James and Kimberly Van Der Beek Expecting Third Child

08/30/2013 at 09:00 AM ET

James Van Der Beek Kimberly Van Der Beek Pregnant Expecting Third Child Courtesy Van Der Beek Family

James Van Der Beek is expanding his family — wife Kimberly is pregnant with their third child!

She took to her lifestyle blog Old School New Rules on Friday to announce the new addition, due this winter.

“I feel ridiculously blessed. I feel so much love, honestly,” James, who will star on the upcoming Friends With Better Lives this fall, tells PEOPLE exclusively.

The mom-to-be’s intuition mixed with an onset of moodiness prompted Kimberly to take a pregnancy test, which proved to be inconclusive.

However, the night before the Van Der Beeks embarked on a month-long trip to visit family and friends, she tried once more — and the results were unmistakable.

“I thought, before I go traveling, maybe I should know how many glasses of wine are appropriate or not,” she explains, adding the couple also planned to attend a wedding, where “celebratory champagne” was sure to be served.

Initially, the two decided to keep it all a secret throughout their trip, explaining the news “was still fresh” to immediately share. Their plan, however, didn’t exactly turn out as expected. “My mom knew,” James, 36, shares.

“She just had a feeling. She even wrote down what she thought would be a due date,” adds Kimberly. “Some people knew — my friends call me every pregnancy and say they had a dream that I was pregnant.”

The new addition will take James and Kimberly’s parenting technique from “man to man” to “zone defense,” says the future father-of-three, and while they’re not sure what to expect, they’re up for the challenge.

“I was told two was three times as hard as one, and that three is actually not as big of a leap,” he says, adding jokingly, “If anybody knows otherwise, I’m going to ask them not to tell me.”

“How do you prepare for three kids? We only have two arms each, so I don’t know how it will go,” says Kimberly. “I just think we are going with the flow of it.”

The couple have adopted a similarly laid back approach to growing their family, neither preventing nor planning their pregnancies.

“We are letting Mother Nature decide,” Kimberly explains. “I know when I start to get exhausted and moody, then maybe I’m pregnant.”

“There are ways to prevent these things from happening — we don’t do any of those things,” jokes James.

Already parents to daughter Olivia, 3 next month, and son Joshua, 17 months, James and Kimberly have decided to keep the baby’s sex a surprise.

“I never really had a preference with either one of the first two,” says the former Dawson’s Creek star. “We already have all the stuff for girls and boys, so there is no logistical reason for me to know, so we thought it would be fun to do it old school.”

It seems as if big sister Olivia isn’t set on anything specific either.

“We ask her if she wants a brother or sister and her answer changes depending on her mood,” Kimberly shares. “I’m really starting to show now, so she gets it.”

Kimberly, whose blog promotes health by way of being happy, conscious of what you eat and having people you love around you, is looking forward to creating that environment for her children.

As for how she will manage with three kids?

“By keeping it simple,” she explains. “There are ways to feed a family and do it quickly, but you need to create the space in your day. Whether it’s turning off the TV for 30 minutes, doing an activity with your kids or [having] them help you prepare food then eat it together to create a sense of community as well as nourishment.”

— Raha Lewis

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MOM2 on

i LOVE THOSE 2 . James and Kimberly have so much love to give. Please James a Dawson Creek reuinion with Stephen Speilburg on board and your adorable co-star from the B-apt X

Jenny on

Ohhh wonderful news! Another child for a nanny to help them raise and Kimberly complain about. I read the story in the New York Times earlier this year about her hiring a “nanny whisperer” to deal with a difficult nanny who let her do all the work when she was at home. The horror!

Denise on

Best wishes to everyone 🙂

Alayna on

Congrats! What wonderful news! And I love how they give their children normal names. Best wishes to the family and hope she has a healthy and easy pregnancy.

alena on

I loooove this couple…seems like genuine people…she is beautiful too! congrats to them

Emily on

Wonderful! I love this couple. They seem to have a genuine and strong love between them and are dedicated to creating a healthy lifestyle for their family. Congrats!

missy on

He was hilarious in the B in Apartment 23. I miss that show.

