Josh and Fergie Duhamel Welcome Son Axl Jack

08/29/2013 at 01:40 PM ET

Josh Duhamel Fergie Welcome Son
Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP

They’re officially three peas in a pod!

Actor Josh Duhamel, 40, and Black Eyed Peas frontwoman Fergie, 38, welcomed their first child on Thursday, Aug. 29, their rep confirms to PEOPLE.

Son Axl Jack Duhamelย weighed in at 7 lbs., 10 oz., the rep tells PEOPLE.

After announcing the pregnancy on Twitter, the reality of a baby on the way set in when Duhamel witnessed his wife’s first ultrasound.

“It’s very exciting … [It’s] unlike anything you’ve ever seen. You’re like, ‘Wow, it’s mine,'” the dad-to-be said in February.

For her part, Fergie — who celebrated with two baby showers — joked the pregnancy was a long time coming as Duhamel wanted to start a family after the first date. “He’s going to be an amazing father. He’s got natural parenting instincts,” she told PEOPLE in April.

The parents-to-be tried to keep baby’s sex a secret, but during an appearance on LIVE with Kelly and Michael, Duhamel hesitated before picking out a blue onesie. They did, however, manage to keep their son’s name under wraps.

“Some people may not like it, some people may think it’s really cool, but we don’t really care โ€” that’s why we’re not telling anybody,” Duhamel explained.

Coinciding with baby boy’s birth was a special surprise from new dad Duhamel: a push present.

“You got Christmas, you got birthdays, you got Valentine’s, you got Mother’s Day, you got every other thing in between … I don’t know who came up with this push present idea, but I think it’s probably a female,” he joked to PEOPLE.

— Anya Leon with reporting by Julie Jordan

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leo on

Congrats from Germany!! Axl – what a great choice…

Bonnie on

What a unique name that flows! Love it.

Anonymous on

Wish for once celebrities would put their kids before themselves.. Axl really? What happened to Mike, Matt, JOSH, etc??! Sad…. Very happy for them and wish them all much happiness but come on!

sarah on

Regardless of whether you like their name choice or not id much rather hear of a baby being named axl than a boring, over used name that millions already have like mike or matt.

gagirl on

I agree 100%. Talk about boring.

Tickle on

There is nothing wrong or boring with names like Matt or mike. People like what they like. If you want to call your kid Big Bird that’s your business. Complaining about a name that someone else is calling their own child is ridiculous. Just wish them all the best and let that be it.

momofsdg on

AXL or AXEL is actually quite common in Scandinavia.

sweetkatilyn21 on

I see absolutely nothing wrong with that name. I think it is a cute name and seems to fit their personalities perfectly. It’s actually a popular name with a unique spelling. I think it’s cute. They could have named him Mango or Pillow, but they chose a unique, yet well-known, name. Congrats to them ๐Ÿ™‚

kayla gregory on

Axel in its various spellings is actually a popular name. Just because you like mike, matt, josh etc doesn’t mean Axel is a bad choice. Its better than apple, north, blue ivy, etc!

Barbie on

Better than Apple & Pilot Inspecktor! Lol

LLL on

Get a clue. Axl is a very traditional name in Sweden, Germany, etc. think outside ur box. And who cares what they name their child. Remember he’s THEIR child.

Expand your knowledge on

Axl/Axel/Aksel is an old Scandinavian name.

Erin on

what an awful name….sounds like something you use on a car!

Brandi on

Lol!!! It kind of does sound like a car tool!!! I don’t care for the name myself but babies are such a blessing…the fact that he was born healthy and both Mom and baby are doing well is all that really matters. Congrats and best wishes to them!!

Georgiee on

It sounds like something on a car because and AXLE is what your car tyres spin on… That’s why the spin!!!

It’s a popular Scandinavian name ๐Ÿ™‚ it’s awesome.

My son is axel ๐Ÿ™‚ great choice ๐Ÿ™‚

Dee on

I’m thinking they chose that name to please themselves, and could care less what anyone else thinks. When it’s your turn, Erin, you can choose what YOU like.

Keri on

Well said Dee!!! I couldn’t agree with you more.

