Jennifer Love Hewitt: Pregnancy Is ‘Crazy but Beautiful’

08/21/2013 at 01:00 PM ET

Jennifer Love Hewitt Pregnancy Crazy

Jennifer Love Hewitt definitely has that pregnancy glow — and she’s loving it!

“[Being pregnant] is an awesome thing,” the actress told PEOPLE at Pampers‘ Love, Sleep and Play campaign in New York on Wednesday. “It definitely has its moments where you’re like, ‘Oh my gosh this is crazy,’ but it’s been beautiful.”

One reason Hewitt, 34, continues to look fabulous while pregnant – despite her cupcake cravings – is because she’s upped her exercise routine.

“I’ve actually worked out more pregnant than when I wasn’t. I’ve been working out about five to six days a week,” she explains. “I do a lot of swimming, Pilates, yoga — all good stuff for baby and for me. It gets difficult the bigger you get because it’s more uncomfortable, but it’s important.”

The actress, who recently got engaged to her Client List costar Brian Hallisay, says planning her wedding is on hold for now.

“I’m not putting that on myself also! We’re going to wait,” she says. “I’m going to get down and be cute again and then we’ll be ready to go.”

Hewitt and Hallisay have also chosen to await a delivery surprise when it comes to their first child.

“I’m due in December and I don’t know what I’m having. Meeting the baby is what I’m most excited about,” she says.

As for what she’s most terrified for, Hewitt says: “Learning to breastfeed!”

— Carlos Greer

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Sarah on

Jennifer looks beautiful!

Sara on

She looks amazing!

Erin on

I’m betting a girl! Her face is puffy already.

Krista on

I say it’s a boy.

KW on

I don’t understand the desire to “get down and be cute again” before getting marriage. Getting married isn’t about how good you look (or making yourself look good). You get married because you love the person with all of your heart & soul and want to commit your lives to each other. That said, its probably good she is waiting…..its not going to last with that mindset.

PrincessLA on

Relax, every woman wants to look cute in her wedding photos, mind your own business.

Anonymous on

Oh Lord KW, she’s just trying to be cute. Don’t take it literally.

Dawn on

Get over yourself KW. If you’re married (which by your comment, I’m guessing not) did you spend time looking for the perfect dress that made you feel beautiful, try out different hairstyles and make up looks, workout a bit to feel good?

Every woman wants to feel beautiful and have pictures that don’t make her cringe. JLH is no different. Wish her lots of happiness and love. She looks beautiful preggers!

Holly Calwonsen on

A bit “judgy” aren’t we KW? Are you a marriage expert? Any credentials? Just read the article and pet your cat. Don’t be an a$$.

Heather on

yup, baby then marriage….thats the way it should be……..of course had you done it the right way, you would not have to worry about which last name you are going to give your baby! Oh yeah, thats right, marriage is just a formality now…. lets just have a bunch of kids and then split up after 6 months…………GREAT PLAN……….

bobbie on

I got married and then had two kids, that marriage lasted four years, we had dated for three. We are now divorced, and I’ve been with my current boyfriend EIGHT years and we also have two kids together. So now I’m raising four happy healthy kids. Love is love and yes the bible does prefer that you marry before kids but it Also wants us to get along and not judge others SO worry about yourself

Jaci on

and once again, someone expressing their beliefs and opinion gets scolded for judging…..what are those of us with strong moral convictions supposed to do?? put duct tape over our mouths bc it’s not cool to stick up for your beliefs like everyone else gets to do??

Katy on

There is no “right” way, Heather. That’s what’s so wonderful about living in America.

Jaci on

same goes for you Katy. and your wrong. there actually IS a right way.

Holly Calwonsen on


Jaci on

Apparently anyone with a different opinion is an idiot now.

Heids on

The ‘old’ way might be the ‘right’ way for you, but not for everybody else – there is no right or wrong way anymore, so how about you let other people live their lives the way that is right for them?!

Personally, I believe it is more important to be in a loving relationship, than to be married.

Georgiee on

I had 5 kids then got married. What of it?? It’s 2013 not 1925.

lola on

Wow, she looks great.


Awww love her!! She looks FABULOUS!!!

