Jimmy Fallon Reveals Inspiration Behind Winnie’s Name

08/13/2013 at 01:00 PM ET

Jimmy Fallon Today Show
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What’s in a name? A whole lot if you’re Jimmy Fallon.

Fallon says his 3-week-old daughter Winnie Rose was named in part after the lake where he and his wife, Nancy Juvonen Fallon, vacationed together every summer and were engaged: New Hampshire’s Lake Winnipesaukee.

“We were talking about different names. You over-think names — you don’t want a name that’s been done, but then you don’t want something so weird people are like, ‘What?!’ Winnipesaukee’s a little long,” the Late Night host, 38, joked on TODAY Tuesday. “Also she’s a ‘win’ for us.”

He added that the correlation with the character from The Wonder Years isn’t so bad either.

“Winnie from The Wonder Years is the coolest girl on TV ever,” he said.

The couple welcomed their daughter via surrogate last month after struggling with fertility.

“We tried for a long time — five years. I know people have tried much longer but if anyone out there is trying and losing hope, just hang in there. Try every avenue, try anything you can do. You’ll get there. You’ll end up with a family. It is the most worth it thing. I’m just so happy right now, I’m freaking out.”

Glowing like a proud parent, he added: “I just love her. She’s a little angel. She’s so cute and so fun. Little girls especially unlock something in your heart.”

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—Sheila Cosgrove Baylis 

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Robin on

This is precious and I LOVE how he describes his love for his little girl. Winnie is a daddy’s girl for sure!

MissesB on

I love this family! So excited for them.


Ginger on


Marky on

Love that he’s so thrilled, and they are so happy with their little girl! Such a blessing for this couple……

Gg on

He just sounds so nice and very down to earth. It’s so sweet the way he talks about his family.


I can feel him gushing with love as he talks about his daughter. How sexy is that?

Bella Mama on

I just love him.. enjoy your precious gift ❤

Pam on


Myla Cree on

My son also married a woman 7 years older than himself. Lucky for them she was able to get pregnant at 39 and deliver 4 months b4 she turned 40. That’s why I had a child at 22 and 27, no problems ever…. Lucky we are in an age of technology, or all these infertile people would be adopting….

lisa on

Myla, being young does NOT guarantee fertility! I know several women under 30 who struggle with fertility! I also know quite a few women over 35 who have gotten pregnant without interventions.

ndchick86 on

Infertility effects people of all ages. Plus what is wrong with adoption? Don’t all children deserve loving parents?

Lilly on

What’s your point, sweetie? Airheads ages 22-27 aren’t always mentally fit to have children. Once you mature and are financially capable then fine!

guest on

Your point Myla? I struggled with getting pregnant at 22. It took 4 years to conceive our first child. Then at 28 I lost a baby. Fertility effects women of all ages.

Elizabeth on

It’s definitely a bit of a misconception that infertility is an age related issue. Yes, that can be a contributing factor, but I started dealing with fertility issues at 27 and luckily I am about to have my second at 32, but it has been a process getting here. At the fertility clinics, I would look around and see numerous girls who looked to be in their 20’s, so you really never know.

Kara on

Myla, you are so ignorant to assume that infertility SOLELY affects those who are in their mid or late 30’s. Maybe if you were more WELL-EDUCATED instead of having children at such a young age you would know that…or maybe I’m just assuming like you just did?

4tmama on

😛 😀

Noneya on

AWWWW! How sweet is that?!?! But he forgot Winnie the Pooh!

Stef on

Could he get any cuter?

brigitte on

My Grandmother was Irish and her name was Winnie. And he has a beautiful Irish name. Hope he correlates that as well.

Magnolia on

So happy for them! He seems SO wonderfully content! He’ll make a great dad!

Emily on

I met him a few weeks ago at a bar in Manhattan. He was just hanging out with his friends and we invited him to play beer pong with us. He was so nice and down-to-earth. He introduced himself to everyone of us, shaking all of our hands and making sure to repeat our names, making a connection with us. He was so funny, we laughed most of the night. (And he only beat us by one cup).

jones on

Very sweet! Myla, glad things worked out for you and your son and his wife, but some people have fertility issues no matter the age they start trying for children. I have friends who struggled to get pregnant even when they tried in their twenties.

