Melissa Joan Hart: I Want Another Baby – Eventually

09/02/2013 at 01:00 PM ET

Melissa Joan Hart: I Want Another Baby Matt Peyton/Invision for Carousel Designs/AP

Melissa Joan Hart says that maintaining her post-baby weight loss is “a struggle” — but not necessarily one she wants to get involved in.

The mother of three boys admits that following the birth of her youngest son Tucker in September, she felt the need to drop the dress sizes.

“Immediately after having babies everyone is talking about how quickly they can lose the weight. Really, who cares?” she told PEOPLE at last Wednesday’s Operation Shower event, sponsored by Carousel Designs and held in New Jersey.

Hart, who hosted the event which gifts military moms-to-be with baby shower essentials, feels the pressure growing as her son gets older, adding that “as he reaches a year I have less and less excuses to not maintain myself.”

Instead of stressing out in the quest to stay svelte, the actress, 37, who achieved her goal with the help of NutriSystem, urges new moms to “celebrate and enjoy that time in your life, but try to be healthy for the children.”

That goes for other celebrity moms too. When Kate Middleton stepped out to debut baby George with her mommy tummy in full view, Hart’s immediate reaction was one of gratitude.

“Thank God! That’s what it’s supposed to be! You still look pregnant for about six weeks, maybe longer. My boys were asking me if I was having another baby a few months after!” she shares.

The level-headed mom will also soon be able to share her motherly wisdom with good friend Soleil Moon Frye, who recently announced she is expecting her third child.

Hart says Frye, who costarred with her on the hit series Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, had tried to share her exciting news in person. “I was on vacation and she was trying to get me to fly back home so she could tell me. I figured it would happen soon. She’s a baby-lover, like me,” she explains.

The star of ABC Family’s Melissa & Joey wouldn’t rule out having another baby, but not for the reason most people would presume.

“I would like a fourth — but it’s not because I want a girl,” she says of the public’s desire to see her have a daughter.

Although her sons — Mason, 7ยฝ, and Brady, 5 — wouldn’t mind a little sister. “Mason, my eldest, is like, ‘We have to have a girl, we need things to soften up around here.'”

Hart, however, has her own methods for making sure her little boys are in touch with their feminine side. “I’ve been making them watch My Little Pony, so it’s all good,” she jokes.

— Susannah Guthrie

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Courtney Rose on

She’s probably pregnant! They(celebs) usually say this when they know they will announce a pregnancy soon.

Holiday on

She said over and over how badly she wants a girl when she was pregnant with her third boy. Now she won’t admit to wanting one

Lili on

She will probably have another boy…. Lol

Anonymous on

Okay, I’m confused. Last year she admitted that she hates being pregnant. Yet now she wants to do it again?! Anyway, best of luck to her!

Molly on

I like her. She seems genuine, unlike most people on this site.

Audrey on

@Lili, why is it funny if she has another boy?

What is so wrong with having all boys?? Can someone fill me in? I’m a mother to two fantastic and incredibly different boys, and it is incredibly irritating to hear the whole “one of each is best” or “hopefully you get your girl”.

I don’t think people realise how hurtful/annoying these comments can truly get. Having only the same gender children is in no way shape or form a “runner-up prize”

Sylvia on

Lili wasn’t mocking anything, she was simply saying that because Melissa wants a fourth, its possible that she might have another boy. Its your hearts desire – she isn’t implying anything bad.

I have two beautiful boys and one beautiful newborn baby girl (6 weeks old). If you can’t sense someone’s tone (which can be hard to do in most cases) then don’t assume one thing.

Guest on

I hope your sons can spell better than you.

Lisa on

@anon… even if she said she hates being pregnant maybe it is worth it to her to be pregnant for 9 months to get a beautiful baby for the rest of her life….

anyways, melissa has such a beautiful family. I know she said she waited to have Tucker because she wanted the other kids to be potty trained etc so she would be going against what she said if she had another baby now. regardless, her babies are beautiful and she seems like a great mom!

yana on

why would you ever want a girl when you make such cute boys! plus boys are SO much fun and less high needs than most girls. If I could have all boys I would.

Sylvia on

Children are a blessing so it doesn’t matter what a family is blessed with.

I don’t know why you bothered to make such a dumb comment, yana.

Bea on

I agree boys are awesome. There is something truely special about a relationship between a boy and his momma ๐Ÿ™‚ I have 3 boys and if we have a fourth I hope its another boy. I obviously would love any gender but I have no desire for girl or feel I am missing out on anything by not having a girl. Now if I never had a boy I would feel i was missing out. Nothing beats watching your boys grow into little men. Its very special.

