible to get pregnant. If it was her first baby, then maybe, but after your first you’re more fertile. I’d be more worried about genetic mutations at that age than whether she conceived naturally.

kim on

Congratulations! She dresses her son adorable. I agree with her statement living doll with no opinion yet, LOL….that made me giggle as I felt the same having 2 boys then our girl.

Eli on

Like, OMG. I f’ing love them and wish them all the very best!

Edie on

First of all, it DOES matter how thin a women is in order to conceive…she needs a certain amount of body fat for pregnancy to happen naturally. Having said that, I am very happy for Rachel and Rodger…Hope it’s a girl…for Rodger! 🙂

Sherrilyn on

Isn’t she old to be having another baby…….

Kate on

Congrats to them. Her husband was so eager to be a dad when she was pregnant the first time. Kudos to her. I’m more than a few years younger than her and feel too old to have more babies.

Deborah on

YAYYY!!!!! I bet her husband is SO HAPPY!!!! She looks better pregnant too!

postathread on

Another anorexic Hollywood “twit”…Hope she has another boy, so she doesn’t have a mini me. Nutcase.

i need a name on

For those of you who insist on picking on Rachel’s stylist way of dressing her son – back off. She is a Fashion Stylist – what do you expect?

Norah on

So funny, these comments! My first thought was, “Oh no.” She just doesn’t seem to exude mother instincts! Just my observation from what we see in the press; I have no other basis for my opinion.

Why would you think that if she has a girl, the little girl will be the best-dressed little girl ever? Rachel herself rarely looks good, and she puts her little boy in strange outfits for a child! Just because some one is a “stylist” and dresses in all black, does not make one stylish!

Julie on

@Nicole….it is not obvious she had in vitro. Your assumption makes you appear like an idiot by making “factual” statements when you have no facts.

Anonymous on

Her husband is hott!!!!!

LisaS on

Thanks Marissa!

Jay on

Their son is soo cute. Best wishes on a healthy pregnancy and baby.

nicole on

congrats any one know if skylars a happy surprise or if they did it on purpose to wait like 15 years?

Melissa on

Hopefully baby girl, Luna, will be on her way! Congrats Rach and Rodg!

Crystal on

When I first saw this my reaction was “OH WOW!!!!” I have no idea why but I always thought Rachel Zoe wasn’t going to have children. Then when she had Skyler I thought “he will definitely be her only child!” Boy was I wrong.

I’m happy for her and Rodger. They seem like very loving parents. Skyler is a cutie!!! Congrats to them! I hope it’s a little girl! That would be awesome for her (and her daughter’s future wardrobe) 🙂

WiddoMouse on

I hope this second pregnancy is as easy as her first one was.

Nicole on

Wow, the comments about her being too old are hysterical. She’s 41, not 75. Geez.

Anonymous on

I so so so happy for her!!!

Lola on

Pam, are you stupid? Your weight and body fat play a role in whether or not you can get pregnant or how difficult it will be.

Congrats to Rachel and Rodger.

Molly on

Rodger is one smokin-hot daddy. Wow.

Rave on

To everyone wanting Skylar’s hair to be cut – it’s a Jewish tradition to not cut boy’s hair until they are three years old. On another note, congratulations to Rachel and Rodger! 🙂

Erika on

Seriously? You are all crazy.

First of all Ava, I don’t know how old you are but I am 41 and yes it is too old in my opinion to have a baby, for ME but many women get pregnant at this age and older. It’s crazy but it happens all the time.

Second, I am 5 ft tall and 114 lbs and wear a size 2 or 4 depending so being 5ft 4 and weighing 100lbs is very skinny, not slim. Kim is right, she is skinny. If you are a healthy person and are skinny naturally you can still get pregnant.

Lailah on

Wow Rachel’s still not telling the truth about her age! She is not 41, more like 44. Those that have watched her show over the years knows never tells her real age but her husband dropped a clue in one episode. Hopefully she will have a girl because she dresses that beautiful little boy like a girl.

Angela on

She needs to stop the sun exposure, she looks a lot older.

Lisa on

Good for them! Skyler is gorgeous and as public as they are, they are very tight and very private. Great combination.

Marky on

Jenn, who told you skinny peple can’t get pregnant? Skinny doesn’t equate to anorexia; I weighed 104 tops when I got pregnant the last time, and I had no issues at all. I gained 23 lbs, and lost it all in 2 weeks. Lots of my friends did the same, some did not. Rachel’s isn’t the only person who has done that and won’t be the last.

Congrats to them! Whatever they have, they will love like crazy!

