Monica Celebrates Her Carnival Baby Shower

08/26/2013 at 03:00 PM ET

Monica Shannon Brown Baby Shower
Milanes Photography

With only a few more weeks to go until daughter Laiyah is born, singer Monica Brown, 32, and husband Phoenix Suns star Shannon Brown, 27, celebrated their little one’s arrival with a carnival-themed baby shower Saturday at the home of Jermaine Durpri in Atlanta.

“It was very whimsical, just like a Disney princess movie and just as I had envisioned it,” Monica told PEOPLE of the all pink fΓͺte. “There was so much love in the room and everybody had a great time.”

A white horse named Rock Star and a white pony named Lil’ Man greeted close to 200 guests, including Ludacris, Nene and Greg Leakes and Keri Hilson.

The event, which was planned by Mindy Weiss, also featured stilt walkers, jugglers and a miniature circus tent.

DJ Mars spun everything from house music to gospel while guests dined on comfort food like sweet potato fries, corn fritters and grilled cheese.

Monica Shannon Brown Baby Shower
Milanes Photography

To top it off, there was a carousel cake by Perfect Wedding Cake that slowly turned around. “It was strawberry velvet and tasted just as good as it looked,” says Monica.

Monica Shannon Brown Baby Shower
Milanes Photography

The baby’s name was revealed to guests on the pink glittery invite designed by Sandi Spells Design and the singer says she chose the name because, “it was girly, feminine and picked by her daughter’s godmother so it has special meaning.”

Monica Shannon Brown Baby Shower
Milanes Photography

The R&B singer-songwriter is already mom to sons Rocko, 8, and Romelo Montez, 5, while the Phoenix Suns guard is dad to son Shannon Christopher. She says she is very excited to have a little girl join their world.

“I know everything about WrestleMania and Tonka Trucks so I’m excited to share shopping dates and manis and pedis with her. But I’m really looking forward to teaching her about life,” says Monica. “I want to be an example to her like my mother was to me.”

Monica Shannon Brown Baby Shower
Milanes Photography

Monica Shannon Brown Baby Shower
Milanes Photography

Monica Shannon Brown Baby Shower
Milanes Photography

Monica Shannon Brown Baby Shower
Milanes Photography

Monica Shannon Brown Baby Shower
Milanes Photography

Monica Shannon Brown Baby Shower
Milanes Photography

— Mia McNiece

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Shannon on

WAY over the top! Save some for her college fund!

Ava Hill on

Its their money. Im sure they know what to do with it. Its the first girl so you have to go all out!

Brandi on

Really mature…

kk on

Honey im sure college is well taken care of its her $$$ she can spend it how she wants to smh

hood on

Monica has enough money to send all her children to college… Btw age has plenty to send your kids too! PowPow

Anonymous on

Stop haten

Taleka on

Do you know who her mom and dad are……

Anonymous on

Beautiful family

lelee on


Jwhit214 on

Simply beautiful! Monica is such an incredible person and she deserves all the happiness in the world. God bless their family.


I’m so happy for Monica and Shannon congrats on baby Laiyah Love…I am sure baby girl will be both beautiful and talented given her gene pool! Monica is absolutely glowing and stunning. The baby shower was over the top but that’s to be expected from a grammy winner and NBA champ! Best of LUCK in the weeks to come πŸ™‚

Diedra on

Her youngest son looks just like her cousin, Luducris – amazing. I am so happy for her and her family. God Bless!

Daisy on

I giggle at him holding her stomach. Generic!!! Obviously she’s pregnant. Celebrity or not the entire ‘belly touching’ grosses me out. And I have have 2 kids.

kk on

So thats u i swear yall always have sum negative to say jus congratulate or stfu

Tee on

Exactly… They just bitter bc nobody threw them a babyshower.. Some ppl just don’t know when to STFU

Patrice on

Matter of opinion: as a mother of 4 my husband always loved to hold my belly pic or not and I loved it!!! As for the one who said save some for the college fund . Shannon just made 9 mill in 3 yrs in Phoenix . I’m sure it’s plenty college find around. People love to throw shots instead of being happy for people. My blessings began to flow when I could be happy for others TRY IT!!! WORKS WONDERS . And the baby’s name is beautiful is pronounced Lay-ah (how hard is that!!! Congrats to the brown family

Anonymous on

Exactly!!!! Just be happy for this beautiful family…

Toni on

Congratulations!!!! Oh what a beautiful family.

