Alec and Hilaria Baldwin Welcome Daughter Carmen Gabriela

08/23/2013 at 08:02 PM ET

Alec Baldwin Welcomes Daughter Carmen Gabriela Kevin Mazur/Getty

Let the daddy duties begin — Alec Baldwin‘s baby girl is here!

The actor, 55, and wife Hilaria, 29, welcomed daughter Carmen Gabriela Baldwin on Friday, Aug. 23, Hilaria Tweeted.

“We are overjoyed to announce the birth of our daughter. She is absolutely perfect,” the new mom writes.

Already dad to daughter Ireland, 17, Alec and the EXTRA special correspondent announced in February they were expecting their first child together.

As the mom-to-be adjusted to pregnancy — which included satisfying her citrus cravings — the former 30 Rock star admitted he was looking forward to being a stay-at-home father.

“My dream is to be home with the baby, standing in the doorway, saying goodbye to Mommy,” he said. “‘Mommy is going to work now. Bye Mommy … don’t work too hard!'”

Hilaria, however, had her doubts about Alec’s determination — especially during the early morning hours.

“At this point, before the baby is born, he thinks he’s going to be Mr. Mom,” the expectant yoga instructor explained. “We’ll see if at 3 o’clock in the morning when the baby is screaming and we need to change the diaper if he’s going to be Mr. Mom at that point.”

— Anya Leon

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Megan on

Congrats! I don’t care for Alec at all – he has serious anger issues – but a baby is always good news. And the name is lovely.

Congrats on

No calling her a ‘thoughtless little pig’, Alec! Best of luck little Carmen…you’re going to need it with that father of yours!

SG on

Oh my God…get over it already. You know, parents are not infallible and sometimes say things they regret. They just don’t have the media to splash it all over a magazine.

LM on

Congrats!! I’m sure that’s one beautiful baby!. Ireland and Carmen, cute name combo.

All the best to this family!

justlise on

Hate to be the skeptic, but I don’t see this lasting. He is 55 and she is 29….wow, wonder what the attraction was…cha ching!!! You got it Hilaria, you got the baby and now you are set. Hilaria is laughing hilariously , all the way to the bank!!

MillyEmond on

LMAO…good point!

Elizabeth on


Caroline on

Congratulations Baldwin family! πŸ™‚ love the name!

tanya on

Congratulations Alec and Hilaria! I really like her name.

Tee2 on

Congrats cant wait until we know all the details & see the pic!

Mary on

congrtas alec and hilaria! welcome to the world carmen gabriela.

Anais on

congrats to them and Carmen is a lovely normal name!

costateofmind on

She seems to know Alec well and deals with him with a sense of humor. Let’s hope it continues.

Anonymous on

Alec, you’ll be a great dad, congrats!

Efranco on

She looks mean

Rita O. on

It’s her odd eyebrows

Nikki on

Congrats but it’s kind of creepy to be married to a man that was almost the age you are now when you yourself were born.

Jeanne on

Though I was so upset with him when that whole screaming at his daughter Ireland and calling her a thoughtless little pig incident came to light, I am glad to see that he has calmed down, remarried and brought a sweet little one into the world. Congratulations to you both on your newest addition!

Anonymous on

I can’t help but feel he is took the role It’s Complicated to seriously…’s like a clichΓ© ……. old men and young women… you think he forgot how that movie ended?

Anonymous on

wonder if he will refer to his new daughter as a lil pig as well. this man is scum

Sylvia on

I can’t stand Alec’s wife – I find that she is too full of herself. But I love Alec, I always have.

I love the name combination that they have picked for their daughter – congrats.

Daffygrams on

Love the name!

Carmen L Mercado on


Sandy on

Men kill me when they get women 20 years younger than them, midlife crisis and isn’t he too old to have a baby.

Anyway, congrats and Carmen is a beautiful and normal name.

Holly on

Congrats. Like the name but wonder the significance

Tookie on

Yeah birth of a rude thoughtless little pig 2.0!

mmmmikkimac1 on

He looks old enough to be her father – hope he has a really good pre-nup.

Jasmine on

I was holding my breathe while searching for the name but what a beautiful they picked for their baby girl~~Carmen Gabriela. So pretty !!!!!!! She’s going to be one beautiful little girl~~Congratulations to the entire Baldwin family !!!!!!! Be the best Daddy you are Alec !!!!!!! I love Alec !!!!!! I don’t really know his wife but congrats to you both !!!!!!!!!

mmmmikkimac1 on

hope he has a good pre-nup he is twice her age and looks old enough to be her father – 15 years ago she was 14 and he was 42 – too creepy for me

Sharon on

Love the name….congrats! I had a manager at my first job a long time ago who looked JUST like him. I remember ppl coming in everyday saying it.

