Donald Faison and CaCee Cobb Welcome Son Rocco

08/25/2013 at 05:15 PM ET

CaCee Cobb Donald Faison Welcome Son Rocco Dr. Billy Ingram/WireImage

Update: A source confirms to PEOPLE the couple have named their new son Rocco.

Originally posted Aug. 16: History is repeating itself: Jessica Simpson‘s son Ace‘s new sidekick has arrived.

The singer’s best friend CaCee Cobb, 35, welcomed her first child — a son — with husband, actor Donald Faison on Thursday, Aug. 15, he announced Friday on Twitter.

“Yesterday @caceecobb and I welcomed the most amazing little boy into our lives! Oh Happy Day!!” Faison Tweeted.

While sharing his Tweet, the new mom added, “The happiest day of my life.”

Faison, 39, is also dad to Kobe, 11, Dade and Kaya, 13, and Sean, 16, from previous relationships.

After Cobb announced she and The Exes star were expecting, Simpson became her pregnancy pal, offering the mom-to-be advice, before showering her with love during a June celebration.

“Imagine if you and your best friend were pregnant at the same time – CaCee’s loving it,” Faison told PEOPLE. “They hang out all the time anyway, but now they hang out and talk baby stuff, look at baby stuff online, and go shopping for baby stuff together.”

And when she and Simpson weren’t soaking up girl time, Cobb kept busy bossing around Faison — who accepted his new role. “[I tell him], ‘I need you to move this, I need you to move that. Pick up this. Help me with this,’ ” Cobb told PEOPLE in May.

Added Faison, “My character at work is a ladies’ man. When I go home, I’m a b—-. I’m her b—-.”

— Anya Leon

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Emily on

Congrats! Can’t wait to hear the name! 🙂

Tammy on

I bet that baby is a cutie pie!

Steph on

He has four kids already…time to snip

Anne Frank on

He is in a lot of $ trouble with former agent(s). Hope he finds work soon. Babies are expensive. If she bosses him around, he won’t stay. No guy likes a bossy witch. Besides, he has 1,000 kids already and isn’t with the baby mommas. Should tell you something.

cari-ann on

Your facts are a bit muddled my dear. He is a working actor(The Exes on TV Land) and he isn’t out just making illegitimate babies either. The first son was from his high school sweetheart, the last three were from his last marriage.

So, I’m sure he can not only support them, but his morals are intact.

Steph on

Time to snip its his fifth kid

vor on

4th kid….but yep….its time to start thinking about a snippy. Congrats to the beautiful couple.

Lily on

Uuuumm, it’s his 5th. He has one that’s 11, 2 that are 13 and the oldest is 16.

Ashley on

Wow, didn’t realize he had so many children from previous “relationships”…

Pappy O'Daniel Jr. on

What kind of name is CaCee, seriously. You’re 35 years old; stop spelling it like you’re a Disney Channel character.

Lola on

I couldn’t agree more. Hilarious!

Marky on

Congratulations to the new parents! Wonder what the name is? Love him in the Exes!

Emily on

He has 4 other kids? How many “baby mommas” are there? Those poor kids, talk about confusion! (sigh)

Anonymous on

Congrats! Wow, this dude has been busy!

ChelseaLynne on

New Role? He has 4 kids already! Every child is a blessing but this def is not a new thing for him

dee on

Different baby mommas..classic… she picked a winner

vor on

When you dont know the situation its best to zip it. Just because he has three kids doesnt make him a bad person. So….hes had two relationships that produced three kids? As long as they are happy and hes there for his kids…….

Millie on

Does he support his other children?? She will end up just another Baby Momma

Jann on

4 kids?? Wow

Cate on

Who and who?

Darlene on


Anonymous on


vor on

Youre sick……..go put on your white hood and sheet and jump in the nearest lake.

Shad on

Donald already has a very amazing son in New York. What is so special about this kid? He was just born.

Shad on

And how about his other four kids. Were any of his other sons the most amazing. This man just loves this baby cause he is with the mother. He is a terrible father, and a poor role model. I know one of his kids and if you interviewed his children, they would have a very different story for you

Robert on

This man must have one of those allergies to condoms I keep hearing so much about. Poor guy.

Lauren on

Congrats on the blessing of a baby! Sounds like the daddy already has a classroom full of kids!

sandy on

wow, sounds slightly pretentious, and hes got 5 kids now?! geez, thats a lot.

Charli on

Yay for them!!!

Edie on

This is his 5th child with how many different mothers? I hope he supports them ALL!

Congrats, but that a lot of kids/stepkids!!!! Just sayin’…

essie on

he’s a real winner. 4 other kids from other women. does this girl really think he is going to stick around for a while. what a loser!

Anonymous on


Sarah on

I get that he is trying to be cute/funny/silly, by saying that he treats his lady like his queen, but neither one of them should refer to neither themselves nor each other as b-words — not in any context. Congrats to them, though!

Jazz on

She was Jessica Simpson’s sidekick who was also sleeping with her husband Nick at the same thing, while Jessica turned a blind eye and kept on beieng her friend. Sad.