Bethanie F on

she looks great and happy. Congratulations to them both.

Kelli on

Cute name. But what’s the pronunciation? Because the way I’m pronouncing it, it’s like saying, LIE-AH….(liar)

shay on

LAIYAH- (lay-ya-h) should be fairly easy for people to say and pronounce one it’s said.

shay on

At least one can hope lol.

Lisa on

Then your illiterate and need to go back to school. When the “i” is before the “e” it makes the e sound dummy so it would be pronounced as “Lee- ah”

Sharon on

Maybe you should go back to school, cuz there is no “e” in the name for the “i ” to come before…smh.

Anonymous on

Love everything how sweet and fun!

Carrie on

These people are so stupid…I have nothing else to say.

Carrie on

How sweet.

Jankobot on

They’re such a beautiful family! Love Monica out of all the young singer that have come and gone, left unseen, she’s always remained relivent, humble and a mainstay!

missdiva on

So beautiful…that little girl gonna be drop dead Gorgeous, Congrats monica &Shannon!

Erin on

Wow, what a beautiful family! Such a GORGEOUS baby shower. Good luck to them!

Crystal on

YAY!!! A little girl to add to 3 brothers!!! How exciting!! I was hoping for a girl for Monica and Shannon! Monica looks GORGEOUS and is POSITIVELY GLOWING!!! Congratulations to the entire family! That little girl is going to be sooooo loved and protected by her whole family!!! Love them! πŸ™‚

JE on

Crazy what people will do for a baby shower, just stupid.

kk on

Sound like u mad its her money she can spend it how she feels

Anonymous on

The child might have no interest in manis and pedis; and sometimes you get a boy who DOES have an interest.

What puzzles me is the need to give a child/adult a name that will always be misspelled. In this case, it will not only be misspelled, but people won’t even know how to pronounce it. I notice one poster didn’t know how to spell Looduhkrissss (yes I know the actual spelling, both of the real word and of the artist’s name).

The fetus isn’t even a human yet and already they label: pink shoes, pink balloons, etc. Seems so sad to me. It’s a person, not a brand.

kk on

How is the baby not human when she due in a few weeks yall need to stfu.with these stupid azz comments smdh

Fancy on

Some of these ppl so stupid I’m kml at them bc it’s her money. Either b happy, leave something positive or shut up. Dang!!

Michele on

May God bless and forgive the haters this is their blessing you should want nothing but blessings, peace, and health for them but then the haters are motivers stay blessed and full of prayers Monica much luv and many blessings I love your lyrics perfection and much needed

JB on

The fetus… Umm it wasn’t called a fetus shower, it’s called a baby shower. She mentioned those things as a possible platform to relate to her child on. Emphasis on HER CHILD. If you feel a “fetus” shouldn’t be labeled, you make sure Your “fetus” isn’t labeled. Unless a child is abused or in danger, it’s no one’s business to say anything about how the child is raised, you didn’t birth him/her and you’re not paying for them to be raised.

Susanne on

Not human? You’re kidding, right?

Tee on

Now, you are a special kind of stupid.. Her baby is a fetus smh really…. How many kids u had/or have.. If not, please don’t reproduce because Monica only have 3week left on her pregnancy, truth and believe, its a baby inside her not a “fetus”

sweets on

Usually I dont like to bash comments but this has to be the stupidest comment I have ever read. “The fetus isnt even a human yet”? Wtf. So what makes it human? Coming out of the birth canal? Cut the cord and suddenly its a human?

Janice on

Ur an idiot !

LC on

I want to think the baby name is cute, but I can’t figure out how to pronounce it.

Robert Webb on


Jourdan on

Beeaauuuttiiffuulll. God bless this family ! Amazing decorations and beautiful people !

Katie on

So pretty – congrats and wishing you a safe delivery.

Katie on

Beautiful name – you are blessed

Gina on

Love her backyard..

lisa on

Im very happy for the both of them monica has always been my favorite singer. And to the negative comments she has the right to be happy having a daughter after having 2 boys if she wants to get her daughters nails and toes done she can she has the money for it and hell that what u do with girls. So stop hatting and move on.