Barbie on

Thank you! Good lord, they even say in the article that they don’t care what other people think!

honeybear on

Really?! Cars HAVE axels…

Stormy on

Awe another sweet pea

Connie on

Congrats!! Hope people leave them alone about the name, since it’s their kid. Can’t wait to see photos because I think they are one goodlooking couple.

Jess on

That is the coolest name! So happy for them and can’t wait to see the first family picture!

Guest on

Congrats Josh & Fergie!

Love the name!!

ana on

Congratulations to the family. I bet he is beautiful.

Dani on



Whew! Fergie finally had the baby she was pregnant FOREVER! I’m sure Josh is smitten. I’m so glad baby Axl is here because Fegie had the worst maternity style ever!

Laura on

Many blessings on the birth of your new son. Love his name!!!

Denise on

Aw, congrats! They seem like such a loving, steady couple. I love the name, especially the flow of it. Axl Jack. Love it, and I love how they love it and don’t care what other people think. I know how I want to name my son and how people may dislike that name. I don’t care, I love it!

Paul on

It’s called a push present for a reason…she had a C-section…there was no pushing involved.

momofsdg on

Sure Paul, the other nine months were a piece of cake.

Krissy on

Your comment is offensive Paul. A lot of women, myself included, have to have c-sections whether they elect to or not. Doesn’t mean it should be celebrated any differently. Push presents shouldn’t be just for women who “push”!

Mandyraejordan on

Only a man would say something so ignorant. I’ve had both a natural and a C-section birth. Believe me the natural birth (and recovery) was a walk in the park compared to the C-section. Congrats Josh & Fergie! Love the name.

LLL on

I thought the opposite Mandy. My c section was an easy recovery.

Ashley on

Oh ok, so women who have cesarean sections aren’t allowed a push present? I had a cesarean section with my son due to him being breech. I tore my body up to bring my beautiful son into this world. It’s no different then a vaginal delivery, I still had a long healing time. Geez, men can be such jerks! Let’s put you on a table and cut you open, see how you like it and the healing. Ass!

Lala on

Where does it state she had a c-section Paul? I’ve had a natural birth, and c-section, and c-sections are no joke. The recovery is no where near as easy as natural.

Juliet on

Paul youre an idiot! The present isn’t a prize bc you were able to push a baby out, it for the whole process. Try having your stomach cut open and then an 8 lb baby removed. See how you feel in about an hour and then comment.

guest on

How do you know she had a c-section? Where you there? No everyone chooses that. Besides these is nothing wrong with having one. She still gave birth.

maxkolbe on

Cool name! Did they forget the “e” in Axel? I know children with this name, but never heard it without the “e”

Lauren Kaminski on

Awful name! I don’t even know how to say it! haha Congratulations anyways!:)

dancer92136 on

I will bet he is over the moon. He has been so excited. Cute name…edgy but not to out there.

cella on

Axl Jack sounds like Apple Jack…

Dusky on

I don’t mean to be bad but we had a Bulldog puppy we called Axle and when you go out side to call them back in “Axle” doesn’t sound like Axle it sounds like “A**hole”. Sorry but it is a cute name.

Nekhbet on

Axl is Scandinavian in origin and a wonderful name !

stacey on

Axel, good god……….was expecting something more classy from these two. That is just awful.

meg on

Axl is a name derived from the Scandinavian heritage. Josh is from Minot NORTH Dakota…. and they have a huge Scandinavian presence

Callie on

The name sounds like parts on a car. My axl jack broke, can you fix it?

Bette on

Congrats, that’s a rockin name!

Emily on

Axl? Yes, let’s name our child after a has-been rocker who has been a hermit for years.

Ashley on

Congrats to Josh and Fergie on the birth of their little boy!

lilah on

Cool name. Congratulations!

Athina on

Wow – what a great name. Congrats!

Nelson on

Congrats! They’re one of my favorite showbiz couples!

Brooklyn on

Aww. Love them. The name isn’t my style but it’s certainly still a great name.

DO on

The name Axl is PERFECT…Fergie is a total rockstar, Josh seems like he’ll be such a great dad. I think this kid is going to ROCK!

amy on

congrats! He seems like he will be a good dad. Very hands-on!

tanya on

I like the name. Congrats to them!

Carrie M on

I’ll always think of Axl Rose from GNR. Anyway, congrats to Josh and Fergie on their new arrival. Enjoy him!