Anonymous on

Another “thoughtless little pig” for him to enjoy abusing. Second thought…liberals never act that thoughtless, even when they do.Alec needs to come out…he must be a closet conservative. We know anger is an exclusive of the GOP

ok... on

Ok, troll. The age difference is kinda gross, but she’s almost 30, not just turning 18, so let it go. There. You got your response.

Anonymous on

looks like the pull and pray method didn’t work again!!

B Olson on

the mom has secured her retirement income

Tookie on


lola on

Love the name. Congrats to the new family of 3!!

romance on

For seeking younger women

guest on

congratulations to them on the birth of their baby girl. such a pretty name πŸ™‚

Anonymous on

how long before he’s screaming that she is a thoughtless little pig?

Beck on

To all those who keep bringing up Alec’s ‘recorded’ comment about Ireland – give it a rest. Even those perfect parents out there who will deny this, EVERY SINGLE PARENT in the world has thought their kid was acting like a brat – or a thoughtless pig – more than one time while raising them. Get over it. It’s a new day – move on – I hope Alec and Hilaria are delirious with happiness.

Cris on

I might have thought my kids were bratty but I would never call them that or any other name. Parents should have a little more control than that. Alec Baldwin is and always will be a pig. I feel for his baby daughter.

Joan on

Couldnt agree more. Stupit people that think they are perfect.

Diane on


momof2 on

OMG the dude has this vial temper – he tore his eldest daughter apart – he freaks out at the blink of an eye and he’s “going to be a great dad” – ARE YOU FREAKIN’ SERIOUS?? grab some more botox Alec, hope your wife enjoys the ride for now because you’re a ticking time bomb

SG on

Its VILE not vial. Spelling isn’t really THAT complicated.

Sam on

You forgot the apostrophe in the word ‘its’. Grammar isn’t very hard to comprehend. πŸ™‚

Marge on

Looks like you freak out too! Take a deep breath. This is a celebrity we are talking about. No need to get so worked up over it.

Shirley on

Beautiful name.

Bambi on

I knows age doesn’t matter but 26 years is to much for me

Jaci on

Finally, a normal name. Not Hot Fudge Sundae or Grand Slam or any other ridiculous excuse for a name.

Personally, I think he’s improved over the years. I think he was in a very bad place going thru bad stuff and didnt handle it well.

He seems much happier and funnier than ever.

molly.two on

Congrats! What an adorable name…I am guessing she is one gorgeous baby. Hope they get to enjoy this precious time- it is so fleeting!

Sidenote: I hope he doesn’t stay at home forever, I do love much of his work, despite his ridiculous rants, he is talented. Perhaps the baby would be better served as him going off to work and her mother taking care of her more than he??? J.S.

Brian on

Good job Alec. Glad to see a senior citizen can still bang them out.

dj on

Well, at least she’s guaranteed some income for the next 18 years if the marriage doesn’t work out. It’s called child support

Judy on

Another old rich man and his trophy wife having a child. Why do old men marry young woman and then have to have a baby to make her happy.

Lucee on

Poor baby…she’ll need all the charm she can get, with a screaming nutcase like her father…

Oh, well…at least Carmen’s mother will have plenty of “Baldwin” money to get necessary therapy, IF she didn’t get talked into a pre-nup…

Anonymous on

Who Cares, Super Douche Bag

Karen on

He has serious issues. I’m glad Ireland lives with her mother and I hope Hilaria and Carmen has better luck with him as a husband and father.

cloudninegirl on


Get it? “Hilarious” .. “Hilaria?”

Sandy on


Helena Smith on


Athina on

Cut the guy some slack! Even Ireland thought all the fuss about the phone call was ridiculous…..anyway, congrats to the Baldwins on their new addition!

Maria on

Congratulations to the happy couple….great news!!

Alexis on

Congrats Alex and Hilaria. Alex, Good luck being a stay at home dad, I am sure you will do fine.

Lynn on

Maybe he will refrain com calling this one a pig to her face. This guy likes to say things without thinking first-esp racist comments to photo. Never like him

Rai on

Sorry for the baby’s daddy….he is an idiot.

Matt on

Same age difference between me and my wife. I get a big laugh about all the insecure and jealous older women saying how “creepy” it is. He’s still handsome and she’s a bit hard and mean looking so I’d say that evens out the age difference. Congratulations and best wishes to them and the baby!!

seniorchatter on

Baldwin is an industry parasite. Old gray man playing with Barbie dolls. How he gets work is an indication on how stupid people manage the TV industry. Stupid people should not breed

beth on

I don’t believe wife is 29…..she’s at least 39.