Marquita Hobbs on

I so happy for you Monica



Brittni on

If you didn’t pay 4 it u shouldn’t have NOTHING to say #goodday

Anonymous on

The baby’s name is produced lay-uh like lay and ughh laiyah

paula walker on

The baby’s name is pronounced Lay-ah…like the princess from star wars… i think its cute…considering hollywood names like Apple, Pilot,Rumor, Scout…etc Good Luck on Your baby Monica & Shannon..wish ur family much love and many blessings πŸ™‚

kay on

The babies name is pronounced LAY-YAH…Also the baby’s hearts starts to beat at 8 weeks. What makes it not human? SMH Ignorance! :/ Congrats to Monica and Shannon! I wonder how the first year birthday party will be! LOL πŸ™‚

Ash! on

By looking at the name it seems to be pronounced “Lay-yah” but spelled a different way. I am happy for Monica she has a beautiful family! I am sure her daughter will be beautiful, also.
*I also dont think they are worried about the cost of the baby shower; they clearly can afford it!*

KJ on

To all you negative people who only have bad, inappropriate things to say about this…shame on u! It’s not your. Money so why. Are u worried about how they spend theirs. Their not asking you to take. Care of their child so just be happy for them! It’s a girl so of course she’s going to make everything pink but she’s not new to this. If her daughter doesn’t like mani pedis then she will learn to give HER daughter what she needs that she does like. Get over yourselves, just because your life sucks doesn’t mean theirs has to, too!

kia on

Monica it was beautiful I’m glad you have your little girl now y’all enjoy your bundle of joy baby shower was nice.true fan

Anonymous on

I believe the name to be pronounced Lai = Lay+ yah= ya…Lay-ya Love. Which is a beautiful name.

Smartypants on

This is my 3 yr. olds name and its pronounced Lai (lay) yah(yah)

Ria2013 on

I absolutely LOVE LOVE Monica! I think she’s so POSTIVE and SWEET! I love how she keeps GOD in everything!! If she wants to have a extravagant baby shower… GUESS WHAT?! She can!! Because they can afford it! Smh some people have nothing else better to do! Congrats to Monica& Shannon on their baby girl! And she’s a true example that through heartache and 2kids there is a good man that will treat you like a queen! Love them! God Bless!

jess on

Monica I am happy for you and your family. Be blessed honey. Don’t worry about all these negative comments you know what’s best for you and your life.

Smartypants on

If you don’t like the name maybe your not intelligent enough to understand it. Just don’t name your kid that simple as that. Judgmentalasses

jt on

Everyone on here thats downing the couple are absolutely lame. Get a life and quit hating because they have one and seem to be enjoying it. If they want to blow all they money on wiping there a** ,thats there buisness, who cares. And the name is clearly pronounced. Laiyah(Lay-yah), simple. Quit having simple minds and think outside the box. Smh.

angee on

Damn…..its always someone beeeningso negative…….its there money they can do what the hell they want to do…grown up….

Domie on

Come on now people, it’s like princess Lay-yah… Get it?

Shay on

Her name is Layah she just has an “I” in it. I think the spelling is cute. The name was picked out by her godmother which is Tiny and she’s basically giving her a similar name to the daughter her and T.I loss which was Leyah. I have saw baby showers more over the top than this and done by people that are nowhere near celebrities. We as a people should stop trying to always point out the negative in things.

Patrice on

Seems like you are mad that u can afford a baby shower like this… Lol

surreal on

Stfu to the idiots acting like they know more about how this couple decides to celebrate the impending birth their child or that childs name. Like seriously? How about get yourselves some talent or an actual carwer and then you can do things how you like. Internet so full of idiots that cant even hold their own stop hating!

Anonymous on


Kam on

The baby’s name is Laiyah (pronounced: Lay-ah)…DUH! If you can’t pronounce that, you must be illiterate or dumb.

Blah on

It’s pronounced “LAY-AH

Tracey on

Congrats monica and shannon! Am sure she didnt pay for the shower herself, and even if she did its her and her husband’s money! You people sound so ignorant…….

Happy For Her on

Only broke people would complain about how others well off spend their money. I’m sure her kids college funds were taken care of when they were in the wound. People need to just stfu and be happy for others in their time of joy. Misery loves company. Go be miserable alone and sign off the internet.

Leslie on

is Laiyah pronounce Lay-yah or Leia ( as in Princess Leia from star wars) ?

Lissa on

Congrats to Monica and Shannon. I’m sure that she will just as beautiful as her mom.

desh3ll on

I Love it! And your shower is gorgeous I would have done the same I love family and going all out when they comes over and I pray for a healthy baby girl

desh3ll on

Haters will hater ballers will ball as I guarantee majority of the haters is black! Wow !