Anonymous on

Congrats! But for me, my baby was my push present! โค

MaddieW on

Congrats on the arrival of your healthy baby boy Axl Jack. Love the uniqueness of his name and that you love it and don’t care about the naysayers!

Enjoy your new son!

Heather Oswald on

Congratulations to the new family!!

krtmom on

Push present??? I had a c-section, came home and cleaned the house!!! Then had to more after that. The house wasn’t any cleaner after any of them either! Spoiled people!!!

Edie on

Rock ‘n Roll name…no surprise there!

Hollywood’s gotta keep it “cool” …not great, but not as bad as other choices we’ve seen of late!

micky on

Congratulations to the beautiful couple.. What a unique and beautiful name can’t wait to see his picture.

Geena on

axl jack? is that like cracker jack? or apple jack? why not axl rose…or axl grease?

missing vowel!

but I like it. I like uncommon names. Trouble with this one is no one will ever spell it right, but then, no one will spell or pronounce the last name right either, so it’s a double!

Geena on

and please people, stop saying that the car part is “axel” — it is AXLE.

Dee on

First thing I thought of was Axl Heck from the middle. He can always go by AJ.

Melissa on


Tee2 on

Congrats to the happy couple โค

Mellissa on

Yay a new celeb baby for you all to complain about! From his name, to his birth details, and eventually how his parents choose to raise him! What delirious fun!!!

Seriously folks, if you aren’t happy with your own lives, there is always something you can do to change it…however, complaining about how someone else chooses to live theres is NOT one of them.

mandy on

That expression “push present” is ridiculous! Further reiterating what a graceless age we live in!

rie on

Axl is a great name. It means “father of peace”. Im guessing it’s a family name, since it is a little old school. 3 men in my family have the same name.

Fefe on

Congrats to them!! Love the name- unique without being weird! ๐Ÿ’™

Alayna on

That’s actually a cute name. Congrats to the happy couple!

Sunshine on

I love it! Congrats.. So precious .

My hubby’s name is Jack… Good middle name .

Love the first !!!

Princess Lea on

Yay I love them both so much! Congratulations! Wishing them loads of health and happiness :)))

Congrats on

That’s a nice sized little boy! Congratulations Duhamels!

kim on

love them! congrats to the happy mommy and daddy!

Terri on

Absolutely love the name. Congrats to the parents. ๐Ÿ™‚

Kellie on

Congrats to the happy couple. That is going to be one cute baby.

Anonymous on

Is it SOOO difficult to put a vowel between the x and the l? It just seems like they’re trying too hard….

Tamika on

Yay love the name! I remeber when we were watching New Years rocking eve & we were like wow is Fergie prego. So happy for her and Josh!

Bee on

I love the name! Makes me think of Axl from The Middle, I love that show haha.

congrats on

Why is People putting his name first? Fergie is clearly the bigger star. And she’s the female.

It should say Fergie and Josh Duhamel

Jamie on

congrats, Because its a tradition to put the mans name first. It doesn’t matter who’s more important in celebrity status or in the medical field or who has more money. This is how this country should still be ran with some morals, integrity and actual family!

Teri on

So putting my husband’s name FIRST is more moral?! Are you frigging kidding me?!

Um no. It may be tradition, but there is absolutely NO morality to whose name comes first. Don’t remember reading that in the bible.

It’s sad that on a birth announcement someone has to say something that stupid. More disrespectful than the people complaining about the kids name.


Bkable on

Axl isn’t my first choice but for them it just fits! Congratulations!

Chet on

sounds like a piece of construction equipment.

‘Can you hand me that Axl Jack, the backhoe is stuck in the mud again.’

Sandie on

What, no twins? What kind of celebrity couple doesn’t have multiple births these days? I thought that was the trendy thing to do … just kidding. I am so happy for you both. Congratulations!

Bkable on

Please before you complain about the spelling do some research…. They named the baby after Axl Rose. Hence the spelling. There’s no vowel for a reason.

klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to them! It felt like she was pregnant forever.

I love the name, even though it sounds like Apple Jacks. And I love Axl from The Middle, so A+ choice.

Jessica on

It’s not the most awful name ever…not my choice but that’s alright. Congrats to them!!

