George Lucas and Mellody Hobson Welcome Daughter Everest

08/12/2013 at 11:00 AM ET

George Lucas, Mellody Hobson Welcome Daughter Everest Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

Surprise — George Lucas and Mellody Hobson are parents to a baby girl.

The newlyweds welcomed daughter Everest Hobson Lucas via gestational surrogate on Friday, Aug. 9, the Huffington Post confirms.

The baby girl is the first biological child for both Lucas, 69, and Hobson, 44.

The Star Wars filmmaker is already father to three children through adoption: Amanda, 32, Katie, 25, and Jett, 20.

He and Hobson, who serves as president of Ariel Investments, chairman of Dreamworks Animation and as a financial contributor for CBS, were married June 22 at Skywalker Ranch in California.

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Proud Momma on

I am available for adoption if you would like to expand your family even further, Mr. L!

Air Force on


Carrow on

LMAO!!!! Adopt me too! If they don’t mind a fully grown 29 year old tattooed daughter.

Meena on

Congratulations you crazy kids!

O.ra on

Kids? Whoa …

Skeptic on

Poor child… not fair having such an old dad. How’s he going to attend the high school graduation or wedding when he’ll be close to 100 by then??

Tara on

Your argument is ridiculous, Skeptic. Compared to the child who is born to one of our serviceman and they get shot in a war zone at the age of 23. He is older, in 10 years they could find the secret to make him live 120 years old. At least he is living!

Zeze on

That is the dumbest response I have heard so far on People, Tara.

shannon on

I bet you thought people would think what you sais was smart….yeah…you were wrong

Anonymous on

well, but that kid came out wondering who the heck that old grey haired man was….rediculous!!

American Mom on

You can’t even spell ridiculous. I’d take a brilliant, highly accomplished man and bright, high achieving woman like them to be my parents any day!

Marcia on

Congrats, they seem like a great couple.

Lana on

May the force be with his little girl!! 😀

dgt on

Just say she’s “the first child for the couple.” No need to clarify that this baby is a biological child and the other three children he has are adopted.

KO on

Yeah I agree. To specify that the older three are adopted is just uncalled for and perpetuates the idea that somehow adopted children aren’t equal to biological children.

Guest53 on


maggie on

He is way too old to be a father.

BooBoo on

So at what age should men hand over their children so that they’re no longer fathers?

Mine kept me, so he’s 60 and still a father.

Lala on

I think you mean new father maggie. He already has 3 kids, so he’ll be a father for the rest of his life.

An on

@Proud Momma, Count me in as your new sibling as well. haaaa…

Congrats to this couple. I may know him through his work, but I don’t know him personally. However, I feel as though he is a great man and wish him the best with his new wife and child.

missy on

Beautiful new wife, brand new baby. Life is pretty good there George.

genibre2013 on

Everest?! SMH. Yet another ridiculous name.

Ally on

@dgt – I think it’s an important distinction because many babies born through surrogacy can be biological children of only one, or neither of parents. In some cases, the surrogate can also serve as an egg donor. Or maybe they used the bio mom’s egg, and a sperm donor, then planted in a surrogate. So, yes, there is need for the distinction.

Amanda on

as someone with a father who had me at 47, this is unbelievable. Every day I worry about my father’s declining health and him not being around for important things. This breaks my heart a bit.

Orphaned early on

I agree Amanda. My parents had me when they were 41. My dad died when I was eight and my mom passed when I was 29. It’s a lot to put on a child to have older parents. While I don’t want to be a downer on their happiness, I think it’s cruel to do this to the child. Being an orphan makes for a hard life.

Ginger on


Karen M. on


Gina on

Sounds like the golddigger made sure her child inherits millions..

Jj on

Gold digger Gina?! She is a successful business woman in her own right. Don’t comment on things you know nothing about.

mamanas on

Learn your facts…..this woman is powerful

American Mom on

Even if the child inherited ONLY the mother’s money, she’d inherit millions, Gina. The mother is highly successful herself. You know, it’s not usually the men who are sexist, it’s other women – jealous, bitter women who cannot be happy for another’s success and see it as a symbol of what she, too, can achieve. You are sad.