JG on

Wow, her husband & her have been married a lot longer than i thought.

dre23222 on

She seems so cool so congrats to them. I just thought her husband like Men. I guess he is bi-sexual. He is such a queen, but they are happy so that’s what matter. An addition to the family is always a plus.

Cheryl on

:gasp: a married couple having a child!!!!

Sandra on

Yes, give the woman a freakin sandwich!! She’s grossly thin.

Rory on

Based on her weight and (real) age, they most likely used someone else’s egg, probably her sister, who used to appear in her show but didn’t last season. Nothing wrong with it but playing the, “we waited till 40 and miraculously had two kids,” card when Rachel doesn’t eat is a bit much.

JAG on

I am naturally thin and just brought a beautiful baby boy home on my 42nd Birthday. I have been pregnant 5 times – concieving the first time, every time!

Just be happy for them …

Ann on

How exciting for them……they are a happily MARRIED couple who are settled raising a cute little boy and now expecting another one……they do things the right way……

Tanya on

Hope she has a girl this time. Then her son can be dress like a boy. Hope all goes well.

Mattie on

Congrats to the family, I am very happy for her and the Rod!!!

kim on

all the comments on being to think to concive or that since this is her 2nd baby that a person become more fertile are all theory’s–yes the majority of girls cant conceive if they are too thin/heavy yes a lot of people have no issues conceiving #2 or more after #1–but just as many who do theses things there are those who all those things affects—even if she did fertility treatments doesn’t mean she will automatically conceive–look at the people who several rounds of fertility treatments and never get pregnant. the point is there are no absolutes–we are all different.

Nicole on

@rory I agree. She is very clearly, to anyone with eyes, anorexic and I have read several interviews where she admits she doesn’t eat. That combined with her age with lead a reasonable person to assume fertility methods were used. I also think its crazy how Jessica Simpson and Kim K are blasted for gaining too much weight and people are defending and acting like Rachel is normal, when she is not. My moms friend looked just like her, ate only an apple and a diet coke everyday. She died after 20 years of this. It’s very serious. I hope she gets therapy before its too late… For the sake of her kids and family.

anonymous on

Nicole – spot on with your comment. It’s probably too late for her to reverse things in terms of her own health — years of starvation have probably led to osteoporosis and organ damage at this point. Hopefully though, she can make changes for her kids’ sakes — so they don’t develop disordered eating problems and resultant health problems.

anonymous on

NOt buying the part about this lady being in her early 40’s. Seriously, I’m waiting for the punchline. She is easily a decade older and as others have said, it’s probably donated eggs. When you are emaciated like her, it’s next to impossible to conceive naturally

Sheree on

Yah!!!! Skyler is ADORABLE, baby #2 will undoubtedly be as well!!

Jessicad on

I’m so happy for them!!! I love her style, and love that her husband adores her so much. I hope she gets her girl, they really are fun to dress:) and who cares how she dresses her kids, she’s into fashion so of course she’s going to love playing “dress up” with them.

Tanja on

Since the majority wants her to have a girl just so she can play Barbie with her and dress her up (why else would you want a daughter?^^) I’m rooting for another boy.;)

theatregirl79 on

Wow. These comments are just incredibly rude and some of them kind of disturbing. I’m constantly amazed at how women can rip another woman to shreds. Does it make you feel better? Do you walk away from the computer smiling and go have a normal dinner with your family after spewing such venom? Anyway…yay for Rachel and her husband! Hope you have another happy, healthy baby. 🙂

Catca on


No one has 0% body fat. Even Michael Jordan has 6% body fat. As far as female Olympic/professional athletes, 13 or 14% is what the ones with the least amount of body fat have. Women always carry more body fat than men and if you were 0% body fat, not only would you not be able to conceive, I would question whether you could even make it through the day. Your body needs some body fat.

Britt on

Skylar is so freaking cute! They make cute babies. LOL congrats

Mira on

Her husband looks totally gay

Frieda Deadman on

I’m happy for them. She is very lucky to not be stuck in a one baby body.

And, I do have to admit, I did google if those on anorexic diets can get pregnant without a little extra help like injections, and, it seems, the female body can. Well, of course a female body on an anorexic diet can get pregnant…Ms Zoe has proven that twice, now. Amazing.

tori on

Love Rachel,Rodger and Skyler! Can’t wait until the new addition arrives!

CAM on

I hope it’s a girl and she starts dressing her adorable little boy like a boy!!

Marie on

She can barely handle one! I really feel sorry for her hubby!

Jenny on

I think a lot of the Hollywood moms in their 40’s probably use some form of infertility treatment. It’s too bad that they treat it like something that has to be kept a secret. It’s nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed by.

Anonymous on

Congrats on the new baby!!

CAK on

Congratulation to you all!!!