Vanessa on

Congrats to the Hot Momma and HOTTTT Daddy!

MLS on

Congrats!!! I bet your bundle of joy is so cute!!!

hk_pretty16x on

When I read the name axl, I immediately thought of axl rose from guns n roses! I like it ๐Ÿ™‚

Anonymous on

Apple jax?

ella on

I never seen it spelled. like this but Axel is a very strong Scandinavian name… I don’t really like it as Axl, but owell!

Charlie on

Opinions are like behinds….everyone has one. The name isn’t one I would have chosen, but it’s cute. A lot better than North West!

Anonymous on

I like the name and Kim’s maternity style was much, much worse. I think they are adorable and that baby will be well loved

Anonymous on

I hope he goes by Jack…….

Chi on

Ugh too many haters. Not your kid so mind your business. Congrats to the parents!

Susan on

There are going to be a lot of celebrity kids who are going to need therapy in 20 years. Yikes.

Mary on

axl jack duhamel – now thats a name that has a good ring to it!

Cyndi on

Congratulations to the new parents!! What a wonderful day for them. I hope everyone is doing well.

Linda on

Wow….such negative comments on the baby’s name. Thank God it’s NOT YOUR BABY! Geez…takes all kinds.

Congrats Josh and Fergie!!! Love the name!

Denise on

Congratulations. Bet ya he’s a little heartbreaker already.

me on

Axl . . .all I can think of is Axl Rose from Guns n Roses.

Pela on

Happy for them.

Alexandra on

I’m not a fan of the first name, but congrats to them all the same.

maggie on

What not Michael in honor of Michael Jackson’s Birthday??

Andrea on

As much as I love these two and congratulate them the choice of name is terrible!

Tiffany on

CONGRATS!! I just had my 4th son on August 20th! It’s awesome being a mom!

maggie on

My push present is to be faithful…

Lesli on

Love this couple…but Axl..hate it…..

fan of boardwalk empire on

congratulations to the happy family. I love the name Axl Jack very cool name for what will be a great little baby boy!

Lisa on

Congratulations. They are going to be great parents. As for the ‘push present’, whether she delivered naturally or by Csection, she deserves to be appreciated! Unless you have gone through it yourself, you cannot begin to imagine how hard it is.

Joanna on

So happy for them that they had their son, but Axl really? The middle name of Jack is much more befitting a son born to these parents. How about legally naming your son Axl but calling him Jack? People do that all the time. Anyways, congrats on what is sure to be a beautiful looking boy ๐Ÿ™‚

Lesli on

Love them but Axl..really???? Hate the name ….hope he is called Jack…

Dunbar on

Congrats. I like this couple. They are beautiful.

Unfortunately, they’re headed toward divorce because Hollywood couples don’t last – give them a few more years together. Oh well. Enjoy the picture-perfect-family while it’s there.

Ruby on

It is a great name!!! At least he wasn’t named after a direction or a fruit. It is also the name of my son. Great, strong Scandinavian name.

melissa on

I Love love love the name AXL…such a rockstar name. Has always been in my top 3 boys names! Good choice!

Jay on

Awesome name!!

MMH on

I don’t understand why everyone has to either like or hate a name. You named your kids, let them name theirs. I personally find Matt, Mike, Josh, Steve, etc., pretty boring. But if you want to name your kids that, it’s your right and nobody should put your choice down either!

Helena on

Love the name!!!!!! I am listening to Guns N Roses greatest hits and was remembering how talented and awesome Axl Rose was! great homage to one of the best there ever was! My teenager daughter is now totally into their music…Great talent doesn’t exist anymore ….

rumeza on

congrats fergie and josh !!!!

Wendy on

Sounds like apple jack

Ms. G on

Axl like from ABC’s show The Middle? That’s awesome! Really great show, btw.

Laine on

Congrats to them! Not a name I would have chosen, but it’s their baby!

CJ on

Litle “AJ” Love it!!!

Julie on

Awesome name!

Maria C on

Love the name! It all goes together and maybe they will end up calling him AJ. It doesn’t necessarily mean they are going to call him Axl…..

Anonymous on

Congrats! Love this couple! Wish many years of happiness to your family!

