It’ll Be a Girl for Kevin and Danielle Jonas

08/29/2013 at 06:40 PM ET

Kevin Jonas Danielle Jonas Expecting a Girl Steve Granitz/Wireimage

The balloons break the news: Kevin and Danielle Jonas are thinking pink!

The couple revealed the sex of their first child on UStream Thursday by opening a box filled with the fun floaters and letting the color scheme share the secret.

The Jonases then posted their most recent ultrasound photo — the baby’s head topped by a pink bow — online.

“It’s a girl! Thank you everyone! She’s sucking her thumb!” the Married to Jonas stars, both 25, write.

While counting down to the hour of the announcement, the parents-to-be let fans have fun guessing whether the baby-on-the-way — due this winter — was a boy or girl by casting their vote in an online poll.

“We are so excited to share the gender so we can celebrate it!” the expectant mom, who debuted her baby bump in August at the Teen Choice Awards, Tweeted.

Let the celebrations commence!

— Anya Leon

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Me on

What is wrong with her face in that pic? People used the worst photo ever…that’s not very nice!

Sam on

I noticed it right away!!

Guest on

She looks like that in all of the pics. She’s not an attractive girl at all.

Stephanie on

Yeah, I thought maybe it was just an awkward picture, but then I googled images of her, and they all look like this. Holy hell, though, she’s got a rockin body!

bobbie on

She’s not exactly a classic beauty, but she is SO sweet and she has this innocence about her that makes her so cute. Her inner beauty really shines thru and THAT makes her beautiful. BTW does anyone else think she looks like Hailey duff (lizzy Mcguire sister)

rebecca on

So happy for the both of you! Two of you make a very lovely couple! Congratulations šŸ™‚

Julianna on

Awwww. A little Miss Jonas. Denise, Kevin Sr. and the boys must be so excited! Congrats to Kevin and Dani!

Melissa Kelly on

@Me : She’s smiling! so, what’s wrong with the picture? I see nothing. I think It’s very cute picture of them.

Sam on

They have absolutely done something with her mouth. The lipstick and smile are ‘squished’ together, giving her a way too squished up look.

Nick on

Grandma Jonas must be on cloud 9!! Congratulations to the couple..

Michelle on

I totally agree! The Jonas side needs some pink! Grandma J will definitely spoil her!

Annie on

CONGRATS! You are my favorite reality show couple. I am looking forward to seeing the next season of the show.

I wish you the best and GOD bless!

Kristen on

@Me: Unfortunately, I think that’s as good as it gets. She may be a sweet girl but she has a bit of an odd look to her, IMO. Not trying to be mean.

It's me on

Congratulations! Enjoy this very special time in your lives….God Bless!

Jan on

thought it was fake for ratings?

Iā€™m Standing Right Behind You on

Everything about that relationship is fake…wonder how they’re gonna explain this.

Carol on


Congrats on

The first time that I sat down to watch their E! show, I fully expected to spend 30 minutes rolling my eyes and groaning. Shame on me for making assumptions. I found these two and their families fun to watch. They’re a very loving couple and very supportive of one another. Congratulations on your little girl! (and I was SO sure they’d be having a boy! lol)

Anonymous on

Hopefully she looks like neither of her parents. YIKES!

Anonymous on

That wife is absolutely hideous. Good God.

Barbara on

Congratulations Kevin and Danielle! A little Girl!!

Kevin’s parents won’t know how to act with a baby girl after raising a houseful of boys. lol šŸ˜‰

Both Kevin and Danielle’s parents will be very loving first time Grandparents.

Can’t forget to mention all the Uncle’s & Aunts, Congratulations to you all as well. šŸ™‚

Think She’ll be spoiled?? hahahaha

abiami56 on


Sandy on

Very unattractive woman

Anonymous on

@Anonymous apparently ur partents didnt teach u any manners, if u can say anytjing nice dont comment at all. Congratulation to the Jonas’s.

justmadd718 on

I’m SURE all of you making such nasty comments about Dani/Kevins looks are real beauties yourselves. So shallow you should be ashamed!

