Baby Girl on the Way for Newlywed Kirsten Storms

08/20/2013 at 03:00 PM ET

Kirsten Storms Pregnant Married Brandon Barash Exclusive Courtesy Brandon Barash

In a twist that would be right at home on a soap opera, General Hospital star Kirsten Storms, who plays vixen-with-a-heart-of-gold Maxie Jones on the legendary daytime drama, is married — and about to be a mom.

The news comes as a shock not only because Storms, 29, has battled endometriosis, but because the baby’s father is Storms’ former costar, Brandon Barash, who played Johnny Zacchara on the soap until last April.

“We’re having a little girl in January,” the proud dad-to-be — who also reveals that the couple secretly wed in June — tells PEOPLE exclusively.  “It’s been the most amazing couple of months of our lives.”

“We kept things quiet because of everything that can go wrong during the first trimester,” Barash, 33, explains. “Kirsten did have a rocky [time] and we were in and out of the hospital.”

It was a rough start to a very welcome surprise for the couple, he adds. “We talked about wanting to have kids and Kirsten was told she could try hormone therapy. It was pretty bleak as far as the probability of her being able to get pregnant … but then we got back from a trip to Amsterdam and discovered we were expecting. We calculated that we conceived the baby in [GH star] Tony Geary‘s guest room!”

With his wife now in her second trimester, Barash says he and Storms are beginning to prepare their daughter’s nursery as they share their happy news.

“A couple of weeks ago she wasn’t really showing, but now her curves have just taken over,” the actor says. “It makes me love her even more. It feels like a fairytale — we are so lucky.”

— Monica Rizzo

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Jocelyn on

Good idea for them to keep quiet until now.

guest on

“We calculated that we conceived the baby in [GH star] Tony Geary‘s guest room!” – TMI

Jenny on

I just love this so much!!!! Congrats to them!

megan on

Yay!! I am so happy for the both of them!!!

Jennifer on

I still see her as Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century. HAHA! Happy for her and the hubby.

kt on

I am so happy for both for them!!!

shannon on

❤ Congratulations to these two. A miracle baby.

lisa on

I can’t believe they are a couple in real life. I love them on GH. Maxie is adorable. I wish johnny would come back he is so cute and I love his character

KatNap on

Super happy for these two people ppl. They deserve great things and I have and am currently enjoying them very much on TV.

Rosemarie on

MUCH congratulations to Kirsten and Brandon on their marriage and their baby!!! As a GH fan,I am SO happy for them!! Wishing them a safe and healthy pregnancy and baby and a lifetime of happiness!

Anonymous on

Congratulations, but I do not think we need to know exactly where conception took place.

Alison Brennan on

Congratulations and best of luck to you both as you start this wonderful journey into parenthood together!

Donna on

Great news! Congratulations to you both!

studioinkphoto on

Omgosh! I’m so happy for them! Congratulations!!!!!!

Star on

WOW Congrats to them on their marriage and a new baby!

Daisy on

Very very happy for both. Always loved “Maxie” and “Johnnie” was also one of my favorites on GH.

Anonymous on

congrats Kirsten I love you when you playing zenon

Janet Orlando on

Congrats to the happy couple.

Candace on

Congratulations to the happy couple!!!! 🙂 I’m sure Tony Geary would be proud. Haha.

Joni on

In his guestroom? TMI

Anonymous on

I love her on GH and miss him lots. What a great couple, Congratulations! This baby is going to be beautiful!

Lee Harris on

Very Sweet! Congrats!

Jill on

Congratulations to 2 of my favorite GH actors! Best wishes to you both on such joyous news!!

Dot on

Congrats to two of my favourite GH stars. She is having a little girl on GH and now she will have one of her very own. I am so happy for them.

