Jessica Simpson: Maxwell Drew Is ‘Crazy Beautiful’

08/17/2013 at 09:00 PM ET

Jessica Simpson Maxwell Drew 15 Months
Courtesy Jessica Simpson; Jamie McCarthy/WireImage

She got it from her mama!

Jessica Simpson posted an adorable photo of her 15-month-old daughter on Twitter Saturday, writing, “Maxwell is crazy beautiful.”

The daughter of the Fashion Star mentor, 33, is all blonde ringlets and blue eyes in the picture, as she poses for the camera in a pink shirt featuring a giant cupcake with a cherry on top. 

Simpson, who is engaged to Eric Johnson, gave birth to their son Ace Knute on June 30 and has taken to Twitter to update fans on her growing family.

She recently Tweeted a funny pic of her mom, Tina, wrapped up tightly in blankets with a caption stating, “Eric got carried away with his swaddling skills!”

— Wade Rouse

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Anonymous on

Yes, she’s definitely correct! Gorgeous little girl.

hm on

she is beautiful now. very! but when she was a baby she wasnt cute at all

kaylnn on

She certainly is!!!



Katie on

So adorable. It’s amazing how when she was a baby, so many people on this site criticized her for being ugly, especially when the picture came out when she had the red spot on her forehead. She was adorable then, and as sweet as can be now.

Anonymous on

It’s amazing how fast children go from little babies to beauitful little girls, sweet child.

Brynn on

Wow, she really is a gorgeous child! That hair is awesome 🙂

seriously on

Except for that name, I agree. Very pretty girl.

Guest on

Such a beautiful little girl!

Lala on

Very beautiful girl!

Dabs on

Pretty Baby!!

dancer92136 on

Absolutely gorgeous!!! She is so beautiful. Can’t wait to see baby Ace.

Nikita on

Wow she is beautiful!!! Not surprised though.

Jaly on

That is one beautiful little girl.

Linda on

She’s adorable….plain and simple!

Denise on

That is one gorgeous baby.

Sue on

She is adorable!

Ella on

What a BEAUTIFUL little girl! I just LOVE her hair too(those ringlets are perfect!)

Melissa on

Ok thats one tall 1 year old. She is adorable!! She just looks older then a 1 year old.

Julie on

Maxie is gorgeous! Look at those eyes!

Journey on

She is absolutely beautiful!

Becky on

That is one seriously cute little girl..

g on


AG on

Beautiful little girl

lovely123 on

Definitely a looker.

Hearts on

WOW!!! She is crazy Beautiful!!! Jessica watch out she is going to be a heartbreaker. 🙂

Amy on

She is just soo adorable!!! 🙂

mrswalter on

cute, cute, cute! looks like she may be doing a bit of pouting, lol but she can sure pull it off!:)

Mandy on

Stunning little girl!

Shaksndn on

She’s right, Maxwell is incredibly good looking. Can’t wait to see pics of Ace!

Kelly on

Gorgeous is right! I always enjoy seeing pictures of cute babies.

Lisa on

She’s a little cutie!

dee on

yes she is beautiful!

Nannyto1 on


CinSweet on

She is adorable!!!

tanya on

Awww, she is precious!

Lisa on

Wow, she is in fact a beautiful child!

Fern on

Am I the only one who thinks she looks like Nick Lachey???

Jenny! on

That child is SO CUTE

cheri on

What a gorgeous girl. I’m sure Jessica is a great Mom !

stacey on

She is adorable…and love that curly hair.

tootie on


Luvmylife on

Love her and her family! Maxwell is gorgeous. Can’t wait to see Ace

SpiderLashes68 on

WOW…she is crazy BEAUTIFUL!!!

Marky on

Maxwell Drew IS crazy beautiful! What a precious little girl; love the curly hair!

fanofboardwalkempire on

Maxwell is really a beautiful little girl- just precious!

lala989 on

What a pretty little girl! She will be beautiful for sure, Jessica and Eric are nice looking people.

Jann on

Cutie pie


what a beautiful little girl!!

Have fun with mommyhood Jess!

anne on

That sure is one gorgeous, stunning, absolutely precious little girl!

Courtney on

Stunning! Love a natural blonde. And as a curly haired girl – I am partial to a curl!

Gisele on

Omg Maxwell is gorgeous!, look at those eyes!!!
She looks like her mom!
I can imagine how cute Ace should be!

denise on

She’s adorable!! Looks like mom.

