Drew Barrymore Plans to Expand Her Family

08/13/2013 at 03:00 PM ET

Drew Barrymore InStyle Cover Olive
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Two is better than one for Drew Barrymore, who has drawn on her own childhood experience as she plans her family with husband Will Kopelman.

“I was an only child, and it was lonely,” she says in the September issue of InStyle.

“Some people love it and thrive on the independence, but I want my kids to have other kids around. Maybe two kids so they can run around life together, roll their eyes at their parents together like Rusty and Audrey Griswold from [National Lampoonโ€™s] Vacation. So however that’s going to come about, it’s gonna happen!”

However, the actress and cosmetics connoisseur admits that parenting daughter Olive, now 10 months, is “a lot of pain and a lot of nervousness.”

“I love the person who said, ‘Parenting is like wearing your heart on the outside of your body.’ It’s the most beautiful, perfect analogy. I have anxieties about how much I’d like to get it right, making sure I provide her with an environment that’s safe, nurturing and loving. And silly and free, also consistent and grounding.”

Barrymore, 38, adds: “Then I just have the same typical fear every other parent has: Are they going to fall down?”

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— Sheila Cosgrove Baylis

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ME on

I LOVE DREW!!!! Who couldn’t love such a beautiful talented Humble person???

angie on

I love Drew Barrymore, always have. She was the most adorable child & has grown into a beautiful adult.

She will be an amazing mother because of her life experiences. She’s the one celebrity I’d love to be friends with I think she’d be a riot!!

Michelle on

She seems like such a down-to-Earth person, and a good mom!

Stella on

The red lippie looks great on her!

Jess on

Considering her own childhood I think her fears are very valid. However I would say by the way she has changed her life around and become such an amazing person I think she will raise wonderful children who will talented and loved beyond belief.

LA girl on

I love Drew, but she should give credit where credit is due. The late Erma Bombeck said “To be a mother is to forever have your heart running around outside your body” Great line and I love it.

nicole on

theres other kids in the family like drew barrymores bros not close i guess

Dorie on

Love Drew!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Karen on

Nicole, she has a half brother and two half-sisters from her Dad. But I don’t think she had much of a relationship with her dad, let alone his other children. She was “raised” by her mom.

Noneya on

Love Drew! So glad she was able to turn her life around! I am sure she is an great parent and just all around AWESOME person!

markus on

I LOVE DREW BARRYMORE too. I love her as an actress, she’s funny & truly enjoyed watching her movies. I think 2 kids will be great. We could hardly wait.

Hollywood love Drew!!

michelle on

So, Danielle…I’m not a responsible parent because I have only 1 child? I fail to see how my child has any more “pressure” than a child who has siblings. Did you ever think that some parents would love to give their child a sibling but are unable to for any number of reasons? I respect a parents decision whether it is for 1 child or 10 children.

Anonymous on

OMG, the cover is so photoshopped…

nicole on

her mom wasnt really a cool/regular mom cause thats not cool to be drunk if ur like 9 and do coke at 12 so sad how it wasnt gonna upset her mom back then

Mary on

she is so down to earth – i would think she would be alot of fun to hang out with. she seems very happy and content in her life. she seems to have a great husband and i’m sure she’ll be a great mom too. way better than her mom was.

MommytoanE on

Drew has a lot of half siblings, so she’s not really an “only” child. Not to mention she grew up on Hollywood sets, so I guess I can’t take her only comments to heart at all. People should have the amount of kids they want, and not use excuses from their past or what others think of them. If Drew wants more kids great! Have more. I don’t think responsability as a parent involves having siblings for your children. I think it involves being involved with your kid. NO ONE should feel bad for the amount of kids they do, or do not want to have. NO ONE should feel forced to have more kids than they can, or want to have. Siblings are not a guaranteed best friend….or heck even a friend. I think I know more people that were onlies and loved it, than people who had siblings and are close to them now…or were as kids. Being a kid from a large family can be lonely. No one has the right to judge anyone else.

Sophia on

You are an idiot! First of all, what does her being on movie sets as a child have anything to do with this at all? Um nothing. Second she wasn’t close to her dad or his kids growing up so she WAS an only child. You obviously need to check the facts.

debbie on

Finally she fixed her hair and it looks amazing. She is great and always herself and i’m glad she is a great mom.

Crystal on

Your comment is hurtful and ignorant. I know several only children and while some of them do wish they had siblings, others are perfectly happy being a singleton. As Michelle said, some people want more children but due to certain circumstances are not able to. Try to be a bit more understanding and less judgmental. Now, onto Drew…. SHE LOOKS FANTASTIC! I have never seen her happier or more comfortable in her own skin. I can’t wait to see updated pictures of Olive or read the article. As a InStyle reader, I am very excited for the September issue. I can’t wait to curl up on my bed and read it cover to cover! ๐Ÿ™‚

Ann on

Their daughter is going to be stunning! Just beautiful.

dsfg on

” . . . having a brother or sister is the natural responsible thing a parent can do.”

