Josh Duhamel Refuses to Raise an ‘Entitled Little Brat’

08/22/2013 at 10:00 AM ET

Josh Duhamel Habitat for Humanity Valspar Desiree Navarro/WireImage

If parent-to-be Josh Duhamel‘s son takes after his dad, he’ll be easy on the eyes — but totally hard to deal with.

“I was a little s—,” he recalls of his childhood to PEOPLE in New York City, where he teamed up with Habitat for Humanity to launch the Valspar Hearts and Hands for Habitat Campaign.

Jokes aside, “I was really a kid who spent most of the time outside, catching turtles and frogs and stuff like that,” says Duhamel, 40, whose wife, Fergie, 38, is in the final weeks of her pregnancy. “That’s pretty much all I did as a kid.”

But unlike the actor, who came of age in North Dakota, his son will grow up in the spotlight of Hollywood. “It’s really important to us that we don’t raise an entitled little brat,” he says.

“We want to raise a kid who’s confident, compassionate, and it’s really important that we do that, so it’s important that I set a good example for him.” (So it’s no surprise he’s promoting the campaign, which strives to help families in need affected by natural disasters.)

In the meantime, Duhamel is anxiously awaiting — “anxious isn’t even the word,” he adds — their first child‘s arrival, even if he’ll miss looking at Fergie’s baby bump. “She’s so damn cute,” he says.

And, yes, they’ve stocked up on baby wipes and diapers. “We’re as ready as we can be,” he shares. “It’s a matter of just getting the baby here now and then realizing that we’re not even close to being prepared.”

He adds: “The whole idea that I get to be a dad is something I’ve always dreamt about.”

— Alison Schwartz

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Connie on

Oh how I love this guy!! As a parent to a 15 year old and a 13 year old there are times all kids will be a little bratty but he has the right mind set and seems like he and Fergie have their feet planted very firmly. Best wishes to them!

Vanessa on

It feels like she’s been pregnant forever.

Carrie M on

The world needs less entitled brats! I’m sure he’ll be a great dad! When is this baby coming? It’s seems like Stacy’s been prego for AGES……lol…..

margaret on


jaime on

Wow Margaret…critical much? He didn’t call any baby a brat, he just said that it was important to them not to raise one! Just as I am sure you, as well as everyone else have things/qualities that are important to them.

Misty on

Did you actually read the article margaret? Or are you just speaking before you know what you’re talking about? He said they didn’t want to raise an entitled brat.

AM on

Oh my gosh, that is just too cute!

Anonymous on

Good luck…i said that too. Easier said than done. lol

tammie on

Really? Its very easy. Just do what my parents did, my husbands parents did and what we did with our kids. Even if you can afford it,make them work for what they want. My in laws were very well off but they did not buy their boys expensive toys cars or clothes. Instead they made them do chores,get part time jobs and work for they wanted.

Susan on

Fifty thumbs up!

Becky on

Hope they can do this, they both seem to be laid back, happy go lucky people..Best wishes..

themzmolly on

I’m beyond thrilled for this couple and their soon to be bundle of joy.

Tatanka on

I wish there were more down-to-earth people like Josh in the world. Best of luck with parenting but I’m sure you will be great parents!

Aud on

Wasn’t this the guy that got thrown off a plane for not putting away his phone?

jk on

Yep! Pretty rich coming from him.

Lesli on

Love this couple !!!!! They will be great parents. Way too may entitled little brats already in Hollywood!!!!!

KW on

Good luck!!! You’re gonna need it in Hollyweird.

hk_pretty16x on

I love this guy! 🙂

Di on

Well, All I can say is if you are strong with these convictions, then you need to move you and your little family OUT of the lime light. I would take advice from someone like Tom Hanks on how to do this. Forget the mega bucks for that 1st photo, just keep that baby out of your and your wife’s careers. Family-children change everything. Make the choice to keep your children out of your “career life” Remember, movies-singing are only your JOB, not your life!!!!

Nicky on

I’m excited for the two of them, they seem like a very sweet couple, who waited till they were in a good place to become parents. Best of luck, this will be a very loved child.

Tammy on

Josh you rock!….You are the ONLY celeb who has any values to speak of…..Kudos for you for NOT having a spoiled entitled child….I totally agree with you…..

ILoveCali on


keslyn on

It’s not him as a parent I’m worried about – he’s always seemed very down to earth. Fergie, on the other hand, seems like a diva

Carrow on

I think they’ll pull it off. I love that they go to mass so frequently.

Anonymous on

It sounds like Josh is going to be a wonderful father. And his comments about Fergie…AWWWWWWWW!

Flygirl on

Haha. Wasn’t he in the news a few years back by bring the only one on an airplane NOT to feel like he had to turn his cell phone off lol. Talk about entitled brat!

Danielle on

Flygirl, I believe that was Alec Baldwin.

Anonymous on

Holy, run on sentence.

Anonymous on

Tammy on August 23rd, 2013
Josh you rock!….You are the ONLY celeb who has any values to speak of…..Kudos for you for NOT having a spoiled entitled child….I totally agree with you…..

The “ONLY”. So not one other celeb has any values to speak of. For starters, my guess is that you don’t know him or any of these celebs personally, so you are basing this off what you read in the magazines. Also, your statement reads that no other celebs has values to mention. He is the only one. Not even possible and that is if we are basing things solely on what we read.

shannon on

I love them! They will be great parents.

Jen on

Josh will be a great dad! I graduated with him and he is a great person! The things he has done for our hometown after our flood are amazing! Fergie and the BEP’s were here to help as well. I am 100% certain they will be great parents!

Florian on

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