Angie on

Dear Jennifer Love Hewitt, if you knew what a birth control pill was, you wouldn’t have this problem, or have to “wait until you’re down and cute again” to get married. Having out-of-wedlock babies is something teenagers do, not grown adults. How childish of all these celebrities, or anyone for that matter over the age of 18.

liz on

Wow…I can’t believe how judgmental you are Angie. Times have changed. Get over it. I’m a college graduate and going back for my masters and guess what? We conceived a few months before our wedding date. If she doesn’t want to get married leave her alone. With that mentality I’m surprised if someone finds that attractive about you.

shannon on

Wow, you’re judgemental Angie!

Holly Calwonsen on

Lol I doubt she is the slightest bit concerned about your insignificant opinion, Angie,. And from the way you represent yourself in this comment, I’d say that baby of hers is going to be a hell of a lot happier than any child you may have, or any spouse you may have them with. 🙂

Heids on

What a rubbish and old-fashioned comment for you to make Angie. Whether you marry before or after a baby is born says nothing about the parents’ relationship, nor their love for the baby or each other.

Anonymous on

Angie, I have never seen someone so judgmental as you are. Not only that, but, the pill or any other birth control methods are not 100% effective. I know this from experience. I was on the pill and got urinary tract infections. Little did I know that the antibiotics can and do counter react the pill. So I ended up getting pregnant before I wanted to. You don’t know her, talked to her, or know anything but what the tabloids present to you. How do you know she went out and deliberately got pregnant? You don’t. Before you judge, make sure your hands are clean.

bobbie on

I’m sure she does know what the pill I’d, she’s a bug girl she knows what the birds and the bees are. She never said she was unhappy, she just wants to look good on her wedding day. She’s glowing and smiling not complaining. And St least she’s not a knocked up teenage mom on welfare! Go preach to MTV and the terms if you want to blab to someone

duh on

Obviously she just wants to look and feel good walking down the aisle on her wedding day…who doesn’t??? That does not imply she is not serious about the married part. How can you take a tiny comment and judge like that? As if you know anything about her or her relationship

_Kristine on

Really, which last name they give the baby? That’s the gripe? If they do get married, can you see her headlined as Jennifer Hallisay? Here’s a secret – nobody HAS to change their last name when they get married. Some families hyphenate, some families make a NEW name out of their old, and some go the traditional route where a woman discards her father’s name to take her father-in-law’s name.

Be happy for them. It’s a baby. It’s a beautiful thing.

Abbie on

Loving that cut and color on her! She looks better than she did before she got pregnant!

Christina on

Agree with Heather! Why promote getting married AFTER getting pregnant. Don’t we already have enough unwed mothers in the US. Whatever happened to dating, getting engaged, getting married and then getting pregnant?

bobbie on

What ever happened to mind your own business and don’t worry about other people, if they are happy then great.

TJ on

I often find it odd that people are so apprehensive about marriage but have kids without much thought. Kids are a lifelong commitment-there’s no going back.

sonyamuller on

I can not understand your out dated comments. It’s not the 50 s your childish words make me wonder where your brains are try caring about the homeless or starveing children abused children the mess our planet is in. These are what people should be important not of she is having a baby not married leave her alone and grow up.

Ron on

She is crazy…but beautiful…..

Jac on

Please, this isn’t the early 1900s. I think pregnant brides look awful. The pictures scream, “He married me because I’m pregnant!” To the person talking about the child’s last name, since when does a woman need to be married to give her child its father’s last name?

anon on

Not loving the dark hair. She looks washed out – too pale.

Anonymous on

I Agree!

ek16 on

Why is everyone ragging on her..? There are other celebs who have had children..even adopted children without having been married..I totally support the idea of marriage, but honestly isn’t it better for them to wait and be whole hearted about it..than to have a shotgun wedding before the baby comes!

And as for being cute on her wedding day..there is nothing wrong with that..most brides want to look good..its the whole idea of looking back when you are old and seeing your younger self in love and beautiful..

Anonymous on

Shouldn’t marriage be BEFORE a baby is born?! Great example…..

