Gia Lopez Celebrates Her Third Birthday

09/01/2013 at 12:00 PM ET

Mario Lopez Daughter Gia Birthday
Dawn Gregg

Yippee — she’s (almost) three!

With their second child due around daughter Gia Francesca‘s Sept. 11 birthday, Mario and Courtney Lopez marked the milestone early, with a princess-themed party on Aug. 17 at PLAY in Glendale, Calif.

“We were so excited to make Gia feel extra special this birthday before her baby brother or baby sister arrives,” the mom-to-be tells PEOPLE.

While the birthday girl dressed the princess part in a white monogrammed tank top and tutu, Courtney opted for Fillyboo‘s baby shower dress in Sky tie-dye and her Posh Mommy necklace, personalized with her daughter’s name.

Guests — including 22 kids and the EXTRA host’s good friend, Eva Longoria — were greeted with a walk down the whimsical red carpet and a celebratory banner that read, “Happy 3rd Birthday Gia Lopez.”

Once inside the birthday bash, everyone enjoyed lunch from Subway and an array of fun kid-friendly stations including face painting, temporary tattoos, a bounce house, a tree house and a dress up area.

After blowing out the candles on her cupcake cake from Polkatots — featuring Belle and Rapunzel — Gia sent her guests home with Mabel Label’s tagged goodie bags that were filled with treats from

Mario Lopez Daughter Gia Birthday
Dawn Gregg

Mario Lopez Daughter Gia Birthday
Dawn Gregg

Mario Lopez Daughter Gia Birthday
Dawn Gregg

Mario Lopez Daughter Gia Birthday
Dawn Gregg

Mario Lopez Daughter Gia Birthday
Dawn Gregg

— Anya Leon

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Sara on

Very cute! Lovely party! Beautiful yet low-key. Courtney looks great for being 9 months pregnant!

Jayda on

Oh look at the hair on that princess, she is gorgeous!

sara on

Couldn’t they get any other product placements in the ad…er…story?

mferda on

Beautiful little girl. Sounds like a great party.

guest on

Red carpet? High-end gift bags? Really? This child will expect nothing but diamonds and pearls…

Yarah1500 on

Subway? That’s the best They could do?

Lulu on

Health eating!!! You you wanted them to have milk shakes and cake?

Yarah1500 on

With the money those two pull in they could hire a chef to cook healthy.

Amanda on

but then they wouldn’t have gotten the Subway endorsement…

Lynn on

Happy Birthday! Its nice to see that these parents didnt go over the top for their daughter. As rich as they are, Im glad that they dont go crazy with it all and that most of us regular folks could easily do a party similar to this.

Deb on

Cute child…but wouldn’t all the kids want polka dot bags…………

Amanda on

Aww Gia is so precious 😍 she’s getting so big! Time flies! Can’t wait to hear if she’s gonna get a brother or sister! Happy (almost) birthday!!

Me on

what is so fascinating about Mario Lopez? The guy is so full of himself. Cute little girl though

exit82 on

too staged and commercial for my taste- but I’m sure a good time was had by all without my input.

Lesli on

Can’t stand him but she is such a cutie……

Kim on

My gosh is she cute but I can’t imagine how weird it would be to have your child’s birthday party be an endorsement deal for various companies…..only in Hollywood.

Kelly on

Gia is gorgeous and so is the entire Lopez family…cute party but so over the top. Even if I had hat kind of money I wouldn’t spend it for a birthday party for a 3 year old. Then again…its not my kid so they can obviously do what they please….it just seems kids (celebs) birthday parties are so overdone.

Lisa on

Wow that was a lot of advertising for one article! lol that doesn’t bother me though! Gia is so beautiful she really is! She looks so happy and Mario and Courtney seem so hands on. I love the idea of throwing her birthday a bit early so she gets all of the attention before the new baby is here! I really hope they work out as a couple because they make beautiful babies and compliment each other so well. Looking forward to hearing news about lopez baby #2 being born!

lola on

Sooooo cuuuuute!

Cris on

What a pretty little girl.

