DeAnna Pappas Stagliano Expecting First Child

08/28/2013 at 01:00 PM ET

DeAnna Pappas Pregnant Expecting First Child David Livingston/Getty

DeAnna Pappas Stagliano is pregnant!

The former Bachelorette, 31, and her husband Stephen Stagliano are expecting their first child, she confirms to PEOPLE exclusively.

“We are so very excited!” says DeAnna. “We had been trying for almost a year; we wanted this so badly.”

After a nausea-filled first trimester, DeAnna says she is now “feeling great” and happily prepping for the new addition.

The parents-to-be will soon find out the little one’s sex, though DeAnna was willing to wait until the big day. “I kind of wanted it to be a surprise, but Stephen wants to be prepared,” she explains.

The expectant reality star adds, “The baby is due Feb. 8 and Stephen’s birthday is Feb. 4. I told him all he’s getting for his birthday this year is a baby!”

Originally rejected by Bachelor‘s Brad Womack, Pappas Stagliano went on to become the bachelorette and accepted a proposal from Jesse Csincsak, before later calling it quits.

She then turned to her Bachelor family, Stagliano’s twin — and former contestant — Michael, who set up the reality star with his brother.

In August 2010, Stagliano proposed and the two tied the knot in her home state of Georgia in October 2011.

— Anya Leon and Aili Nahas

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amanda on

My birthday is Feb 8! Its a great birthday!

mom2jde on

Agreed! It’s mine, too 🙂 congrats!!

Marge on

I love her and was sad when she and Jesse broke-up. Congrats to them!

Alayna on

Congratulations! Bachelor and Bachelorette babies make me so happy!

Anonymous on


tanya on

Aww so happy for them!

Carmen on

My daughter’s birthday!! Pretty awesome date!!!

Kate on

That is going to be one super cute baby! Congrats!

Kathy on

Babies are awesome! Congrats!

Cinder Lou on

Congrats to DeAnna and Stephen. They seem like such a happy couple.

K on

Aw congratulations to them! im happy she found love again and that they are still together!

Bb4567 on

Yay for them! It may seem trivial but I think it’s nice that she said “we’ve been trying for a year.”

It gives those of us who are also trying lots of hope! Instead of “oh it’s a honeymoon baby! 🙂

marion a gawron on


4tmama on

Congrats, so happy for them!!

Josi on

The story is confusing first she was rejected on the bachelor then she became a bachelorette and she accepted one’s proposal the they broke up then what about a twin? I’m lost there. These sound like soaps all the time. I’m afraid people get hurt on this kind of show. This story definitely lost me.

Terri on

Great news. Congratulations Deana and Stephen. To all the negative posts. If you have Nothing good to say. Keep your mouth closed. God does not like ugly.

Anonymous on

Congrats to them!

Julianna on

They’re a cute couple. I’m sure their baby will be beautiful. Congratulations.

Melanie M on

Wow they are a great looking couple. Their baby will be gorgeous.

Sara on

Wow, I’m due February 8th and was sick all first trimester too!! I almost couldn’t believe it when I was reading it, lol

hellokitty954 on

Your statement does not make any sense.

Anonymous on

congrats….. he looks just like Michael……

Jay on

She is one of my favorite bachelorettes. Congrats to them!!

Vanessa on

What a fake!!!

sailor on

She was by far the most beautiful Bachelorette ever on this show

Noneya on

Congrats to them! My third grandchild is due Feb. 16th!

i need a name on

WOW – what a gorgeous couple ! Congratulations on your Baby. Her/She will be here soon.

Fefe on

Awwww!! Congratulations to them!

gaa on

I’m so out of the loop, I looked at the above picture and got all excited because I thought she had married Michael!!!! 🙂

Congrats to the two if them!!

Jane Bowlin on

Cute couple — always liked her for some reason.

Toby on

The next reality show – 12 guys are selected and the audience gets to vote on who the real father is.

Anonymous on

Valerie, Looks like a lot of people care 🙂



I knew they were dating but had no clue they we married. Congrats on the baby! On another note my husband and I will be trying for a baby in the near future we are also in our early 30s is it the norm that a couple in their 30s takes a year to get pregnant?!?….just curious what others have experienced.

Happy4her on

So happy for them!! Hoping its a boy!! But no matter what the gender of the baby it’s a gift from God!

Jen on

feb 8th is my birthday too!

Melissa Rivera on

Congratulations Deanna and Stephen.

Big Fan on

I never really cared for her…so pretentious…DE—ahhh-na. And her incessant blinking. But congrats

j.stone on

I don’t follow that show, but OMG!! These two are going to have one he# of a beautiful baby!! Congrats.

Annie on

She is my fave bachelorette. Congrats!!

DonnaG on

Good to hear good news for the Bachelor family!

Sassy on

Congtras! I am happy for them.

Anonymous on

Congrats! It is true that you will eventually find love.

Jodi, Stephen was not on any of the shows. As the article states, former contestant, and twin brother Michael, set the two of them p.

Michelle N. on

I’m so glad Deanna has found happiness. She seemed quite bitter for a while (understandable) so I’m very, very happy for her!

Gab on

Saw her on Bachelor few years ago and again was on Bachelorette, too bad she didn’t make it with Jesse. Saw her on another show too, couldn’t remember the show’s name. But happy for her now, congrats!

Molly on

She’s due on my birthday and my moms is on the 4th!! Great days!!

Carol on

That’s my birthday as well.

amanda on

Feb 8th is my bday. Its a great day!