Jenna Wolfe and Stephanie Gosk Welcome Daughter Harper Estelle

08/22/2013 at 09:00 AM ET

Jenna Wolfe, Stephanie Gosk Welcomes Daughter Harper Estelle
Stephanie Gosk

Jenna Wolfe and Stephanie Gosk‘s baby girl has arrived.

Daughter Harper Estelle Wolfeld Gosk was born Wednesday, Aug. 21 at 7:31 p.m. She weighed in at 7 lbs., 13 oz.

“Estelle is my grandmother’s name,” explains the TODAY anchor. “No matter what, we were always going to have Estelle and we fell in love with the Harper. It’s the perfect combination of athleticism, gentleness, kindness, beauty and a little TV moxie, so we figured it was perfect.”

And in case you’re wondering why Harper’s last names don’t exactly match Moms’ — Wolfe reveals that Wolfeld is actually her legal name.

“It’s out of the bag,” she jokes.

The daughter of two television personalities “is not ready for a TV name quite yet, but if she ever wakes up and starts doing something TV-related, perhaps we can give her [one].”

“This is the greatest gift,” Wolfe, 39, continues. “Anyone who’s a parent understands what I’m talking about.”

“We get paid in our jobs to come up with the right words,” NBC News foreign correspondent Gosk, 41, explains. “All I keep saying is ‘Wow.’ I can’t find the words.”

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— Emily Strohm

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Melissa on

Congratulations! What a beautiful name for a beautiful baby!

Alissa on

Congrats! Love the name. I wish everyone the best.

dana on

this is excellent news

Princess Consuela Banana Hammock on

Adorable baby and such a sweet picture 🙂

mommy2eandl on

Congrats to the two of you and welcome to the world baby Harper Estelle!

Heather on

Congratulations! Great name.

cynic1018 on

Best wishes to the family!!

gail on

gay parents with a baby, living the dream…please.

rose on

Congrats. Wish I was able to have a baby.

julie on

Adopt rose! We have 4 kids…adopted three thru the state of texas. You can do it…

Jen on

Gail, go crawl back under the bridge with the rest of the bitter trolls.

Congratulations!! Best wishes to this lovely family. Love the picture! 🙂

elle on

congratulations – love them both!

Anonymous on

Love the name Harper. Congrats to them!!

Kat on

Actually, you don’t get paid to come up with the right words. You get paid to read them from a teleprompter.

June on

Lets hope they don’t teach her to be gay!

Anon on

No worries June. You can’t teach gay. You’re born that way.

American Mom on

Soon the pedophiles and incestuous sickos & other various freaks will be demanding their special “rights” by using that same argument. It’s just around the corner, you’ll see. And when you don’t agree and speak up, you’ll be called a hate-filled bigot, troll, etc.

KIM on

Baloney. People who feel bad for choosing to be gay say they were born that way. God does not make homosexual babies. You choose it. End of story.

whatdeff on

You can’t learn how to be gay unlike you who can learn how to be less ignorant.

KIM on

Awwww. My feelings are hurt. Not.

God hates haters on

So much ignorance whatdeff. I’m surprised there are any gays left in society since they must all be out in the wild teaching all the animals how to be gay too since every species of mammal has documented instances of homosexual behavior. They couldn’t possibly have been born that way???

Let me know if any of you “smart” anti-gay people need any of these long words explained to you. I’m glad to help you expand beyond your kindergarten educations.

Lola on

Actually God does make homosexual babies… And they’re fabulous!

Karla on

Congratulations! You have a beautiful family! Welcome to the world Harper!

Anonymous on

love your post Gail

Anonymous on


You can’t teach someone to be gay, June!

Katie on

Love the name.. My sister had a doll named Harper so I never really loved it for a person but Harper Estelle is just a perfect, beautiful name..

Best of luck to Jenna and Stephanie! x

*********** on

This is 2013 PEOPLE get a clue!!!!!