I’m Standing Right Behind You on

Ew. Just what he needs. Another kid. Disgusting.

Elizabeth on


Lala on

I had no idea, that he had that many kids.

Maria on

Most amazing little boy you say? I’m sure your first son loved that.

Anonymous on

Congrats!! Happy for them. She’s so beautiful.

klutzy_girl on

Oh my God, are we really doing the “Four kids from previous relationships, the horror!!!!!!!!!!” thing again? Three of them are from his previous marriage and the other from an ex-girlfriend. There’s nothing wrong with this situation.

And he has a new baby. He’s excited! Calm down.

Congratulations to them!

Mommie Dearest on

Say what you will about the new parents; however, the derogatory comments pertaining to this baby’s ethnicity are just gross.

Lunabell on

Another woman had his baby recently also?

missindy on

And you epitomise everything that’s wrong in life…… You are disgusting!

NSBooklady on

Four babies already with an undetermined number of women none of whom he was married to? Yup …CaCee has herself a winner there …NOT.

Lola on

“Four babies already with an undetermined number of women none of whom he was married to? Yup …CaCee has herself a winner there …NOT.”

3 of his 4 previous children were with his ex-wife, so where the “undetermined number of women” remark is coming from is beyond me…

jennifer on

you’re a disgusting piece of trash

cns2002 on

Best comment ive seen. He had a child with his childhood sweetheart then the rest with his ex wife. So should he not ever find love again and deprive his new wife with no kids a baby because hes already been married and had kids? I swear some ppl just leak negativity from their pores. If youre not happy for them, dont comment!

sad on

Sad how our society glamorizes siblings with all different moms or dads – also the way he spoke at the end of the article is horrible – I’m sure he talks this way around all his kids – they will become just like him.

alanejohnson on

3 of his 4 kids were from a marriage, I’m assuming that everyone passing judgment is perfect themselves right? Exactly. Congrats to the couple!

Shanta Winzer on

Hmmm rude comment! Nothing nice to say?!?! Then just shut up!

Shanta Winzer on

You should not be calling kids names!

Jane on

And clearly the stupidity and ignorance of America continues with your existence.

unidentified on

People, I would encourage you to delete any/all of the ignorant racial comments that have been made. Classless!

Weirdiskate on

Your a very sick and very deranged individual

luv~herMT on

Horrible comment. You must be racist.

Renee on

It takes a poor human being to call an innocent child anything but his given name which is quite obviously not listed here…

Sara on

Wow so much hate on this thread. He doesn’t have 3 baby mommas. He has an ex-wife and ex-girlfriend and a wife. Not bad compared to say hmmm…Kate Winslet who has 3 different “baby daddy” or anyone else that has been in previous relationships and had kids that didin’t work out. How about Heidi Klum, she has 4 kids from 2 different men….the list could go on, including MANY of you people judging!

SillyLilly on

What is with all of the racist comments? And why are they not being removed People? Disgusting!! Congratulations to the new addition!!

Mary on

Wow. What a bunch of racist, ignorant commenters. For a moment I thought I was reading a post on FOX News or something. My goodness.

Anyways, besides the putrid comments I had to wade through, I truly wish this family the best.

dudley doright on

somebody named Pappy O’D is making fun of her name CaCee? that’s funny.

Britgirl on

Don’t feed the troll people, don’t feed the troll….

Ann Purnell on

It’s too bad that you think that remark was funny it shows your ignorance and your and your immaturity

Amanda on

Congrats. I just hope the kid doesn’t have his eyebrows…

Marcia on

Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. “Turk”!

Gina on

I hope he supports his other three children, if not CaCee is an idiot..

Little Elle on

Both Mick Jagger and Rod Stewart have children from previous marriages/relationships and they bother with all their children so why should’nt this guy?He is 39 years old not 21

Someone's Mommy on

I agree with you, Mommie Dearest. Very sad reading some comments about this baby. Racism is alive and well, unfortunately.

Shad on

Donald and his first born amazing son are not even talking. This is because Donald doesn’t know how to be a father. He didn’t even invite his kids to his wedding. What type of father does this? People don’t be fooled by Donald’ He is no good. Cacee seems to condone all of this. What kind of woman is she? How they can live with themselves is beyond. They will have to answer to God and their 5th child.

maddie on

You are ignorant and should be ashamed if yourself. People like you are the reason this world is so messed up.

Guest on

This precious baby was just born and he is nobodies flipping sidekick. Especially not to Jessica Simpson’s child. Pathetic People Mag. How about: “congratulations on a healthy baby or new son for newly married couple!” Don’t call someone’s baby a sidekick!

Jenn on

In his defense, he was married to the mother of Kobe, Dade and Kaya.

Congrats on the newest member of the family!!

Mae on

Why is this even news? She is not ” famous ” and it’s not like this is his first time being a parent, doesn’t he already have other kids with more than 1 woman? Not News

Mae on

Time for him to stop having kids. Man Up ! too many babies with too many baby mommas. Be a man and get snipped, and she is not even ‘ famous ‘. so boring People Mag..