Nicole on

Oh give it a break! Everyone lives their life how they want… so live your’s and stay out of her’s.

I would much rather see a baby born out of wedlock than one born to parents who can’t get along and wind up divorced because they “did it the right way.” Or better yet, a baby born out of wedlock than born to people who are going to teach it to be judgmental of others’ life choices!

Tam on

You are already cute and pregnancy is just an enhancer.

Tanya on

She looks quite lovely. I’m thinking girl.

Pamela on

I have my doubts that the marriage will take place. She does not have a good track record when it comes to relationships.

I wish Jennifer, her boyfriend and baby all the best.

tori on

Give me a break,this girls been with practically every man in hollywood and has been engaged several times. I’ll believe it when I see it,marriage to her is nothing special. Disgusting!

Apple on

She looks beautiful and happy! cant be mad at that!

Anonymous on

So happy for Jennifer and wish her well in motherhood and marriage. As for the critics about marriage before baby. Seriosuly, who gives a rats a$$. She’s found love and happiness and thats more important than the order in which her baby and marriage come. Good on her to want to look good, better than looking like a whale.

Ann Lynn on

It doesn’t matter if you have a baby before or after you get married. If it doesn’t work for people they get a divorce. I’m sure all you people that are making stupid comments know at least one couple that got married had kids and got a divorce. So stop acting like you are so much better then her. And if she wants to lose weight and look cute for her first wedding that’s her business I know a lot of girls that worked out and got on a diet before they got married so get over it!!!!

The divorce rate in America for first marriage, vs second or third marriage
50% percent of first marriages, 67% of second and 74% of third marriages end in divorce, according to Jennifer Baker of the Forest Institute of Professional Psychology in Springfield, Missouri.

Anonymous on

She looks happy, and healthy and that is what is most important. I do think she looks like she is due before December though. Maybe it is because she is so short.


SO sick to death with the tacky trend of a shot-gun wedding AFTER the birth of the out-of-wedlock, baby.

And a 34-year-old woman doesn’t look “cute” when she’s so stupid, she can’t master birth control.

So tacky and obvious she tricked a man into marrying her. Oldest trick in the book. I find it conniving and manipulative.

A big Fairytale wedding, where the bride wears white – after the birth of the baby – is beyond classless and tacky.


Why do these woman get pregnant on purpose by guys who haven’t committed to them yet?

Now, Jennifer will never know if this man would have asked her to marry him on his own. She forced his hand which is truly pathetic.

Would hate to be married under those circumstances. As to a big white wedding after the baby is born?

One word: Trashy!!!

Danyell on

So from reading these comments I guess that for a child to happy you have to be married or at least married before conceiving. I think you all need to take a step back and look in your own mirror before judging what is best for other people.

I know some people that grew up in a single parent household that are better adjusted than some people that grew up with both parents. All that really matters is that their child is healthy and happy.

tree lady on

Of course, wait until baby is born to get married…NOT! And people want to know what is wrong with families and our society. Duh….no role models!!!!! No commitments!!!! Just have babies, AND then we’ll decide if we want to stay together as a family. WHAT A COMPLETE SHAME.

ugh on

Dear Angie,

Judging people on their decisions that have no bearing on your life is something teenagers do, not adults. She’s got enough money to take care of her kid with or without a husband. Plenty of kids are raised by single mothers and turn out wonderfully, and plenty of kids are raised by married parents who turn out to be scum-sucking brats.

So sorry that she found happiness and you obviously did not.

The whole world.

Jenn on

People make their own choices. Hopefully she and the baby are healthy, and actually, there was a big screw up with a birth control company a couple years back. A lot of women got pregnant. I mean what do you want people? She is keeping her child, but if she had an aborted it shed get crap for that, wearing white, that’s not what everyone does, and if she does, so what? Regardless of past boyfriend experience (how many celebs got married only to divorce weeks later?) stop judging…look at yourself and if you’re not happy with you? Then change that.


Unwed mothers are destroying our country. SO easy for these women to get knocked-up. Society pays dearly for these illegitimate kids.

STOP glorying and CONDONING out of wedlock pregnancy, Danyell. In the black community, 75% of births are out of wedlock. These children are usually neglected and the mothers on welfare.