JE on

You know there are other things in life then to keep procreating. And why is it that every time some so called celebrity gets pregnant it is news worthy, it happens move on.


Sounds like another Duggars in the making

Shay on

Right, because 3 and 19 are practically the same thing.

Emily on

I read the NYT article. The nanny was always on the phone and had tension with the 2 year old. As a mother as well as a former nanny, I think it’s cool that Kimberly tried to solve the problem and didn’t just fire her. As for Kimberly feeling like she had to do all the work when she was home: if you pay someone to do a job, they should do the job.

Corrie on

JE, you complain about how every time a celebrity gets pregnant it is apparently newsworthy, but the funny part is that you choose to complain about that on a blog that’s dedicated TO celebrity babies. Do you also complain about FOX news being too conservative when you watch that, too?

Monica on

Oh please people get a life and commenting on celebrities lives do something constructive with your lives. Honestly!!!

And congrats to James and his wife!

guest on

I’m actually very sad for these two. The reason being that she is a HUGE advocate for home births even ones where the baby is breech. My sister lost her baby this year attempting to do a breech home birth. How reckless of these two to advocate it. I hope their pregnancy is healthy and safe…but home births are plain and simply extremely dangerous! Why risk an innocent baby’s life?

Shay on

Actually in most cases home birth is just as safe as a hospital birth. I don’t agree with doing a home breech birth, but you can’t make a blanket statement like that. For most women who have normal pregnancies the home birth option is very safe.

SG on

But not necessarily the smart option Shay. You can have a healthy pregnancy and have something bad happen during delivery in the blink of an eye. Being at home does not facilitate acting fast in the face of a dire emergency. Many babies have lost their lives in what were supposed to be “safe” home births where the mother had a healthy pregnancy. It is simply luck when it goes off without a hitch and, personally, I wouldn’t want to gamble with my child’s life that way.

RKF on

I find this woman insufferable. She acts like an expert on wellness, health, parenting, etc… yet she hires nannies to do the real work.

Anonymous on

I don’t care for these two…..they seem extremely odd, especially her. And who needs a nanny for two kids, give me a break.

Jaime on

You cared enough to come to this page and comment so you must care a little bit. Spread your positivity around. It’s contagious.

Anonymous on

I take issue with someone who writes a parenting blog and doesn’t actually parent. Dictating to a nanny how she should fill every hour of your child’s day is just not the same thing.

Jaime on

Every hour of her child’s day? You must be in the house and know the exact situation they’re in to make a statement like that.

renee on

Congrats and best wishes to the family-and I miss “Don’t Trust The B-…..”!!!

Marie on

As a friend once told me, “Not not trying” (sorry for the double negative) ie: not trying to prevent pregnancy, “IS trying.” Which, I think, is fine… within reason. Big diff between 3 or 4 and 19.

Corrie: Why do you assume JE is conservative and watches Fox News? It’s usually libs who are upset about people procreating “too much” (overpopulation, killing the earth/resources) and pro-abortion, pro-population control.

africanprincess82 on

Some people are just crazy.

@anonymous i am a stay at home mom but after thinking i could do it on my own i caved in. I have 2 boys and i love them more than i love myself but i realised i can’t be a good mom if I’m always tired. So getting a nanny if you can afford it is great. I also suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and it’s a lot better now that I’m not so stressed out.

Vero on

Aaawww, just like bunnies.

Corrie on

@Marie – no particular reason, just that complaining about celebrities having children on a site that’s dedicated to that seems just as pointless as complaining about Fox News being too conservative or (with that being said) CNN or MSNBC being too liberal. Not making it about politics, it was just the first example that came to mind.

heather on

These two really like talking about themselves.

kari on

I cant stand this woman….who is she other than James wife? She is so pretentious and acts like she is all that. Shes a nobody. Puke.

Jaime on

Low blood sugar kari or are you always negative?

