Michael Bublé Welcomes Son Noah

08/27/2013 at 03:30 PM ET

Michael Buble Luisana Lopilato Welcome Son Noah Todd Korol/Reuters/Landov

It certainly is a “Beautiful Day” — Michael Bublé is a dad!

The singer, 37, and his wife Luisana Lopilato, 26, welcomed son Noah via emergency c-section at 2:26 a.m. Tuesday, Aug. 27 in Vancouver, Bublé announced via Instagram, sharing a photo of his family.

“Overjoyed and filled with gratitude at the arrival of our son,” the new dad writes.

After announcing he and the Argentine actress were expecting their first child, the dad-to-be couldn’t contain his excitement over pending parenthood.

“I had just found out [we were expecting]. It was the greatest day of my life, so I just said, ‘You know, I’m having a baby!'” Bublé shared when explaining why he first broke the baby news to Reese Witherspoon.

In March, the couple discovered they would welcome a son. “We have just come from the hospital and the sonogram was pretty clear — it’s a boy! We are thrilled,” Bublé said at the time.

Finding out the sex of their baby boy coincided with the selection of the new pope, who happened to be from Lopilato’s native country. “She said, ‘It’s a sign!’ But there is no way we are going to call him Frank, even if it did work well for Frank Sinatra,” the singer joked.

Although the couple debated about names, Bublé’s main priority is to always be present in his son’s life. “I just don’t want to look back and say, ‘God, I should have been there more,’ because I have a feeling that I’ll never look back and say, ‘Jeez, I should have worked more,'” he said.

Michael Buble Luisana Lopilato Welcome Son Noah Courtesy Bublé Family

— Anya Leon

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Natalia Sverige on

Welcome Noah Bublé!

Nicole on

Congrats to Michael and Luisana! I don’t think their smiles could be any brighter. Little Noah is gorgeous.

Steffi on

WOW – a big boy with much hair! Very sweet! 🙂

Gaia on


Denise on

Congratulations, best wishes on baby Noah!!!

Anonymous on

AWWWW! Brings back memories! They look ecstatic!

Tee2 on

Congrats to the new Mommy & Daddy! Lil’ Noah is just adorable!!!

Sue on

Congratulation’s on your new baby boy Noah!

Amy on

Ah, how beautiful. All of them – you can see the love. 🙂

Cecily on

While I try not to say anything negative about baby names in general because it’s the parents’ decision, not my own, I have to say I do enjoy seeing nice, proven, “normal” names get chosen by celebrities. Noah is such a handsome name.

Some “unique” names are cute and fun on a little kid, but they are going to have to live with that name in an adult, professional environment for the overwhelming majority of their life. The cute, kid time of your life is just a fraction.

Decily on

You have too much time on your hands, Cecily.

Jaci on

so. u can even criticize someone saying something nice a d making a valid point??

we all must have too much time on our hands bc we’re all choosing to read and comment.

Brooklyn on

Best news! Congrats to Michael & Luisana! Noah is adorable. I love the name too. (And hopefully he’s a future Team Canada hockey player 😉

karen on

Wow. She is stunning. I can’t believe she just gave birth. I looked like an accident. HAHA! Congrats to the happy family! Nice to see a normal name too!

Shan on

I’ll bet you anything she had a c-section. None of the moms I personally know who had their babies that way looked bad at all after their babies were surgically delivered.

Me2013 on

And so what if she did Shan? It happens, and he has been quite clear there were some complications already noted with false labour and any minute she was due- for weeks. Could have been induced and we all know docs like to play the fear card to get babies in on their time, not babies time. I looked like a train wreck but don’t begrudge those who don’t. What’s it to you?

Brooklyn on

And I just noticed how much hair he has!

PM on

Oh so adorable!

Evangelina on

Congrats Buble Family! Welcome Noah

Kat on

A beautiful baby and a normal name, yay! Congratulations!

Wanda Vovos on

So sweet enjoy!!!

Anonymous on

That’s one really handsome baby. Much better looking than most of the ones I’ve seen on here “recently”. Like the name too. Congrats to them.

Melisa on

What the hell is wrong with you?? We are talking about babies. If you just shot out of someones vagina you might not look so hot either.

Marlene Emmett on

Now this is one beautiful little boy!!!
congratulations Michael/Lusiana

Anonymous on

OMG, he is so cute. I want to steal him 😉

sax on

Look at that baby hair !! so cute..

jsp81355 on

Oh my goodness, what a gorgeous little boy. God bless.