Anonymous on

I think u r both adorable! I remember when u were off the show dealing w/endo.. I’ve been watching GH For 40 yrs & Kirsten Uve become such a favorite!! Darling inside & out LUV Brandon too & miss him on GH best of luck to u both & Mazel tov. Stay happy & healthy& keep eating Taco Bell!!! Judy Blum

EmmaWasHere on

Oh how wonderful! My sister went through the same problems when it came to getting pregnant. Hoping for the best for this family!

CharChar on

Awww that is so exciting!!! Love(d) them both on GH, Congrats and best of luck, she is going to be one beautiful little girl!

Karen L on

What a cute couple. Love them both. Congrats.

kayla on

do we really need to know WHERE the child was conceived…TMI

Leanna on

Maxie and Johnny! That is amazing! He sounds like he’s going to be a great dad, and funny that she probably found out she was pregnant while playing a pregnant character on tv.

Anonymous on

I am so happy for them…

Laine on

I’m just a little shocked because I thought he was engaged to the girl from AMC!

Janette on

Congradulations Kristen

Congrats on

Love it! They conceived at Tony Geary’s house! Congratulations!

Angela Borte on

Congrats to them! I wish them both the best! 🙂

Kim on

Congratulations!!!! Such a beautiful couple sharing the most wonderful news

Theresa Walker on

So excited for Kirsten and Brandon. She will be one beautiful baby !!! Congrats

maghal on

Congratulations to Kirsten & Brandon on your marriage and your baby!! Hope all goes well with the rest of your pregnancy !!! Good luck and may all your dreams come true!!

sue's on

awe congrats to the happy couple.

Sue on

Congrats to them! What a cute couple!

Jackie Villio on

Art imitates life—just as Maxi is having a little girl—Congratulations and many Blessings ❤

Stephanie on

This little girl will be gorgeous just look at her parents. I love both actors from GH and wish you both the best of luck…enjoy this time and your sleep while you still can

Oh i feel so old now!!! on

i could almost swear just yesterday i was watching Her play Zenon on Disney Channel. Dang i feel hecka old now!!!!!! 😦 “Zoom zoom zoom, makes my heart go boom boom, my super nova girl!”

Grama on

And I have no doubt smoking weed with Anthony made all the difference. Best wishes. Love them both.

Laura on

They are so cute together. I am super happy for them 🙂

dee on

WOW…had no idea they were a couple in real life…congrats to them…and I miss THIS Maxie….hate she left the show…

ricti on

I love Maxie and johnny together!!! This is great! their baby girl will be beautiful!

Nina on

Another couple who met and fell in love on a soap set…they should start their own club. Congratulations to them, though, and best wishes for a healthy, happy daughter.

Anonymous on

Love these 2!

Elizabeth on

Congratulations to Brandon and Kirsten, as someone who has battled infertility myself I am so happy for you.

heather yocum on

So happy for them. I watch GH and I think Brandon is so HOT and Kristin is so cute. They are going to have a beautiful baby.

Brenda on

I’m so happy for you both. I’ve watching K. Storm for many years and shows and DOOL, and now GH, you are very good at what you do,keep up the great work… again CONGRATS

Susan on

Congrats on the marrage and the baby on the way!

Anonymous on

Very sweet, he speaks very beautifully about his wife and his new growing family. God bless. Xxx

Anonymous on

Great news But not totally surprised because while watching GH one day I had said that I think Maxie looks like she really is pregnant that’s funny 🙂

Malinda Spann on

Thank u People. Being a big GH fan . I loved to see more soap stars on Good start. Congrats!

Allison on

Very happy for her. I’ve been a fan since she first hit the scene. Congrats to her and Brandon!

Anonymous on

I will always love you as Zenon and Belle. You will be a great mom, congrats on your marriage and new baby.

GH FAN SINCE 1977 on

Congratulations! I’m SO happy for you guys, I wish you both the best of luck, and how lucky is that little girl? The GREAT Tony Geary’s guest room?!