Ni'Kole on

The name is pronounced Layah it’s also Erica Campbell from MaryMary daughters name and what the hell wrong with yall negitive ass people nobody loved yall as a kid and you’re jealous damn get a life really. Its her damn baby get over it she has every right to be excited silly asses

musiq on

Actually Erica Campbell’s daughter name is Zaya Monique. Still a beautiful name

I on

I don’t know how you pronounce the baby’s name but it reminds me of aaliyah. Yesterday was the 10th anniversary of her death and she and monica were good friends. I think the baby’s godmother chose a version of that name. Anyway, Beautiful family and Congrats!

Calvin C. on

Monica and her happy are gorgeous. It’s so refreshing to see a beautiful black family without the drama. It’s so sad that most of the people commenting negative are BLACK but can’t stand to someone HAPPY. Monica you are beautiful and it shows I wish you and your family many blessings and thank you People for illustrating this lovely image.

Tamoria on

Monica you are a very special person I have been listening to since I was little and I pray that u have a smooth birth and many blessings for u and your Family Love You

Anonymous on

Its pronounced Lay ya..ways so hard about that

Lena on

I also am confused as how to pronounce it. Pretty spelling….whatever it is!

labiz12 on

i don’t know about this couple..

Trallis C on

I’m so happy for her (them). How ironic, that their first baby will be an princess. Just beautiful!

ricky bobby on

Congrats to Mo and Shannon on a beautiful baby shower and even more beautiful baby girl to come. And for those who can’t pronounce the name…its Laiyah (Lay-Yah). Similar to the ending of Aaliyah’s name but pronounced like Princess Leia.

Anonymous on

Nice family

Gwen Hilson on

Omg! 2 girls + Auntie’s should make the guys stand down, I mean “UP” for respect and love πŸ™‚ as all of your fans say HOORAY! Congrats!

ok Thomas on

May God bless your unity in the gift given to come stay thankful your children a gift, s from God in you guys already know that peace in blessings Monica & Shannon

audrey taylor on

im so happy for u and ur husband congrats too u and ur family.

Michele on

Congratulations on yall blessing I’m so happy for you may God continue to bless you and your endeavors πŸ™‚

Andryan Webb on

Monica & Shannon I’m so happy for you both. Girls are so much fun and God has truly blessed Laiyah with all of the guardians. God Bless!!



Lady on

She can spend her money however she sees fit, stop trying to cour it & just be happy for this beautiful family.

It’s pronounced: LAY – A

dee dee on

Congrats Mo and Shan. Everything looks on point.

Lisa on

Beautiful! And the pronunciation is probably Laiyah (LAY’yah)…I’m guessing but I don’t have to call her πŸ™‚ beautiful affair for a beautiful family! Congrats on the new addition!!

Jacqueline on

Congrads to the both of you, you really have a beautiful family. MONICA YOU ARE A INSPIRATION AND A LOVING MOM YOUR SONS & DAUGHTER ARE LUCKY TO HAVE YOU

Brenda on

So many negative comments. Jealousy does not become you. This woman & man has earned their own money & the right to do whatever the hell they want to with it. The same as you can do whatever you choose to do with your pennies. I’m sure these kids college education is paid for and some. If its not in you to make a positive comment then don’t comment at all.

Renee on

I think it’s pronounced Lay-ah like Erica’s daughter from Mary Mary. Congrats 2 dem both safe deliberyx

So Happy for Them on

Such an awesome shower! She is so blessed to be loved by so many. And BTW she has had a recording contract since the age of 18 and her husband plays in the NBA I’m sure this baby shower was only a drop in the bucket. Go get your life and stop being jealous of hers for all your naysayers!

Renee on

*lol typeo delivery

Gorgeous 1 on

Congrats to the Brown family, i wish u a speedy and comfortable delivery God bless.

tamika johnson on

Congrate to you and your family lovely pic’s.hope she bring you happy nest to your life keep up the good work your a wonderful mother and wife may god which over you and yours.many the baby girl be healthy

Tishna on

Congratulations on your soon to be addition ! As a fan of Monica for so many years I’m just so happy to be able to extend my joy and prayers to you and your blessed family and your continued growth. You inspire me on so many levels. Thank you for sharing your experience. May you have a smooth delivery and a speedy recovery, God bless you all always ❀

Lexie on

Beautiful family..all u negative people STFU its their money not yours. Jerks!

manders on

Awww she’s so pretty! And looks adorable pregnant! … the lil girl’s name is cute too! I’ve always liked her and her music!