JLH looks ridiculous. 35-years-old and doesn’t know how to put a pill in her mouth.

Anonymous on

Why do so many prefer to put the cart BEFORE the horse?

Minnie on

Who are you to tell her how to live her life and who don’t want to look good on their wedding day. At the end of the day it’s HER life, so worry about your life and let Jennifer be happy. This is 2013, not 1953, not all kids from single/ unmarried parents are messed up. Don’t judge her, that’s God’s job.

Carrie Ann on

KNEW all the judgmental jerks would come out on this one, religious freaks abound! MARRIAGE does not belong to religion, it is a man made institution. There is no rules on how the steps of your life should go, marriage then child. I do not remember reading in the bible that Adam and Eve had a marriage ceremony?!

OH wait, it’s because they didn’t! Silly me! They committed to each other, I think if that was good enough for your God, that is good enough for us, agreed? So please take your soap box back to church.

ella on

dear angie. birth control doesn´t always work. and who are you to criticize the way someone chose to live their life? as long as she´s happy who cares?!

Cinder Lou on

Don’t people understand that the commitment to having and raising a child is GREATER than that of committing to another through marriage? Jennifer and Brian could tie the knot in a civil ceremony and then have a big bash reception once she’s “down and cute again.” Why do so many people put the cart before the horse?

Minnie on

Who cares if she’s having kids out of wedlock, let her be happy and worry about YOUR life, not her’s. Congrats to her and her fiance, babies are a bless no matter they come from couple who are married or not.

Donna on

Clearly the mindset these days is completely selfish and backwards. Yea, go ahead, get knocked up and THEN, maybe, commit to marriage. I don’t even think the commitment is what they want. Its just the over the top wedding and publicity they seem to need.

PS on

I don’t believe in putting the horse before the cart either, and I don’t like the message this might send younger impressionable girls. Call me old-fashioned, backwards, or anal retentive if you please – I’ll own up to that.

At the same time, I’m not perfect, and I allow that to teach me the flip side of the coin. I’ve done the shotgun wedding and I will be the first to support someone who decides to wait until after the baby comes before deciding if marriage should be in the cards. My situation ended in disaster as do many others, because marrying due to pregnancy is one of the WORST reasons ever. People have sex and get pregnant all the time without necessarily loving each other, and those decisions do not always lead to falling in love later.

I’ve even had Catholic priests tell me they advise couples expecting a baby to wait until at least a few months after the birth to get married. They not only want to make sure the couple’s marrying for the right reason but that Mom doesn’t have to deal with the added stress of planning a wedding putting strain on her and the baby.

Yes, girls, I’m pretty sure Jennifer Love Hewitt knows what a birth control pill is – and she’s still an adult, and it’s her life. I would imagine if Love Hewitt got pregnant and had an abortion you’d be up in arms about that too, so I guess for people like you, it’s a no-win situation.

If you can find it in your hearts, try to suspend your judgment and realize the world’s not going to spin on the axis you dictate. It takes all kind of people to make a world, including the babies born out of wedlock and their parents.

Amanda on

They could always just get a license from a justice of the peace and then have a wedding party after, but as long as she’s happy, I guess it doesn’t really matter.

Erin on

Judgements all over the place here, huh? There’s no confusion over a last name – you can take one or both either way. A piece of paper and a party don’t constitute a commitment. How does her not being married and having a baby affect you? It doesn’t. Get off the high horse and do something worth while.

Carrie Ann on

Wow and I have to say TACKY TACKY, you need to get back on your meds if you think unwed mothers are destroying your country? No gangs, drugs, violence, a poor economy, war, NOPE! It is you darn unwed mothers ruinin the good ole USA (sarcasm) Yup, you are running around wreaking havoc on your country, if wasn’t for you, the US would be in great shape! (sarcasm) OMG WOMAN ( TACKY) get a freaking life! WOW! Who cares about a piece of paper, that is not a guarantee of a long union.

You are extremely ignorant and judgmental, go back to your cave.

Babymakes3 on

Good for her! I love JLH, she seems like such a sweetheart. She’ll do motherhood great. And her fiancée is GORGEOUS. So great her life is doing good.