L on

@yana ..your comment is just as dumb. “Why would you want a girl when you make such cute boys! Plus boys are So much fun and less high needs” get over yourself and that stupid crap about girls being high needs or whatever, I have a daughter and would not trade her for the world! Plus she’s SO much fun and not high needs (guess you meant high maintenance)
People should just be happy to blessed whether they get a boy or girl as long as the baby is healthy

Guest on

I hope your daughter won’t grow up and be mean and nasty as yourself.

honeybear on

Oh how the if the baby is healthy comment gets me. You’re blessed even when its not, I promise. My sister gave birth to a baby w doen syndrome at 21. We are truly blessed w her. I know you didn’t mean anything by it but. This is said a lot. My sister said it too and deeply regrets those words

Eva on

There is nothing wrong with people wishing for a healthy baby. It is not an offense to your sister. Most people do not wish for an unhealthy/ downs/otherwise challenged child. You may feel blessed, most would not. There is nothing wrong with either viewpoint.

L on

@yana ..your comment is just as dumb as Lili’s “Why would you want a girl when you make such cute boys! Plus boys are So much fun and less high needs than most girls” get over yourself and that stupid crap about girls being high needs or whatever, boys can be just as high needs( i have 5 nephews)

I have a daughter and would not trade her for the world! she’s so darned cute! Plus she’s SO much fun and not high needs (guess you meant high maintenance)

People should just be happy to blessed whether they get a boy or girl as long as the baby is healthy

fancy on

Nobody said you shouldn’t love your daughter, L. Youre her mom so obviously your not going to consider her high maintenece but in general girls are more clingy and more emotional. I think thats all she meant. and I can agree. I love my girl but my boys were SO much more laid back.

Holiday on

Yana so many boys these days are diagnosed with adhd, autism spectrum disorder, and then lots of teen boys are depressed, bi polar etc. Personally for our family our daughter is a million times easier than our son.

Sylvia on

I’m a girl and I suffer from depression – I have my whole life. I have managed to keep it in check with medication and therapy. So what is your point?

I don’t quite follow.

Jess on

Me too sylvia and I think that commen the above person made was dumb! Medication FOr my anxiety and depression has been a god sent and I wish u well

mom of one son on

Holiday…where do you get your information about boys having the mental issues that you mentioned? I have never heard such a thing. I am just curious. My opinion of this story is we all get the children we are suppose to have. I have been blessed with a wonderful son. Melissa Joan Hart seems to be a very loving mother. She and her husband have 3 handsome little boys!

Nicole on

@Holiday: You do realize that girls can just as easily have autism, adhd, depression and bipolar disorder, right?

momma on

Holiday is correct…boys ARE more likely to have these conditions. After over 10 yrs of going thru it with our son, we’ve heard the professionals say it enough! ADHD and autism spectrum is much more prevalent in boys. Bipolar disorder is about equal.

And as to the comment about girls being “high need”…let me just say our daughter is a breath of non-maintenance after the 10 years of constant maintenance needed for our son! She is just as much fun and loves cars, dirt and “boy” things, as well as being a princess ๐Ÿ™‚

Congrats on

Did she really say ‘Really, who cares?” about losing baby weight/? She obviously DOES care seeing as she became a spokesperson for Nutrisystem after her 3rd child was born.

Lala on

Pretty sure she meant losing baby weight quickly, and the pressure the media puts on celebrity mothers (and mothers in general).

Misty on

@Holiday – girls can get all of those things that you mentioned too.

Vanessa on

@yana ..your comment is just as dumb. โ€œWhy would you want a girl when you make such cute boys! Plus boys are So much fun and less high needsโ€ get over yourself and that stupid crap about girls being high needs or whatever, I have a daughter and would not trade her for the world! Plus sheโ€™s SO much fun and not high needs (guess you meant high maintenance)
People should just be happy to blessed whether they get a boy or girl as long as the baby is healthy

AND WHAT IF IT ISN’T HEALTHY? Should the parents not be happy about their child or not feel blessed just to have a child? Each person is here for a purpose regardless of how low or high maintenance they are.

Taylor on

I love her! She’s awesome!

Jessa on

She seems so real and down to earth. Boys are great, but girls and boys are definitely different… And that’s coming from a girl who was the sixth child with five big brothers! The odds just may or may not be in your favor ๐Ÿ˜‰

Annie on

I think I’ve watched all her shows and movies, she’s a great actress. Hosting OPERATION SHOWERS and being around all the pregnant women probably put ideas in her head. I know whenever I see a baby, I wish I was young enough to have more. Congrats Melissa and keep it up!!!!

