Jeffrey Dean Morgan: Miami’s Party Scene ‘Not Optimal’ for Kids

08/16/2013 at 01:00 PM ET

Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Paul Drinkwater/NBC/Getty

Miami may be the place to party, but when it comes to having a family, Jeffrey Dean Morgan says the Florida hot spot is far from perfect.

“Miami is not optimal for raising a child. It’s optimal if you’re 22 years old and want to go [party] every night,” the actor, 47, tells PEOPLE.

As he was on location shooting his now-canceled show, Magic City, Morgan admits the tourist destination quickly turned his family — including Hilarie Burton and their son Gus — into total beach bums. Fortunately, the 3-year-old was more than happy to spend his days splashing in the ocean.

“Really all we could do was go to the beach,” the actor says, adding he spent six to eight weeks working 16-hour days, making quality time hard to come by.

“Sunday mornings we’d head to the beach and we’d be there for eight hours a day,” he shares. “[My son’s] a little bit of a water baby so he loves the water.”

With the summer days quickly coming to an end, Morgan is not looking forward to the fall — particularly the start of school.

“The whole program’s going to get shuffled and that’s going to suck. I don’t know what I’m going to do,” he says. “My favorite thing in life is being a dad right now, so more than anything I want him with me.”

— Anya Leon

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klutzy_girl on

Aw, love him and Hilarie together! They’re really cute.

Hoping she comes back to White Collar soon and he returns to SPN.

Anonymous on

Denny ❤

Pam on

Ha, that’s who I always remember him as.

Ally on

He should come back to Supernatural!

nicole on

hes around for the other kid? cause i remember his ex gf got pregnant before hilarie and he had no idea till a few years after

Candy on

Sad to see the show end. He was so great in it. I bet his little one ls a cutie.

Precious on

The ex made a claim he was the father. Obviously the DNA said different since he publicly only claims Gus. Dude is not the type to deny one child and talk all the time about another. He is a proud father.

klutzy_girl on

Hilarie and JDM are actually engaged – They were introduced by Danneel and Jensen Ackles. The pregnancy happened early on in the relationship, but they’re still together.

Bama on

God! He’s such a phony!

megan on

He’ll full of it. There are plenty of family friendly activities in Miami

Anonymous on

Nicole, he only has Gus.

baglady on

He has mention his other son and admitted to being his father the kid is even name after him, it apparent that his older son mother and JDM haven’t had a relationship in years, we don’t know what goes in their private lives and what type of support he gives or agreement he has with his older son mother, it might be a situation where she doesn’t want her son affiliated with him it took her 5 years just to let him know he had a son

Marge on

I’ve seen them walk red carpets together a few times. They’re def a couple but just don’t like to flaunt things like other celebs.

Marge on

Hard to see Denny and Peyton as a couple. Haha

SweetBaboo on

Big Daddy Winchester!!!

Anonymous on

Is it just me or does he look a lot like Penelope Cruz’ s husband?

Jt1260 on

Sure you can raise this kid; Sam and Dean had to fend for themselves…..

spnlove on

But they turned out awesome:p! And sexy

Anonymous on

Anonymous and others, JDM has two sons. His older son’s name is Dean Morgan and his mother is (ex-gf) Sherrie Rose.

_Kristine on

Your child is 3, if you want him with you, by all means, keep him home! My 3 year old is staying home. She doesn’t need to have two years of school before Kindergarten.

Meredith on

My thoughts, exactly!!!

tiffany on

There is nothing but the beach in miami!!!???…i have lived here my whole life there is plenty to do whether is going to any of the parks, movies, there is always some concert, disney on ice comes twice a yr, have the zoo, parrot jungle, miami seaquarium vizcaya, atleast 8 malls, santas enchanted forest, youth fair, ice skating & dont forget ft lauderdale is only 20 min away the keys an hr away.

Carrieesq on

As a lifelong South Floridian, I disagree. There are many places that are educational and extremely appropriate for children. I don’t care where you live… the party scene for a 22 year old isn’t appropriate for children.

Anonymous on

Love you Denny!!

sw on

Well, hate to tell you but your son is just three and does not have to go to school. It sort of kills me when these rich celebrities put their babies in “school” when lets face it they have the resources to stay at home with them.

baglady on

sometimes all that glitters is not gold……#justsaying

baglady on

@baglady I agree they way Jeffrey and Hilarie looks has deteriorated in the past 31/2 years is telling that something is off there, not hating on them but stating facts

Anonymous on

Being rich has nothing to do with a 3 yr old going to school. All of my 3 year old children have gone to school. As have all of my families children and neighbors. Clearly we are the norm because most schools have 3yr old and 4yr old preschool programs in our area. It is best for children to go at this age.

Ridiculous on

Magic City was GREAT – why oh why was it cancelled?? is STARZ really going to do better than this?????

Penny on

In an interview of few weeks ago he said he did not want his son to be raised in LA either…. Posh and disrespectful of all those families who simply can’t chose where to live, he doesn’t look anymore the nice guy everyone knew.

Urgh! on

He has turned into a total douchebag lately! First he bad mouths actors and LA and now he’s talking bad about Miami. He’s so special isn’t he? Because he’s so talented and successful! LOL! He’s false as the day is long, his baby momma certainly rubbed off on him well!

sara on

It sucks how she cheated on her ex-husband left and right but at least he dodged a bullet. Not sure how that can bode well for this relationship. What do they say? Once a cheater always a cheater. I honestly would be horrified to knock someone up within weeks of dating but I guess it worked for these two class acts.

g8postgrrl on

I love this couple. Can’t believe the idiotic comments on this page, though. But as most of them come from the same troll, I shouldn’t both commenting. Here’s the truth about JDM & Hilarie. 1. Both are very nice, but private people, who, other than a couple of Stalkerazzi photos out there, have kept their child out of the public eye. 2. Hilarie is not a whore & never has been. Her ex has nothing but nice things to say about her. Having some nut-job 15-year-old One-Tree-Hill fan make up garbage about Hilarie because her character “stole” Lucas from Brooke, is really sad. What happened to reality? 3. JDM has never claimed Sherrie Rose’s son that she allegedly sprang on him when the kid was four. He’s a great guy & would show any other offspring the same love he shows Gus. 4. Saying he doesn’t want his son raised in LA around Hollywood doesn’t make him “posh & disrepectful,” it shows he cares about his son and wants a better upbringing for him. That makes him a good dad. He didn’t bad mouth Miami, either. Can you read? 5. Are you denying that some actors are dicks? That’s a battle you’ll lose. 6. They’ve been together for more than 5 years now. Your jealousy & craziness isn’t going to change that. So stop writing this crap on every JDM/HB article. Your displeasure — as well as your lunacy — is noted.

Ed on

Sara you are wrong prove your case at all