Katy on

Don’t judge her just because she sins differently than you do.

maggie Elaina on

Every girl wants to look her most beautiful on her wedding day, so after having a baby, she will want to look her best when Pictures will be broadcast all over the world. She has taken enough flack over the past few years when supposed unflattering photos of her in a bathing suit were published, we all have ego’s enough to want to be photographed looking our best, who wouldn’t!


Carrie Ann —- Obviously you got knocked-up before marriage. No way would you be that defensive of out of wedlock pregnacy if you were a classy woman who waited until marriage to have a baby.

WHO do you think is on welfare, in gangs, on drugs – ruining DETROIT and big cities??? Children born to mothers like JLH who get knocked up without a husband.

DARN right I’ll judge these selfish women.

D on

Everyone on these threads come on looking for a fight. Why is that? If someone doesn’t share the same outlook as you they are attacked. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and opinions right? I’m not trying to sound corny or cliche but isn’t god the true judge?

If JLH wants to wait to get married it’s her business. I assume that’s what some of you have the issue with right? Cause it goes against God & its morally wrong? Well I feel the same but I guarantee you it wont effect my life personally. Why? Because it’s between her & God. Just sayin’.

justbecause on

My brother-in-law and his girlfriend had this same reason for not getting married. They had two little girls together and she was always trying to lose the weight so they could get married. Sadly he developed a rare lung disease and died when the girls were 6 & 2. His girlfriend married him on his death bed. In the end it didn’t matter what she weighed and they wished they had done it years before.

Kelly on

She looks beautiful!

mrspeel2 on

I adore Jennifer but oh, how I wish she’d stop falling in love with her co-stars!

Beautifulblurr on

That’s usually how it goes these days. Baby and then they get engaged and never actually make it to getting married. That’s what happens when two irresponsible people have a child, they try to get married for the child and not because they actually love each other and want to be together.

lauralee on

Hummmmmmmmmmmmmm…………… Hollywood ‘can’ trend like us normal folk! The divorce rate in Hollywood is out of this world,,marriage is just a stupid piece of paper anyway !

Mischa on

In other words, don’t hold your breath.

Carrie Ann on

Uh nope (BIG BUZZER SOUND) I was married first, horrible husband, cheated all the time, so yah, thank God I got married first Lord knows what would have happened if I didn’t!

Listen lady, do us people (one’s that try not to be like you) remove your crappy attitude from websites. I would love to hear your whole life story from another person’s perspective. I bet (now here I go being like you and judging) that you were a miserable child, married a very weak, meek man so you could control him, you are never affectionate or kind unless you want others to see your “fake” side. You come on here and take it out on others because you have such a crappy life and need to be the bully.

Go away, shoo, off with your horrid attitude. Disagreeing with it is one thing, you take it to an “whole nother level” with your comments.

Samantha on

Go figure – people are nagging about how she’s not married and having a baby. BIG SURPRISE. I don’t know why it even matters, to be honest. Or why anyone’s surprised or why anyone even bothers to nag about it anymore. It’s definitely not something new and it won’t ever change. What about women who choose to have a baby by other means WITHOUT a man? Is she “in the wrong” too? No!

I am so sick of the stereotype that you HAVE to be married to have a baby. Get over it! It doesn’t involve you and it’s none of your business what other people do. “Those poor babies” is not something you say because two people aren’t married. My God.

Anonymous on

Judging people you don’t know and judging situations you don’t fully know is pure ignorance.

Anonymous on

SO immature! Sad people look up to this tramp.

Jessie on

Of course she looks good in a BLACK dress. We ALL do.

Modern construct on

I just want to remind all you negative Nellies out there that marriage as we see it today is essentially a godless construct. I believe in marriage whole heartedly but biblically a marriage never consisted of a justice of the peace, a legally binding document, and a couple of rings. It was an agreement between two people and her father, a big party and then a big fat ‘and he knew her’… So stop with all the judgy naysaying… Judge he not lest he be judged. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. And Jesus said the ‘greatest commandment is this, to love your neighbor as you love yourself.’