Joules on

I am hoping she has a girl just so she can start dressing her son like a boy.

Merine on

I have no idea what kind of black magic she is doing to get pregnant. There are healthy women who go through multiple rounds of in vitro and can’t get pregnant. This one lives off coffee and vapors and it works. Amazing.

dsfg on

“Second, I am 5 ft tall and 114 lbs and wear a size 2 or 4 depending so being 5ft 4 and weighing 100lbs is very skinny, not slim.”

Erika, I am 5’4 and 100 lbs and I am slim, not skinny. I just have a very small, narrow body frame. I have friends who are shorter than me and weigh more than me who are thinner than me, they just have bigger bones and probably more muscle.

I do agree that Rachel is too skinny. I don’t care what her height/weight is, you can tell by looking at her. She has the right to weight whatever she wants, however.

Tracy on

A couple of people posted that “it must’ve been in-vitro”. Why is that? Cause of her age? I had children at 38 & 41 w/o any medical help. Got pregnant w/my 2nd child on our 2nd month of trying when I was 40. I am always amazed at the ignorance I read on these People posts.

Sassy on

Who said she was pregnant? She merely said they are expecting.

J on

I bet the baby is already being styled against it’s will.

londz on

Whether young or old the point is she’s pregnant and happy…whether skinny or fat it still doesn’t matter it is Gods plan at d end of d day. Girl or boy it’s still gonna b God’s will. I’m happy for them

Ashley on

I’m with Nicole. I’d be worried for any little girl born into Rachel Zoe’s family. Rachel so many body image issues and is so sickly thin that any daughter of hers is bound to develop an eating disorder. Remember about 6 years ago when being “scary skinny” became all-the-rage among a bunch of young Hollywood starlets? They were Rachel Zoe’s clients — Nicole Richie, Kate Bosworth, Lindsay Lohan, and the list goes on. Nicole publicly called Rachel out for promoting unhealthy thinness among her clients, and ended up parting ways with her. If Rachel does have a daughter, the poor child doesn’t stand a chance as far as developing a health body image. Anyway, congrats to Rachel and Rodger, and I wish her a healthy pregnancy and baby. (I just hope it’s a boy!).

Anonymous on

Forget about how thin she is.. she is in her 40s. Im surprised how quick she became pregnant for her age. Anyhow God bless her.

Marky on

I was 104 lbs when I got pregnant, and had no difficulty with the pregnancy. Didn’t even show until I was 16+ weeks, and gained about 24 lbs. Baby weighed more than 7 lbs, and I did just fine after; BF for more than a year with no difficulty. It is a load of BS that you “have to gain weight to get pregnant or BF, either one”! Congrats to this couple; hope everything goes well and they have another gorgeous, healthy baby!

Marky on

As a L&D nurse, I saw lots of women in their 40’s who got pregnant with no help (as in not really trying to get pregnant), and they couldn’t afford to do fertility tx of any type. Some of you are woefully ignorant of how this thing even works if you think it’s impossible to get pregnant because you are in your 40s or you’re “skinny”! Growing up in an area where we didn’t even have a hospital (and only had one doctor,,,who was NOT an ob-gyn), there were plenty of women having babies in their 40s. My husband’s GM was one, my GM had babies when she was a grandmother herself. Look in your own family history, and please! Try to curb the hatefulness on this site.

Anonymous on

You can get pregnant being thin, overweight and you can have trouble getting pregnant being thin or overweight. You also can have trouble at the ideal weight. It’s amazing how ppl “know” the weight to be in order to get pregnant and are proven wrong.

Nicole, how is it obviously invitro? and she has an eating disorder? Really?

dee on

Good for her. I hope she gets a girls so they’ll have the best of both worlds.

melissa on

Good for her regardless of how she got pregnant people can be so nasty why cant they just say congrates and leave at that …instead of commenting how skinny she is and how she got pregnant

dsfg on

“I am naturally thin and just brought a beautiful baby boy home on my 42nd Birthday. ”

Umm, “naturally thin” is not the same thing as underweight. I think you are missing the point.

dsfg on

“I was 104 lbs when I got pregnant, and had no difficulty with the pregnancy.”

The fact that you are 104 lbs is not relevant–what is relevant is whether or not you were overweight or underweight or in between when you got pregnant. People can be 104 and overweight, they can be 104 and underweight, and they can be 104 and a healthy weight. I also weigh about 104 and I am at a healthy weight for me so it isn’t a surprise that I got pregnant at that weight.

It is a fact that underweight and overweight people have more trouble getting pregnant than healthy people but it isn’t impossible.

Aimee on

I am just going to give my opinion. I hope posted because it is NOT offensive. She’s wearing a PILLOW!!

Anonymous on