Barbara on

Congratulations Kevin and Danielle!!

marie b on

not a flattering pic of the wife

Colleen on

Lmao whatever I am laughing my a?$ off about the wife comments!!!!! It’s funny!!!!!!!

Anonymous on

Congratulations Danielle and Kevin!

dee on

She looks like a rat

Reader on

She always reminds me of a cross eyed, less pretty Haylie Duff

muh on

Hopefully the baby won’t have her nose. Yikes

Holiday on

Congrats on your baby girl! Having a daughter is absolutely amazing plus the bows,tutus and piggy tails!

Guest on

It’s really rude how everyone is focusing on the picture of Danielle rather than focusing on the news of their baby. I understand we all make judgments about how people look, but she’s still a human being. If you were her and reading these comments, you wouldn’t feel very good about yourself. Do you go up to your friends and tell them you hope their children don’t look like them because they aren’t “attractive”? So why are you doing it to her?

Instead, we should be congratulating them and celebrating the news that it’s going to be a little girl. Congratulations Kevin and Dani on the great news about your baby girl. I hope she is healthy and happy and brings joy to your lives.

Anon on

why does his hear look like a toupe?

Paula on

I just can’t decide if she is really really pretty, or really really odd looking. But she does have a gorgeous bod.

Gina Marie on

Why did they use a picture of her looking cross eyed and that nose. Well they seem like they are happy and in love. Good luck with your new daughter in the future.

Gina Marie on

I just realized she reminds me of Vienna Girardi from the Bachelor. She is cross eyed too

cheekymonkey on

Congrats. Strong resemblance to Farrah Abraham though…

Stephanie on

Yes! That’s exactly who she looks like! I couldn’t quite put my finger on it…

Blah on

Can’t stand her! She’s such a whiny gold digger! For her to be a “hairstylist” I never see her work on the show?

NYC on

She reminds me of Alf.

mariah on

Congradultions guy

Keith Jonas Brothers Fan on


Amy on

I’m absolutely appalled by some of the comments about her looks. She’s an unconventionally beautiful girl. Just because she isn’t plastic-surgeried up the wazoo and doesn’t fit some standard idea of beauty doesn’t mean she’s not attractive. I’d like to see what each negative commenter looks like!

tessj88 on

Looked at Google pics of Danielle. This pic that People used doesn’t do her justice. She looks great in other photos. I’m happy it’ll be a girl for family!!

Carol on

Congratulations to the happy parents to be!!!

Susie on

Tranny alert!!!

Please on

I can’t believe all of the comments regarding the appearance of these two… Seriously? So immature and mean. Just a bunch of bored, catty housewives! I’d love to see what you all look like! I bet its not so great.

Tina on

I watched the show once-she whines a lot and has the personality of a doorknob.

claireadele@comcast.noet on

bless you both, congrats..

xxx on

She’s not an attractive girl? Seriously????? I am female and I can tell you that Danielle is in fact a beautiful woman – inside and out. It takes pretty harsh people to come on here and bash someones looks instead of congratuling the couple on there good news. It takes a few seconds to turn a negative comment about someone to positive. Am I being negative towards you. Nope. Just stating the obvious.

Congratulations to you guys on your baby announcement! Love your show!

Bbaby on

I truly hope the parents-to-be don’t waste their time reading these ridiculous comments. This is a joyous time and nothing but happy wishes for them and their families!

If you feel the need to judge people on such an occasion, ur words are more reflective of how you view yourself. Look in the mirror and be your own judge before you’re so quick to judge a PHOTO.

Happy4Them on

I’m getting such a giggle at the few posters who are saying Danni isn’t attractive. I would LOVE to get a look at all of you who must resemble Angelina Jolie for you to be so harsh. What do you get out of acting so cruel? Please get some help., you aren’t right in the head. Or heart. Dani isn’t just very pretty, but she’s also adorable, all rolled into one. She and Kevin are precious together and I’m so happy for them and the pending birth of their little baby girl Congratulations!!

ry's mom on

she NEEDS to stop freakin’ tanning!!!!!

h0 on

She is prettier than me. It is more important to be happy than attractive to others.

zab on

Someone said Spoiled?? He got Danielle a pair of real life size glass slippers as a wedding present! That little girl is gonna be Daddy’s “I’ve got you wrapped around my pinky finger” princess before she can talk or walk, you’ll see!! šŸ™‚ Congrats again! And to all the meanies out there, I’m standing by her. She’s beautiful the way she is, why go messing with her looks cause Hollyweird says she should.