Guest on

Ugh, I have two girls and I hear “I am sooooo glad I didn’t have a girl!”. When I’ve asked why, I usually get some ridiculous reply, like “Well, they need lots of clothes.”. Similarly, I’ve had people tell me how glad they always were that they didn’t have any boys. I would have been happy with a boy and I have a wonderful stepson who has helped me realize that both genders present their own unique joys and challenges. Having a private preference is fine, but telling someone, especially a stranger, that one gender is better than the other is rude.

Andrea on

This is the best comment I’ve read in this thread.

Tanja on

There is no better or easier gender.It depends on how you’re raising your kids …

No on

Good grief you have enough kids already, world is already over populated. Selfish.

Anonymous on

@L quit being such a witch. Yana is entitled to her opinion and I happen to agree with her girls are high maintenance. I have 3 boys and 1 girl and I would take boys over girls any day. L if your daughter isn’t high maintenance then either you work too much or you’re not in your daughter’s life to realize what she is really like.

Girlie on

@Holiday how can u even say that? Your kids are different. I’m the only girl in a family of 4 and would be mad if my parents said that about me. Boys are being diagnosised because parents don’t want to deal with the energy so they drug them up. It’s not the boys fault. I want to have all boys simply because I do not believe I would do right by a daughter.

a l'il help on

Holiday…your comment is horrible itself. I know lots of women, including myself who are bipolar. I know many who have depression. There’s women on the autism spectrum. These things may be difficult yes, but regardless of the sex of the person who has these struggles, we are ALL wonderful individuals. My mouth dropped when reading your comment. It’s only that your daughter may not have the same struggles as your son…but females are not immune.

Deena on

Soleil was trying to get Melissa to fly home from her VACATION, just so she could tell her in person that she was pregnant?? What a stupid thing to try and do to a friend! Soleil did not have Earth-shattering, dire-emergency, can’t-wait-another-second news to share. It’s a simple pregnancy. Obviously, she isn’t special enough for that to have had happened, but sadly someone made her think that she was.

Deena on

@Holiday – Girls have their own share of issues…hormonal, sneaky, manipulative, chance of pregnancy, high maintenance, expensive wants, talkative, etc. Each child is different. Girls are no more special than boys. Also, Yana – On the opposite end, girls can be fun as well and, believe it or not, can be just as or even more cute. I’ve often found that people who wanted girls but just kept having boys try to make light of the situation by saying that boys are easier and fun, low maintenance, etc., just to hide their disappointment of not having one.


Your comments and bickering back and forth are all ridiculous. So do us the favor and shut up!

desiree on

I have four boys (age 6, 4, 2, and 4 months)… Am I wrong for admitting that I always wanted a girl?? But, I love my children with all my heart (wouldn’t trade them for the world)!!!! I have yet to met a mom that didn’t love her children just bc they weren’t the gender that she dreamed of.

Jo on

Boy or girl, doesn’t matter about who’s high maintenance, clingy etc.

They’re born hard wired with their personality trait. I know difficult girls & boys, either they’re easygoing or not. I have a daughter and she is far from high maintence & clingy, wish she was a little more clingy, actually!

Delilah on

I had four boys and then a girl. My girl was a surprise. Having 4 sons is amazing and I wish people wouldn’t say such nasty things. I’m thankful for all my children and I’m sure she feels the same way. I hope she has another child, she seems like a good mom.

Shelliec69 on

As someone who wants a child but so far have been unsuccessful in my endeavor, I can say I honestly would not give a RIP if I had a boy or girl-and for a lot of the absolutely silly generalizations about boys vs. girls, I just shake my head and say just be glad you can have children!!!!

Anonymous on

All babies are precious and will bring you great joy. Just be happy for what you get as long as it is healthy. Geesh!!!!!!!

ava on

The world is overpopulated enough! Stop having babies, Melissa Joan Fart and Punky Brewster McCloud!

joan on

Hey, I had all girls, and yes, I wish I could have had a boy. Then my husband’s name would not end with him. Its not the end of the world to wish you had the opposite sex. My dad always wanted a boy , but he had all girls. My sister has two boys, so we know what she goes through. Both sexes have their issues, problems, trials and tribulations.

K on

I like the quote โ€˜We have to have a girl, we need things to soften up around here.โ€™โ€. They never met my daughter, lol. Not all girls are gentle and princess-like.. Some are full of energy and can rough-house with the bets of them!

Lisa on

Don’ tell us, tell your husband!!!