Christina Gundlach on

I absolutely love them together!!!!! Congrats on a baby. I wonder what this will do for Maxie??? SO excited for them!!!!

minerva on

I am so very happy for them both! What news! I live them both! Maxie is one if my favorite characters on GH and I miss Johnny! This is such a blessing! Congratulations!!!! <3<3<3<3

Cristina on

Random pairing. She always came across as a pain in the ass.

CinSweet on

That is so sweet! Congrats to them! Gorgeous couple. I wish Kirsten a healthy pregnancy.

Anonymous on

Oh my gosh had no idea about them love Johnny! Congrats thats going to a very pretty baby!

Jodie on

I’m so excited & very shocked about the marriage & pregnancy!!! CONGRADULATIONS to both of you!!!

emsestuary on

Absolutely thrilled for them.
Two of my favorite soap actors.
Love and blessings all around.

ranie henry on

congratulations to the both of you

Anita on

These two are so adorable. That baby will be gorgeous. Congrats!

kay on

So happy for them beautiful couple!

Kacie on

I feel like they rushed into getting married. Wasn’t he just engaged to Natalie Hall? I wonder how GH is going to cover up the pregnancy considering Maxie is about to give birth this week on the show.

Melody on

This is such wonderful news! SO glad she’s happy, married and expecting …she’s had a long rough road …here’s to a happy future!

Cynthia on

Congratulations!! I love Maxie and Johnny as characters on GH 🙂 So glad to see a real life romantic story emerge. All the best to you both 🙂

Catarina on

Couldn’t be happier, cute couple

Erin Tseronis on

That’s awesome, Im a big fan of both of them. What a great souvenir from Amsterdam! 🙂

Anonymous on

TMI. Don’t think Tony wanted to know where the baby was conceived. lol

Mel on

I’m so happy for them! Maybe a little TMI about where she was conceived, but it sounds like quite a wonderful surprise that Kirsten is expecting considering her medical condition. She and Brandon sound very excited. Good luck!!

Gayle Ross on

I am so happy for both of you. I’ve been a fan of both of you. I’m still a fan of Kristen & the General Hospital Show. I’ve been watching since the first show 50 yes ago. Congratulations

Terre Triscila on

that is the happiest news I heard today! I am glad both of them have found love and more

Lynnie on

I LOVE it! What a fantastic couple Kirsten and Brandon make! I wish them a lifetime of happiness and a beautiful little daughter… which she will no doubt be!

Nan on

I just started watching GH again after many years. I’m really enjoying the Maxie pregnancy story line. Congrats to the happy couple and best wishes for a safe delivery and a healthy baby girl.

wendy on

Wow that is so awesome congratulations to you both.. I love both of you and your characters..

Gloria on

Congratulations to the both of you I hope you have a wonderful marriage and a very healthy and happy baby girl god bless you always.

Carden on

A couple I can honestly say I’m happy for. I’ve watched Storms on Days, when she was Zenon, and on GH. Watched both on GH. Congrats!!!!!

Sara on

I am so happy for them! Wishing them a healthy and happy pregnancy and marriage!

traycee on

WOW! Congrats she is so lucky!

labiz12 on

wow…thats gonna be a beautiful baby…had no idea they were even dating…big congrats…

Kathy on

Awww who knew they were together! I love them all on GH. Congrats new family.

Sheryl on

Congrats on both counts to you two. That baby will be blessed in lots of ways.

Susan E on

I could tell she was pregnant for weeks now, but was a surprise she is married and to Brandon. CONGRATS!!

Lunabell on

Love them! Congrats!

susan on

WHAT?! This is SO awesome! I’ve met them both and they’re so nice-I wish them all the best!

4tmama on

So very happy for them!! Wonder how they are gonna hide it on show?! Miracles happen!!

DaisyMoon on

I’m sure Tony Geary will be thrilled LOL!

Btw…these two are reeaallly good-looking, wow.