Karen Dunn on

I think the baby looks like her father!!! Jessica bleaches her hair blonde, and she has brown eyes. The kid looks NOTHING like her! I resent your opening statement because it is completely wrong.

Charli on

She has gotten so big. What a cutie pie!

ali on

Omg! She is so beautiful!

junebug on

That is one stunning little girl!

Ms. Nykee on

Little Maxwell is beautiful!

gwenn on

She is absolutely adorable! Beautiful little girl. Congrats on soon being a big sister 🙂

Kimberly Paprocki on

Gorgeous baby! Wish I had her job…mine sucks 😦

Polly on

I like that she’s dressed in regular kid clothes, sitting on the floor, barefoot. That’s what “real” kids are like.

Daffygrams on

She is truly gorgeous!!

Anonymous on

Shes BEAUTIFUL! your blessed!

katrina on

she looks JUST like Jessica

delilah on

thank god no hair bows, no nail polish, no earrings! Very attractive little one, but she looks three years old! Mature child. And for those who say she is the “spitting image” of her mom, nope. Mom’s eyes are blue, and mom’s hair is naturally brown.

this kid has great hair!

me on

Yes, she is cute . . .but I cannot help but wonder if Jessica posted the pic and wrote the heading Maxwell is crazy beautiful, just for her own self. Just to hear praises about her own looks and how much she looks like her.
Yes, she is proud of her girl, but I cannot help but wonder this.
Just my opinion.

m on

That is a great pic and the baby is beautiful.

GTGal on

Cutie patootie!

Anonymous on

Aww she’s so cute!

Joann on

Baby Max is a doll!

heather on

is this even the same kid?

matt on

what a gorgeous little girl. I hope she learns the difference between tuna and chicken by the time she goes to kindergarten

Gail on

I love Jessica Simpson baby girl she is so quite she going be a star like her mom and style she going be a singer some day super star

Sharon on

What a gorgeous little girl!

Shana on

She’s such a cutie-pa-tutie, Jessica! I love you!!! 🙂

Tara on

She’s adorable !

Tajma on

Beautiful little girl.

Jaci on

beautiful hair but she looks mad. maybe bc she got a boys name…. on

Too bad her mother is a nut job

PS on

Wow, she looks like she’s tall for a 1 year old! All that blond hair too… going to be a heart-breaker for sure.

Anonymous on

This past weekend I watched a documentary on how actors are fighting for privacy rights to protect their children from paparazzi. I know that Simpson is like all other mother’s who want to share their children’s pictures, but it sure does contradict all celebrity claims that that no one has the right to take their children’s pictures–celebrities keep putting themselves out there and don’t seem to know their own boundaries, so when paparazzi “do their job” it’s hard to empathize with celebrities—

Nicole on

They are trying to keep them from chasing their kids and scaring them. The paparazzi go to their schools, daycares, etc. They ambush them just to get a picture. The paparazzi stalk to get their pictures… which is a much different thing than a PARENT posting pictures of THEIR own child. Just because they’re a celebrity doesn’t mean they can’t take and post pictures of their children just like normal parents.

Rachel on

She’s so cute

Susan on

She is beautiful!!!!!!!

Toni on

Too cute!!! Maxwell, that little gust of wind by cheek was my cyber kiss!! LOL

Ivy. on

She is a stunning child!

Mya on

She is indeed beautiful!

allie on

crazy beautiful is right!!! gorgeous like her mom!!

nunya on

Absolutely adorable!!!

WiddoMouse on

What a pretty little girl.

Sarah on

Wow, Maxwell is really gorgeous!

Lynn on

She really is quite beatiful

micky on

She is so adorable God Bless her

Anonymous on

She is “crazy beautiful.” Perfect way to describe such a beauty.

Sonya M. on

She is adorable, love the big full pouty lips!

Tenny on

She is beautiful.

Carrie Ann on

She sure is! 🙂

megan smith on

she is a beautiful little girl! what eyes

Amy on

Sweet face.

Mar on

She is absolutely beautiful!

Carrow on

She sure the heck is. What a gorgeous baby girl. I love Jess. She makes pretty clothes and babies.

Anna on

She is adorable and looks just like her dad!!

Really?!? on

That is one cute kid!

Anonymous on

Wow, she is simply beautiful!

Menyoki on

She is beautiful

Tizz on

gorgeous child

Linda on

OMG, she is so cute. Looks like a little deva already. Love this picture of her. Haven’t seen a resent one till now. Awesome little princess.