Stefanie on

Call me old fashioned but shouldn’t It be the other way around??

Phil on

You are supposed to get married and then have a baby. What is wrong with people these days?

Anonymous on

I am in complete shock reading all these hateful comments! I am 29 years old, have been with the same man for 7 years, am UNMARRIED (by choice) and 5 months pregnant! I could not be happier with my life or more proud to be a mom for the first time! You people want “good examples” for your chilren??? How about you get off your damn soap boxes and teach them something! I can only pray that my child never has to deal with ignorant people like you!!

Ann on

If she had left her legs closed, she could have gotten married at a cute size first.

Ann on

First comes love, then comes marriage…

Oh wait. I must be remembering that wrong.

Charli on

She looks gorgeous! I hope to be that beautiful pregnant. She has that pregnancy glow. She is having a sylish and fabulous pregnancy. Glad she is having a great pregnancy. It’s inspiring.

Cherri on

I agree with KW,Angie, Heather – just not sure why the” carriage seems to come before marriage” more often that not. Just don’t get it. People are afraid of the commitment to marriage, but not having a child? That is the biggest commitment a person can make but so many people don’t seem to understand that.

Sandy on

She looks stunning and healthy and happy.

Ann on

Don’t pray for us. Pray that your child.

kyliekoo on

She’s worried about breastfeeding???? think there have been quite a few there already

Irma on

Boy!! god bless

Annie0323 on

I think Jennifer looks beautiful, as always. There is nothing wrong with her wanting to ‘feel’ good about herself when she walks down the aisle! Everyone’s saying ‘those poor babies’, at least they will never have to worry about being hungry, having a home, and more importantly: LOVE!..You go girl!

Amy on

I just love her. I think whether she gets married now or later is totally up to her and her fiancee. I am so happy for them both.

Angela Borte on

I love her! She is beautiful! I wish her all the best. Can’t wait for The Client List to come back!! I hope they write her pregnancy into the script. That would be wonderful for Riley and Kyle!

ItalianMomma4 on

She is beautiful and glowing. So what if she wants to wait til the baby arrives. Im happy to say I had three kids before I got married. I’ve been with my man for almost 10yrs. We’ve been married for almost 4yrs and welcomed our fourth child after we got married. Everyone is different. I wish so many weren’t so judgemental. Get over it. It’s her life and she is very happy.

postathread on

“get down and be cute again” …typical self absorbed Hollywood. Blech!

keslyn on

Did she just imply that pregnant women aren’t cute?

Personally I think she looks better pregnant than she did before…

Cindy on

Poor child will not have a legal Father. How sad and what a disrespectful decision for her to make for her baby.

Jenny on

why does anyone care about her marriage status? her baby is obviously going to be financially cared for and has two parents. what’s the difference if its parents got a state issued piece of paper?

DS on

For all those lamenting the fact that she had a child before she got married, and recognizing that children are a bigger commitment than marriage:

Does marriage have any intrinsic value? Since we know that people don’t stay married if they are unhappy, and we also know that people have sex without being married — is there any point in being married?

There are some who say “It’s a commitment” — but it really is only one type of commitment. It’s entirely possible that they’ve committed to each other without involving a religion or a legal entity — and that doesn’t mean it’s any less of a commitment. Many slaves in the 19th century weren’t permitted to get married, but would have a small ceremony marking their commitment. Since it wasn’t recognized by a church or a government, was it less of a commitment? Does it have to be a public ceremony to be a “real” commitment? Or perhaps they decided to have a baby together as a commitment. Since it’s a bigger commitment than a marriage (in that you can’t get out of it) perhaps that supercedes the need for marriage.

In terms of “whose last name the baby should have” — well, last names were assigned to children to ensure inheritence rights. Since JLH definitely has more of an estate than Halliday, it seems appropriate that the child should be given her name, doesn’t it….? I’ve been married many years, had our children during my marriage, and they were given my last name rather than my husband’s. Horrors! Guess what? they’ve turned out just fine, and my marriage is just fine, too.

And those of you who are religious must understand that there are folks out there who *aren’t* religious, so please don’t try to force others to live by your lifestyle choice.