Fan on

So cute! Congrats Kirsten & Brandon. (Maxie & Johnny)

Tara on

Loved her ever since she was Belle on days, so happy for them both, God Bless!

Tanya on

Aww, so happy for them. I hope the remainder of the pregnancy goes by without a hitch. Congrats you two!

maryhelenc on

Congrats to them! So happy for her!

mrthrower on

Well, this is interesting. I wonder how the writer’s are going to handle this on GH?

Anonymous on

Endo is an AWFUL disease thst destroyed much of my life. So glad it turned out positive 😀

Christina on

So happy about the news. Congrats!

Crissy on

I love this!!!! Congrats

Anonymous on

I’m pathetically excited for them 😛

Shirley. Altig on

Congrats to the newlyweds

Denise on

Congratulations and best of luck. Love General Hospital. Love Kristen Storms and Brandon Barash.

FloydMom on

So happy for the both of them. Congrats!!!!

Nadia on

I loved him on GH! Im somewhat jealous she’s with him. I knew they were dating from instagram but the wedding seemed kinda rush.. and the pregnancy. Good luck to them though.

Diane Buckley on

I just wanted to say Congrats to both of you and enjoy your blessing to the fulliest. You will make awesome parents. My bezt to both of you.

amanda on

Yay. I’m so happy for yall! I like you both on the show. Both great actor/actress! Too bad Johnny can’t come back on the show. And conceived in Anthony Gearys guest room, how funny! Congratulations to you both!

Raylene on

So happy for these two. They are 2 of my favorite characters on the show. Wish them all the best on their new life together.


How can everyone not be happy for them. I had the same problem. Doctor said I couldn’t have kids. I was blessed with two… Congratulations and God Bless

BrittB on

Oh Zenon congrats! 😉

Charli on

Yay for them!! Congrats! Good news and blessing all around.

Linda Hernandez on

Me @ my Mom watch GH all the time. We are so happy for both of them.

Anonymous on

Huge fans of both of these two…congratulations!!!!! Miss you on GH, Brandon!!!

melissa on

Congrats to them!

Prpro on

Good for them! This is more intriguing than Maxie’s storyline!

Theresa on

Love to here they are together and baby on the way !
Johnny does need to come back !
Enjoy the bundle 😉

Reika on

I loved Kirsten Storms as Belle on Days of Our Lives. She’ll be an awesome mom. I hope things will get little easier for her. Congrats to them!

Colleen Moore on

Congratulations on both your marriage and news of a baby to be, I wish you the best of everything you make such a good looking couple and so looking forward to seeing your Beautiful Baby Girl~~ Best Wishes!!

jessica Renwand on

i am so happy for the both of them. I love maxi and johnny was so hot

Pnut on

I’m sure your friend is glad to know that you got it on in his guest room.

Iwona on

Love them on GH!! So happy for them;)

Bethanie F on

I am so happy for these guys.

Carrow on

Oh wow! This is shocking news but in a great way. From what I’ve read she had a rough year medically and he had a rough year romantically but they found each other and seem genuinely happy.

Congratulations and I wish your growing family continued happiness, blessings, prosperity and good health!

Rebecca Noel on

Congrats to you both! God is great! How wonderful! Happy for you. 🙂

woodsie3148 on

Congratulations to the both of you. While I haven’t been a follower of GH, I was a fan of yours on Days. As a mom, grandmother and great grandmother, I can tell you there is no love greater than a child. You will cherish every moment of your child before she’s born and even more after she’s born. You will hold her little fingers, wonder at the smell of her all wrapped up in her little blanket. You’ll laugh with her and at times you’ll cry with her. Then, you’ll turn around and she’ll be growing up, but she’ll always be your little girl. Cherish her and in turn she’ll give you all her love as you will her. It truly is a magical time!!

Nichele on

Great news! Haven’t watched GH in quite a while, but I’m a big fan of both. Congrats to the happy couple!

Sarah on

Didn’t she used to wear a purity ring?