SG on

Um…she is kind of right actually Jaime. Who are you anyway? You seem to care an awful lot about policing other people’s opinions.

Amy on

I can’t wait to hear her “heroic” birth story for this child ! Wasn’t her last one a breech birth at home? Can’t wait to hear how she risks this babies life to fulfill her birth dreams…. Geez.

How about focus on parenting your children on your own instead of the glory of pushing them out. If she needs a nanny to handle her kids and she just has two, maybe three is too much. I know plenty of moms who work and raise their kids without help. Those moms need done recognition – not moms who don’t raise their kids really at all.

Just sayin.

Congrats on

Good Lord, JE, you DO realize you’re on an ENTERTAINMENT page, don’t you? THAT is why this pregnancy…and every other celebrity pregnancy is newsworthy. It’s a site about CELEBRITIES.

Amber on

Home birth is usually a very safe thing for women who are considered low risk. I have had 2 kiddos in the hospital and 2 at home and the home birth experience was by far the better experience for me personally. I don’t advocate it for everyone as most people see it as a crazy thing but those of us who get it really get it.

Marky on

I would like to see people who were able to explain how home birth is actually better for the BABY instead of constantly yammering about how ‘it was so terrific for (the mom) and all she ever wanted!” A healthy baby, live and safe is all I ever wanted. Of course, I was an L&D nurse who had seen some of those amazing experiences not turn out so well. It’s hard enough when you’re in the hospital and have help at hand, but breech birth at home?? Most midwives know better……

Congrats to the happy couple. Not my business how many kids they have…..

Sun on

Congrats! Maybe she will have ten children some day

MollyF on

to guest: My cousin and her husband had a home birth and their almost two year old daughter is very healthy, plus my cousin was born at home. I can understand if you have a risky pregnancy, not having a home birth, but if you’re having a healthy pregnancy more power to you.

And to JE: Shut up. This is a CELEBRITY BABY BLOG and this is neworthy. So quit complaining.

I’m happy for these two. 🙂

Anonymous on

Marky- Kimberly didn’t use a midwife, though. She’s explained that she had a doctor who specializes in home breech births deliver her son. Also, from what she’s said, it sounds like she would have been perfectly fine with delivering in the hospital (as she did with her first child) if they had allowed her to attempt a breech vaginal birth.

But she knew they wouldn’t (sadly, most hospitals don’t these days, even though, with the proper precautions taken, a lot of breech babies can safely be delivered vaginally. There are very few breech positions that actually make vaginal delivery impossible or even that risky).

So I think that, instead of yelling at Kimberly, we should be pushing for hospitals to allow women to attempt breech vaginal deliveries (if the baby is in one of the positions that will allow it, of course)- and for doctors to be trained how to perform vaginal breech deliveries (the vast majority aren’t anymore)- so that women don’t feel like their only option for avoiding major surgery (and exposing their baby to the very real risks that poses) is to deliver at home!

All of that said, congrats to them!

Teresa on

Mom had five kids and raised us on our own. We had a babysitter to watch us while my parents worked or went out. They had lots of money, but we were never left with a nanny. I have twins. This is bullcrap these celebrities can’t raise their own kids. Lazy!

Selena on

I just love how they said there are ways to keep it from happening, but they use none. How adorable! I like these two.

I’m wishing her a healthy and not so nauseas pregnancy. Some bozo wrote that there is more to life than procreating.

It’s their marriage, their life, her body, they can do whatever the hell they want, even if she wants to go up to 19 and counting kids! Stay out of her ovaries, twerp!

Also, this IS a celebrity website. So every little nook and cranny of their lives will be reported.