Italianprincess on

Babies are a blessing. Congrats to the Baldwin family.

Carolyn on

A tribute to Alec and Hilaria. The little Baldwin will be Dad’s chance to show the nay sayers what he is made of. I think we will see the softer side of Alec.

mum on

Not a fan of his – actually can’t stand him, but love the baby’s name. Bet his wife selected it. Hope he treats her better than his other daughter.

2 fny on

Can you not see the look on his face? OMG Hilaria you did good girl!!! He is an ass! And you and your baby girl are set.

Carmen on

Love the name!!! Lol! I hated my name growing up but my dad didn’t want anything common. I learned to like it over the years. Congratulations!!

Annalisa on

Thanks Hilaria for bringing another little girl into the world that will be mentally abused by their father!

carol on

Great….Now he has one more child he can rant to and humiliate on the phone !!

Ann on

Beck – no, not every single parent has thought of calling
their child a brat or thoughtless pig. I never have. I call
my children my gifts from God whom I love and would
do anything for. That includes loving and respecting them.
No child is perfect; no parent is perfect. Try to see the
kindness in others and speak only for yourself. And, no, I
am not going to call you any names. Wouldn’t waste my
breath. You do the same.

4tmama on

Love the name, congrats, move on everyone!!

Zoe on

You know he loves his kids and wants to be in their lives. He does have an explosive temper that sometimes disconnects his brain from his mouth but bottom line is he is/will try to be a good dad and is there for his kids. It’s more than I can say with a lot of guys out there.

Kristy Crowder on

Ya, I can sure picture him changing diapers and getting up for feedings in the middle of the night, cause he has already proven what a wonderful, thoughtful, patient father he is. At least he can practice fatherhood on his young wife for as long as that lasts, now that she has her hooks in his bank account!

mrs123 on

Congrats…….let the excitement begin

mrs123 on

Congrats……..let life and history begin!

Vee on

Feel sorry for this baby. Wish her all the luck in the world. She will need it. Daddy has anger issues and a wife who could be a daughter and we know how that typically ends up. 😦

LC on

Alec is not my favorite. However, it is adorable that he wants to stay home with the baby – a lot of men would not even consider it. Congratulations to them!

Marky on

No one ever seems to let anything go on any of these sites. Too many of you have no idea that you’ve made mistakes yourself; you just aren’t a celeb, so it doesn’t hit the news. Are you all so amazingly perfect you could stand to be under a microscope every moment? As for the ages, my aunt married at 20, and her husband was 55 with 5 children, several older than she was. They were happily married for more than 30 years, had 2 children who deeply loved their terrific stay-at-home dad, and all their nieces and nephews who gathered at their house for Sunday dinner. My aunt loved him so much that when he passed away, she never wanted to marry anyone else. Age is numbers, and doesn’t always mean a thing when you are in love……

Hailey on

Is his wife really six years older than Ireland?

Diana on

Oh look, yet another middle aged man who cannot accept that he is a middle aged man and needs to marry someone young enough to be his daughter and produce more kids, so he can keep deluding himself. Where’s all the outrage that would take place if this were a 55 yr old woman having a baby?

Nicole on

I wish them well with their new baby. But they BOTH need to stay off Twitter.

janetmstreng on

thank god they gave her a perfectly beautiful name

Julie on

Beautiful name! Congratulations Baldwin family!


Can’t stand Alec Baldwin. Feel badly for little Carmen. Her father is a very angry man and he’ll be sure to take it out on her. Hilaria, reminds me of a complete doormat. Can’t stand this couple.

carrie on

Lets give a little benefit of the doubt here ,Alecs wife is beautifull and the baby has a pretty name and maybe a baby is just what the Doctor ordered who to say this hasnt or wont change Alecs somewhat issues after all his ex wife Kim was no angel in all the name calling and spouse bashing try to give the guy a break he has a new family and everyone deserves a second chance Congrads to your family Be Blessed and be thankfull for what you have been given.

amy on

He’s not a dad “again”…he just welcomed another child.

Carrow on


I didn’t know Ireland was only 17 and it’s crazy that Alex’s wife is my age!

bob on

damn another baldwin

Holly on

Bets on how long it will take before he is challenging and/or fighting a photographer for taking the baby’s picture… tick tock..