Look, I am not saying that you have to do things the traditional way, you know, saving yourself for marriage and so on. But, I do get disappointed, when people take that stance and then don’t follow through.

However, I do admit that she has the right to change her mind.

d on

Fans of both so wish them the best!


LOVE that these 2 are together! I love watching them both on GH 🙂 Congrats!

mickey on

Congrats!!! They make a beautiful couple. Their baby will be very blessed.

Anonymous on

supporters said maxie and johnny should totally be together… i remember scenes at johnny’s garage and when johnny helped maxie at gh among others.
brandon and kirsten good luck supporters wish you the best!!!

marilyn on

Congrats to Kristin and Brandon.

She was out sick for a long time.

She’s had a long and successful career.

Hopefully she will continue to act.

Denise on

I am so very happy for the both of them. They have both been through some trying times and I am glad they found each other. Congrats Brandon and Kristen on both the marriage and the baby. You both deserve all the happiness in the world. ♥

Lori J Kurnik on

I am so excited for both of them, they are both my favorites, Brandon was so awesome on the show and I wish he was still on it. Good luck to both of them.

Amanda on

What?! That’s crazy! I’ve watched GH forever and I’ve always liked her and I remember my little sister watching her as Xenon on Disney back in the 90s. Congratulations! That baby will be gorgeous!!

Anonymous on

Congrats to them! And I wonder why she was in and out of the hospital?

Dee Englehart on

She was so great on Days of Our Lives when she was younger. I wish them both all the happiness in the world.

Anonymous on

Maxie and Johnny got married?!

Joe Petitjean on

John J. York must be real proud of his TV daughter as is Jack Wagner who plays her bio dad on the show.

Kelly on

This makes my day! A great couple!

solar on

Wow, I didn’t even know they were dating, much less married! lol Congratulations to both of them on their bundle of joy.

marion a gawron on

congrat for the both of u,,,,,,,,

Isabel on

Whoa! Talk about coming out of left field. He was engaged to someone else not even a year ago.

Nancy on

Congrats to this happy couple. And baby makes three !!! 🙂

Anonymous on

This bad news for gh fans because last momma
Have baby on show then baby real life went to
Nut house that Sarah/Carly when Carly had Michael
And Sarah had Jordan

Jennifer on

What wonderful news!!! It was common knowledge that they were dating (though they never confirmed it) but the way they were on Twitter there was no doubt. I’m very happy for the 2 of them! They are adorable together and the chemistry is undeniable. Congrats to both of them!!

Patricia on

Congratulations!! Love them both on GH.Going be a beautiful baby!

Terrimillward on

I remember her as belle black on days of our lives:). But I’m soo happy for them and their babies:)hope they are ready for poopie diapers and early feedings it’s gonna be a fun time 🙂 I know it was for me ,my words of my mother to them : when they nap you nap 🙂

Elaine kachelmeier on

Congrats ! May the joy of this baby bring you both happiness and a life time of joy and laughter. Children make your life woe thing living and it makes u a better person! Live and prayers to both if you! Many blessing for u and your family! I love you both on GH! Elaine your biggest fan

Elaine on

Congratulations and good luck. Hope all three of you will be very happy. This is the kind of news I like – happy!

bsquared41 on

TMI on the location of conception, but congrats to them! I have always liked Storms ever since her time on Days of Our Lives, and now I love her on GH too. Hopefully her pregnancy goes better than Maxie’s!

Anonymous on


Stephie on

Name her Georgie!!!

TEXAS13 on

I am soooo happy for them…I missed her so much when she had to take time off. They are a very cute couple & I wish them the very best of everything. GH is my favorite soap & even better when the storyline is about Maxie…

Cara on

What wonderful news! What a handsome couple! They both deserve the best, and obviously have found it with each other. Looking forward to hearing and seeing more about them and their upcoming family. I wish them well with tons of happiness!

mandysandy on

I always wanted them to get together on the show!! Very cute together!! Congrats, all the best!!