Andrea on

Love the name! Very common “up nort” here where Josh is from. Scandinavian. Congrats!!,

Jazz on


Daphnee on

Noooo they stole my baby name!!!!!!…ahahahahah congratulations…it’s a great name!!!! very rock n’ roll

hanna on

awww, I hope they name their next one rod

Bethany on

I normally don’t agree with celebrities giving their kids weird names, like North (which is the dumbest name on the planet), but I do think Axl Jack isn’t all that bad. Axl doesn’t sound retarded – almost like a nickname for Alex or a boy version of Alexa. Also, he has the middle name Jack which is a perfectly normal name.

MSL on


Sun on

Congrats to the Family! They will be great parents!

Julianna on

I like the name! Josh will be a great daddy. Congrats to them.

Danielle on

Apple Jack!

Anonymous on

I really don’t see the point of push presents. Just seems like another “reason” for a gift…

Gross on

She seems very nice, despite her persona with the BEP’s. he seems like TRASH! Every time I see him on a talk show, all he does is talk raunch. Like white trash. Don’t like him. And he cheated on her. I wouldn’t have taken him back.

DayInLife on

I keep wanting to say Apple Jacks

Sharon on

Awesome name…partly cuz i LOVE Guns n Roses! Im definitely showing my age ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Anyway, congratulations and much joy to the happy family!

maryhelenc on

Axl or Axel is very common among Scandinavian families. In fact, I think Will Ferrell also has a son Axel. I’m sure finding a name that works with Duhamel is hard & it flows nicely. Congrats to the Duhamels!

Annie on

Congrats and all the best from my fam to yours…God bless…

lola on

Ha! Now I know why they didn’t want to tell anyone the name before he was born. We’re going to name our son after our favorite cereal…… Apple Jacks! Axl is a fine name, but coupled with Jack just is ridiculous. I belive it’s a family members name, but it doesn’t go together. Come on parents, kids have to live with these “cool” names.

lauralee on


kay pasa on

Kid will forever be called Axl Rose. Congrats to them though on their late addition. I was a grandmother by the time I was 37.

Stephanie on

I had to go and listen to “Neutron Dance” after I read this! The name is uncommon, but it’s still a real name. It’s Scandanavian for “man of peace”. I think it’s good name. Congrats!

Grosser on

Kay Pasa………….you must be so PROUD (eye roll). Guess your children, followed in your footsteps, getting knocked up by 18, eh?

JR on

Naming their kid after an alcoholic druggie woman beating washed up bloated has-been rocker. Perfect.

mellie on

Sure wish people would stop slamming celebrities about their baby names. They can choose what ever name they want, ITS THEIR KID!!!

Crystal on

Awwwww!!!! Congrats to the new parents!!!! โ™ฅthe name Axl. It fits with the both of them. I can’t wait to see his adorable little face!!!! Congratulations and God bless!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

AnnieG on

I don’t know why everyone is getting all up in arms about Axl – it’s actually quite a common name people! Just because it’s not top 10 in the most popular baby names list doesn’t make it werid or unusual folks. Learn to have an open-mind!

Toria on

I like it. Many blessings and glad mom and Axl are good.

Toria on

For the critics -Axl is Scandinavian and means “Father of Peace”. Beautiful.

Pamela on

Congratulations from Pittsburgh, PA! Love the name – they seem so happy. I don’t understand the negativity here – it’s their baby. Thank goodness they are probably way too busy to read the negative comments posted.

heather on

Hey, I would have named my kid after Axl Rose too but my husband hates gnr.

Romy on

I actually guessed they would choose this name. I like Axel to Axl, but same thing I guess

gerrp on

Congratulations Dushamel familyโ™ฅlove the baby’s nameโ™ฅI guess he’ll be AJ for short, cuteโ™ฅfits!

Marie on


Kate on

Thank goodness its not named after a fruit (Apple), color (Blue) or direction (North).

Carolyn on

Stupid name.

Sar on

I guessed Axl (though I thought a different spelling)! I think it’s unique and very them. I think their son will carry it well. Congrats ๐Ÿ™‚

cc on

Congrats to the new parents like the name.

guest on

Congrats to them but this push present stuff I think is stupid!! Your child should be your present duh!!!!

