Mark Webber and Teresa Palmer Expecting First Child

08/12/2013 at 01:00 PM ET

Mark Webber, Teresa Palmer Pregnant Expecting First Child Robin Marchant/Getty

Good thing Teresa Palmer is a fan of warm bodies — she’ll soon have a tiny one to cuddle with.

The actress, 27 — whose engagement to fellow actor Mark Webber, 33, was recently announced — took to cyberspace on Monday to share some additional big news.

“This is where my heart is,” Palmer captioned a photo on Instagram of a sonogram and tiny little slippers.

“To my precious baby — I’m so blessed to be your mama, we have been wishing for you for awhile.”

Added the actress: “We love you so much and can’t wait to kiss your little face and tiny toes. Thank you for hearing our prayers.”

Mark Webber, Teresa Palmer Pregnant Expecting First Child Courtesy Teresa Palmer

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Nikita on

No idea who these folks are but congrats! LOL

sarahb on

Congrats Teresa!! Your baby crazy frenzy us finally over! I know you’ve been wanting to have a baby for a long time, in so glad your wait it over!!

sarah on

I thought she was with Scott Speedman still.

All the best to Teresa and Mark.

tieraney on

I swear I don’t mean this as snarky..but who are they? I have never seen or heard of either one of them!

margieo on

She was the lead female in “Warm Bodies.” No idea about her fiance.

Jayda on

Love her! What an adorable announcement

penelopi on

Teresa congrats!!. She is our endorser for our Artistry line of makeup products also used my Miss America. She also played in the movie Warm bodies. she will be a great mother.

Anonymous on

Who are these people ?

LisaT on

tieraney, just who are you anyways? Do you realize how stupid your comment is now?

tori on

Love how all these celebrities announce their engagement and shortly thereafter their pregnancy thinking it makes them seem less sleazy and more committed to each other. Majority of them never marry(Pitt/Jolie,Watt/Schrieber). I have no respect for any man who lives,sleeps and has children with a woman he says he loves but never marries. Disturbing and pathetic!

Lox on

I love Mark Webber. Bomb The System is one of my favorite films of all time. Excellent actor and very, very easy on the eyes (well, mine at least).

Gossipgal on

Good grief…. doesn’t anyone in Holly wood practice birth control?

Gia on

Like him as an actor. She gives me a Kirsten Stewart type vibe in the acting department (not a very good one). But good for them.

@Tori, I agree to you on some extent. The pregnancy-engagement combo is so tired. It’s like they feel guilty about it so they say they get “engaged’ to clean it up.

Nothing wrong with not being married if that’s what you & your partner want (even though in most cases if your going to “play” husband & wife why not reap the benefit of legally being so).

*shrug*different strokes for different folks

margieo on

Ditto on the Kirsten Stewart vibe.

launchingpad on

i’ll bite..who are they? sometimes i don’t recognize names, so the photos help. this time…nothing. but warm congrats on your little one.

Isabel on

Tori, thankfully for them, they’re not asking for your respect.

Ashley on

I agree with Gossipgal – it seems like no-one in Hollywood uses birth control. These celebs have access to the best medical care money can buy, but I guess that doesn’t include contraception. It’s called “The Pill,” ladies; you might wanna try it sometime! And considering how much sleeping around goes on in Hollywood, you’d think these folks would be diligent about using condoms to avoid STDs in addition to pregnancy. Just goes to show that a lot of these celebs may have a pretty face, but they’ve got no common sense. And no, announcing your engagement doesn’t make you seem any less clueless. It’s still a “shot0gun engagement.” Which doesn’t lead to marriage 99% of the time. *SMH*

guest on

My guess is that this was planned. If you read her post, she is thankful for having her prayers answered. Birth Control wouldn’t have helped that situation 😉

Anonymous on

Another actress and actor having a baby before marriage. So what else is new

Sherae on

Looks ridiculously like Kristen Stewart.

Jody on

They are both very attractive. I have no doubt they will create a beautiful baby.

Anonymous on

I too have never heard of either of them.

MissScarlett on

Who are these people?

zab on

Congrats to the new parents!! And OMG! If you don’t know who they are then don’t click and DON’T post dumb comments. Just read the ones about the Kardashians, LOL!!!

Anonymous on

Anonymous- How do you know they’re having a baby before marriage? They might just tie the knot before s/he arrives, for all you know! 😉

Gossipgal and Ashley- And birth control never fails, right?!

Anyway, congrats to them!

Anonymous on

BTW, I realize that not all unwed celeb pregnancies are the result of birth control failure. Obviously there’s just too high a number for that to be true. However, assuming that NO unwed celeb couples were using birth control when they got pregnant is just silly, imo!

Donna on

Who are these “stars” ???

Anonymous on

Isabel, exactly!
Ashley, did ya ever think that they aren’t using birth control because their intention is to get pregnant?

Lucy on

If you knew how to read you would know she had been wanting a baby so no birth control needed! They had been wanting this baby and are very happy so that is what matters!

Anonymous on

I thought she was with Topher Grace from That 70’s Show.

Anonymous on

You all did read the article right? It says they had been wishing for this child for a while therefore why would they be using birth control? Clearly they intended to get pregnant.

And why read the article if you don’t care who they are? If you are genuinely happy for anyone announcing they are pregnant but did want to know what films or shows they have appeared in you can easily google them both.

coup1 on

Why do these no-name celebrities always feel the need to overshare? Their babies can’t even get privacy in the womb!

coup1 on

Maybe they read it and don’t believe it. This couple (who are they?) is trying a little too hard to make this look planned when it obviously wasn’t. Their baby can’t even get privacy in the womb. Wish these no names would stop exploiting their children for attention.