Jennifer on

Beautiful family and a gorgeous baby shower. I’m extremely happy for both Monica and Shannon and their growing family. She is truly a sweet person inside and out. On another note, it sickens me that people get on here and think that she shouldn’t spend HER money on a carnival themed baby shower for HER child. This child, as well as her other children, will never have to want for anything while they are growing up. Either be genuinely happy for them or don’t say anything at all!

rocky on

im not quite sure what all the confusion is about with the name pronounciation….just by looking at it you can clearly see its pronounced Lay-ah

Jazzie Karla on

Congrats Monica & Shannon on your new babygirl.god bless you Monica on your delivery and God bless u and your family.

Anonymous on

Good luck and God bless..

saccinnifrancis on

i love u girl make a sweet andsound bby

lori on

im confused as to why ppl keep saying shes stupid…I assume because they see they spent a load of cash on a baby shower BUT if I remember correctly Monica’s been rich more than half her life. Shes been in the biz 20 years. Im sure her finances are straight. Not to mention her husband is ALSO a multi millionaire. im sure a few rented ponies will not put a dent in their pockets. Geeesh. If you think this is something you shoulda seen their wedding.

Latricia Taylor on


Anonymous on

Wow what a beautiful family i wish it me everything looks fantastic I’m so happy 4 monica n luv u so much

Anonymous on

Screaming congratulations to you and your entire family. Showers of blessings…

Janice on

Why everybody bitching about over the top baby shower & the baby name …. It’s their money & their baby …. They could name her paper bag she’s still gonna be cute & richer than u anyway …. Leave the plp let them name THEIR KID …. Nobody said anything when Gweneth named her child APPLE … Let the live & enjoy their family …. Congrats on ur blessing.

Karen on

So happy for her. She’s been through so much, it’s nice to see her happy and thriving with her little family.

Deb on

I thought a baby shower was only for the first one….

Charli on

So lovely. I’m very happy for them. She looks great!

Anonymous on

Monica you are beautiful inside as you are on the outside. Congrats on your upcoming new arrival, may you have a safe and easy delivery. That little girl will be so spoiled listening to your beautiful voice singing lullabies to her. Hurry up and have miss princess because we are ready for another album lol just kiddin but we are waiting… Much love and blessings.

sandi on

thats my middle name! πŸ™‚

terri on

Beautiful! For all the negative ppl dont comment if you have nothing to say or better yet go get happy like mo! Smh sad!

Patty on

American Meaning:
The name Aliyah is an American baby name. In American the meaning of the name Aliyah is: Exalted. Highest social standing. A-Lee_Ah

Anonymous on

It is pronounced LAY-UUH.

Miss A on

Ppl always gon have something to say abt any and everything, whether its good or bad. Do you guys actually think Monica and Shannon give a damn abt what ya’ll think, get a life! Nite Nite! #jealousy#envy#

ugochukwu on

I wish her a safe delivery and God’s favor and blessings,as they welcome their bundle of em both.

Patty on

Oops, It’s pronounced lee-ah. but same meaning.

J J on

I am so happy for the both of them . They look so happy together

Anonymous on

kk- My thoughts exactly! If the baby were born now, she’d more than likely survive (considering the article says she’s due in a few weeks). How does that qualify as not human?!

Anonymous (the one who asked why you’d give a baby a name that most people can’t pronounce or spell properly and claimed said baby isn’t human!)- I have both issues with my last name, and it’s really not that big of a deal.

You just develop strategies to deal with it (I, for example, automatically assume that anyone who needs to write/type my name for something isn’t going to know how to spell it and do it for them. And when it comes to mispronunciation, I gently correct people if it’s really important they get it right. Otherwise I just let it go!). A sense of humor helps, too. πŸ™‚

Bottomline: Having a difficult to spell/pronounce name may be annoying at times, but it’s hardly the end of the world!

Trey on

I believe it is pronounced Lay-yah

Robert Samuel on

It amazes me that people are so negative about a baby shower?

@Shannon – hello Monica has bee a performer since the mid 90’s and has never filed bankrupcy, posed nude or been caught up in scandal like other singers who shall remain nameless. Im sure she could buy you an education and your whole family too!!

