BumpWatch: Danielle Jonas Debuts Her Baby Belly

08/12/2013 at 02:00 PM ET

Kevin Jonas Danielle Jonas Pregnant Bump Debut Steve Granitz/Wireimage

Sunday night’s red carpet was filled with memorable moments — including Danielle Jonas‘ barely there baby bump.

Arriving at the Teen Choice Awards in Universal City, Calif., the mom-to-be showed off her blossoming belly in a mini floral printed halter dress while posing for pictures with husband Kevin.

The Married to Jonas stars, both 25, are expecting their first child this winter — and recently took to Twitter to share a sonogram of their little one.

“The nausea has finally subsided,” Jonas told PEOPLE in July. “Danielle’s feeling much better now in the last couple of days, which is a really big step. She’s not sick anymore.”

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What a cute couple!

Dawn Robinson on

What baby belly?

LisaT on

Curious to see what the offspring of a horse and this straight-gay man looks like.

Stella on

Wow, hateful much. I shudder to think what you look like.

Marlie on

I was thinking the exact same thing!

mrsg on


Amanda on

I was just thinking the same thing!!! Well you know what “they” say, “If it walks like a duck and looks like a duck…” šŸ™‚

Sharon on

Glad you’re perfect, Lisa

Nancy on

Hopefully, Baby Jonas looks like mailman!

Kate on


Bada Bing on

LisaT, LoL Im curious too!!

Katie on

Wow! Scary looking couple!!!

Journey on

@Lisa T: Although not nice, I must admit that I really did laugh out loud when I read your comment. WOTS is that she’s really not pregnant (not even sleeping together), so it will be interesting if what has been said comes to be.

Tmoney on

LisaT, why so insecure?

Lola on

wow shes trying really hard to make it look like there is a belly…

Emma on

What an ugly man. It he for real??? What is with the hair? She is such a baby herself, how is she going to cope when her own baby cries at night? I think he got a very bad Fantastic SAMs perm!!!

Lindsay on

Sadly, that frizzy mop is his real hair texture. It’s been that way since birth.

She really is homely. Proves all the Hollywood makeup and special effects in the world can’t even help some people. His brothers always score the hot women, because they’re hot themselves. The middle one is dating a gorgeous artist/graphic designer and the young one is supposedly seeing Miss Universe. Not too shabby.

lola on

well, she is not attractive at all!

Anonymous on

What a horrible thing to say LisaT!

NoneYa on

How did Kevin manage lure her out of the pasture? Is his hair for serious? So many questions…

Stackwrapandroll on

What a horrible thing to say LisaT! I hope you don’t have any kids…you are a bully!

Donna on

you took the words right outta my mouth Lisa T….lol

debbie on

How what hateful mean people. I would love to see what each one of you loom like. She is not ugly. Why waste your time to look and post rude comments.

Jess on

I used to think she was cute, but now…not too sure what happened there. Her face looks so different. Plastic surgery, maybe?

Tlc on

What happened to her face? Is that a bad photoshop or just her…ummm…unfortunate looks?

Anonymous on

I’m not seeing it!

Sherae on

Don’t see a belly and she is SO UGLY. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an attractive photo of her.

Mary on

hey daniell & kevin, mr. ed sends his regards! W-I-L-B-U-R-R.

mel on

Congrats to the happy couple!

Kelly on

She looks like an alien.

Jan on

Hope baby doesn’t get her nose…yikes!

Lisa on

She’s so tiny and a very sweet girl. But she has way too much hair on her head for her thin face. Can’t wait til the baby is born and can’t wait for her to get a makeover. šŸ™‚

Eli on

That chick is hideous and trashy. And no, I am not jealous or ugly, or any other…just blessed (or cursed in looking at this picture) with 20/20 vision.

Anonymous on

Awwww,…. they look so cute!

Angela on

First off Lisa was not the only person making comments about this unattractive couple so lay off already! Secondly everyone is entitled to their opinion and she thinks they’re ugly so what? I don’t find either of them something I’d like to look at for more than 2mins either. Just goes to show what money buys you. Had she called some stranger at Walmart ugly everyone would laugh and agree. So its wrong to insult a celebrity but a joke if its an everyday person!

Me on

They look so happy! Danni looks adorable.