Anonymous on

Why is he still reproducing? That must be an awkward feeling to be his 17 year old daughter.

dorothy on

Hilaria is beautiful. I just don’t understand why young women like her go for men twice their age. I know money is a big factor, but the physical attraction?

KikIMee on

Oh nice. I hope you’re not gonna verbally abuse her like you did your other daughter. And marrying someone so young at your age is disgusting.

susan grice on

Hope the 3 of u will be happy. i luv the name . Also we all do and say things we regret. All u negative nellies give it a rest. The balls in his court now, so its up to him to keep things positive. Cant wait to see the first pics.

Lisa on

Yeah she’s 29 wink wink. More like 39.

Jen on

He’s an old broken down angry man and she seems to like herself a great deal. I guarantee he didn’t pick that name. Horrid

Sue on

Congrats to Hilaria and Alec on the birth of their new daughter and to Ireland on becoming a big sister! What a beautiful name you chose( very refreshing!) So happy for all of you! πŸ’—πŸ‘Ό

hector on

I wonder how he would feel right now if Ireland married a 42 year old man? That’s about the same age diff between he and his wife….weird and creepy. I hope he finds whatever he is looking for with this gal….but I have a feeling they will head down the same road he took with Kim. He is an angry angry man. She is a smart woman because she just delivered her future earnings when she popped out the kid….a paycheck for years to come, for many years after this marriage will surely end.

hector on

She will probably be pushing a baby carriage and a wheelchair at the same time….that’s what she gets for marrying her father.

Anonymous on

Congrats ignor all the haters

CW on

Congrats to both of them. I don’t understand the negativity. They seem happy together. She doesn’t seem full of herself and he’s mellowed. Geez give the couple a break. She’ll be one beautiful little girl!

Lyla on

Seriously, what does a 28 year old yoga teacher have in common with a guy in his mid-fifties??? If Alec Baldwin had been a teacher or a salesman would this girl have dated him or had a child with him? Hell no.

That said, I’m sure the baby is beautiful.

Leigh on

Really? When are the old guys going to realize marrying someone younger just makes you look much older than you are! It’s not fair to the kid, when he/she is a teen Daddy will be too old to even walk. Not to mentioning marrying a girl not much older than your daughter, ew. It’s offensive on all fronts Alec.

J.E.B. on

I can just see it now; 10 years from now she comes home from school and wakes daddy Alec up,…”You are a thoughtless little pig”!

Common Ground on

Lets see
Baby’s diapers – check.. Daddy’s diapers – check
Baby’s bib – check .. Daddy’s bib – check
Baby’s teething gel… – check… Daddy’s denture cream – check

Bill Ferguson on

AND he paid the hospital bill with his Capital One card.

Sandy Cheeks on

I like these two… She is lovely and seems nice. Alec is funny and still good looking. I don’t think the age difference is for everyone, but my parents were almost 20 years apart and they were the happiest most loving married couple I ever saw. To me, age is no big deal… My dad was 50 when I was born! If they love each other, respect each other, and have fun together… who cares about age! πŸ™‚

Laine on

Love the name, and best wishes to the family!

Anonymous on

That man is going to make Hilaria life a liveing hell, when he fights her for custody in the future.

cacsusp on

That man is going to make Hilaria’s life a liveing hell, when he fights her for custody in the future.

Anonymous on

I don’t care how much $ a man has….at 50, I still wouldn’t sleep with him. He’s too old for me yet.

Anonymous on

Beck- I couldn’t agree more! Also, Ireland herself has gone on record saying that the media blew up that incident into a WAY bigger deal than it really was, and that she loves her dad and has a good relationship with him.

Anyway, congrats to them, and I love the name! I assume Gabriela is a nod to Hilaria’s Spanish heritage.

Anonymous on

It is nice that Ireland has a little sister now. Blessings to the family.

Sunny on

I am so glad Ireland has a little sister to love.

Jim on

I’m sure this marriage will last forever and this baby will have the luxury of growing up with both mom AND dad… the reason his marriage to Kim Bassinger didn’t work out was Kim was a bitch see? A real bitch. She treated Alec really bad. But this 29 year old woman… she KNOWS how to treat Alec happy yada yada yada…

Donna on

Congratulations on your new baby! After all he has been through with a Parental Alienation ex wife , I am glad that he has once again become a parent and I pray he has smooth sailing for the next 18 yrs! Unless you have watched a loved one go through it,you will never understand the devastation a father faces when their child is used as a pawn because it is the last weapon an ex has to hurt them with. I am so very glad that he and his first daughter have a great relationship now that she is older. I can understand why he wants to be Mr.Mom and I say it is terrific!

Donna on

Wow I can not believe some of the remarks here.