Sylvia on

Congratulations to the happy family

dudley doright on

I usually don’t like the names celebs choose for their kids, they are usually corny, silly, ridiculous. But I actually think this one is cute…Axl Jack. Very Cute.

claireadele@comcast.noet on


Stephanie on

I’m so happy for them. I love the both of them and Fergie is lucky her husband is so dreamy. Lol congratulations to them.

Angie on

I just think it’s great for the two of them. I think they are both great ppl. And deserve the best! Hopefully they choose to have more! ๐Ÿ™‚ Have fun with your children grow. Because they grow up too fast!!

Brittney on

I like the name Axl. First read it I thought of Axel Foley from Beverly Hills Cop with Eddie Murphy. Congrats to them.

Macrina on

Wow, it seems like she should have had him months ago, that was the longest celebrity pregnancy ever.


that is an ususual name for sure-most celebrities are unusual people aren’t they!

guest on

Congrats!! I can’t believe people are up in arms over his name. Axl is cute!!! Not cruel like North West, Apple, Blanket….

Kellie on

I can not wait to see a picture! I bet he is handsome! I love the name , fun and fresh ๐Ÿ™‚ congrats!

linda on

Ok….. Get over the name. this baby is not the first to be called Axl. for those that don’t like it… he your son? Did you carry him for 9 months? not the end of the world nor any of your business. Gratz to the parents on a safe delivery and abeautiful boy

Lexi on

Not going to lie, Axl Jack has a good flow. It wouldn’t be my first choice, or second, or third, etc..but I do kind of like it.. Aww, I love Josh Duhamel! Congrats to this beautiful family!! I love babies!!

zab on

Love the name, love them, nothing but LOVE and NICE things to say. Congrats!

n/a on

Congratulations Josh and Fergie

Linda on

Josh said it was a family name. He is Scandinavian, so maybe they chose it because it was both a family name and a rock and roll name.

Liz on

No wonder Americans have such dismal results each year in the global education ranks. You really need to get outside of your bubble and realize that there is a great big world out there where different languages are spoken and names sound different than what you’re accustomed to. Maybe start there – or literacy and basic reading comprehension – and someday you’ll stop getting spanked for such seemingly trivial pursuits like global technological advancement.

Tanja on

Haha Liz….loved your comment.Many Americans are clueless.I feel kinda sorry for them.:)

Lynnemezzo on

What the heck is a push present?

lola on

I saw one person mention that maybe they might call him A.J. Super cute!! I like the name Axl and the name Jack, but the two names together, just sounds like cereal!! Either way congratulations new family of 3. Heal quickly Fergie and say goodbye to quiet nights : ) but actually it all goes by so quickly, savor every moment. Even those late nights.

Sheree on

How very close minded of you, anonymous! My fathers name is Axl!! What’s wrong with it?

solar on

Someone is a Guns n’ Roses fan. lol At least they didn’t name him Axl Rose.

Sfingaaa on

OMG! She looks like a walking plastic bag, that is disgusting…

Anonymous on

Gross- So you believe everything you read in tabloids. How sad!

Anyway, congrats to them! While I wouldn’t name my child Axl, I don’t see anything wrong with the name. I also don’t see anything wrong with “push presents” (as long as a woman doesn’t expect them), that is. I agree that that’s a bit tacky!).

I’ll admit that I don’t love the term (I’m sorry, but it just sounds silly, plus it doesn’t really fit in a lot of cases since a good number of births don’t involve the baby being pushed out!), but I think the gesture itself is romantic and sweet!

carie on

congrats to the lovely couple n welcome baby Axl

Nina on

My litmus test for baby names is whether they can proudly display it when they are the CEO of an international company. Yes, Axl passes my test, but I think he’ll be known as Jack Duhamel.

Anonymous on

Congrats Fergie

Rhonda on

I don’t like the name, but it doesn’t matter. He’s not my baby. the important thing is that the baby is healthy and happy. Congrats to them.

Jules on

Yet ANOTHER cesarian…

Can’t these people push anymore??

I highly doubt that ALL these celebrity mothers had genuine medical reasons to get sliced rather than let the baby decide when he/she is ready and have a natural birth – which miracuosly works for billions of women all around the world…

Happy for them but annoyed with this.