S on

Thanks, People…I was just wondering the other day what Vienna from the Bachelor was up to. I had no idea she was pregnant with a Jonas baby!

Navy Wife on


Suzee on

That is not a baby bump!!!

michelle on

Cute? Nothing extraordinary.

Lori on

That looks more like a “I shouldn’t have eaten so much for lunch” bump.

Sharon on

Now that was a good comment!!

Guest on

I wish i never watch an ep of their reality show.. I don’t like his wife and she treats him like crap

Oh well… not my life šŸ˜€

Krystin on

Wow I can’t believe how rude some people are! Dani and Kevin are a beautiful couple. I guarantee half of you people have never even watched their show to see how in love they are. Not everybody is perfect in looks, personality, etc. I will always be a fan of the Jonas Brothers. A very wholesome group with great values. The newest Jonas baby is going to be adorable just like their parents.

Brandi on

bullying isn’t right people! you all should be ashamed! she is beautiful. true ugliness is the bullying that you’re doing. You will be judged for it when your time comes!

Iā€™m Standing Right Behind You on

Oh please…I can’t decide which is more fake, their relatiosnhip or the “bump.”

Hope they come clean with the truth…we ain’t buying this BS!

honeybear on

And this is where our children get their manners…from the mouth flows the heart. A bad seed bares bad fruit. Why do women tear other women down? I’ll never understand it.

Pagal on

You read my mind, honeybear.

Sharon on

Ok, so she may not be the most attractive girl, kinda manly looking…however i have seen a LOT worse, but there is no need to be THAT mean and insulting, calling her a horse, ugly, etc. This is why there is so much hate, bullying and everything else in the world.

Christina on

I bet it’s a girl, she usually looks better than that.

Anonymous on

Heaven help that kid n the looks dept. They r both unattractive.

Jamie on

How can people say such cruel things about people?

Marlee on

Wow. Some of you are so ugly and vicious. Your lives must be pretty unfulfilling to make such bashing a sport.

Angelique on

I have a bump like that and I haven’t been pregnant for 9 years!!!

Cate on

Wow, someone has a grudge against this couple. Notice the same person posting multiple times using different fake names? Get a freaking life.

Observer on

She’s so boring and has no self esteem. It’s like he’s raising her too.

Nancy on

So happy for this sweet, young couple. I am a middle aged Mom of two and I enjoy their show tremendously! I wish them all the best with their new bundle of joy!

Brooklyn on

Oh my goodness. The comments on here are ridiculous and rude.

Congratulations to them both!

Brooklyn on

And, “Journey”, why in the heck would they announce she is pregnant if she’s not — I follow her sister on Twitter and she is super excited and keeps re-tweeting things about the baby news. No way she is not pregnant.

Jessica Sandherr on

What bump? They both look like they are 14 year sold

Emma on

He has a bad perm!

IRM on

All you haters…look in the mirror before making hateful comments. Such hateful people, why even bother to leave a comment. I wish both Kevin and Dani of well.

jay on

LisaT you made me LOL for real. For the people that called her a bully, stop throwing the word around! She made one comment about two very public people. She didnt steal their lunch money or make them lick white shit.

Rachael on

Is she cross eyed? Odd picture all around – wish them both the best!

Me on

Buzz. Your girlfriend. Woof.

Jen on

OMG, it’s sooooooooo mean to so she’s “ugly” but my serious first thought was, “Wow, she looks just like my dachshund”. She has an interesting face. That’s all. I think they are a sweet couple though.

kelly on

sure hope the baby doesnt get her SKI nose…why doesnt she have that fix..its awful..good thing she has her parents, she seems so insecure…

kelly on

sure hope the baby doesnt get her SKI nose…why doesnt she get that fixed, its awful!!..

Anna on

Amen Honeybear! A lot of verrry insecure people on here. Don’t click on the article if you’re not a fan of theirs. Looks aren’t everything in this world.

Liz on

This is obviously a very unflattering picture of both of them. However, they are normally both very attractive. People are being so mean! This is a joyous time for them! Let them be happy. And I must add though, what bump? She is SO tiny! šŸ™‚

jessie on

She is so whiney on their show!! Not an attractive couple at all!!

jessie on

She is NOT attractive at all….