AnnLee on

Yes…..I would agree she is “crazy beautiful” !!!

Elizabeth on

Absolutely adorable. Cutest I have seen in a long time.

Jo on


jessica on

I agree “Crazy Beautiful”!!!!

delilah on

Cute child! She looks very mature, like a three year-old! And she has her dad’s eyes

guest on

Jessica and Eric – she is adorable!! Fellow july 10th’er’.

jerseymom on

What a cutie!

Stac on

Beautiful child yes, but could you focus a little more on who she is developing into? Even beauty is no match for a loving, giving heart.

Someone's Mommy on

What a beauty!

Mimi on

Crazy beautiful is right! That is one gorgeous little girl!

Anon on

Gorgeous! love her hair!

Julie on

Wow, she IS a beautiful child!

Xan on

Aww, she really is!

luca on

she’s a cutie pie… looks like she could be cousins with Shiloh-Brad and Angelina’s kid

Mika on

So beautiful!

tshape on

wow. what a cutie! she is gorgeous 🙂

BoFan on

So beautiful!

damn on

Beautiful baby! But look at her mama, no surprise there!

Miriam Perl on

she is crazy beautiful. not an exaggeration at all.

Melissa on

What is wrong with that child’s foot? That does not look natural.

jacob on

Very beautiful

emmy on

Omg anyone know who make that shirt ? !@

Catca on

Yes Jessica, you’re right. She is crazy beautiful!

Tayler on

What a doll!

Anonymous on

What a cutie!

Gloria on

No question about it. She is a gorgeous child.

Jann on

Cute kid

Marley on

Once again, blonde haired, blue eyed, and white are the standard for beauty. Not to say that the kid isn’t cute, but ugh!

Anonymous on

Whoa, someone looks like her mommy! And I hope we get to see Ace soon! 🙂

Rhonda on

What an adorable little girl!!

Anonymous on

She is beautiful

guest on

not just one child in this world is beautiful ….all parents see kids that way…hers isn’t anymore special then others …no she doesn’t get it from here mama because here mama looks like a man….you never hear her talking about her son….oh yeah that’s right she didn’t want a boy…she’s one of those who play favoritism …dumb twit!

nella on

I agree with Jessica, Maxwell is a beautiful little girl, She seems tall to me for a 1 year old, I think she might get her height from her dad! She seems like a nice mix of her parents.

Martina on

Jessica’s daughter is adorable. All one year olds are! They are so sweet and innocent at this age… I really hope Jessica doesn’t start pushing her child into the entertainment business right away. Stuff like childhood modeling shots, etc. I have no problem with Jessica being a proud mama and posting her child’s picture on social media. But with Jess, everything is always for sale, for attention, for a magazine cover, for a contract… I hope she keeps her kids out of it.

lavendermommy on

Exactly like mom, very stunning photo. Looks like it belongs in an ad for clothing.

jan on

she has an odd duckling look,i think she’s a little cute,but not crazy beautiful.

lisa bradford on

aww 🙂 she is so cute!

stacey on

I like Jessica and all, but I can’t tell if her little girl is cute. She needs to fix that disaster of hair.

Kristin on

She is a very cute little girl.

Lis on

She is precious! I’m ready to see a pic of baby Ace! 🙂

merry on

She is indeed very beautiful and her hair is gorgeous. Also, I really like her name 🙂

Mira on

How come there are no comments???

She is a beautiful girl, indeed.

Jen on

Shocker! A mother thinks her own kid is beautiful.

Barbara on

Maxwell is adorable!

When will we get to see her brother? When Maxwell was born we saw her first picture within a month of her being born. Hopefully we will see Ace soon. 🙂

Ashley on

She looks just like her dad, I don’t see Jessica in her at all. She is cute, just the same as any other one year old. Definitely time for a hair cut!

kew on

She is lovely. They should have put a picture of her dad on because I think she looks a lot like him too.

soph on

“Shocker! A mother thinks her own kid is beautiful.”

Right? All these fawning comments are lame. Congrats, guys, reiterating what JS said is exactly what JS wanted/expected. Yawn.

Katie on

I hate to say it, but eh, she just looks like your average toddler to me. She basically looks like any old blonde kid. Nothing special.

Anonymous on

I agree. there is a difference between paparazzi pictures, where you see 20 people chasing a poor child around their school and a mother posting the picture of her own child. it is her decision if she wants to post pictures of her own daughter but I highly doubt it is her decision that her child is chased around.