@Guesswhat – Stupid people post stupid sh*t i.e. you

Yeezus on

… husband, a nurse, just saved someone’s life the other day. That being said, we barely get by. Nurses, teachers, police officers, even doctors don’t make anywhere near what these actors/actresses/musicians/singers do. The problem with our society is that these “stars” are held in such high regard. Higher than those who save lives. Higher than those who teach our youth. These are the real stars. (Comment from an RN).

Rhonda on

There are some very negative comments. It just makes you look jealous. I’m very happy for Monica and her husband. I’m sure that little girl will be spoiled rotten….LOL

teenb on

Love love you n your family monica!!!’

Just My Opinion on

Over the top or not, we pay nothing towards her baby showers. Their money, their business.

Sandra on

That’s how you do pregnancy, she looks beautiful and the boys are just as cute as can be and Shannon is alright too.


Congrats Shannon & Mo im very happy for your family cute name for y’all princess those boys gonna protect her & worry her to death…lol You two stay as humble as possible… NRFE

Leslie Walker on

Girl the baby shower was beautiful just like your family we all no there is always a Hatter in the bunch do what u want to do 4 your first little girl .congratulations

Anonymous on

The name is pronounced ….( Lay ..ah)

DC1913 on

It’s obvious some people don’t know how to spell…how do you get liar out of Laiyah (lay-ah)…c’mon people…Congrats to Shannon, Monica, Rocko, Romelo & Lil’ Shannon. Beautiful family

Lotus on

Congrats to Monica and family! They work hard and deserve to celebrate their daughter’s birth however they see fit. They didn’t ask for handouts from anyone in this comment section, so the nasty opinions are irrelevant.

Anita Smith on

Beautiful family!!

ShoeDiva on

Nothing “over the top” about this. They are happy to be bringing a little girl into the family and they are CELEBRATING. Stop counting their money @Shannon.

Anonymous on

Beautiful family and a gorgeous baby shower. I’m extremely happy for both Monica and Shannon and their growing family. She is truly a sweet person inside and out. On another note, it sickens me that people get on here and think that she shouldn’t spend HER money on a carnival themed baby shower for HER child. This child, as well as her other children, will never have to want for anything while they are growing up. Either be genuinely happy for them or don’t say anything at all

theyknow on

I love everything about the baby shower. I am so glad she is having a girl finally and that is going to be one beautiful child!!

Koya Bragg-Summers on

Monica looks great ! So happy for Monica &Shannon on their baby girl Laiyah Love Brown! God Bless your beautiful family. πŸ™‚

Guest on

Perfection! All the best to them…

Samantha Jones on

I wish Monica and Shannon all the best with their little princess. You two make such a beautiful couple. Congrats!

Emma Dean Smith on

So BEAUTIFUL Such a BLESSING to have great parents welcome little one!! Congras to Monica and Shannon on your little angel who will be entering our world soon!!

J on

Wow Daisy and Shannon. Get over it…

Anonymous on

Monica you deserve it girl!!!! Still standing

nikkie perkins on

i am so happy for you

Paula on

I love the card that says Laiyah Love’s
signature drink, “Pink Lemonade and Vodka”
Sounds good to me, lol, w/ soon to be 4 little
ones, mom and dad will need a few of Laiyah’s
“signature drink”

Little-Miss on

I didn’t read all the comments but am I the only one wondering “teaching the importent things in life” means getting your nails done?

Very beautiful family indeed!

Anonymous on

Not liking something/someone or disagreeing doesn’t mean one is jealous, envious, a hater or hateful. All it means is they have an opinion that differs from you.

Courtney on

Wow, The Only Thing I Can Say Right Now Is STUNNING! That Baby Is Extremely Blessed! Congrats To Monica & Shannon Once Again. I’m Overly Excited Like I Personally Know Mo, Lol. Her & Shannon Finally Is Going To Have Their Little Princess. They Already Have Three Little Prince. The Baby Shower Looked Absolutely GORGEOUS, It Was Different, && One Of The Best That I’ve Ever Seen! Way To Go To The Browns && I Cant Wait To See Baby Love! May God Bless!!


I hope so happy for you both on your birth of your babygirl.

Charisse on

OH MY GOD! how beautiful was this! man it pays to have money lol congrats Monica and Shannon. absolutely wonderful and beautiful

ke ya on

Doesn’t he have a son named Shannon…….why give your daughter a middle name that is already taken?

Linda on

I am amazed to know that a young female artist known as Monica is the best role model to our generation of young ladies of all ages. I have been a fan since the age of 14 now I am 31. I just love Monica for how she shows grace, beauty, and love. I am inspired!