L on

@ anonymous : you’re being a witch yourself with your comment! And others who said my comment is nasty also. Get off your high horse! I’m not in her life much?! bitch you don’t know me..I’m a single mom whose always been there her entire existence! She has plenty, no needs or wants.. But she’s no spoiled brat! No wonder women are so unsupportive of each other, it starts with dumb comments like boys are so laid back I’d rather have a boy, girls are high maintenance, etc.

and with whoever said WHAT IF ITS NOT HEALTHY! I never said that you shouldn’t love your child if its born with health problems…geez learn how to read!
Btw it’s so hypocritical when posters on here make a comment about boys being easier, laid back whatever compared to girls, hardly anyone is up in arms, but when it’s the other way around it brings out the claws..whatever! Lol

I just thank God I have a beautiful smart daughter, which I’m so proud of & guess what I’m sure I’d feel the same way had she been a boy! No need bring up the having boys vs having girls (Im with shelleyc69 here) All children are blessings!!

Georgiee on

Hey I hated being pregnant but 4 pregnancies later I would do it all over again. Something about a life growing inside you is amazing & I wouldn’t hesitate doing it again.

lauralee on

I’ve always loved her as a person not an actress she seems so down to earth ! Others in hollyweird can learn from her ๐Ÿ™‚

Marcia on

I have a son and daughter and adore them both. That being said, I do love doing things with my daughter (she’s 14) that I can’t do with my son.

Smj71 on

As the mother of a wonderful daughter ( a teenager by the way), I resent the idiotic comments about girls being more high maintenance. Making assumptions and overly general statements about gender shows ignorance. Every child is different, as Is every family. I would not trade my daughter or my son for anything in the world. Each presents unique joeys and challenges.

Amanda on

I have 4, 2 girls and 2 boys. Guess what? Neither is easier or harder. Different? Yes, all 4 of my kids are different. They are their own people whether they fit a steroetype or not. They have their own strengths and their own challenges. If you don’t want to deal with challenges don’t have kids!

lovin' my 4 on

She is one of the greatest ‘child actors’ that I remember ever being on TV. I watched her when I was young on “Clarissa Explains It All” and now my children watch her on “Melissa & Joey”…why can’t things always turn out this way??

Anonymous on

Vanessa- I know I wouldn’t be happy if my baby was born unhealthy, and I doubt anyone else would, either (I’m sorry, but if you’re actually happy your baby is unhealthy, something is wrong with you!). That’s not to say I wouldn’t love him or her. Of course I would! And I would still consider him or her a blessing.

As for what Holiday said, she DOES sort of have a point. Boys DO have a much higher incidence of getting a lot of the disorders she mentioned (Autism being one example). That being said, I agree with the majority of you that that was not a very nice comment for her to make (to put it politely!).

There are positive and negative things about both genders (heck, there are positive and negative things about BEING either gender!). That doesn’t mean either one is bad!

justbecause on

I laugh when I read a lot of these comments. I have three girls and one boy. He is the youngest and only 14 months younger than his sister. My husband and I called him a girl until the day we found out he wasn’t because that is what we had and we just assumed we would have another. I got a lot of “well at least now you can quit since you finally got your boy” comments from people. We weren’t trying for a boy, especially since I wasn’t planning to get pregnant so soon after my last daughter was born. Do I love having a boy? Yes. Do I love having three girls? Yes. They are all different and they all bring my husband and I so much joy and love. I can’t have any more children and I am fine with that, but I feel the yearning and I can sympathize with those that also feel it. That said I wish this family all the best, it is nice to see someone who enjoys their children.

stacey on

Good for her. Children are the most amazing gift. And her little boys are adorable!

MSO on

Melissa’s boys are so cute!!

Karateleshi80 on

Medical conditions aside, It’s the parenting not the gender that determines the child’s confidence and how they react to things etc.

Anyway I like Melissa, I still catch a bit of Sabrina when the re-runs come on. She seems like a great mother.

Anonymous on

Karateleshi80- I must respectfully disagree. If that were true, then all the children in a family would act the same, and that’s simply not the case. I’m not saying that parenting has NOTHING to do with it, because of course it does. But I don’t think that’s the ONLY thing that determines what a child is like!

Anonymous on

Momma, that’s not what or how she said it… She is always stirring up drama on here for the boy and girl and no only children club.

sgtmian on

joan, it’s perfectly possible that one of your girl’s partners could take her last name, there’s no rule that says women have to take their partners’ last names. there’s also the hyphen. or they can just have two last names.

also, it doesn’t really matter what genitals your baby has, they’re going to be who they are regardless of body parts. some people are wild and crazy, some people are introspective and quiet. some people are difficult to raise, some people are easy.