Jamie-Lynn Sigler Holds Hands with Baby Beau

08/31/2013 at 04:00 PM ET

Jamie-Lynn Sigler has her hands full!

The actress — who welcomed her first child, a boy named Beau Kyle Dykstra, on Wednesday — posted a photo of her holding hands with her son on Instagram Saturday.

“We hold hands cuz we are besties,” she wrote as the caption.

The day after baby Beau arrived, Sigler, who’s engaged to his father Cutter Dykstra, posted a message of gratitude and love on Twitter.

“Thank you for all the love! Cutter and I feel so blessed and appreciative of everyone’s well wishes,” she wrote. “So madly in love with our BOY.”

Jamie Lynn Sigler Holds Hands with Baby Beau Courtesy of Jamie Lynn Sigler

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They both need a manicure.

Marnie on

What a nice thing to say Laura!!

Lisa54 on


Casey Smith on

So sweet!

Julianna on

Adorable picture.

4tmama on

So sweet

EmmaWasHere on

How wonderful! Best love to the new family!!

Charli on

So sweet!

dudley doright on

sweet little hand and i love his little outfit with the crows…cute!

Sarah on

Cute! Congrats to her!!

Mary on

Look at those chubby little fingers, so cute.

Sasha on

Idiotic post, Laura.

Amber on

She was responding to the poster named Laura who said they both need a manicure.

Martina on

Precious. Congratulations Jamie-Lynn!

sarah on


Anonymous on

LAURA- A manicure at four days old?! I’m sorry, but that’s beyond ridiculious!

Marky on

Wow…getting tired of posters who think it’s witty to see how asinine they can be when they post, especially on the celeb baby site. Of all places, can’t you just say something like, “How cute!”, or “Isn’t that a touching photo!” Being a jerk online is anything but interesting or attractive, Laura!

Elizabeth on


Carolyn on

I think they’re supposed to be baby chicks on his pajamas.

traycee on

And, why is she still relevant? Has she done much since Sopranos?

Guest on

Awww! Love it, just precious! Enjoy him!

Anonymous on

Congrats! So cute!

BTW what’s wrong with people today and their rude comments. What a cruel world we live in. Manicure?! Really?! Like that was the last thing I thought of after I had my baby! Still haven’t at 16 months. Geez! Priorities people.

Blankita on

Best time of a woman’s life !!! Enjoy every minute Jamie-Lynn !

Lisa54 on

How soon do they do the bris? Is it very long or quite soon after the birth?

Tlc on

I agree Marky. This new trend of seeing who can post the most outrageous thing is getting old. The only thing is, the people posting it think they’re so hip and cool, however, they are too stupid to see that they look nothing but uneducated, bitter, and ridiculous! People need to grow up and shut up.