Ashley on

Wow! I was so excited to hear this news. I know she’s had a hard time health wise.

Daffygrams on

Congrats on both the marriage and baby!! Great looking couple.

Kiwi on

SOO happy for them!!! Wish them a happy, healthy pregnancy. Congratulations.

shelley on

I love this, so happy for them!

Milly on

What fantastic news. A big congrats to both on your wedding and awesome news about your little daughter on the way. Take care and be healthy!

Andrea on

Hahaha! I burst out laughing at the part where Brandon said he figured the baby was conceived in Tony Geary’s guest room. Bet he loved hearing that one lol. So happy for Brandon and Kirsten! I hope they will be very happy together. Those two are gonna make one good-looking baby 😉

Zuzu_Petals77 on

Congratulations to the newly weds and parents to be!

AT on

Awesome story. 🙂 They’re both adorable. Lots of love & happiness to them!

Nicole on

Wow! That is a shocker. A couple in Hollywood actually having a baby AFTER being married. Congrats KS!

happy2 on

They look and sound so very happy. Best of luck to the both of you. Your baby will be beautiful.

Bailey on

She could have been a big star. At one point she had that disney show, she was doing Days of our Lives and had that pilot Clubhouse plus she was winning awards and everything. What happened?

Sam on

How exciting! I loved watching both of them on GH, and wish them nothing but the best with their marriage and little miracle on the way.

nora on

I loved both the characters that they played and their ability to perform so well under all the stories lines. Kirsten has been with the show for a long time and I have loved her natural ability. When she perform with the original Lulu it was great.

Anonymous on

I Love these 2 together!! Maxi is my fave on the show and I”m a Johnny Z fan too 🙂 Happy Kirsten is able to have a baby of her own after what she’s had to deal with!

Lia on

I don’t know whether to be appalled that she got knocked up BEFORE marriage to cure her endometriois, or that they’re such a horrific looking couple. Regardless, I don’t expect it to last 1 year after the birth. Yuck…

Kathy on

Congrats to them on their marriage and baby !!! they make a cute couple. Best wishes on it all.

Marlene Emmett on

I’m so happy for Kristin and Brandon.
What a wonderful way to start a marriage/family.
I’m also wondering how they’re going to hide this
as Maxie’s having the baby for Dante/Lulu on the show ?

Ally on

Congrats to them, I didn’t even know they were together! I thought that on the show yesterday, her face looked kinda full, now we know why 🙂

Hmmm on

Wow, very shocking. I would not have ever put these two together. So I’m guessing unfortunately she’s going to take time off from GH again : (

JANE scarlett on


Lostlibrarian on

It was meant to be. The stars can align and God can do miracles. Very exciting for them!

comment831 on

Love, Love Love Kirsten!!! I was so happy on her return to GH. The show was not the same without Kirsten. Kirsten deserves ALL of the happiness in the world!!! She will be a wonderful mother. Oh I am just so happy for her happiness!!! Kirsten you are one great cookie!!!! Loving you in Folsom, PA

Sarah on

Congratulations to you both Kirsten & Brandon…wishing you all the best!!!!

Guest -AB on

Zoom zoom zoom, Zenon had a boom boom with her groom groom! Way to go, Kirsten 🙂 Loved her since those magical Disney days.

debbie on

Congrats…this is wonderful news! Love them both!

Laine on

Shocked when I read this as I thought he was engaged to the girl from AMC! Had no idea they were even together! They are so cute though!

Carolyn on

Amazing! That is such a miracle. I thought she was looking full in the face when I saw Fridays episode, but then I figured that it must be my imagination.

Lauren on

That’s very nice for them but why do people feel the need to share when/where they conceived? Ewwww!

Anonymous on

Woo-hoo. How is she gonna hid it?

