Melissa George Expecting First Child

08/21/2013 at 09:00 AM ET

Melissa George Pregnant Expecting First Child

She may have just signed on to The Good Wife, but Melissa George‘s greatest role is yet to come: motherhood!

The actress is expecting her first child with boyfriend Jean-David Blanc, she announced Sunday on Twitter.

“Baby on the way! So so happy … xx,” George, 37, Tweeted.

The Australian actress — who is also known for her roles on Alias and Grey’s Anatomy — has had babies on the brain recently, telling the Herald Sun in March 2012 that she hoped a family was in her future despite her split from her now ex-husband.

“Whoever I have my baby with, I want to be proud of that man and I want to carry a child to a man who wants to do that as well,” she said. “But, hey, I’ve got years when you think about it.”

— Anya Leon

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Syd on

These people split from one person, then hook up with someone else faster than greased lightening. And have children with people they barely know. This woman broke up with her husband in March of last year, now she’s pregnant by her boyfriend. How is this going to last? These are people regular folks love and adore. Give me a break.

Heids on

Actually, just read one of the articles linked to in the story above, and it said she left her husband back in 2010. So she may not have rushed into anything with her boyfriend. Even if she did, why not just be happy for her?!

Best wishes to Melissa & Jean-David on their happy news.

Margaret on

News Flash this is the COMMENT section for people to leave their thoughts on, which is all she did, Heids.

Rhonda on

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Karma on

Two thoughts:
1. Doesn’t Melissa Gorga, “The Real Housewife of NJ”, already have 3 kids?
2. Who is Melissa George?

Amelia on

Why don’t you read the post and it’ll tell you three major TV shows she’s had roles on?

Pretty sad comment on our society that a reality “star” comes to mind first…

Marlie on

As a fellow Aussie, she is best known to us as Angel from Home and Away, she was on the show for 10 years

Lyoness on

I remember her from Alias. Congratulations on the new baby.

mama3 on

good luck to her

reed on

I thought it was Melissa Gorga too!

Sarah on

Congrats! She was great on Alias.

Callie on

Years??? Not quite Missy. At 37, I hear a clock ticking

Anonymous on

She split in March 12 and its now Aug 13 – how long does she have to wait to please you Syd?

Margaret on

I would think a little longer than five months and Im glad Im not a passive aggressive biotch like you.

Heids on

Reading your comment to Anonymous and I, calling someone else a ‘passive agressive b…’ is pretty rich coming from someone like you Margaret!

Denise Smith on

Never heard of her but I don’t watch a lot of regular TV anymore.

Renee on

a big congratulations on the upcoming birth of your first child, Melissa George! A bit of a forewarning, if you should give birth to a baby boy, don’t be surprised to see appearing on his newborn crib “Baby Boy George”. Have his first name ready at the time you give birth would be my advice. You’ll love being a new mom.

Anonymous on


YOU ARE A MORON! This is Melissa George, NOT Melissa GORGA!

THIS Melissa has been with this man for two years! NOT 5 MONTHS!

Try to at least know WHO you are talking about before you run your big mouth!

ForMe on

@ Syd I didn’t know she was married. She also used to date Russell Simmons. She does seem to have overlapping relationships.

Anonymous on

It clearly says Melissa George. Melissa George is a blonde and Australian actress. Melissa Gorga is an Italian NJ housewife. I am not understand how people are getting confused. Plus, it mentions a bunch of her roles!!

Becky on

Congrats on the baby..It doesn’t say that she split from her husband in 2012, it says she was talking in March 2012..Learning to read is a great thing.

DaisyMoon on

Absolutely loved her on “Alias”…


Carolyn on

What’s so hard about getting married first?

Amber on

I guess pointing out any lack of morals is useless (I’m sure many of you are like, what lack of morals?), so I’ll just say I hope she has a safe pregnancy.

Simon Paiva on

Her most memorable role to me is that of Laura in season one of the outstanding HBO Gabriel Byrne starred series “In Treatment” She was increadibly sexy in that part, and her acting was pretty decent too.

Jayda on

I was trying to figure out who she was and then I forgot about it and suddenly three hours later my head screams SADIE. Do any of my fellow Grey’s fans remember the adventures of Die and Deth?

Jesse1 on

Aww did nobody watch Cinemax’s Hunted? She was the lead of that show. It was so good. I really hope it comes back but I’m not sure. I’ll just have to watch Strike Back.


Crystal on

She looks GORGEOUS in this photo! Congrats!

Anonymous on

Heids- Exactly. She has been with this guy for two years. Also, from what I’ve read, she and her now ex actually began divorce proceedings back in 2011 (and going by what another poster said, had actually separated a year prior to that).

I think we sometimes forget what a slow process divorce often is, even for celebs (and, therefore, that just because a celeb’s divorce was finalized on certain date doesn’t mean the couple were actually together until just before then!)!

Anyway, congrats to them!

merry on

Loved her in Alias and think she’s gorgeous. Congratulations on the baby.

Lynsey on

She’s an Aussie actress not a “fake real housewife” on tv, she has done many tv shows and movies… Her marriage ended a while ago, good on her for being happy and getting to experience the joy of becoming a mother, why so negative people on here???

Charlotte on

I am happy.for. Melissa. If a.marriage is missing love and attention then it.needs to end. Let the person be free and find happiness with some one else. Marriage with no happiness is no love at all.

lovely123 on

Not a very good picture of her. She looks much older than her years. Maybe it is the light?

Sue on

If you’ve never heard of someone in a story, go to She was great on In Treatment on HBO a couple of years ago.

Anonymous on

Margaret- And that’s what Heids did, too. Newsflash, comments from people who share your views aren’t the only ones allowed here!

Heids on

In case you see this – Thank you!! ;o)