Kaelyn on

Beautiful couple! Congrats on your new bundle if joy. 🙂

vor on

You are truly a sick individual….its a shame that people like you exist. You are a disgrace to our country. Prejidiced people make me sick. Go move to a remote island somewhere. We dont need or want your hatred here.

Jas on

Congrats to the couple.

While questioning how many “baby mamas” he has, also ask how many different men fathered Christie Brinkley’s children. None of us is perfect.

Marilyn on

If she wants more kids, I doubt he would “snip.”

Megan on

Wow…all the judgement on here–you all must be perfect–first of all–two of the kids are twins if you READ it right–and he could have had two past relationships that produced children–is that a crime? Does it say he’s some deadbeat father who never sees them or doesn’t pay child support…uhh no…so really–RELAX…and the spelling of her name–really…that’s what we are going to pick on–as if she can control what her parents named her–wow…a simple congratulations would suffice I think…

Congrats to CaCee and Donald–bet their little man is gorgeous–all the blessings to them…

MomTo5 on

Point? Judge much?

Anonymous on

Congrats to the new parents.

To the comments questioning…there is this thing called the world wide web (aka the internet) to answer your silly questions about his other children. This is his 2nd marriage. The first marriage produced kids…2 of which are twins. And I have no clue as to why it is anyone’s business about his child support.

gigi on

What happened with the first three baby mommas?? Sounds like a classy man.

Anonymous on

When I first read the article, I read four children from “previous relationships.” While that is true, it is misleading because he was married to the mother of three of the children…why not say so?!? I think it looks bad the way it’s written and that’s what caused the comments. Had it said, son Kobe from a previous relationship and Kobe, Dade and Kaya from his ex wife….the comments would be soooo very less.

Sara on

Wow, what a bunch of racist comments here.

Mille05 on

Some of you people’s lives suck so bad that you have to get social posts because no one wants to hear your voice anywhere else. These are CELEBRITIES idiots. You don’t understand their world and how they live it. They give you a GLIMPSE of highlights in their lives and you run with it thinking they’ve told you their best kept secrets…Congrats to them!

Amber on

Everyone should have a dozen kids.

He’s on his way and good for him. Mom and dad are cutie pies, making the baby a supersized cutie pie.

Trish on

Wow…5 Kids..That said…None of the children have any stability with Dad running around around making more babies…I hope he has another skill so that he is able to support all these babies when he can no longer find an acting job…Whats really sad is that if he follows the same pattern, this will not be his last baby or baby-Momma.

dham09 on

Wow! A lot of judgemental comments on here. He has one from a previous relationship when he was young, but he a son and a set of twins with his first wife, and now this son with his second wife. I see all the “perfect people” of the world are on People today though. Congratulations to these two and the rest of the family!

DHendricks on

WHO are these people??? Is her name pronounced KAH-KEE? or KAY-KEE?

Kim on

Pappy, what a stupid comment, her parents named her that its not like she chose it

Sharon on

You are a waste of air and space..freaking ignorant.

Aunt Bee on

She is famous for being friends with Jessica Simpson. Really?? who gives a shiz

Sharon on

I agree…i always thought thats why they review comments before they are posted, in case negative things get said. The comments get worse and worse.

Sharon on

Well, lets add another to the list…we complain cuz ppl arent married, too young, too old, had a surrogate…now lets complain because they are two different races. Incredible the ignorance of some people. You should be ashamed of yourself. How would you like to read all those negative things about YOU?!?! Congrats to them 🙂

Sandy on

Okay, what is this guy made of? Plastic???

His face is very odd looking. 3 kids from other relationships??

Hope he can stick around for this 4th child- he doesn’t have a good track record! How sad.

Kat on

5 kids with 3 diff women? Go on Don! Show ’em what you got!

soph on

“Everyone should have a dozen kids. He’s on his way and good for him.”

Uhh. Weird.

Ashley on

Wow, Donald is one very fertile guy (LOL)! But 3 of his 4 other kids were from a previous marriage, and one with an ex-girlfriend, so it’s not like he has a string of baby-mommas. Congrats to the couple on their baby boy and I wish them the best.

Anonymous on

Previous relationships? Typical . . . . .

4tmama on

Come after me. I am not famous, I have 4 kids by 3 different men, all stable relationships..give me a break. I am not a cheater, I am not fertile myrtle, in fact, one is a
set of twins w my husband, I wouldn’t trade any for anything in the world. GROW UP!!!!

Sarah on

Who cares! Two losers. Feel bad for Rocco, he will only be In style till his dad moves on. That is Donald’s track record

Marky on

I have no issue with the fact they are of different races; what difference could that possibly make? I have no problem with the fact they are married and she’s friends with Jessica Simpson. Donald Faison is on EXES, which I think is funny, and I watch. He’s been married before and divorced; so have many of you posters. I’m just not a fan of the name, Rocco. However…not my child, so I don’t get to name him. Congrats to the couple, and I hope everyone in the family enjoys their new addition!!