Hilaria is a beautiful woman who has confidence and grace but she is not Narcissistic personality like his ex ! Alex has that gleam in his eye , that impish grin back.He looks the best he has in years ! He is a good father,always has been and I am so happy for them all!

PS His daughter is now 17,if Alex was a bad father she would not let him be in her life but she does because she knows all he put up with and did to be able to stay in her life and how hard her mother made it for him.Moms who alienate do not seem to realize as a child grows up they see and know so much more then the parent trying to keep away a good parent tells them.Ireland is as smart as she is beautiful and she finally has a little sister! God Bless them all!

Liz on

Congratulations to them all! A baby is such a blessing! I also love her name!!!

Lucy on

If the worst thing you call your kid is a ‘thoughtless little pig’, I’d say you’re exercising admirable restraint. Thank goodness I’m not being judged by anonymous strangers for the things I say when I yell at my kids. That aside, this is great news, love the name and Alec Baldwin rocks.

Josi on

i love Alec Baldwin. He is a great actor and comedian. Congrats Alec.

Linda on

At least her name is not NORTH like some famous couple who decided that would be cute or something. At least this kid has a normal name which sounds nice when said. As for her parents……..who knows. GOOD LUCK.

Jeff Scott on

Oh great! I guess the little girl can now look forward too being screamed at about “what a little pig you really are!!” if she doesn’t do exactly what her lunatic fool of a father expects and wants!

Kathy Carpenter on

I love the baby’s name….very pretty. Hope this new little baby helps him reign in that temper of his….he has real anger issues.

Hazel on

Not for one minute do I trust his wife…she’s up to no good!

Anonymous on

he a a$$

rae on

finally a normal cute name for a baby…congrats to both parents

Trisha on

I hope he doesnt call this one a pig.

Sosiboys on

Oh please! We all know the live in nanny is the one who’s going to get up in the middle of the night.

m. tierney on

i read a few comments. a couple made no sense at all. “I dont like his wife” or I dont care for his wife”. Do you idiots know his wife,, personally? I dont. she seems nice, he loves her,she loves him. all the rest us bupkis!

Norma Butcher on

Well, let’s hope he gets the ‘father thing’ down a bit better this time around. I’m not a fan of Alec Baldwin as a person, and even less of one in his “fathering skills”. I wish little Carmen all the luck in the world – she’s gonna need it with him as her father! (also I would NEVER leave a baby home alone with this Mr. Mom – to many anger management issues with this guy!)

dave32165 on

The man has some anger issues. I still think he’s a good dad. No man would battle Parental Alienation as long and as hard as he did unless he truly loved his child.

mel on

alec Baldwin in an anus–he takes an airplane and refuses to go by the rules the rest of us have to.

Kathi Boyd on

Everytime I see a picture of them together all I can think is he looks like he could be her Dad!

john browne on

i wish them all well. but, its hard to get excited about a marriage based on money. do you really think this 29 year old woman would be married to this 55 year old man if he was poor? isnt that the real test of real love?

The Ger on

He’s got anger issues, just ask his former wife Kim Bassinger. Also, at 55, do you suppose he realizes he’ll be 73 when his new daughter graduates from high school? I won’t even discuss the fact that he’s 26 years older than his wife. Total grossness.

Suzee on

I’ll give this baby the same advice I gave to North West- TRY TO ESCAPE!!!

Linda on

He is 55 and she is 29, what is it with these men? You see it every day, older men with trophy wives. UGH.

Katie on

my sympathies to Carmen – he’s got anger and control issues and won’t appreciate the second chance he’s been given. Hopefully with child support in the future, she’ll leave him and keep the baby safe. At his age maybe she won’t have to tolerate him in the baby’s life for 18 yrs.

Jess on

Would she look at him/someone his age twice if he wasn’t famous? She made sure to secure her future with this and her retirement plan is now vested at 100pct. Easy gamble on her part…stupidity on his part. But whatever….maybe as they said…it’s love! Yeah sure.

kibbe on


Anonymous on

Alec has kids already and he in NOT a good dad…a leopard cannot change his spots.

Anonymous on

I am sure she will be able to raise the kid by herself after Alec divorces her in a year or two…

Sharon on

beautiful name for their little girl.Congrats to the family.

AnitaC24 on

Congratulations! A beautiful name for, I’m sure, a beautiful baby girl!

tom on

people just try to take away other peoples happiness with the rude and negative comments congrats to both of you I hope for many happy times

marie on

so why did he marry his daughter? I mean give it up old fools, all these younger women ONLY want your money how stupid can any man with a peener be? My Gosh I laugh all the time when I see an old fool marry a girl younger than his ol

Dot on

The old man is showing his age. Happy occasion – a new baby! A gift from God.