Anonymous on

Journey- Thanks to modern science, you don’t have to sleep together these days to make a baby (not that I believe any of the crazy conspiracy theories. Personally, I’m sick of them…ALL of them, not just the ones about Kevin and Danielle!)!

That being said, what a bunch of meanies on here! If you think they look ugly, fine. But saying so publically is completely uncalled for! Bottomline: If you wouldn’t say it to the person’s face (and I’m assuming that none of you would call Kevin and Danielle ugly to their faces!), then it doesn’t belong here (or in any public place, whether on or offline!)!

Hockeymomma on

Seems so many of you have forgotten the basic rule you should have ALL learned in kindergarten…if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all!

Annie on

Cute Couple!!!!! Congratulations to this happy time for them!! šŸ™‚ I can’t wait to see their cute baby.

Denise on

Let’s just all face it: she’s lovely, but this is a horrible picture. Not to be a hater or anything, it simply just is. But they seem very happy together, I hope they truly are.

Sheryl on

You know what they say…. beauty is in the eye of the beholder! Who cares if none of you are attracted to either of them! Thats why the married each other …. they love each other and how they look! I bet some of you people saying these things all look like Heidi Klum or miss universe. You wonder why people have low self esteem! Its because people like you hide behind your computer screens and run your mouths. You don’t even know these people. Your all exactly the same. I actually feel sorry for you all!

Anonymous on

These comments are horrible. She has actually discussed these comments on her show and how they make her insecure and lower her self esteem. I would feel the same way if people were telling me I was ugly, hideous, a horse, etc.

People shouldnt be attacking others, especially, Women other women. It disgusts me to see this bully behavior and know that many of you feel this is okay. What’s even worse is you probably talk this way in front of your children….and they in turn do the same thing to and about other child. This is why we have bullies.

Marky on

What on earth is wrong with so many of you rude, nasty posters?? No, it’s not okay to ridicule celebs OR people in Walmart!! I wish they would take the comments off this section; I’m sick of the rude, ugly behavior of many of you. I am also tired of the “Doesn’t everyone know he’s gay? Not fooling ME,” crap. School can’t start soon enough, or some of you need serious help!!!

marion a gawron on

wow hateful people on these boards here if u cant say anything nice here dont say it period……..

JJ on

Danielle is one ugly girl. Maybe he wanted to be the good looking one in the family. Guess what, they each other because they are so ugly that their kid will look like Frankenstein.

Lori Simmons on

One of God greatest Blessing Congratulation!

wsb27 on

and we wonder why children and teenagers are exposed to so much cyber-bullying these days? Seriously, these are just awful, mean comments on here, from adults! And even the most thick-skinned of people would be hurt to read such things about themself. Nice role models on here.

M on

I heard that the fetus isn’t even Kevin Jonas’. Not sure how true it is. Apparently he was out on the road and she was in town when it was conceived. Who knows?

Mrs. D on

I, too, am flabbergasted by how nasty some people on here can be to two young people. The vicious cruelty you are showing to these people will probably be returned to you or your children in some way. Truly, what you put out in the world comes back to you. I think they are a lovely, MARRIED couple having a baby. That seems to be rare these days. Not many of us are in contention for Ms. Universe.

South Africa on

So happy for them! They are a beautiful couple and they seem sincere.

Ann on

Yay! for another couple who do things the right way……..unlike some!!!!!

Lynda on

Well, since we all cannot be beautiful and perfect, I do need to ask, WTH is with his ridiculous hair style?? What is that!!!!!

Tabitha on

Most of you commenting that they are an ugly couple are probably those who are too insecure to look at themselves in the mirror every morning anyway. Congrats to the couple. Screw the haters.

Carrie M on

Where is this “bump” as you like to call it?!

scm on

Ok… Danielle isn’t exactly beautiful. Your point? Here is a couple who is happy, in love, and married (God know that matters to some of you judgmental people). Congrats to them.

Guest -AB on

I feel bad for them getting picked on. Though I will say, if I were his wife, and invited to give some helpful advice, I would tell him to clean up the brows and get his hair cut close, as in almost shave it. He could be a cute guy. And she is a cute girl, but needs to tone down the Texas hair and makeup. Here eyes look always look kind of tired – even before the pregnancy – so, maybe she could benefit from a very light Botox treatment or minimal eye lift. Just some helpful pointers other than “they are so ugly” bc they really aren’t…just need a little slight adjustments. I think they will be cute parents – both come from involved families.

sowhat@gmail.com on

Good God…this is going to be one FUGLY kid.

