Matt Cedeño: Witnessing My Son’s Birth Was ‘Surreal’

08/25/2013 at 07:45 PM ET

Matt Cedeño Son Jaxon Cruz
Courtesy Matt Cedeño

He may not have been able to do all of the pushing, heavy breathing and sweating, but Devious Maids star Matt Cedeño played an important role in welcoming his now 2-week-old son Jaxon Cruz into the world.

“I was right there, as they say, in the catcher position,” Cedeño, 38, tells PEOPLE with a laugh.

“It was amazing — a blend of emotions for both my wife [Erica Franco Cedeño] and myself. It was really cool,” he adds.

But nothing — not even the sight of Robin Williams fainting in Nine Months — could prepare the actor for the miracle of birth in real life.

“You see movies and you hear about experiences, but until you’re actually there and witness it — it’s just … surreal,” says the proud dad.

Calling it “an out-of-body experience,” Cedeño admits he watched the whole process — and was impressed with his wife’s hard work!

“[I saw everything] from the time that one could just see the very top of his head and the hair [to] the extraordinary effort a woman has to give to push the baby out,” he says.

“My wife’s face started to swell up because she was pushing so hard — she was turning red, sweating and this little guy would move a fraction. I was exhausted for her just watching the process. It was just incredible.”

Matt Cedeño Son Jaxon Cruz
Courtesy Matt Cedeño

But, according to Cedeño, Erica and Jaxon have settled in just fine now. “She’s doing really well. Not surprisingly, she was very sore after that whole experience, but no baby blues,” he explains.

As for himself, Cedeño can’t stop staring at his newborn son. “It’s so strange. You can spend so much time looking at the little dude. Regardless of what he’s doing — he doesn’t do much, he can’t move much on his own — but you just sit there and stare in awe.”

So what was the most shocking part of all? “That there’s a human body coming out of another human body — like an alien,” Cedeño jokes.

Matt Cedeño Son Jaxon Cruz
Courtesy Matt Cedeño

— Lee Hernandez

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Pnut on

So cute, and a gorgeous couple. But why does everyone have to jack the spelling of common names? Jaxon? Really?

?? on

beautiful family

4tmama on

Congrats, best experience EVER, being a parent, laughter & tears..enjoy every goes too fast!!

chela on

He’s really bonded now with both mother and son. Very brave of him to watch. He has now experienced one of the true miracles of life.

Vic on

I dont know who he is, but that was a wonderful read and a beautiful baby.

Alicia on

I’ve been a huge fan since Days and now Devious Maids. Congrats to him and Erica!

onya on

What a beautiful expression of love & appreciation of “his” birthing experience as well as for what women go through 🙂

Caitie on

OMG! It’s Brandon from Days of Our Lives! I had SUCH a crush on him in high school! He’s aged supremely well.

MamaBear on

Yes!! My thoughts exactly Caitie!!

Kate on

What an awesome and real guy to say such honest and true things. He hit the nail right on the head explaining the whole process. And, the compassion and respect he has is extraordinary.

lovely123 on

MYWIFEY, that was very nice, now go find your Man Card.

MamaBear on

Beautiful 🙂

Anonymous on

What an adorable baby and a sweet story!

Ellyn on

what a gorgeous baby boy 🙂

Jana on

Beautiful baby, beautiful family , many blessings xoxo

londz on

Ncoah so sweet of him…she is such a lucky woman to have him by her side,and the lil one is adorable.

wd7dv23k on

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