Ashley on

I’m sure Jennifer didn’t mean it this way, but her comment re marriage implies that pregnant women aren’t cute. I actually felt the most beautiful when I was pregnant with my now 2 year-old daughter, and I had a difficult pregnancy! My husband, family and friends all thought so too, and would always tell me how beautiful I looked with my pregnancy glow. But Jennifer is a grown woman, so if she wants to wait until after her baby is born, then that’s her prerogative. Though, with her track-record, there’s a good chance that she and Brian will never make it down the aisle. She has quite a few broken engagements under her belt already.

pagoda on

Breastfeeding is not as easy the first couple days, but stick with it and it does work.

lorinda on

What on earth gives so many of you the right to judge her or anyone else. Sure it’s ideal to be married and then have a baby, but things happen and all of you people making judgement is insane and ridiculous.

Things happen in life you didn’t plan on and a positive outlook on things will all workout just take care of baby.

(and for those of you thinking i had a baby out of wedlock, i did not, i just think people are way too quick to judge people on Everything these days.)

Lastly she looks great and her show is great, i hope everything works out wonderfully!

nicole on

There are celebs who have had kids…been together for yrs n not ever married. Tim robbins n susan surrandon kurt russell n goldie hawn for example. Kurt n goldie together…. tim and susan split. Some people simply dont want to get married or believe in marriage. Some choose baby before marriage. None of our business. I. Happy for jennifer tho!!!!

HJB on

Wow Tacky Tacky, Ann, Cindy
& all you haters out there get a life! Seriously do you have nothing better to do than to sit in judgement of someone you don’t even know? I’m sorry, but I’m pretty sure God doesn’t want you judging other people! FYI birth control is not 100% effective every time! Stop being jealous just because she’s getting laid & you’re not! Better tell Obama all these unwed mothers who can love & support their child WITHOUT welfare are the problem!

meghan on

She sounds childish. Of course to me she always does.

MommytoanE on

Geeze, looks like a troll hit this post. Beware! Don’t feed the troll.

Jennifer looks great. Can’t wait to hear what she has and see how beautiful the baby is. I’m guessing she’s going to have a girl..but theres a 50/50 chance either way!

sgtmian on

People are deluded if they think marriage somehow symbolizes commitment. It doesn’t. It’s a piece of paper and a ring, some fancy clothes and a party. Marriages end as often as relationships. Commitment is making a promise and sticking to the promise. And you don’t need a piece of paper, or rings, or fancy clothes or a party to do that.

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I think the real question here is why are people so interested in the lives of celebrities. I stumbled across this site initially looking for something else and found myself pretty puzzled how people care about the lives of celebrities. I personally think it is not appropriate for people to have babies out of wedlock. I’m happily married, not angry, not judgmental and no, and don’t own a lot of cats (I actually own none) so if someone thinks I’m living in some isolated lonely world they would be wrong. Look. The idea people talk about any celebrity like they know them is absurd. That people seem so infatuated with individuals who conversely could care little about them is strange. This site showcases people who seem frustrated by our country’s morals and use Ms. LH as a scapegoat. It also features people who want to defend a woman who doesn’t know them from a can of paint. Wouldn’t it be better to perhaps focus on something more substantive than somebody’s hair and dress?

I don’t think people understand that all of this celebrity following and commentary is a distraction. The media is pretty much using the average American to make money off of them as they watch TV shows, buy mags and apps and purchase clothes all centered around “celebrities”. It would make more sense to have a hobby that does not involve being a pawn of some Hollywood exec.

It just seems so unnatural to exert such energy congratulating actresses and actors on the events of their lives and vehemently defending them from their “detractors”. Conversely, why do we expect these individuals to be role models when they live in a world of excess and contempt for morality? Actors and actresses are people who live miles away from us, get rich off our money, and rise and fall based upon a media machine that is using the average American and the actors/actresses themselves. They aren’t our pseudo-friends and usually aren’t our moral enemies. They are just humans who perform the same boring bodily functions we do. The fact we give them any substantial percentage of our attention is rather sad.

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Couldn’t have said it better myself. Bravo

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All you people making comments about unwed mothers…you have no right to judge anyone.