GrammyJ on

I’m so excited for you both! I stuggle with getting pregnant, but like you it JUST happened even after doctors told me it would be near impossible. I now have a 31 year old daughter and two beautiful grandsons. I thank God everyday my daughter hasnt had the issues I had conceiving. GOD BLESS YOU THREE! 🙂 Miss you on GH Johnny! Maxi I hope you don’t leave GH!

Sharon on

Congratulations!! Loved her on Days. I dont watch it anymore so i was so glad she came to GH!! I think she is gorgeous… happy for them. Hope she has a healthy pregnancy and baby 🙂

Addie on

Awww Zenon. At least there’s one former Disney star with good news!

darlene on

Oh Wow! That’s great news and i’m so upset that i can’t see the show after my hours changed for work but, when i was on vacation recently i’d said to myself Boy she really look like she really is pregnant. i like how both of you execute any character you are asked to play both are very good actors. May you have a wonderful life with much happiness.

Reine on

That was a shocker but congratulations.

Lady on

She will always be “Zenon: Girl Of The 21st Century” to me *sigh* i’m getting old! Best of luck to them & congrats!

Irma on

Aww Zenon is preggers!

Susan on

Was so happy to hear both news items, the marriage and the baby! I just love them together. Lots of love and happiness!

ctwildheart on

SO happy for them! 🙂

Anonymous on

Thats going to be one absurdly good looking kid…

Ali on

I am thrilled for them both! I don’t think (like a few others do) that this was rushed..They have been together for awhile now, I wanna say since late last year…his engagement was called off last year due to him being cheated on. So I am thrilled for Brandon & Kirsten on their nuptials and their impending parenthood!

missucat on


Anonymous on

Congrats to the newlyweds and soon to be parents. I love the character Maxie and wish Johnny Z would return to PC. I never fast forward through Maxie scenes.

Marci Portal on

Mazel Tov to you both!! To one of my fave STL/Jewish homies! (I grew up in St. Louis, and now live in VA. On a recent trip to see my parents, I went to St. Charles, and saw your Dad’s co.
I love both of your work & you are a beautiful couple!! Wondering if you ever visit STL? Did you get married in a synagogue? So glad you are a couple in real life. I love Kirsten!! may she stay healthy and I wish for you to have a healthy baby! I went threw infertility, and am so glad she did not have to use fertility treatments.

Queenie on

Kirsten is a terrific actress!!! She has turned Maxie into an incredible character. Her story is so moving. JOY!

queenie on

I watched her every night (tape GM)
Loved her Husband – hope he is ok in Jail LOL!
Happy, happy, happy for them>>both are beautiful!

Irene on

Brad was just engaged to Natalie Hall not that long ago this was super fast, hope it lasts and as far as baby she is not out of the woods yet.

OKay on

I think it’s AWESOME knowing where they conceived! FGS, people, you are aware it happened somewhere, right? They got pregnant on vacation, and Tony Geary is a god. So…yeah, awesome.

Arlene on

Great looking couple, so happy for them. Brandon can sing his little girl lullabyes with that great voice of his. CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU BOTH.

Jaylynn on

Love these too. So happy for them!

Laura on

I am so thrilled to hear this, not only for Kirsten and Brandon, but also for all of the women (including my daughter) who have experienced endometriosis. After years of being told that the possibility of having children was iffy at best, this gives us all so much more hope. I thank them for sharing their news.

Isabel on

Talk about left field. He was engaged to a different woman not even a year ago.

Anonymous on

I knew she was pregnant in real life! I could tell…but didnt know she was with Johnny! Congrats!

Sharron Lockwood on

CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU BOTH. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL, WONDROUS, FANTASTIC thing to happen to you both. ManyBlessings to you both. Take special care of yourself, Kirsten. You deserve to be pampered! Hear that Brandon????

Chantara on

Aw they’re so cute together I never knew that they were even together. I’m happy for them both traveling down the journey to parenthood. I knew that Kirsten’s face looked fat but I had no idea that she was really preggers.