Ran on

Wonder how long it will be before he calls that little girl a “Dirty little pig” and other names. Alec is proof some people shouldn’t breed.

susan on

Not wild about angry Alec or self-centered Hilaria, so baby Carmen, give me a call if you need a good therapist. Good luck growing up in that house!

Cami on

Is she a Extra special correspondent or a yoga instructor? People refers to her as both.

Anonymous on

Would YOU leave a child at home with AB?? not me … wonder if he’s already thinking of Baby Carmen as a selfish little bitch?!?!?

Anonymous on

Actually I ran into Alec several years ago. He came out to a Flea Market when he hosted the Super Bowl in Florida. He walked around the a body guard hoping to not get noticed. After he purchased a couple dollar item from a vendor he told the vendor keep the change from a $20.00. The vendor said ” Are you sure, its a $20.00. He took off his glasses and smiled that’s when he knew who it was. After 20 min Alec made it through the market and made a few more purchases but when it became news to everyone he was already gone. Everyone said he was very kind and giving. Thank you Alec for being so nice and many blessings to you and your new family.

art on

wow, a real name!

Linda on

Just think, when Carmen graduates from high school her Dad will be 73 years old and her classmates will think he’s her Granddad LOL.

Yrral on

Mr. Ego, who is widely known for abusing his teen daughter with a publicized rant, needs to grow a pair and suck up to the responsibility of being a parent, and put his massive self-importance aside.

Jeff Hayes on

Heck, I thought maybe they’d name her “Hysteria,” or “Melancholia,” or some other name that followed in the theme of her mom’s equally ridiculous name. πŸ™‚

As for Alec, I don’t know anything about his anger issues, but I’m getting a real kick out of his latest batch of credit card commercials against the evil villains, lol. I think he’s funnier on those than he was on “30 Rock!”

Beth on

Ireland seems to have forgiven her father on his verbal stupidity,no other opinions should matter.Everyone needs to build a bridge and get over it already. Beauiful baby!!!!

Gary on

So, the idiot wants to make another stab at it? If you fail, try, try again! I hope he’s a better father than he is an actor!

karmagirl on

How soon before he’s calling her “A thoughtless little piglet”.

At least they picked a normal name. Good for them.

lg on

I think his anger issues were because he was pushed so far that he just burst. We all have a breaking point, but we don’t have someone pushing us to it, then recording our explosion! Not that it makes what he said okay, but I think we need to remember he’d endured years of a nasty divorce, being kept away from Ireland, and he just wanted to be a Father. The situation was terrible.

Hmmm on

Guarantee there is a divorce in their future. Right off the bat they are competing for who wants to stay home with the baby. When a woman has it in her mind she wants to stay home with baby, and the husband gets in the way, wanting to be Mr. Mom – God help him. Never mind his anger issues. She’s eventually going to come to her senses.

AShley on

Ugh, not a fan of either. Poor kid. Love the name, though. Kim was smart to get out when she did!

Anonymous on

At least is’s a “normal” name! Welcome Carmen!

Sandy on

Congrats! maybe he will be a much calmer dad now that he can stay home and not have the stress of to much work.

In regards to the post of his past behavior- did you ever stop and think that maybe his daughter really was (at the time) a thoughtless little pig and needed to hear that??? People say things in anger- doesn’t mean he can’t be a good dad.

marie on

He is too old for this, she is in it for the money. Don’t let him be the caretaker at home – he will get mad at the child and throw a fit. Disfunction.

RexCraigo on

55 years old. Yeah, he’ll make a great father.


Tee on

I think its interestng that Alec’s wife is named Hilaria….is that short for hilarious?

Jack A. Brookner on

I had twins when I was 50, and it was great. You’ll love it after the first ten months when the baby gets up to feed in the middle of the night. BTW, was kind of name is Hilaria? Good name, but I’ve never heard it before.

fay butler on

He looks like he just gave birth.

Marilyn Trask on

Now Alec has two children in his household….

ron on

What was not in your wallet?

Pope Vinnie III on

Tina Fey made him very wealthy and now he’s spending it on a hot, young wife and rugrats. I’d have bought a Ferrari.

Lazarus on

I know none of these people and am unlikely to ever meet them. In fact,I will never meet them if I can avoid it.

Having said that,it was a relief to hear they didn’t burden that innocent child with some bizarre name to fluff up their egos by having THEIR names mentioned every time the child is mentioned.