Sharon on

What a beautiful baby – and a beautiful family! Congratulations! Love Michael Buble!

Delancey on

Wow, is that a beautiful baby!

Mockingbird94 on

Awww!!!!!!!!!! So cute! Congrats!

Mrs. Mac on

My goodness he is cute!!! Lots of hair!

julianaregora on

Oh! I am no baby cultist and no procreation junkie (ick) but those two adults look so happy! Newborns are always miserable, it’s a shock to their little systems; but look at those parents! What a nice photo!

julianaregora on

I hope he speaks both Spanish AND Canadian!

SusieQ on

Canadian? Lol

kj on


Rebecca Horsfall on

Congratulations to you both and he is beautiful like Michael and lusiana. Love you Michael x x

LC on

Oh he is beautiful! Look at those lips!

Quynh Phuong Tran on

Congrats to them and welcome to the world,Noah Buble!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ana Maria on

Enhorabuena a Michael y Luisita. Noah es tan mono y la foto de vosotros tres es preciosa. Un besote. Ana Maria

Renie on

Wow, what a Beautiful Baby Boy!! Congrats to the Buble family!!…so much Love there!

Mira on

Oh, shucks, it looks like she had a c-section. Congrats on the birth of their son, tough!

mamanas on

Wonderful news. Couldn’t have happen to a better couple. I think i am a fan because Michael is talented and drama free.

jackie-o on

Aww so sweet. I’m expecting my first child and I can’t to meet him/her! They look so happy!

Little Elle on

Congratulations.You look fantastic Mrs B! Love to all x

Bec on

Aww, congrats to Michael Buble & his wife. I love the name Noah. He is a cute baby boy 🙂

larson810 on

Thanks for sharing such a beautiful intimate moment with your fans. You really do love us! Much love and congrats!

Judy on

I am so excited and Happy for Michael and his beautiful wife!! Noah is so handsome. Daddy and Mommy look so happy it is a blessing for them!! Congratulations to them all.

Mikel cochran on

Congradulations to both of u.. He is a handsome lil one, enjoy every moment and god bless

NSBooklady on

Adorable family and so happy to welcome their son. Congratulations to Michael and Luisana. Love the name too.

KP82 on

Oh wow, even after giving birth she still looks STUNNING! Congrats to them both. Love Michael Buble 🙂

Ella on

Gosh she looks beautiful for just giving birth! Love all the hair Noah has!

JG on

Yeah~happy news! What a gorgeous baby. Congrats.

Cheryl Berry on

Welcome Baby Noah! How loved you will be my your mommy and daddy! They have been anxiously awaiting your arrival and their hearts are overjoyed at your birth!!!

fan of boardwalk empire on

Noah has a full head of hair and is very handsome.

So happy for this family.

Natasha on

What a beautiful little boy!!! Look at all that hair! Congratulations, best wishes on baby Noah!!!

Julie on

Oh my, no one should like that beautiful having just delivered a baby! HA!!! Precious family pic…..scrumptious baby!!!

Jess on

Sweet Perfection! Congrats!!!!!

Sue on

Congrats !!!! Beautiful baby boy!!! And I love the name Noah I have a grandson with that name,Being a parent’s for the first time is a wonderful exspirience in life your bundle of joy will make it worth your every minute. God Bless

Sandra on

What a beautiful picture. Congrats ! Felicidades

Janis on

Congrats to the Buble family. Noah shares his birth day with my son who today turns 9. God bless.

Mama Bambi on

Wow, he is just beautiful !!! So happy for them……congrats !!!

His on

love that they chose a sweet name for a sweet little boy! kinda hoping he has a more latino middle name just to honour mama’s side of the family but still 🙂 beautiful bambino!

Brooklyn on

@ SusieQ I am assuming julianaregora meant you know, not an actual language as it’s obviously English, but perhaps just the way we say certain words, or obviously saying eh a lot. And then maybe spelling colour and favourite like that. Not a language but the Canadian way of life.

mommy2eandl on

Welcome to the world, baby Noah!! Congrats mom and dad!

julianaregora on

“You’re a carousel, you’re a wishing well….”

happy kid, happy dad and mom. And this is how you do it, celebrities; you have a baby, you name the baby and post a photo in the hospital and then off you go. You don’t solicit offers, you don’t do magazine covers or poses or blankets over head or scurrying back and forth and ducking/dodging. You just do this “hello” smiling thing and you’re off into your life!