Mary on

shes unattractive – thats whats wrong w/her face. btw, mr. edd sends his congrats about the baby. he says W-I-L-B-U-R-R-R-its a girl!!!

CCex on

She’s not conventionally beautiful by Hollywood standards, but she has pretty features and takes care of herself. Looking different is okay!

Congratulations to them.

Anonymous on

Trailer park looks with a bit of cash

Annie on

Congratulations Kevin & Dani!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so happy for them!!!! They must be so excited!!!!! I think Dani looks beautiful in the picture.

Tina on

Congrats to the beautiful couple! They’ll be great parents!! Danielle is one beautiful wife and mommy to be šŸ˜‰

Cinder Lou on

Kevin Jonas was on Minute to Win It a few years ago, and Danielle was in the audience. She’s actually a very pretty woman. Congrats to Kevin and Danielle on their impending arrival!

Cyndi on

What the hell is wrong with all of you Jerks ? Anyone who makes comments about her looks is probably very Blah inside and out -Grow up and too bad you all weren’t raise to be polite ladies and keep hurtful words to yourself and U R ALL online bullies and Jealous -Congrats Jonas’ she will be Gorgeous like her Stunning Mama !

Anonymous on


lola on

Yay, a beautiful baby girl on the way!! I have 4 daughters and 2 grand-daughters. Little girls are so wonderful. Best wishes for a healthy baby girl.

Jon on

She is a dead ringer for “Vienna” from The Bachelor!

Feyishayo on

I have seen her in married to jonas several times and she’s very pretty and attractive.You all are just haters
PS-Congrats to them!

keri on

Danielle DOES have 1 crossed eye-she always has.

Ky on

Kevin j congrats to the whole baby girl news As for dani don’t.
Let anybody make you feel bad Be yourselves

Ann on

How exciting for them and another cute couple who does things the right way………..

Guest on

I am beyond disgusted with some of these comments, what a bunch of hateful bullies!

guest on

He really could have done better than her…. Just saying.

Sandra on

I wish a big brood for them. Congratulations!!

Rolyat on

She is a very pretty girl. That is a bad photo of her. Denville, New Jersey rocks with them living here.

carmen on

He can have 10 babies with her….dude is still a homo.

Cici on

CONGRATS to the couple! They will be wonderful parents. Babies are a joy and bring so much love into a home. Can’t wait to hear more on this super sweet family!

tina on

I hope that poor baby doesnt get her nose.

Jenny on

REALLY hope the baby looks like him. woof

molly.two on

When I first saw the show I thought she looked a bit “abstract?”. But after a few times of seeing her I found her to be sweet and adorable. I think she is uniquely pretty- we are so used to cookie cutter that her looks took some time to appreciate….(if that makes sense?). Congrats to them!

Rachael on

Congrats to them. šŸ™‚ And for once will people stop judging other peoples’ looks?! I mean, hello! The photo might have been at a bad angle or something. And either way, what makes any of you people judging her perfect enough to say anything? We ALL have flaws along with our good points. I wish you both the best even though, i’ll be honest. Have never been too fond of the jonas brothers. Nothing personal.

Carol on


D on

Unforunately when you are a “star” and are willing to post everything about your lives you have to learn to deal with criticizm and something their daughter will have to deal with Im sure. Bullying is Bullying. Really people!! They are so blessed to have each other and now a child to make their connection even stronger. Let them enjoy this time because it goes by so quickly. CHerish every moment.. XOXO a Happily Proud mother

detyscha on

She may not be beautilful in some of u ppl eyse but I not she is beautilful in kevin eyes that’s y he married her good luck and your new baby girl

RachelB-MD on

she is really gonna be a hot mess! She can’t take anti-psychotics while pregnant.

Jordan on

Haylie duff is a lot prettier than her.