Carol on

Two female cannot have a baby. Sorry but that is a fact. There has to be a man involved in conception even it is is done artificially.

God hates haters on

Not entirely true although it probably is in this case, Carol. Ever hear of cloning? That does not require either parent and they are very capable of making humans in today’s society. They have been cloning animals and organs for decades.

robert on

What a fantasy world you are living in! Wake up an realize that your pretend world is NOT real.

Rayne on

Congrats to the new parents! A beautiful, healthy baby; what a blessing! I hope your lives together are filled with joy, love, and laughter.

June- You can’t “teach” someone to be gay anymore than you can “teach” someone to be black.

meghan on

What’s your point Carol?

MollyF on

This is to all the homophobics on here, SHUT THE HECK UP AND GO AWAY!!!!

And to June, you can’t “teach” people to be gay. You don’t choose to be gay. Why would you choose a lifestyle where you’re bullied all the time, get told that you’re living in sin and get beat up? Why would anyone want to choose that? Give me proof that you choose to be gay? Come on, give me proof.

This really gets to me because I have some close friends who are lesban and gay and I feel like screaming when I hear hatred like that. Sorry, I’m usually a civil person, but not when it’s hate filled.

American Mom on

Wow, Molly, you are so very tolerant of other people’s viewpoints. So tolerant and accepting. Really, an inspiration.

God hates haters on

American Mom, they would have loved your attitude in the south several decades ago when it was seen as okay to lynch black people because they were not white. Guess we should have all been tolerant of their viewpoints and opinions?? That whole equal rights movement was just so silly wasn’t it? Dumb, dumb, dumb! SMH!

Kate on

My best friend is lesbian but i dont agree with same sex marriage and she knows that and is 100% happy with my opinion. So unlike you who agrees with it i dont and i dont care that is 2013 and laws are changing i still think marriage should be between a man and a women. I worked for a gay couple a few years ago they treated me horribly.

I love the name Estelle it was my great grandma’s name and i like that they decided to name their daughter Harper. Its a name you don’t hear much so its different. What really matters is that they are happy with their daughter thats all that matters.

Isabel on

Congratulations to the couple!

Bree on

Congrats!! She is adorable!!
Lots of love to the whole family, enjoy your precious little girl, being a parent is hands down the most amazing thing in the world.

@June my moms didn’t teach me to be gay, I was raised by two amazing women and I am now happily married to an amazing man. What they did teach me was to love despite the risk and never be afraid of love when it comes. They also taught me how to be a great mom and role model by accepting my kids no matter what.

Yes clearly I had it rough being raised by two lesbians!! (Sorry Gail, June and Just Saying but looks like you can go crawl back to your little holes!! I have been where this little girl was except long before the majority of people we as accepting as they are now and I turned out better than fine. Bye now trolls!!)

Chrissy on

Thank you so much Bree. You found the perfect words! Maybe someday we will live in a world where people understand love for a child is more important than their parents sexual orientation. Congratulations to the new moms!!

Sandy on

Thank goodness for our modern ways- which have allowed these two to have a baby -using a donors sperm- otherwise, Harper would not be here today.

Medical advances in medicine have allowed this couple to fulfill their dreams of being parents.

joan on

to you homophobes – you do know most gay people come from straight parents???

Sylvia on

I love the name! Congratulations to the happy family

Carol on

Megan, my point is the baby is only Jenna’s baby. She is the parent. Stephanie had no part in making the baby. She is just a gay partner for the time being. I just think this is so wrong. JMO. I feel sorry for this little one.

lin on

How do you know? Maybe it was Steph’s eggs and Jenna carried the baby? Either way, genetics don’t make you a parent. It’s your love and nurturing of the child that makes you a REAL MOM!!!!!

Lola on

Stephanie did have a part in making this baby… the baby is wanted, planned, conceived with love… Is an adoptive parent any less a parent because of biology? No, a parent is someone who loves a child, supports, instill values, teaches right from wrong and provides a child’s needs… Blood doesn’t do that, love does.