Patty on

What a beautiful baby boy!!!!

josefina on


Lili on

What a beautiful first family shot, they look so happy, congrats to them xxxx

guest on

What a beautiful baby. Congrats! Excellent choice for the name, love it!

Meg on

YAY….a normal name!!! Oh and congratulations to the Bubles!!

maryhelenc on

Congrats to them! What a gorgeous baby!

Nancy on

Welcome Little Noah!

Barbara on

Welcome to the world baby Noah!

Congratulations Michael and Luisana! You have a beautiful son!

Look at that hair! A headful. 🙂 He looks like a healthy baby boy. The three of you are going to be a wonderful family. 🙂

Anonymous on

Beautiful picture all the best ❤

Elaine Black on

So happy for the two of you. Your son is so precious. My husband and I raised three sons and they are so much FUN!

Schae on

Look at the hair on that adorable little guy! Congratulations Michael and Luisana!!

Hurley on

Noah?? … that’s a normal name!! I love it! way to go Michael and Luisana

Me on

Beautiful, that is how it’s done, sharing with his fans!

Sharon on

Beautiful baby, family, picture and name!! Congratulations!

Pam on

What a beautiful family picture! Why wouldn’t Noah be handsome… Look at his gorgeous parents! Blessings. 🙂

DonnaG on

Oh boy..Noah is so beautiful!! Congrats to Michael & Luisana

Evelyn Smith on

Just lovely. What a happy photo. The euphoria right after the birth. She looks amazing.

Guest on

Beautiful Buble Baby! Luisana is beautiful!

Farrah on

They are a beautiful family! I wish them all the happiness in the world! God Bless!

Sylvia on

Beautiful name and thank God its a NORMAL one to boot. Congrats to Michael and his wife.

Anonymous on

felicitaciones Michael y Lusiana, Bellisimo Bebe.

Tony on

Both Michael and Luisana are of Italian descent so I hope Noah speaks Italian like his father. Luisana is from Argentina where they have a huge Italian population. Congrats to them.

Isabel on

Beautiful boy! Mom also looks fantastic after just giving birth. Definitely a natural beauty.

josephine on

Seeing Luisana being a mother is just so shocking, as I’ve seen her on TV since I was a little girl and she was one too. I’m so happy for them, they make a wonderful couple! Here in Argentina people are very happy about it too.

XOXO from Buenos Aires!

stephanie on

@mira… what do you mean ‘aw shucks, she had a c section?” who cares which way she delivered, they have a beautiful baby boy now. every woman is different and each method is different. we shouldn’t judge how people deliver babies as long as the babies are happy and healthy. the baby was born at 2.26 am so highly unlikely it was a planned c section… and even if it was, who cares? not the most natural way but it’s not the end of the world.

Julianna on

Congratulations to Mike and Lu! I love the name, it’s beautiful and easy for her family to pronounce and spell. And Lu looks so young on that picture.

Lady on

Absolutely gorgeous photo…congrats to the happy family!!

Sameday on

Totally adorable!

Tony on

Cute! I hope he speaks Italian like his parent’s do. Both are of Italian descent.

Kathy on

What a beautiful baby!! And a normal name from a “celebrity”!!

chris smith on

awww so sweet

Dee Allen on

adorable! Noah is on my boy name list too!

Katie on

Beautiful baby, beautiful name, beautiful family. Congrats

Seraphina on

That is a big baby.

soonergirl on

Congratulations to Michael and his wife on their beautiful baby Noah!

Gillian on

What a great picture! Hearty congratulations to the new parents!

Colleen on

That was so wonderful of them to share such a private, and personal moment. She looks STUNNING, especially after having a baby! Someone said earlier in the comments that she must have had a c-section for looking that good, which is a stupid comment! Seriously, who looks more beautiful after major surgery? After my c-section, I looked liked drugged death! Lol The whole family is beautiful!!!!

Anonymous on

Congratulations Michael and Luisana! He is beautiful!

Carolyn on

Congratulations Michael and Luisana! What a beautiful baby!

daisey on

Congratulations !! The baby is beautiful, much love to the three of you !!

OhioNurse on

How generous of the Bublé family to share this intimate moment with all of “us”! Baby Noah is just DELISH! Such a beautiful blessing! It is a true delight to see the open, undisguised & non-posed JOY on their faces! My heart is so happy for this sweet new threesome. ☺ ❤ I have no idea who, if anyone, reads our comments (thus is my first time!), but I really do hope all of our love & congratulations reaches this beautiful family somehow. ☺
Congratulations & welcome to the “Club”…it is a crazy, happy, heartbreaking, joyous, wonderful ride! ❤

annette treanor on

What a beautiful and precious baby boy!! Welcome to the world Noah!! Congratulations to the proud parents!!