Wow, what an ignorant, immature remark. I hope you’re just joking. What are you, 12?

dsfg on

Yeah, half-siblings are still siblings, so it’s not really right to say you’re an only child when you aren’t. It could be she didn’t know them growing up, in which case a more diplomatic thing for her to have said would have been that she was raised as an only child.
It reminds me of when Cindy McCain said she was an only child when, in fact, both of her parents had a daughter from a previous marriage.

rothiam on

Yeah, she’s got all this parenting wisdom with a 10 month old??? Wait till that kid is a teenager with raging hormones and an attitude…then maybe she will be somewhat equipped to give some advice!

guest on

Definitely have to have two! Three is a blast as well. Worked perfectly for us, and they are best friends as teens now. Really nice to see. Read john holt’s books if you haven’t. You will really like, I think. They should give holts books away at the hospital for free with the carseats.

Anna on

I grew up as an only chid, I LOVED it, vacations 4x a year, my parents were always there for me, i was surrounded by ‘sisters-friends’, I had all my hearts desires, never went hungry. I had a very happy wonderful calm and stable childhood. My friends with siblings had it so bad compared to me, it seemed like utter chaos, their parents were always struggling to make it work, and divide their time amongst so many things.

I was given everything, time, love and a secure future. Now that i am expecting i want to make sure this little bean will be provided for as much as i humanly can. I don’t want to have to subtract anything that could have been all for him instead. I don’t care what anyone says, no matter how you slice it, the second you add a second child, it DOES take from the first, in many ways. I see it all the time. I will have my one and only. THAT is the responsible thing to do.

Cris on

That’s the responsible thing for you and your family but I couldn’t imagine a life that didn’t have my sister. No vacation could possibly take the place of my sister. I am so fortunate that my four children are so close and so close to my sister’s children.

sap_kia on

CORRECTION: of parenting she says: “it’s a lot of PRIDE and a lot of nervousness” [not pain!]

Lilly on

Don’t get carried away, Drew. Women have been having babies for centuries. It’s either a hit or a miss.

Shiela kerr on

Always have been a fan of hers. She has always appeared grounded!

Cris on

Why is it necessary to pick apart her every comment? Geesh! She feels like its natural to want to have more than one child and that she was an only. Just because her dad had more kids doesn’t mean she felt like she had siblings. People who get their panties in a twist over her comments need to check themselves. I can’t imagine a life that didn’t include my sister. For me, it would be very sad. As my mom gets older, it is nice to have someone who will be there to help take care of her too. If you all feel good about having an only child then it shouldn’t matter what anyone says. If you can’t have more then come to peace with it.

I think it’s totally refreshing to read about an actress that treasures their family. And the smarty comment about her whopping ten months of experience….that was rude. Any parent knows that things change as their children get older. Why not just be happy for another person?

Quinn on

Not all only children are lonely, Drew! Some children with siblings are lonely, too. It’s nice that she wants another child but her “lonely only” comment just adds fuel to the old-fashioned stereotyping of only children. This makes me sad because I have an ONEderful child and she is extremely happy, kind, smart, well-adjusted and very social amongst her many friends and cousins. Anyone who thinks that siblings are “necessary” are ignorant to the facts and studies that have shown no differences in how single children and kids with sibs turn out! Let’s not forget her horribly dysfunctional childhood, could that be part of the loneliness? I have always liked Drew but this just hits a nerve with me. Also, I have many good friends who grew up as onlies and loved it.

Tee on

I had one child and didn’t get the chance (life priorities got in the way). I so wish we could have gave her a sibling because as she got older she voiced her opinion of hating being an only child, It is hard on an only child, they get all the attention and sometimes if another sibling was around she wouldn’t have been in the spotight all the time. It doesn’t get easier either as they get older, and have parents aging also…I can imagine the thought runs through, I’m the only one who will be looked to take care of my parents when they get really old. She’ll be 21 this year. The only statement I didn’t understand that Drew said above was about the pain of motherhood.

lovely123 on

Not surprised to see a lot of hateful comments from so many SAHMs. Try to find happiness in your lives, then you may not be envious of others good fortunes.

O.ra on

What’s a SAHM?

Single and hating moms?

stacey on

As a mom of 7, and a mom who so completely and totally wanted 7 children, I cannot imagine wanting only one. We know several “only children”, some like it and some hate it,.

Anna, there are pros and cons to everything in life, but just so you know, big families are absolutely amazing.