Melissa on

He is such a wonderful guy!!!! Love him and how lucky is his wife. Congrats I only wish everyone felt this way about a child

taylor on

Aww that is so sweet! LOVE! Excited for Jimmy and his wife Nancy! Goes to show that God is Good 🙂

ebethsb on

Except he’s not that good to people who are never able to have kids and can’t afford surrogacy and are deemed too old to adopt, taylor.

Taylor Girl on

He looks so happy. Love this story…

I remember that lake from the movie..WHAT ABOUT BOB…

In Love With Jimmy on

I’m very sad that he is so happy….that just means he won’t leave his wife for me!! 😦 All kidding aside, I can’t get enough of hearing him talk about his baby girl.

Sylvia on

This is such a sweet story. I love it and I love Jimmy! I wish them all happiness, good health and many, many more blessings!

mytwocents on

I started trying to get pregnant at a 26. My husband and I both had unexplained infertility. It doesn’t matter what age you are. Jimmy is right though, don’t give up! I just finally had our first baby girl 13 weeks ago. I’m 31 now btw so definitely don’t give up!

Couldn’t be happier and so happy for Jimmy & his wife!

Jen DC on

This whole story just made my heart SQUEEZE JOY for him and his wife. Oh, to have what you dreamed of with someone you love must be so wonderful. Congratulations, Jimmy!

LOL @In Love with Jimmy: IKR?! But at least he’s happy without us!

Tiffany on

Such a sweet daddy! She is a lucky baby and will be soo loved by her parents.

Mary on

Aww, I just love her name so much. We named our three year old Winifred “Winnie.” At the time it seemed like no one really jelled with the name, but Jimmy Fallon as certainly helped put a “cool” factor with it.

Melissa on

I wasnt crazy about the name until I read about their special meaning behind it. Now I totally love it! How sweet.

Nicole on

I’ve never really been a big fan of Jimmy’s but he couldn’t be any more adorable now. It’s obvious he is head over heels for little Winnie.

Congrats to him and his wife!

Suval on

Could he be any more excited about being a father to precious Winnie? I always liked Jimmy Fallon and his love for his wife and daughter just make me like him so much more. So many disappointments for them but they now have their beautiful Winnie. He will be one terrific father. So happy for Jimmy and Nancy to have their dream realized.

Lucia on

Love love love 🙂

SmartGirl21 on

Cute name!

dallas on

blessings on them all.. so wonderful seeing a dad so in love with his litle girl..it gets better jimmey..

maryhelenc on

How sweet! I named my daughter after the place where I went to camp as a child. He seems just besotted with her. I love it.

kim on

sorry, but the only thing i can think about when i see this name is winnie the pooh

Lauren on

Just wait Jimmy… when they start developing little personalities and talking to you and telling you their thoughts, it is absolutely amazing. You are 100% right, having kids was the best thing I’ve ever done, you forget how you ever existed without this little person in your life.

Crystal on

I am getting ready to embark on my third surrogacy journey. It is the most amazing experience and I am beyond thrilled for Jimmy Fallon and his wife Nancy! Witnessing firsthand the immediate love a couple has with their new little one is pure joy! Yay for little Winnie!!!!

Heather on

To me there is nothing sexier than a man who is so open and honest about his love for his wife and children. So many men are all “the old ball and chain, the boss, blah blah blah” but when they just shine with love for their family, it is incredible! I love Jimmy Fallon!

LoopyYarncrafts on

What a sweet guy! No wonder my daughters and I love to watch him! 🙂

Taylor on

Myla, you really don’t know what you’re talking about. We started trying when I was 28, tried every fertility known to man and NOTHING worked, and finally got pregnant naturally when I was 32, so obviously being younger doesn’t matter. In the meantime, we also adopted a little girl who was 6 mos old when I conceived (and no, we weren’t on a list. She more or less just fell in our laps). Had I not suffered infertility, I wouldn’t have my daughter. So point being, infertility can occur in your twenties and adoption is WONDERFUL!!! Get a clue.

Anonymous on

Me and husband haven’t decided if we want kids yet but I am always happy to hear stories like this. I wish them nothing but the best!

Jay on

He is too cute talking about his daughter. I too struggled with infertility and finally had a boy who just turned 7 and I think people who struggle to have a child just appreciate how lucky they are that it happened. Even after 7 years my husband and I are in awe of our son and are so fortunate that we were able to have this miracle in our lives!

m on

Lovely story. What a lucky baby to have such a proud, loving father!

