Kate Levering Welcomes Son Holden Robert

08/28/2013 at 02:00 PM ET

Kate Levering Welcomes Son Holden Robert Courtesy Jahangiri Family

She once said there would be plenty of time for “freaking out” later in her pregnancy — and Kate Levering was right.

The Drop Dead Diva star, 34, and her husband Reza Jahangiri welcomed a son — one month early! — on Thursday, July 18, her rep confirms exclusively to PEOPLE.

Born at 9:35 p.m. in Newport Beach, Calif., Holden Robert Jahangiri weighed 5 lbs., 4 oz and measured 18 inches.

Since announcing she was expecting her first child, Levering had been enjoying an easy pregnancy — up until her water unexpectedly broke at 3 a.m., forcing the parents-to-be to scramble.

“We were in no way prepared for an early delivery. I had only been home from shooting Drop Dead Diva for nine days,” Levering tells PEOPLE, adding the couple had yet to buy a car seat or pack hospital bags.

While the mom-to-be had originally hoped to labor at home with a midwife before heading to the hospital for an all-natural birth, baby boy’s early arrival sent Levering straight to the maternity ward.

“Funny how things never turn out the way you think they will. Our midwife said that since he was preterm, we needed to head to the hospital so we could be monitored,” she explains.

Fortunately, while it was Levering’s first delivery, with a room filled with family and friends — including her husband, mother, sister, best friends, mother-in-law and midwife — the actress felt right at home. “I think we shocked the hospital staff with my tribe of support!” she jokes.

“I watch the videos we took and laugh because it was oddly like being on a television set: a crew of people scurrying about, focusing lights and prepping props. Nurses instructing me and poking around at me, much like the wardrobe, makeup and sound departments.”

Levering continues, “I took the directing role and bossed my family and friends around, instructing them where to stand and what angle to take photos from. All pretty hilarious.”

Once Holden Robert — whose middle name is for his late maternal grandfather — arrived, he was immediately taken to the NICU for monitoring before the proud new parents could spend time with their son. “I found myself yelling to my husband, ‘Follow the baby!'” Levering recalls.

“Five days later we were released [and] are happily dealing with sleep deprivation, a very hearty set of lungs, poop, barf and pee ’round the clock [while being] blissed out on baby!”

Kate Levering Welcomes Son Holden Robert  Courtesy Jahangiri Family

— Anya Leon

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Carmen bracero on

Congratulations to both and joy the baby they grow too fast.

Suval on

Congratulations to the happy parents on the birth of your beautiful baby boy. Holden is absolutely adorable. And see it is possible for celebrities to give their children normal names. Love the name.

Aly on

I wouldn’t say Holden is a normal name, but it is cute. I’m pretty sure that is what Howie and Leigh Dorough named their second son. Congrats!

Daniel on


valerie on

Precious photo of Holden Robert!

LisaS on

Congratulations to the entire family! I’ve been waiting to hear about this new arrival. I love DDD and have enjoyed feeling like the viewers were a part of your pregnancy. Best of luck to you with this precious bundle of joy. Oh, and I really like the name! Looking forward to seeing you on DDD in October 🙂

Sylvia on

Congratulations! I love the name

Julianna on

Congratulations! I love the name and the pictures are adorable. And her birth story was super funny. I laughed a lot.

Di on

BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Blessed be!!! Take care of your wonderful gift!

Karen on

No way would I want my mother in law in the delivery room with me.

Cindy on

Aly – I think what you’re trying to say is that it’s different enough that there won’t be another in his class, but it’s not a name that’s going to get the crud kicked out of him on the playground. I like it – pretty baby too!

soph on

Aly, how is Holden not normal?

Vanessa on

That was my #1 choice for a boy but we’ve got a girl. 🙂

Mya on

First congrats to her. Having a “tribe” of people in the delivery room looking at her whooha is very bold. Also, TMI on the bodily fluids that they are experiencing with the newborn. I mean….c’mon.

Pam R (@PamR811) on

My 1st came a month early as well, he’s 15 now and just fine.

Jana on

oh he’s so sweet 🙂 Im so glad it all ended well and may your’ family be blessed.

Nikki on

I’m partial to the name. My two year olds name is Holden.

Anonymous on

Holden Caulfield from The Catcher in the Rye.

ok... on

Um, read a book.

4tmama on

Congrats!! Get a grip over pics or the info.. she is a proud new mama, first time @ that..do you not remember all of the excitement, sharing your joy?!

Anonymous on

First of all, you can clearly she that she has a hospital gown on in the picture. She just has one of the sleeves off, likely because she had just finished nursing the baby.

Second of all, it’s their first baby. It’s completely normal for parents not to be prepared for the unexpected the first time around.

And finally, about showering before leaving the hospital…are you for real? She was having a baby one month early! Somehow I doubt the staff at the hospital (especially considering the dozens of other, way worse, things that the see on a daily basis!) or her family and friends cared whether or not she showered before leaving the house (and if they did, they’ve got serious issues!)!

Anyway, congrats to them, and I’m glad the baby’s okay.

Anonymous on

I adore the name Holden. Don’t think it is an abnormal name at all! I have had five children, four pregnancies and would never dream of having a big group of people in the room. My husband was there for all the births and I had my my mother there for the second, mother in law for the third and my sister for the twins. I wanted each of them to share in the beautiful moment with us and to capture the moment on camera of both of us.

Sharon on

Congratulations! Sweet pic. I would never allow my mother in law in the room with me. All she would do is fire off orders like she is known to do!!

poppykai on

Congrats to the lovely couple on their tiny bundle. I had both of my children in that same hospital and they have huge, beautiful L&D rooms. I wonder if she lives in Orange County instead of LA. There is a Holden in my daughter’ class as well as a couple in the school, so I would say it is not too uncommon; just a nice name.

Kathy Krigbaum on

Congratulations Kim and Reza….. Holden is adoreable….Can hardly wait for DDD to come back on air. Love the show….

Dawn on

Congrats, he is adorable!

Anonymous on

My kids were 4 and 5 weeks early and also 5 pounds. Your little guy will be fine. Congrats!

dena lozoya on

Congratulations! I love the show, and now I know your pregnancy was in fact real, I had doubts that your belly was fake. Enjoy your baby. They grow so fast, just don’t leave the show.

Geneva on

Beautiful! Congrats. Holden is a very nice name.

Jstewart on

my son came 2 months early weighing in at 4lbs and 14oz and 19 1/2 inches long, it is very scarey. but you did GREAT! so happy for all of you.. enjoy these moments. when he sleeps you should sleep …. congrats! he is adorable!

Anonymous on

I didn’t even notice what she was wearing or not wearing, but then again I don’t dissect or find flaws in beautiful moments. I was wearing my own the same as a breastfed all five of my children. I didn’t tell my family, hold on, let me pull it up for the picture!