Kari on

I agree with Drew 100%. Gotta have that second baby. I, too, am an only and hated it. At age 33, I still do. I resent the fact that I never had a sibling and was so jelaous of my peers who had 2, 3, 4 siblings. My high school graduating class had a fair amount of only children (maybe 10-12 of us) and we used to all say how much we hated it. Maybe that’s why my husband and I are having a large family. To each their own, but I can honestly say I’ve never met an only child who enjoyed it or was even an little bit happy about it, though I’m sure they’re out there.

Anonymous on

Quinn- You’re twisting her words. She said that SHE felt lonely growing up as an only child, not that ALL only children are lonely!

As for Drew saying she’s an only child despite having half-siblings, I agree with Cris. I would also like to point out that technically Drew could be considered an only child, as she is her mother’s only child (from what I understand, all her half siblings are from her father), as well as the only child her parents had together.

But anyway, I love Drew, and I wish she’d let us see more of Olive. ๐Ÿ™‚

Lana on

Wow, @Anna: make sure you don’t spoil your kid!

TJ on

I’m sure Drew will have as many kids as she wants. Not sure why there is such a war on people having only kids and siblings. I grew up with both and gotta say I don’t really see a major difference in how they turned out.

Kiya on

The union of Drew’s parents produced only one child, Drew. So maybe that’s why she’s referring to herself as an only child. My older sister wanted a sibling for many years and was elated 6 years later, when I was born. My sister said that she didn’t like being an only child for 6 years as it was lonely. Being the only child on both sides of the family, she didn’t have any cousins or other relatives near her age at that time. My parents had lived out in the rural country where there was no other kids for miles, so she had no playmates, except when started school. I personally think it’s the parents choice to expand their family.

PS on

Way to perpetuate the stereotype that we’re only worthy to be on this earth if we breed, Danielle. Let me ask you: Do you consider people me an irresponsible parent according to YOUR high and mighty standards because my equipment broke down before I could crank out “enough” children? Please, use your brain and practice a little sensitivity before you judge.

Tnt4life on

Can I just say that the title of this article left me perplexed? Sounds like she’ll just drop some baby growing seeds and “grow her family”. I had my little chuckle for the day:) Hope everyone has a nice day.

Lila on

I was an only child and loved it. Still do! We are raising an only of our own now. I think that some only child tend to blame every bad day in their lives on the fact they had no siblings, when really it has nothing to do with it. We make sure our only is very active and involved with other children.

I do think if someone wants to have more, they absolutely should. But it’s not a necessity.

Jenny on

I wish I could say I am surprised at all the comments, but that’s people for ya. Everyone has their own opinion and neither is wrong. Drew simply stated that SHE felt lonely as an only child, not that everyone should have more than one kid because they were lonely as an only child. Drew is talking about her life, and about what she wants. People take way to much offense with what someone else said about her own life. She is saying what is best for her is best for you. You only want one kid? Great, my sister has one & its completely happy. I have two and I am completely happy. Its a personal choice.

O.ra on

I agree MAJOR photoshop but I ADORE Drew. Always have.

Wish she didnt convert but that was her choice. Structure and some sort of organized faith probably works for her.

Sylvia on

People like you shouldn’t talk.

I’m an only child and my parents are divorced so you mean that my parents could’ve saved their marriage if I had a brother or sister? Meaning, that it would’ve been the “responsible thing to do”?

Honestly, think before you make a comment.

RangersGirl on

You people can think whatever you want but the fact has been researched and proven that children who grow up with siblings generally fare better not only in childhood but in adulthood and beyond than only children.

Lynsey on

Good for her that she has found happiness and stability. She looks great and seems to have found her niche as a mommy ๐Ÿ™‚

Holiday on

Only children are the worst behaved, selfish children that grow up to be selfish adults. Anna your kid will be the brat from hell.

CJ on

I’m an only child and I did not have some lonely awful childhood. I had cousins who lived close by and lots of friends. Being an only child does not suck. There are a lot of positive things about it, not just negative ones.

dsfg on

“Second she wasnโ€™t close to her dad or his kids growing up so she WAS an only child. ”

No, she had siblings, so she WASN’T an only child. She was raised LIKE an only child, which would have been a better way for her to have put it, but she isn’t an only child regardless of whether or not she has ever even met her siblings.

dsfg on

“Only children are the worst behaved, selfish children that grow up to be selfish adults. Anna your kid will be the brat from hell.”

Is it possible for you to argue like an adult instead of a middle-schooler? Your children aren’t going to turn out any better than you think Anna’s will if this is how you act around them.

Anonymous on

dsfg- While you make very good points about what Holiday said, don’t waste your time trying to reason with her. She has made it clear (via the tone of her comments) time and time again that us getting all riled up by her post is exactly what she wants. So let’s not give her the satisfaction!

O.ra- It means stay-at-home mom. That was a good one, though! ๐Ÿ™‚