Donna on

They should bring him back on GH and get rid of nuts from One Life to Live. Congrat on the baby!!!

yvonne on

Oh what a nice surprise!!…they make a beautiful couple.Been a fan for many years and I love both their characters on GH. I wish them all the happiness in the world. Congratulations on their new baby girl on the way… Wish Johnny would come back to GH, I just love his character.

bonnie roman on

That is going to be one beautiful baby! Congrats!

Karen on

I have watched Kirsten since she was on Days of Our Lives as Isabella. She is a wonderful actress and I wish her all the best with her new marriage and her baby girl.

Anonymous on

If she just gave birth yesterday on GH are they going to keep her in a coma until she delivers again? LOL!

elizabeth ayala amaral on

Congrats to both all the best ..

vikki on

wonderful news //love the two of you as watch every day //lots of happy times in store for you two–//

Crystal on

HUGE GH fan here!!! Looooove them both!!! Johnny is SUPER HOT!!! Lol! I am very happy for them! Wishing them both all the happiness and blessings marriage and parenthood have to bring! Praying for a healthy delivery and baby. I had no idea Maxie is pregnant in real life! What an unexpected but happy surprise! 🙂

MJ on

I’m very happy for both of them. They seem like a really sweet couple.

Aimee M. Miller on

What a beautiful couple! Love both of these actors! Mazel Tov!

Wishing them all the best! Love the name Maxie for a girl or in honor of Tony Geary, Antoinette.

lorinda on


I bet they will have a beautiful baby

…Tony Geary’s guest room LMAO

Carol on


michelle raynesford on

congrats to the both of you! all the best!

Saleemah on

Awesome! I read that they were dating, but Married?!? Wow! Now parents-to-be. Congratulations! I wish “Johnny” would come back, but not for “Maxie” LOL. So sweet!

Lauren on

Quite a surprise as wasnt Brandon just engaged to another actress from AMC???Aint luv grand and I certainly wish the best for Kirsten who battled a serious illness recently.I miss “Johnny”(Brandon) on GH.

Kelly on

Congrats to the both of you. Kirsten, we love you on GH and we also miss Brandon! You will make great parents!

faith on


cerissa on

Love it! Congratulations! You guys are the cutest couple and that baby will be georgous! And where you conceived…EVEN better! Bhahhaha! Love it! Too funny! Its not TMI like some people said..its funny, people need to get a sense of humor…lol. I just googled if you were pregnant b/c I was starting to watch some scenes and was like ‘hmmm, wait a minute’….lol. Anyways~ Congratulations on the wedding and the baby…you should name her Cerissa…lol. its a great name…lol! 😉

Jackie Anderson on

You both are awesome!! And I’m so happy y’all got together. She will be beautiful with you both as parents! That freakin funny about Tony’s dressing room!! I think she should be named Maxi, since that show brought you both together. Lol ! So glad your back on the show and doing an awesome job!! And looks like your real life is absolutely amazing!! God bless!! Congrats on the new baby and marriage !! Enjoy every second! Maybe you should name her Miracale!!

Penny on

Congrats! Note to the prudes…get off your TMI high horse. Jeez!

jo bird on

I’m really happy for you both. I love the show and watch it everyday.I thought she looked pregnant. Is she leavening the show for awhile. I know she’ll be a new mom and may not want to come back but no one could take her place. She’s. Unreplaceable Good luck and I know you’re have a beautiful daughter.

patti on

I just googled you because i was thinking lately you were looking like you might be pregnant, congrats!

Linda Gabinelli on

Congratulations Kirsten and Brandon. I am so very happy for the both of you.

Kim on

I’m so happy and excited for u both

Anonymous on

i knew it

valerie blenkhorn on

congratulations to Kristen and Brandon wishing you all the best for you futures

Anonymous on


Judy on

Congratulations to you both. You will be great parents. Lots of love and nothing but good wishes.