There is something so unlikeable about Mario Lopez. I just don’t know exactly what it is but he seems plastic.

traycee on

What a waste of money.

Elizabeth on

Adorable child…realistic party…fabulous

Denise on

Happy 3rd Birthday Gia. Best Wishes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow on

Wow. Could there possibly be more free advertising in this article?? Product placement is over the top! How much were they paid for al the mentions?? Shameless and sad

k on

Why do I find this weird that Eva Longoria is in this picture. I know her and Mario have been long-term friends but she needs to be with her man and not hanging around much with Mario anymore. I guess if she was with her man also in this picture then I’d feel better about it. It’s almost like Mario is one of these guys who needs LOTS of attention.

I’ve run intoa guy like that-. I was friend’s with his wife and he still keeps in touch with ex’s. At first I thought it was a good idea, then it was becoming like he wanted his harum around him giving him attention all the time.

Anonymous on

Happy birthday cutie!!!

Guest53 on


Cinder Lou on

I’ve never seen so much product placement in one article. Cute party and adorable birthday girl, but something’s disquieting about this.

essie on

i’m sure eva and mario are having a wild affair. it’s his style and she’d love it since she’s so desperate for a man in her life. how awkward for the wife here, her husband’s mistress along for the party! and why on earth would you refer to your daughter as a princess unless you plan to spoil her that way the rest of her life. but coming from this lame family i’m not surprised. these are two people who shouldn’t have any more children!

Anonymous on

Ahhhh…I remember my 3rd Birthday and how much thoughtfulness my parents put into every detail…NOT!!
Face it, most kids parties are done to impress the adults!

Linda on

Wow… there’s some really bitter, jealous, ugly people posting on this story. So sorry for the sad life you must live!

Happy Birthday Gia! What a pretty little girl you’re growing up to be.

Marnie on

Thank you Linda. I was getting worried about the human race here what with all of these ugly vitriolic comments that people post I can’t imagine having that much ugliness inside me. Everyone should embrace this wonderful life and look for the best in people happy birthday gia!

nb on

Lucky little girl!

ogoo on

Wow!! Very lovely. Please people should stop hating, be happy for others, so people will be happy for you, why hate on that cute girl? Anyways, everything is great. If you don’t do wonderful things for your children, who will?

Sun on

She look like her father! The party is too much for 3 years old and she may don’t remember anyway in years later

tee on

Mario & eva have been friends with benefits for years … even when she was married. She made Tony look like a fool throughout their marriage. but when he started seeing someone else she thought it was wrong. Good for you Tony to finally move on from Eva the cheater. BTW – Gia is beautiful & keep Eva away from your family. She’s desparate now & would take Mario away from his family.

Marnie on

Who did you hear that from Lena are you close friends with her? please have some grace…

FedupinAmerica on

Someone needs to tell Eva Longoria that most pregnant woman HATE when someone pats their baby belly

Marie on

Gia is such a beautiful little girl, she does have a look of being a bit of a handful! I love this age, they are little fire crackers!


Gia is cute and looks like her mother. Mario is so in love with himself it makes me sick. He seems to love himself more than anything in this world and comes off as being very insincere.

Stephanie on

People are so rude. These two are the most gracious hosts and not fame whores by any means. Their daughter is gorgeous and very well mannered. These two are truly in love and wonderful parents.

Cris on

I don’t know what kind of morals you have but a man who cheats will never be a good man. He is scummy and any woman who thinks he won’t cheat on her is foolish.

Sindy on

While some people seem to be getting their panties in a twist, it’s a free country where people can post their opinions. Just because we might not like Mario doesn’t mean we’re haters or vicious. When I look at him all I can think of is how horribly he treated Ali Landry. He cheated on her at his bachelor party and she dumped him after the wedding. He may call his daughter a princess, but it’s too bad he dogged out another man’s daughter and failed to see her as worthy of fidelity. Watch out Courtney!!!

Grace on

Is this nitpicky? A monogram is composed of initials. Her shirt is embroidered with her name, not her monogram.