Lisa on

Love the name!!! ๐Ÿ™‚


Congrats! While I can’t understand why you’d name your child after Axl Rose, at least it’s a name that won’t be picked apart too much in school.

maria on

Apple Jacks!

Hea on

Axl is a great name. Where I live, however, we write it as Axel but the pronunciation is the same. And I’ve always liked Axl Rose’s voice. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Ashley on

Blechhhhh….ugly, awful name. Axl—LOL!!!

Lili on

Haters you can all go jump of a cliff…. Congrats to them on a safe arrival of a baby boy regardless his name!! It’s a blessing and I’m sure they are over the moon right now

sarah on

Congrdulations and awsome cute name

Jen on

Love the name, love the couple. All blessings and happiness with that sweet boy, awwwwww.

RachelB-MD on

born the same day as Baby Duke Rancic

Catca on


Why not get a little culture? Axl is a traditional Scandinavian name. There’s a big world out there and there is nothing strange or unusual about the name. Put me in the camp of those that think the name Axl Jack Duhamel is cool. Congrats Josh and Fergie!

CJ on

Congrats! LOVE the Name!
Boo Hoo to those who feel they need to or have the right to bash another person’s choice in a name for their child! Get over yourself people, no one cares if you don’t like the name, go play in the street please!


ANOTHER horrible baby name!

Anonymous on

i love the name but it may be because my nephews middle name is axl. what happened to mike, josh, matt ect?? those names are highly overused thats what happened. love the name.

Amanda on

Love the name!!! Congrats to them.

Jenny on

Axl? Of all the names to choose from… sorry poor little guy. Why not just Jack! And don’t get me started on push presents…

L'etoile on

Push present? really? that sounds so dumb! hahaha. Americans of course

JB on

Sounds like Apple Jacks cereal to me. I can see the name calling now.

jennrae on

Gosh, every time someone names their child something one deems “unusual” there’s always an uproar on this board. Why would you want to give your child an ordinary name? People live up to their names, and it’s been my experience that when people have interesting names, they tend to be more interesting themselves. I don’t know if it’s because they want to live up to their names, or if it’s based on how people treat them in response to their name. But FYI, whose kids are doing the teasing? It’s your own children who hear you say these types of things and then go and bully the Axls, Crickets, Birdies, Apples, and Pilot Instructors (or however you spell it). At this point, why is anyone even surprised anymore?

Nothing on

I must say I am glad they didn’t go to far outside the norm with the name. I like Axl but not with Jack. Sounds like something you need to fix your car.

Anonymous on

Jules- Calm down! Neither Fergie nor Josh has said anything about their son’s birth other than that it happened. Until they do, we have no way of knowing how she gave birth. Just because some media site says it doesn’t make it true!

Also, even if she DID have a C-section, how do you know it wasn’t necessary (I agree that there’s no way all celeb C-sections are, but we have no real way of knowing whether or not Fergie’s was unless and until she says something about it!)?

The baby could have been breech, her labor could have stalled, she may have had a failed induction, a doctor may have been a bit too quick to jump to a C-section at the first sign of trouble, etc (sadly, a lot of doctors are performing C-sections when they aren’t really necessary these days, which is one of the reasons the U.S. has such an alarmingly high C-section rate).

Lili on

The name isn’t even that different and ppl are getting there panties in a twist about it…. Who cares what his name is why can’t ppl be happy for them??? Every patent has the choice to name there child what THEY want

Anonymous on

it appears americans have not heard the saying if you cant say something nice don’t say anything at all.

Marie on

I love the name Axl … and it sounds really good with Jack AND Duhamel !! Uncommon names are the best (as long as it doesn’t sound silly like North) !

My daughters name were uncommon when they were born … as it turns out, there’s a lot of little Zoe and Violette out in the world now !! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Nyways … congrats parents and welcome to the world Axl !

Lynn Frazier on

Oh shut up you name haters at least it better thatn North or Hashtag or tweetybird or any of the other retarded names from social media

Axl is a wonderful name and i know very few people with it , its unique and sounds NORMAL

Paula on

They must be “tire”d

cynthia leblanc on

love the name congrats i bet hes just beautiful look at his parents lucky little man

Jamie on

I love the name! I am so excited for the couple! Can’t wait to see pictures.

Anonymous on

Almost sounds like Apple Jacks….

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