Nun-ya on

“Homophobe” connotates a fear of a homosexual. Just because you do not agree with their lifestyle doesn’t mean you’re afraid of them. I don’t like to watch movies but that doesn’t make me a “movie-phobe”. My point is, when someone insults a gay person by being ignorant or condescending or hateful it’s better to just ignore it, than to use a term that is non-sensical and lowers you to their level.

Sarah on

I’d rather my parents be gay than as hateful as some of you. Disgusting.

God hates haters on

Best comment ever Sarah! Thanks!

nicole on

nice name but that’s a lot to get two middle names lol (estelle wolfeld)

Jen on

Everyone has to right to their opinion. This is a gossip website and therefore all those offended by people who don’t agree that two lesbians have a baby- too bad. Not everyone is a proponent of gay couples having children and that’s a fact.

Helen on

Congrats! I really love the name.

Anonymous on

I especially love the name Estelle! It would be so neat if Jenna & Stephanie called their daughter that. But Harper is great too. And what a cutie! Many, many congrats to the happy family!

Katie on

With two lesbos as moms this baby has no chance. So sad on many levels! God is for man and woman!

molly.two on

Seriously, June? You think people “learn” to be gay. You either are or are not….simple as that.

Beautiful name for a beautiful baby….yes, they should be able to live the dream if they so choose.

Anonymous on

Actually, it means the fear OR hate towards gays. The way some people are speaking on here with such strong hate, I would classifying them as homophobic.

Carol on August 22nd, 2013
Megan, my point is the baby is only Jenna’s baby. She is the parent. Stephanie had no part in making the baby. She is just a gay partner for the time being. I just think this is so wrong. JMO. I feel sorry for this little one.

Hmm….so adopted children’s parents aren’t really the parents? Or those conceived using donor eggs or sperm? So we should all feel sorry for your children, if you have any, growing up in a home where it’s okay to not treat others equally.

Katie on

And if you all are for gays, why aren’t you gay yourself???????

God hates haters on

Because they weren’t born gay, Katie. Seems like a no duh answer. Of course, look at who was asking the question.

CK on

Huge congratulations to the new Mommies and a beautiful baby girl to add to the family!

Jenna, you are amazing, I am on the edge of my seat when you start talking… Never know what’s going to come out! But I know I will always laugh! And that is my advice to you. Keep Harper smiling and laughing, and I guarantee a happy and confident little princess! 🙂

Guest on

To all those saying stephanie had no part in this…how do you know they didn’t use her eggs along with donor sperm and Jenna as the surrogate…so they are BOTH “real” parents. It’s a possibility. And regardless…this child will be loved more than many kids from “traditional” familes.

Nancy Good on

Mazel tov!

Heather on

People who say that these two gay women are teaching their daughter to be gay are subhuman morons. Married husbands and wives have gay children all over this earth. If gay parents teach their children to be gay, then wouldn’t hetero parents teach their children to be hetero. Just goes to show that you’re born however way you are. It’s a biological anomaly, has nothing to do with anyone’s precious God.

Rusty on

@Carol — It’s called adoption.
I didn’t give birth to my four oldest kids, but I love them just as much as my youngest son. Stop navel gazing & open your eyes… we live in a wonderful world & you’re missing it.

Congratulations Mommies, your daughter is lovely.

Rusty on

@American Mom
“Judge not, that ye be not judged.

For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged; and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.”

odslys on

Oh please these two women are disgusting and there’s no scientific proof that ur born gay. So bring gay is not a civil rights issue. Hivevthem respect and protection but no legal marriage and benefits. Its just not right.