Isabel on

Myla, you clearly have a very narrow point of view. People in their 20s don’t always experience “no problems ever”. Two of my friends were diagnosed with PCOS at 19 and 21. The former is single but the latter has been trying to conceive for years and is now about to welcome a little boy with the help of a surrogate.

JJJ on

Having grown up on the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee, it’s awesome to hear that he loves the region I call home. It is simply a beautiful place, and his daughter will spend many summers swimming in our gorgeous landmark.

Lyla on

That baby is going to grow up laughing every single day! He’s so in love with her, it’s so cute!!! They’re going to be amazing parents! Congrats!!!

Jennifer on

As someone who lives in New Hampshire and has been to Lake Winnipesaukee many times I love that they named their daughter after a beautiful place that means so much to both of them! I wish them a lifetime of love and happiness with their beautiful little girl!

Carrie on

I so happy for them!!! They seem really nice.

Anonymous on

So happy for them. He’s going to be a great dad.

Dru on

Two hands, please! The way he is holding her really makes me nervous.

renee on

Winnie is SO going to be a daddy’s girl….What a blessing to see Jimmy SO happy he’s practically bursting!!! Congrats to the new family!!!

Kami on

So happy for them! I too suffer with infertility for over 10 years and I am 32. Been married since I was 19 and we have zero children. So, no age has absolutely noting to do with infertility. Adoption and medical treatments are also out of the question for many people as they cost thousands and thousands of dollars. But am happy for anyone that suffers with infertility and overcomes it!:)

JP on

Not secret, private! LOVE that!

dsfg on

How come every time a male celeb has a baby girl everyone has to comment ooh she’s a daddy’s girl??? So annoying! She’s only a few weeks old . . .seriously, every child is different and not all girls are daddy’s girls. Why make silly assumptions??

dsfg on

“Lucky we are in an age of technology, or all these infertile people would be adopting….”

Most people who adopt consider themselves lucky, actually. Having biological children through technology doesn’t make you “luckier” than those who adopt.

Winnie on

When I saw the name he gave his daughter, I laughed out loud. It was amazing. Winnie is my name, and Rose is my best friend’s name. So for me, Winnie Rose is a perfect name.

Anonymous on

Kami- Actually, adoption doesn’t always cost thousands and thousands of dollars. If you do it through the foster care system, it’s free (and yes, I realize that route’s not for everyone)! 🙂

Dru- The way Jimmy gushes about his daughter, somehow I don’t think we need to worry about him letting anything happen to her! 😉

Anyway, I love what he had to say, especially the encouraging words for people struggling with infertility.

Amber on

He seems so genuine. That’s great.

Anonymous on

Wow, I have always like Jimmy Fallon, he is incredibly hilarious and good-looking, to boot! In all seriousness though, I am very happy for them. P.S Winnie is so tiny!

Sarah on

MYLA, the ignorance you diplayed here is why infertility and pregnancy loss have such a shameful and secretive connotation in this country, even though they shouldn’t. I lost a pregnancy in my 20’s, at a time where I could optimally provide for a child, both emotionally and financially, which disproves your so-called theory. I teared up reading this article because it’s a reminder that I need to keep hope that I’ll one day have a child. Congrats Jimmy!

clever kat on

His message is nice – but for him to tell people ‘just hang in there’ when he has unlimited financial resources is upsetting. Maybe he and his wife should start a scholarship type fund for infertility if he understands how much of a struggle it is for people, not only emotionally but certainly financially. It was easy for him and his wife to explore every option. Not so for ‘normal’ people.

Anna on

Clever Kat-Why do people like you have to take away from someone’s joy? Should he apologize for the fact his job allows him the money to do surrogacy? I’m very sorry for the women who have having a hard time conceiving and can’t afford the alternatives, but that is in no way his fault. He shouldn’t be obligated to provide funds for other people. What’s wrong with him trying to provide hope for people? Myla-Ugh. I second what everyone else said.

Anonymous on

dsfg- I think it’s because the vast majority of us commenting here are women, and for most women, there’s nothing sweeter than a daddy and his little girl! 🙂

raloxifen on

I really like the name they chose and I can’t help hoping her middle name is Theresa or Tessa or Tremaine or something T because then her initials are WTF. I mean, come on, it would be cool.

Jessica on

I have a precious five-year-old named Winnie (Winifred) and we get mixed reactions. Now that Fallon has a baby Winnie, it definitely makes the name a little hipper. =) PS- How CUTE is Jimmy? Love him!!