And given the personalities and life of the two parents,this may be her only shot at living a normal life without having to carry those two nutcases around on her shoulders everywhere she goes. She may even be able to avoid rehab by the time she is 18 if she lucks out and gets good nannies.

Kelly on

Really. Who cares?

Janis on

Good for them I guess. Although he’s certainly old enough to be his wife’s father so this child could have been his grandchild. Just doesn’t sit right with me for some reason. But, to each his own!

Ernie on

how long is it going to him to this child a little pig, I feel sorry for her

DB on

Alec Baldwin is living proof of why there should be forced sterilization

Marge on

Yeah those voicemails really showed how good of a dad he can be.

nancy jones on

beautiful name for your little girl.Glad to see you’ve named a girl a girl’s name.congratulation,maybe she’ll grow up to be a great actor like her dad..

R Davila on

Grand Pa!

John on

A.B needs someone to plant a boot up his ……

He is a waste of “talent” and I for one have refused to do any business with Catital One since he becag shilling for them!

bigcarlover on

Kudos. Now when the little girl gets bigger he can buy her a cell phone and swear at her on it.

dd on

You know like someone else said, I too can see him being a good Daddy. He’s up in age, and this little baby they created is going to spread so much happiness. You Watch!!!!!

margaret on

Congrads to them but I am not a believer that a man at his age he should be having a child – like Bruce Willis –
these young chicks (not that I am old) marry these old rich celebrities that have a baby within a year after then soon after divorce – they are set for life!! I am believers of the old family values – get married have children; raise your children; see your grandchildren. The days of a grandchild loving a grandfather are long over cuz the man dies before their children are grown up. Crazy world we live in

dd on

He is also funny. He is human, and yes he’s opened his mouth way too often, said mean things and funny things. However, he genuinely loves his wife and that baby girl will soften his heart.

d on

LilSelfish dont ya think??? to be continueing having children at your age? You are . really not giving the child much time to know their Dad… Child will most likely lose Dad at an early age. Think about something or someone other than banging a young chick and fertilizing the planet with Baldwins… Not to mention yeah your issues with temper…

?? on

dirty old man. looks like his daughter. Who would want to sleep with that ick

fanofboardwalkempire on

Congratulations to the happy new addition to the Baldwin family. I love the name Carmen!

Anonymous on

Too bad lil Carmen got a Liar for a Dad !!! Didn’t he “promise” to move from the U.S. if George Bush got elected ??? Have never liked Alec Baldwin….

Anonymous on

Love Alec Baldwin in moves but another child at his age? Oh well, to each their own.

Laura on

Can’t stand the guy!!!!!!

alissa richardson on

These old men should not be fathering babies, its gross. I guess they are trying to recapture their youth, also, I read a Mayo Clinic report where older men also risk fathering babies with birth defects. He needs to go play shuffleboard with all the other old geezers and leave parenting to the young.

rubblebubblecake on

I hope he doesn’t abuse this baby. That guy is quite scary with all his anger.

mykl on

Give it a few years and he’ll hate the mother and call this one a pig as well, got has some serious issues.

Megan on


Shame on you for smearing all conservatives with one brush. Cowardly of you to hide behind your screen and blast people. Must you ruin an article about a baby with your vitriol?

Raven Johnson on

I think Alec Baldwin is a twit and we all know he has some anger issues. Never much been impressed by him or his brothers, but a new baby for his much younger wife (of course) is great news. Congratulations to mother and daughter. Hope you are both doing well. I also love the name,. It is pretty and different.

smead60 on

Alec, Alec, Alec………you are not a nice man. You can marry a 13 year old but it will not make you younger. I feel for the child, the way you treated your other girl. Of course this won’t last, but your male ego tells you different. You are forever monetarily indebted now and only time will tell you HOW much.

Sally on

Here we go again. Another old f**t trying to be young again with a young wife and baby. He’s such a dork!

sundayafternoon on

Carmen is a nice name, and she is not Carmen Miranda! and CGB is a good acronym, better than KGB. I think it’s just as well he had another female kid; the volatility is more likely to be passed to a male, I assume possibly incorrectly. I do know at least one man, though, whose anger issues faded with age; testosterone is implicated.

jstactzn on

Ummmm…folks, what is a ‘normal name’?

Terry on

Congrats to the happy couple.

Keep on living the beautiful life. Always stay happy!

Dave Sherman on

Another child for him to abuse

bohawk on

Its so much better than “NORTHWEST” !!!!

Paul Scott on

OK, I just love Alec and he is such a wonderful person. I just can’t imagine the world moving on without someone like Alec and his off sping. Is that all right??