Sophia on

They’re going to be so busy! Big congratulations, they’re such a beautiful family 🙂


This woman is ridiculous. She’s the type that cares more about how SHE brings the baby into the world than whether or not the baby gets here safely. She wants to come off like she’s this ‘know it all’ parent, but she has nannies doing pretty much everything. Dictating to a nanny how to do it is NOT parenting. I’m not saying that it’s not okay to have a nanny, but if you’re home… what the hell do you need a nanny for? This woman is only ‘famous’ because she married a famous person and I think it’s awful that she tries to give parenting advice when she’s barely a parent. Popping out a baby doesn’t make you a parent… popping out a baby and then telling a nanny what to do isn’t parenting either. Home birthing is fine if that’s what you want to do, but putting your baby in danger so YOU can act like it was some amazing heroic event is selfish. Disagree all you want, but that’s my opinion.

Jennifer on

I’m sure they’re nice people, but I hope she doesn’t attempt a breech home birth again. That’s just asking for trouble.

sky on

What projects has he been doing lately?

Catca on

I think that’s a really beautiful picture of the two of them. Congrats Kimberly and James on your newest addition!

Anonymous on

Okay, how is them having a live-in nanny to help them (yes, I said them. I don’t get why only Kimberly is getting dumped on for having a fulltime nanny! Apparently it’s okay for fathers to have outside help with their children!) with the children even when their home any different than if one of their mothers had moved in to help (which happens in a lot of families and is seen as perfectly acceptable, especially outside the U.S.!)?

Unless we live with them, we have no idea how much or how little parenting they do. All them having a live-in nanny tells us is that they have someone to help them. It doesn’t tell us how much that person helps out when they’re home.

Anonymous on

SG- How is Kari “kind of right”? What she said was her opinion (which, yes, she is fully allowed to have, as are we all!), not facts.

Cricket on

This couple has always seemed strange to me and her quotes do not make much sense. I get that moms try to outdo each other these days but insisting on having a risky birth at home is selfish and showy and not a good example to set. She has been lucky…I hope she will continue to be lucky.

Anonymous on

Marie, while I sorta get what you are saying, I have to disagree. “As a friend once told me, “Not not trying” (sorry for the double negative) ie: not trying to prevent pregnancy, “IS trying.” Which, I think, is fine… within reason.” Trying to get pregnant….is actively trying and attempting together pregnant. Not trying is just having fun and if it happens…it does. That’s what they meant anyway.

sky on

What is James Van Der Beek’s up to these days? Any new movies or tv shows?

lovely123 on

I did it the “old school” way three times. It was so exciting each and every time. I have to admit, the last pregnancy seemed like it took FOREVER.

Yo on

So they’re never going to use protection? I’m referring to the “let mother nature decide” part of this item. That could be a lot of pregnancies.

Anonymous on

he has a big head…damn!

Esco on

To people bashing her because she has a nanny… are you jealous that you couldn’t afford to hire one? I don’t see anything wrong with having extra help around the house and with the kids if it means getting to do more quality activities WITH them. She has someone to help her feed the kids and get them up and ready… plan activities… .I don’t see anything wrong with that. It’s not like she’s an absentee mom, she’s right there.

jamsam on

I believe each to his own when it comes to children. As long as the children are happy and healthy so be it. Good luck with everything!

eshafer1 on

Why is everyone bashing on the woman/wife/mother? Seems like instead of ripping Kimberly (and every other celebrity mother reported on people.com), we should praise them. Why are women the first to bash other women? Why can’t we be more supportive? Isn’t that supposed to be apart of our genetic makeup? For those of you who can’t seem to find anything positive to say about this and other mothers, perhaps you should take a good long hard look in the mirror. All you are doing is acting jealous. So what, she has the money to pay a nanny. Wouldn’t you if you had the money? We don’t know if the nanny is more like an assistant (which I for one would love to have) or if the nanny wakes up in the middle of the night with the babies. How about we stop worrying about what goes on in other peoples homes and expend that energy in a more fruitful manner…. in your own. Lest not judge others, unless we wish to be judged. I am pretty sure Kimberly could have a field day ripping you apart, but then again maybe she is too busy focusing on her family.

Amy on

She rubs me the wrong way. And Yes… I agree that his head is HUGE .

Anonymous on

im pretty sure James swiped that “man to man to zone” from dierks bentley who was quoted saying that months ago