God hates haters on

There actually is scientific proof as it is prolific even in the animal kingdom and they are identifying some of the genes related to sexual identity and orientation. Dolphins, gorillas, chimps, etc often exhibit homosexual tendencies. Of course they conceal that information in books (you know the ones that aren’t just pretty pictures.) I’m not surprised you weren’t aware of it, odslys. Reading is hard! Eye roll!

meghan on

Well Carol, I feel sorry for you. A narrow mind is a sad, foolish thing.

meghan on

Oh, look at that everyone! KIM thinks she knows all that God does and feels! Did he tell you that directly?

Heather on

“Give them respect and protection” but no legal rights?

You just called these women “disgusting”…yet you say give them respect?! YOU are why gays especially need legal rights. Hypocrite.

sky on

Everyone deserves happiness in their lives no matter who and what they are. Congratulations. I am happy for their beautiful, healthy little girl.

From what I am reading, there appears to be lots of unhappy, narrow minded people in this world. Pour your negative attitudes into something constructive like a hobby, volunteer or work it out at a gym. You use any excuse to spread your hatred for yourself upon others, it’s sickening.

Peace out!

Emily on

Congrats to Jenna and Stephanie! You can just see the love radiating from them!

I don’t normally leave comments but the above discussion made me feel like I need to. This is a matter of basic human rights for all people, regardless of sexual orientation. These two women are obviously going to be wonderful parents. Why shouldn’t they have just as much of a right to have children or get married?

Something has got to give. We were not put on this earth to tear each other down or exude hate; we should be here to support one another and accept others for who they are. Well, that’s my rant!

Congrats again on baby Harper!

Heather on


I worked for a girl name Kate. She was the biggest CU next tuesday EVER ( youre a Kate, im sure you hear it about yourself all the time). I think that all women named Kate shouldn’t ever be able to marry. My best friend’s name is Kate and she is 100% happy with my decision!

God hates haters on

Lol Heather! Classic! Love it!

Sophia on

I don’t know why so many of you feel so self-entitled as to believe your hateful opinion on this family matters, but even if you can’t stop yourself from having those bigoted thoughts maybe it’s best to just keep them to yourself? This is meant to be a post celebrating this beautiful growing family that is full of love and hope.

Also, I’m curious, at what point did you decide to be straight? And what makes you so firmly believe that only a couple that consists of a man and a woman are fit to raise children? Any child raised by loving guardian/s is lucky, whether it be a man and a woman, two men, two women, a single parent, grandparents, foster parents, adoptive parents… It takes all kinds to make a world! But I think the world could do with a few less close-minded homophobes.

Congratulations to this sweet family! And welcome baby Harper 🙂 x

kc on

beautiful name, and it not homophobic to disagree with same sex couples . I think a man and a woman were meant to marry and have children. I don’t hate Gays, I just don’t believe it is right.

It got to be confusing to the children, It always the children that pay for our choices.. So sick of everyone pushing Gay rights on everyone, then call people names for no believing the same thing

God hates haters on

Why would it be confusing? It would be more confusing only having one parent knowing that you weren’t wanted by the other. Babies of gay couples grow up knowing that they were wanted and planned for. Do you have any idea how many kids out there get told they were a mistake or unwanted? The ones that weren’t planned are the ones that get the most abuse at home. I’d much rather have a gay couple raise a child than a couple who weren’t smart enough to prevent an unwanted pregnancy and punish their child for their mistake. Ignorant homophobes are the only ones making it difficult for the children of gays. If it wasn’t for you all, they wouldn’t even think anything was strange about their home situation. What about those cultures where children are raised by all generations and the community around them? You probably think they do that because the uncles and grandfathers are pedophiles trying to get their hands on children. One mother and one father raising a child is not the way the majority of the world raises their children. Seems everyone else has figured out what you haven’t. What a shame!

Isabel on

Kate, I feel sorry for your friend. Hopefully she replaces you soon.

Charlotte on

@Skye, so well said. To everyone sending hate on this thread, keep in mind that this baby was something Jenna and Stephanie clearly put so much thought and love into! Everyone is entitled to their opinions, sure, but at least respect these women’s choice and the beautiful baby girl that has come of it.