Tess on

Of course……..what in heavens would YOU expect……. this wifey wants to be Rich for the rest of her life, hence – have a baby…….If the marriage fails, alex will have to pay for future years so she can live the life she became acustomed to…….. If she is having baby cause of LOVE….. good for her — and congrats…

vijay-kumar on

isn’t this the guy who reportedly abused his pre-teenage daughter on the phone; why would this woman overlook all that and still marry the guy and have a child with him? this guy is a child abusing turd; amazing what some women will do for money;

Anon on

She doesn’t look 29…

Edie on

Alec Baldwin is a mess and bringing a baby into that mix is a bit scary. His anger issues and crazy politics are enough to stay far, far away.

God bless little Carmen.

Snake10 on


Tayler on

Oh great…just what he needs! Another child he can screw up and treat like crap! Congrats to them!!

Starr on

What a lovely name! Congratulations to Alec and his family. I AM a fan of Alec Baldwin, so why don’t the mean-spirited people, who are criticizing him for a long-past one-liner, remember Matt. 7:1-5 and know that you are not perfect, either. No one is perfect. In addition, remember that Ireland said she didn’t think anything of it and they are very close.

Anonymous on

What a stud.

Bwaymike on

Another little pig?

LynneWebb on

Congrats and I have every reason to believe he will be Mr. Mom. Short on patience at times? Exasperated at yet another poop diaper? Yes. But when that toothless grin greets him, his old heart will melt.

meghan on

Jeff, the H is silent. You know there are other countries out there, right?

Anyway, I think he’s a violent asshole and she’s an attention hungry gold digger. I think it’s comical that people are saying that he is so mellow now with her. He’s been blowing up at people on twitter and assaulting photographers consistently this past year. He’s an animal and at this point in life, he ain’t changing.

Les Glover on

I think Alec Baldwins going to be great! I dont believe he has anger issues at all. I simply think he doesn’t like to deal with bullsh*t and he handles it. I have no doubts hes going to be a great dad to this baby.

jeff on

Wow! Congratulations to a lovely couple!

Ninny on

I don’t understand a 55 year-old man being married to a 29 year-old woman. He literally could be her father. I think it’s just gross.

Jennifer on

Beautiful little girl congrats to both of them.

Sandra Dieterich on

Congratulations on their little baby girl.Wishing them many happy memories.

Lena on

I’m sure she’s beautiful. I’m not so sure she’s lucky. The thought of Alec Baldwin having another defenseless female in his life to bully and abuse fives me chills. Glad she’s healthy. HOpe she grows up to be mentally as well as physically healthy.

Mary on

I’m seriously over the same people who come out for every. single. post. this website makes and comments the same. exact. things. over and over and over and over again. Every time anything about Alec Baldwin is posted–the same comments about his anger, his wife, and the comments he made towards his other daughter several years ago. How about say congratulations and move on? Why is that such a difficult concept for you people to understand? You don’t know these people, you judge them from afar on your ‘holier than thou’ thrones. Get over yourselves, seriously.

chris on

awwww…another “little pig” for the king of the pigs.

FrenchLady on

How demeaning and undermining she can be. Really??? I sure cannot stand women like her. Why in the world did he marry her???

Ira on

His wife has a weird looking face and she only married him for the money. Kim was a thousand times better.

Niko on

Why does she always wear that surprised look with her left eyebrow arched? It looks kinda creepy to me, lol. Anyway, Congrats to them!

Me on

Congratulations to the happy couple. I hope there is no extreme drama with this child as happened with Ireland and his former wife.

kris on

A little confused here…is she an ” EXTRA special correspondent” or is she a yoga instructor?

Cyns on

Who are they kidding they’ll probably get a nanny to help people don’t have to wake up in the middle of the night !

superbroad on

Come on, guys. Have some forgiveness. The Basinger-Baldwin marriage was a pretty explosive combination and there is always two sides to every story. When I see Alec and Hilaria together, I see a guy who’s finally found some peace and love in his life. Yes, he has a temper, and a few stalkerazzi’s have been on the business end of that, but those guys are scum and need to be on a leash. As for the “thoughtless little pig” comment, I’ll bet nobody feels worse about that than Alec himself, and I’ll bet he had no clue that would have been somehow leaked to the press. Bottom line: God bless you both, hope this baby will be the blessing you always dreamed of, stay together and be happy. Alec, remember your yoga, keep your temper in check, and don’t send mean messages ANYWHERE!!! You know how the Hollywood fishbowl goes … the world is watching. Congrats to you both. πŸ™‚