Trm on

Beautiful baby! Congratulations and blessings!

It is wonderful to see so much positivity (for the most part) surrounding this little one.

It is dramatically different from the recent, overwhelmingly negative and downright evil posts about Kim Kardashian’s and Kanye West’s beautiful baby.

Charli on

She looks gorgeous after giving birth. That baby is beautiful! You can see the joy in dad’s face. Congrats to them!

Barbara Goode on

Yay! Congratulations to Michael and Luisana on their baby son. I wish them all a life of good health and joy.

Holiday on

Wow that is a beautiful newborn

Buble fan on

Wow, he is georgeous…..and so is the new baby! Congrats to the new parents.

Anonymous on

stephanie- I know it’s hard to tell a person’s tone from a written comment, but to me it “sounded” like Mira was sympathizing with Lusiana (after all, major surgery is no picnic, and most women don’t approach the end of their pregnancies thinking, “Oh, I hope I have to have a C-section!”!), not judging her!

Me2013- My thoughts exactly! My guess is that they induced her before her body (or the baby!) was ready (which generally leads to a C-section). In my opinion, doctors are way too quick to induce these days! Due dates can be off by as much as two weeks (that’s why two weeks either side of the due date is considered the normal time frame for births- or at least used to be before doctors started panicking the minute their patients hit their due date!), so a baby who is “late” may actually be on time (and thus didn’t need that extra push from the docs)!

Anyway, congrats to them!

Jane Bowlin on

CONGRATULATIONS & many blessings to one of my favorite entertainers and his lovely wife — what a beautiful baby boy!! great name, btw 😉

Julie on

Such a great photo of a beautiful family! And a traditional baby name!

Jen on

Beautiful picture. Much love, blessings and happiness to them.

sofi on

congrats both of u !! lot of love 🙂 🙂 🙂 beautiful couple ever !

Joyce Farnham on

Just don’t stop doing your wonderful Concerts!

Maybe Manchester, N.H. next summer or Tampa, FL in the winter??????

Congratulations on Baby Noah!!!!

Danielle on

Ok the baby is cute…but people..did you notice mommy? How stunning she looks? Did she not just gave birth?

These are 3 gorgeous people in the picture.

Welcome baby and to the parents: welcome to parenthood! Enjoy it!

Mira on

Exactly– I was sympathizing with her. I had a c-section myself and recovery isn’t fun.

Guest on

This woman is sooooo beautiful. Wow.

Anonymous on

Adorable! Full head of hair and lips that look like he just finished eating a popsicle.

Danielle on

alright..the baby is cute…but people..did you notice the new mommy? Did she not just gave birth? She looks amazing…the whole family does..God bless them.

Michele Perry on

They have a beautiful baby. They have been blessed.

Anonymous on

Anonymous, Me2013- My thoughts exactly! My guess is that they induced her before her body (or the baby!) was ready (which generally leads to a C-section). In my opinion, doctors are way too quick to induce these days! Due dates can be off by as much as two weeks (that’s why two weeks either side of the due date is considered the normal time frame for births- or at least used to be before doctors started panicking the minute their patients hit their due date!), so a baby who is “late” may actually be on time (and thus didn’t need that extra push from the docs)!

How many children have you had? I have many friends, family members and myself who have been induced and not one of us have had to have a c-section because of it! Not saying it doesn’t happen, but it “generally” doesn’t lead to a c-section. Where does it say they induced her?

Amy on

Gorgeous baby, gorgeous family! Congrats Bubles! Your happy smiles made my day!

Sadie on

awww their a beautiful family. congrats and god bless

justbecause on

Okay people need to seriously stop with the C-section comments. Just because she looks good does not mean she had a C-section. MAJOR surgery does not make you look good. I should know as I had four C-sections because my oldest was breech and would not turn. Surgery and all of the drugs they give you take a tremendous toll on your body. It is not a walk in the park. I am so tired of all the self righteous people posting on here how easy it is to delivery surgically. I do not condemn those of you who went through labor, why do you condemn me? Being drugged and laid out on a table while Drs. cut through several layers to deliver your baby safely is scary. It leaves you weak and in a lot of pain just as I am sure vaginal birth does. Not everyone raised their hand and asked for a C-section, some of us didn’t have a choice.

Deb on

A little late, but congrats to my fav singer and his family, I know you will be a great dad, enjoy that boy!