Congratulations mommies, I wish you nothing but the best!

Georgiee on

“Homophobia” is such a crude term… It’s not a phobia, you’re not scared you bloody ignorant.

Wake up people, it’s the 21st century. Just because someone doesn’t live their life the exact same way as you doesn’t mean squat! When you’re perfect then come and judge!

Until that time GROW UP! Really, you’re supposed to be adults yet you’re acting like 15 year old bickering school girls…. A baby is a blessing, no matter what sexual orientation the parents happen to be.

Congratulations 🙂 to Jenna and Stephanie. I love the name Harper.

Jon White on

As a single christian man, i may not condone some peoples way of life and how my way of life as a christian gets told to stay quiet, but im just a mortal man on earth and its not my place to judge anyone, im sure ive done things in my life that was looked down upon, so congrats, you can love the person and not always love what they do.

neschi64 on

So, if being gay is taught… All of those heterosexual patents with gay children are teaching their children to be gay?!? Is that so they can hate their children, make fun of their children, disown their children or make their children take their own lives?! Doubtful! Get educated people!

marissela on

To KIM– since your saying that sexuality is a choice, then I’d like to know just when you had to make the “decision” to be straight? I am heterosexual, married to a man for 16 years, but you got me thinking- I don’t remember ever having to think about it and hemhaw over which sex I chose….. It just came natural. Didn’t it for you as well? You just knew what you wanted and didn’t really have to think about it, right? Your ignorance is astonishing, and I pray that you hide your hatefulness at all times, nobody likes hateful people.

Congratulations on the happy couple, if this was a chosen lifestyle, whatever lifestyle ANYONE chooses, I hope that you are happy and the blessings keep coming.


marissela on


SHT on

Congrats! I love the name Harper.

Rita O. on

Forget the gay issue I’m so over the name Harper?!?!?

Wonder if they’ll do a baby naming ceremony though. MYOK

Ginger on

In answer to Katie who asks: “And if you all are for gays, why aren’t you gay yourself???????” That is such a bizarre question.

Like everyone else in this world I don’t have a switch I can flick to make me suddenly like other females. We are born with our sexual preference and science has proved you cannot change that. Your question prompts me to ask: “If you are all for doctors, why aren’t you a doctor” or it you are all for teachers why aren’t you a teacher”.

Seriously, just because you respect someone’s choice in a matter doesn’t mean you have to have that same choice for yourself. It’s like religion. I’m not atheist yet I don’t say I’m of any particular religion. I prefer instead to be a loving, understanding, tolerant human being who believes there probably is some kind of God out there, but I’m in not position to say one particular God is correct and the others are wrong.

Therefore, I respect all religions, but I don’t want to convert to them all, which I would have to do based on your theory that if we are “for” something we should switch to that thing.

Angie on

You want to be gay, that’s your business, leave these beautiful children out of it.

Angie on

YES TO MOM AND DAD! YES TO PROPER FAMILIES! You want to be gay that’s your business. Leave these beautiful babies out of it!

costateofmind on

Why does everyone scream hate just because someone does not accept a gay lifestyle? It has nothing to do with hate.

To Molly F. There is no scientific proof that people are born gay. There is no gay gene that has been determined. It has just been thrown out there so much and for so long that it is now being accepted as ‘normal’. Being gay has a lot to do with how a child was shaped during their years of self and sexual awareness.

God hates haters on

Thanks for letting us know that the geneticists at Amgen, Applera, Celera Genomics, Applied Biosystems, etc are all wrong. They believe they have identified the genes linked to sexuality and continue to do further research. You may want to check out the library too. There are tons of books on homosexuality especially on its prevalence in nature. Meaning it is inherited and totally natural.

Guest on

Angie – you are a filthy bigot. Filthy bigots have no place on this planet. Remove yourself from it. May I direct your attention to the Gia Allemand threads for some inspiration.