4tmama on

How would you all feel if someone was attacking you this way? Would you care? Oh that’s right, you have NO FEELINGS, NO MORAL COMPASS, just because you can say something, doesn’t mean you should. Respect, compassion, “People”

Anonymous on

You people and some of your comments are just disgusting. I would put money that those with the nasty comments are uneducated, overweight, trailer park trash! As women, you should hang your head in shame.

Ren on

Why does he always talk for her? Can she not say her own morning sickness has subsided? This poor girl is very insecure and her husband over compensates for hiding in the closet by dominating their relationship.

Aria on

You all have me rolling. I bet all these nasty haters are beauty queens who have not one flaw on their bodies. Just kidding. They’re all angry housewives who sit at home in their sweats in small town America and have nothing better to do than to criticize celebrities who have it all. Jealousy rears its ugly head. Ugly being the key word. šŸ™‚ I’m sure both inside and out haha.

Ren on

Definitely @LisaT

jenn on

she looks strange so different that what her face looked like before she got preggo its not complimenting her at all

Jane on

I don’t know who gives a rip about anyones growing belly. This has become so stupid… everyone thinks they have to flaunt their big bellies… no one cares!!!!!

Sharon Little on

She looks like Haley Duff,before Haleys multiple surgeries. They must’ve used a turkey baster.

Guest on

Well they say ugly people have beautiful babies so there’s hope for the kid.

Reesca on


I feel bad for this kid.

mrmonkee on

Danielle is actually a very beautiful woman. This picture angle doesn’t do her justice.

And to those of you making the “no baby bump” comments did you fail to read the first paragraph?

Hooty on

Hate to say it but that poor girl looks cross-eyed.

Jessica on

I have never felt so inclined to comment on an article like i have this one. The comments being posted about the couple are outrageous. How dare you judge them on their looks the way you have? YOU should be ashamed at how “ugly” you are on the inside!

Anonymous on

She has her own look and so does he….neither one of them is ugly by a long shot……to all of you ugly commentators….GROW UP and go look in a mirror!

Sameday on

A swan can be born from two ugly ducklings!! Let’s hope that true this time.

Lyn on

Wow, all you haters must be sheer perfection! Shame on you for being so shallow and cold towards someone you don’t even know. Have a heart and be happy for the happiness of others. It may actually make you all happier people. What you dish out comes back to you! Remember that..

Kimmie on

They are beautiful, inside and out, and the baby will be beautiful when she arrives. I’m not sure why you haters feel the need to post negative false comments about this couple. All baby bumps start out this way including mine, so give Danielle a break.

Guest on

although some of the comments are really mean I have to admit I have been cracking up at some of them!!! to the point where i have tears in my eyes. Thanks everyone for the laughs!!!

Linda Patrick on

She does have a huge nose and not much of a baby bump. I see a lot of people are upset because of some harsh comments. Who cares? These celebs do not care.

Anonymous on

Is this seriously newsworthy?? First of all, who cares, secondly, what bump??

keslyn on

Kinda looks like she just ate a big lunch!

And Kevin, stop talking about your wife’s nausea! I’m sure she doesn’t appreciate it! Just say she’s beautiful and leave it.

messoj on


Sam on

Wow what is wrong with you people! You must have very low self esteem to be putting them down prob just to make yourselves feel better. Shame on you!!!

Anonymous on

A baby is a blessing…congratulations!

Jian B. on

Wow, people…why the bullying? These are the type of comments where people kill themselves over . She is pregnant, people…! PREGNANT! Do you know what kind of effect that does to one’s body? Let’s give life instead of destroying one’s happiness. For a good word is like good medecine which gives life to the body and health to the bones. Let’s be wise; and not a fool, for a companion of fools suffers harm. Let’s keep our mouth free of perversity; keep our lips far from corrupt talk. Don’t we ever think that she could be reading these mean comments, if she wasn’t a stable person before preganancy; now she’s pregnant can you simply imagine the outcome and then what? Then we’ll be like ” aww, that’s so sad, she WAS a nice and a BEAUTIFUL person then.” Right??? When we are fully aware that we bully this woman to snap in such ways. Just remember that our ways are in full view to the Lord, and He knows all our perverse ways. So, please let’s not cause pain or grief in one’s life when it should be one’s happiest.