I am stunned and disgusted by the awful things people are writing about Danielle Jonas. Why do some people feel the need to be so cruel?? I have lost hope in the future of humanity because of people like that. I think Danielle is a beautiful young woman and I wish her and Kevin all the joy a new baby brings. Stop the hating and cruelty towards one another!!!

Angie on

Beauty is in the eye’s of the beholder!

Katie on

not being mean, but I hope the baby doesn’t inherit her crazies.

anonymous on

That is going to be one ugly baby.

Aimee on

Not a good pic at all….of either of them.

Krystin on

Obviously the people commenting on their looks aren’t true fans. They’ve been wanting a baby ever since they were married and they really do love each other (if you watched the show you would know that). They are both beautiful people and this baby is going to be a cutie. And she’s super lucky, because she’ll have 2 gorgeous uncles! If you don’t care about them as people, celebrities, etc. why even comment? Congrats Kevin and Dani!

Monica on

Wow you ladies and men are just plain horrifying and terrorizing and evil and vicious and malicious and just god awful.

How do you live with yourselves from day to day??? And how of you all look??? And what gives you the right to judge and critique some else’s looks! Just remember karma will bite you in the A$$!!!!

My Congrats go out to Kevin and Danielle Jonas I love their Show and she is a Beautiful woman inside and out and her baby girl will be gorgeous!

One Two on

She looks like a sleepy mouse.

ImALadyToo on

What is supposed to be wrong with her face? It just looks like she is smiling very broadly – what is wrong with you people calling her ugly?!

observer on

I hope she stops her constant whining now and takes time to take care of the baby (instead of acting like a spoiled brat on their reality show).

Susan on

Hopefully the baby will not look like either of them.

Anonymous on

Congratulations to this BEAUTIFUL couple who are going to make great parents! Much love! ā¤

meghan on

The same nasty comments every time these people are featured. Don’t you jerks ever get tired of repeating yourselves?

claireadele@comcast.noet on

so excited

Anonymous on

I’ve never been a huge fan anyway, but after watching their E reality show it made you realise they have completely segregated themselves from his family and are allowing full access to hers. Why do women always do that……men always have to lose there families while the woman keeps hers. I bet this little girl will have a close, beautiful bond with her parents yet with his it will be the general see them on holidays, special occasions and when they find it appropriate to visit. When they travelled on holiday his family weren’t invited and they live right beside hers. Why men chose women over their flesh and blood really confuses me, why can’t everyone be equal

Dorie on

Terrible picture of the BOTH of them! Eeeegads!! lol I pray their lil one does NOT have her nose!! She seems to be a strange girl. I get the sense she’s not a stable woman. Something is off about her.

k on

It’s wonderful to see Kevin be such a good example for his two younger brothers; I’m starting to wonder about them. Good Italians should be settling down by now making babies. Yes, I’m sure Grandma Jonas will be the doting Grandma!!! and I bet she’s ecstatic.

Guest on

Nothing is wrong. Dani has a very thin face/body structure. She looks gorgeous in every photo I’ve ever seen …. totally photogenic.

Carole on

Not a very handsome couple. Hopefully, the baby will not take after either one. Is this baby for ratings? She (they) wont be carrying for the baby anyway. Awful show. How did they ever get one. (show that is)?

Jann on

I know this isn’t nice, but damn, that girl is butt ugly!

Kasee on

Some of your are so ignorant it hurts. She isn’t crazy. She has anxiety. The medication she takes for the anxiety is nowhere near “anti-psychotics.” Go educate yourselves, and if you don’t want to do that then at least stop talking.

Cassie on

She’d very odd looking.

jamsam on

So happy for them. Babies are such a blessing! Good luck with everything!

Anonymous on

Look people, everyone is entitled to their own opinion weather other’s like it or not. So here’s mine, she’s very odd looking. She look’s like a guy in a woman’s body.

kristina on

In her defense, I think the photo is a little blurred..

lydiaferguson on

A Big Congratulations to you both , you have such a beautiful glow.. god bless you both and your family….

lydiaferguson on

happy for you both, you have such beautiful glow…

jean on

She has a very long chin and big nose, that’s why she looks like that in the picture. Looks are not only important!

b on

dani your beautiful and i hope your baby girl looks just like you congrats to both of you