Guest on

You too costateofmind. OINK OINK you redneck bigot!!! You have HATE in your heart. So do I. At least I have a good reason for hating you backwards, redneck Christian pieces of dung.

Gen on

Why so many angry and sad faces? Why can’t we just let people live their lives? It’s 2013! I am happy for them and the name is beautiful. ❤

Hanne E. Donovan on

MollyF, when will studies be done on homosexuality so that “Proof” can be shown backing the notion that they are born this way.

Put the arguments to rest and show the world the scientific proof of what causes homosexuality and that it’s there from birth.

God hates haters on

See my previous reply to costateofmind for your references. Have a good day!

CHC on

Congratulations on your beautiful baby !.. I am thrilled to see such a wanted child enter this world….Enjoy these precious times you have coming!

(and please ignore any other diatribe that may come your way – this is a story about a birth folks… PERIOD)

costateofmind on

I comment that there are no scientific studies that prove a gay gene or that one is born gay. I also comment that it is not hate that motivates me to not accept the lifestyle. So what is commented back is name calling and vitriol.

I could care less but it seems a bit hypocritical and amusing that I would be called the hateful one. I have gay family members and they have my love. I don’t have a phobia and interact with them as I would anyone in the family. I just don’t accept their lifestyle. Hate is not a part of the picture.

Anonymous on

Why do people “scream hate?” Umm…. Because some of these comments are incredibly hateful? As are the ones everywhere since this was announced. “Being gay has a lot to do with how a child was shaped and sexual awareness.” Hmmm…..elaborate. My aunt and mom were raised in same household, same awareness. One is gay. One is not.

Dara on

I knew that reading these comments would be great entertainment. I was raised by two sets of same sex parents and I can assure you that we are not “taught” to be gay. I have a husband and 3 kids and live a very normal life. I really don’t think my parents could have taught me to go against my natural sexuality even if they wanted to.

Costateofmind- You are wrong. They are finding genetics links to homosexuality. Do a little research and you mind find something to broaden your horizons. Though I would guess that you aren’t as interested in facts as you are in expressing your personal opinion.

Jen on

I think some people are born gay, but you can’t deny that there are some individuals that are choosing that lifestyle when it suits them – Lindsey Lohan, Anne Heche…

God hates haters on

That’s called being bisexual, Jen. Even if I thought I would have an easier time in life with another woman, I just am not attracted to them so I wouldn’t be in a gay relationship. I wasn’t genetically programmed to find female pheromones sexually stimulating. Doesn’t matter what your mind says. Your body gives you the answer.

Jen on

I’m confused, who’s the daddy?

cn tower on

Can’t believe People Magazine allows homophobic, hateful comments yet blocks comments from anyone who says anything remotely critical about the site (even when the comment is articulate, accurate and lacking any profanity or hateful sentiments). Way to go, People!

guest on

@Heather- I LOVE your response to Kate. You made my night,

Carol on

Congratulations to you both….beautiful baby, love her name…… ❤

Judy Ball on

Congrats!! Welcome to our world precious baby girl! You have the greatest gift of all~~~~on this your birthday!!~~~Love!
1st Corinthians~13;13

Sharon on

What a beautiful baby and picture!! So happy for both of them! Will some of you stop hating so much?!? They have just as much right to be happy as anyone else. Im sorry but you do not choose to be gay. I went to high school with a guy who ended up being gay….when i look back, even at 14, there were qualities there already, even though he was so young. Please jus congratulate the couple. If you have nothing else to say, then don’t click on the article and move on. The birth of a baby is a happy and blessed occasion…no one deserves negative comments.

Brianne on

Congrats, Jenna and Stephanie! Harper is precious! To all the haters, shut up and leave them alone! No h8! Equality for all!!!

Sherry on


Denise on

Poor child, the parents must not be Christians or believe in God, or they would know what the Bible says at Romans 1:24-27

Ed on

Denise you are wrong prove it