Above all else, guard our hearts,for everything we do flows from it.

denise smith on

while she MIGHT not be what most of the USA thinks of as “beautiful” most of the ppl that meet that criteria have had so much work done that they dont even look like themselfs anymore. Besides I find him to be the lesser in the looks department and i must say the first thing i thought was poor baby gonna have a large ass nose…but it will have a nice personality unlike some of these mean girls in here…lord have mercy im sure even you couldnt pass ur view of the perfect person…because if u did it would be a lie cuz ur attitude is is shitty!!! mean, dang….and she has a belly just cuz she isnt huge doesnt mean she is any less pg…she just dint pork up like yall…..

J on

No Stackwrapandroll, one opinionated comment doesn’t make a person a bully. If she was constantly on her case, that would be a different story.

Isabel on

Forget about beauty. I feel bad for her that she has to deal with Kevin and his family. He seemed like a petulant child on their reality show where things always needed to be done his way and I wouldn’t be surprised if his family was in the bedroom when this child was conceived with amount of say they had in Kevin and Danielle’s reproductive choices.

J on

Brandi, if people are going to be judged when their time comes then why do you care so much? And please stop overusing the word bullying.

LisaT on

If someone likened me to a barnyard animal, I’d hardly lose sleep over it. Let’s not be so sensitive, people. Really. It’s an opinion, and everyone has one, right or wrong. You chose to be in the spotlight AND have a reality show, then you open yourself up to scrutiny. Get a thicker skin, or hide shall I say.

Jen on

For all of you people who are butthurt that people are commenting on this girl’s unfortunate looks, I’ll just remind you that she actually signed up for a reality show putting her face in front of the public as well as all of her personal affairs and business. Therefore, she’s sort of asking for people to form opinions about her. I think since she also willingly married a psuedo celebrity, she knew she was going to be taking on some negative stuff i.e. comments about her life, looks, choices etc. If she can’t take it, maybe she shouldn’t collect the check for her reality show and keep her ugly face out of the spotlight.

Anonymous on

Some of you are so mean and should look in the mirror before you pass judgement on someone else … beauty is in the eye of the beholder and sadly you must be totally blind.

Julesy on

Her face looks horribly goofy here!

Guest2012 on

Geesh, I look more pregnant than that after a big dinner! Lol.

Anonymous on

So many bullies! Disgusting! Congrats to the happy couple!

RachelB-MD on

Can you really take anti-depressants and anti psychotics while you are pregnant??? She definitely needs to stay on her meds…she is coo coo!

nicole on

wow! he’s pregnant too!!!! that’s amazing! I think that it is Ridiculous that whenever a woman is pregnant, it always becomes the couple that’s expecting….I wish! I would totally love to see this jonas guy carring around a big belly with acid reflux, hemorrhoids, and swollen ankles. If that happens, then he’d be expecting too.

Anna on

She got a nose job after they got married. Also, its sad she is using her husbands fame to get her entire family involved in the reality tv business and music industry.

That red lipstick does not work for her at all.

Anonymous on

Also, its sad she is using her husbands fame to get her entire family involved in the reality tv business and music industry.

Her entire family? First, if her brother wasn’t good he wouldn’t be selling or playing. Second, what has her husbands fame got her sisters and parents? I haven’t heard of them all getting something and you said the “entire family!”

silvano on

she pregnant with lots of mood swings and morning sickness it drains on somebody but she is a natural beauty normally stop all da hate @ lisa and jen seeking cheap popularty like this shows how miserable and desperate u are

Juanita on

I am a little late for the roast,but,she wore a prosthetic belly to boost ratings (y’all probably knew that by now! LisaT,great joke! The 75% who got all butt hurt at what she said or the ones with hollow,empty comments,I suggest you all move to LA,where the air pollution can be cut with a knife,and do as much sucking up as you like….we all win,you can save the ozone and move away from people who care less!!