Oliver Hudson Introduces Daughter Rio Laura

08/16/2013 at 07:00 PM ET

Oliver Hudson Daughter Rio First Photo
Courtesy Oliver Hudson

Grandma Goldie may have been in charge of her birth announcement, but it’s proud papa Oliver Hudson who’s sharing the first photo of his daughter.

“My baby girl … Rio Laura Hudson,” the former Rules of Engagement actor captioned the sweet snapshot he posted to Twitter on Friday.

Wearing a polka dot flutter sleeve top, the 4-week-old blue-eyed beauty is lying on an owl printed blanket as she gazes off to her side.

Although Hudson and his wife Erinn never officially announced the birth — or confirmed a pregnancy — Hawn broke the baby news in July.

“Welcome Rio! Our first baby girl to join our family,” she Tweeted. “Oliver and Erinn thank you for bringing so much JOY to our lives! #happiness”

As the proud new parents soak up time with their newborn, Rio’s big brothers Bodhi, 3, and Wilder, 5½, have been keeping busy alongside their aunt, Kate Hudson in her new Ann Taylor ads.

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trinnme on

she looks like a lil kate Hudson….

Sophia on

Beautiful baby!

Katie on

She looks like she is counting. “Do I need three or four? hmmm” Adorable. Amazing how fast they grow from this age. Congratulations.

Ginger on

Oh My Goodness….Precious!

Ruth on

Cutest baby girl.

jay on

oh wow, she is beautiful 🙂

Jo on

Love those names. 🙂

havenandco on

Just waiting for all the enraged comments to rush in from people who think the shadow in the (adorable) roll of her neck is actually a necklace…Here’s just a simple congrats 🙂

sunny on

Um, you started it, havenandco. No one else. Idiot.

4tmama on

Gorgeous, precious lil girl, congrats, will miss #ROE

Annie on

She’s so cute!!!!! I love the name rio too! 🙂

Kay on

child is beautiful..just like Dad and Aunt Kate.

yesman on

So darling – look at those little fingers! Precious…

Cooper on

She is COOT!!

Anonymous on


Meg on

What a little sweetie!

Christine on

She’s beautiful!!!

traycee on

She looks like Oliver

klutzy_girl on

So cute! And her eyes are so blue.

Linda on

How precious….Just love little babies!

Ashley on

Rio? What a terrible name.

Alissa on

Her name is Rio and she dances on the sand, Just like that river twisting through a dusty land. I’m sure her name has more meaning than a Duran Duran song, but I couldn’t resist. : ) Super cute baby, super cool name and super awesome family! Congrats to them all.

Anonymous on

Terrible names

Mommy on

More than the shadow that looks like a necklace, (like someone said) is the funky looking shadow on the side her head that looks green….

lol on

already a pro at the circle game, everyone take a punch.

Kadaj on

I just want to nibble her little fingers! So cute!

Debbe on

That Kate just has too many balls, she was popping out the boys, maybe if she has just one more it will be a girl??? LOL I know she was wanting one….congrats to everyone…cute name…

heather on

If that was a necklace, i’m sure People would have described it in detail like they did her shirt and blanket, which was weird.

Sylvia on

OMG she’s adorable!

Lauren on

Love that family…

Marc on

Hudson River backwards.

Pagal on

I noticed that, too. 🙂

girliegirl on

wow, the parents are drop-dead gorgeous. that’s my comment. but yeah, that black line on the neck is bizarre!

justsayin on

She is gorgeous! I like the name Rio, but it kinda sounds like REAL? ?? Or is it just me?

Anonymous on

What a cutie!

Ginger on

What a little doll. Could just kiss those fat little cheeks. Congratulations to all!

Anonymous on

Girls are the best! She’s a beauty – she looks older than 4 weeks old…amazing!

Daffygrams on


ooops on

If Kate is the baby’s aunt, why does the article say her two boys are Rio’s brothers??? should have said ‘cousins’!!

Alexis on

ooops: Kate has two boys of her own, but Rio has two older brothers who are currently spending time with their aunt and cousins.

honeybear on

It doesnt say that. Kates boys aren’t mentioned.

Anonymous on

Cute! just as her gorgeous dad

tannerose5 on

What a cute little girl and her parents are married, something of a novelty in Hollywood.

fanofboardwalkempire on

that is really a beautiful baby!

mobile20 on

THAT is a too cute baby.

Just precious and I never use that word!

Mommie Dearest on

Atrocious names. Hopefully, like Rio, the other two children have mainstream middle names to fall back on.

justsayin on

Did they misspell REAL?

SickOfAl on

Those blue eyes they point out in the article, how can they not tell the pic is tinted? Blue around the neck, blue hair even. Also, eyes are neve that defined of a color at birth anyway. It can take months for a baby’s true eye color to emerge. Beautiful baby though!

tmc on

Beautiful baby blues like her grandma goldie! Congrats to all

susan tran on

the stupid names celebs come up with!

Liz on

She is absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations to the family!!!

MollyF on

@Alissa I was just thinking the same thing. LONG LIVE DURAN DURAN!!! *lol*

Love her name, btw, not knocking it. Wonder how many people will start singing that song to her though. :p

Vanna on

What a kissable face! Congratulations!

Bree on

@ooops Bodhi and Wilder are the sons of Oliver and Erinn and Kate’s nephews. Bingham and Ryder are Kate’s sons.

Not a huge fan of the name personally but I think it fits in nicely with what they named their boys and as a teacher this is the sort of name I am thrilled to see since it is easy to spell and pronounce!!

Rio is adorable, I am in love with those big blue eyes and chubby cheeks!!

Traci on

She’s absolutely gorgeous.

laurie on

now THAT is the definiton of a cute baby

Anonymous on

“If Kate is the baby’s aunt, why does the article say her two boys are Rio’s brothers??? should have said ‘cousins’!!”

What on earth are you talking about? Kate’s kids are Ryder and Bing. The article says the following: “As the proud new parents soak up time with their newborn, Rio’s big brothers Bodhi, 3, and Wilder, 5½, have been keeping busy alongside their aunt, Kate Hudson in her new Ann Taylor ads.”

Great names! Of course people don’t like them. They find something wrong with everything! Winnie was bad…as was Amy. Lordy.

Anonymous on

ooops- Read it carefully. The two boys mentioned ARE Rio’s brothers, not Kate’s sons (and it clearly says that Kate is their aunt)!

Anonymous on

Also, I don’t get the hate for the name Rio. It means river, as others have said…and I fail to see what’s so bad about being named after something so beautiful and majestic!

Anonymous on

“Her name is Rio and she dances on the sand…” They must be Duran Duran fans!

hmartie on

I see I’m not the only one who started singing Duran Duran when they heard the name.

seniorsluv.com on


Melissa on

She is adorable!