The truth on

She’s far from a gold digger. She is a successful intelligent, and educated business woman for a huge firm in Chicago. Nice try. Shes not a trypical bigbutt big breasted 21 year old air head with no brains, who only knows how to do porn, which is 90 percent of the young population. Congrats to the couple!

Sharon on

Seriously, this isn’t Hugh Hefner and some 20 year old bimbo we’re talking about here!!

Phyllis on

I think 69 is way too old to have a new baby!

Lisa on

gotta love Hollywood. instant marriage, instant kid. instand divorce….

Joe on

Gina.. Look his wife up before you call her a gold digger she wasn’t just some waitress like Matt Damond wife was when he met her melody actually has a good job

O.ra on

I agree Joe- Matt Damon could have done SO much better!

Did that single mom waitress luck out not whaaaaaaaat

Annie on

wow……God bless

Kimberly on

Congrats to them!

To all the people who think 69 is too old, well, don’t have a kid at 69. To each his own. As for the gold-digger comment, she was successful in her own right before she met him.

Pauline on

Love your comment! Congrats to the parents.

Sandra on

@Gina….Gold Digger….Really! And to all the other nay sayers what would the difference be if George was 30 yrs younger and died two years later? This child was/is wanted, unlike so many that are brought here to suffer at the hands of stupid “parents”

jones on

Congrats to them, but I fail to see the reason to highlight the fact that this is his first biological child. Saying this is their first child together and he has three older children works just as well.

curlyk on

Gina if you know anything about Mellody at all you would know she is super successful herself. I believe she met him while doing business together, and that was years ago.They were dating for almost 10 years before getting married. She gives financial advice for GMA and other news shows. I’m sure she has millions to her own name, and that is probably why they get along so great.

guest on

Why put that his older children were adopted? Those details should be private. If he adopted them then they are his kids as is the new baby as far as the general public is concerned. Just struck me as a little odd…..the comment. Anyway, congrats on the new baby.

Izzie on

Ageism is a horrible thing, yet seems perfectly acceptable in this country. People decrying Lucas’ age and proclaiming him unfair need to remember that there are, sadly, many “young” parents who don’t see their children graduate due to illness, accidents, neglect, etc.

Saywhat on

Exactly! Melody was a established reporter for years on one of the main networks. She is also big in the financial world.

traycee on

So freaking selfish. What an a-hole. She wasted no time getting a baby mamma for his first bio child. Have fun only knowing your child until she is 10, and that is if you are lucky. I hope she isn’t autistic or have schizophrenia as happens with older fathers.

mamanas on

You don’t even know these people. I think all peoplr are selfish to have a baby, Including me. So what!! I would rather see this couple with a child, rather than some unemployed uneducated teenager.

Lucy Jones on

I would rather this couple have a child than a some of the younger people having them who neglect, abuse, mess up or dump their kids at their parents !

Sue on

I wish them the best, but I truly do not understand why someone almost old enough to be a great grandfather would have a child. It is highly unlikely that Lucas will live to see his daughter’s 20th birthday. How sad for her.

Dee on


happy on

Too old!!! It’s sickening and selfish! I am the product of this myself and go thru almost my entire life with no parents! If you get with an old man..fine, but don’t have kids! Geez

GermanGirl on

I don’t want to be rude, but People should stop having kids at some point of their lifes…

Just My Opinion on

@Skeptic Death has no age limit.

Cyndi on

The latest craze in Hollywood- need a baby, want a baby, don’t want to mess up your figure having a baby? Just BUY one!! Disgusting!!

CB808 on

Surrogacy is much more involved than cutting a check.

Air Force on

Your comment is just rediculious Cyndi… Did you ever ever think that maybe, just maybe they could not have children of their own?

nunya on

Did u ever think that maybe ..just maybe that’s bexause he is too old to have kids on his own

lola on

I am available for adoption too but only for you Mr Lucas

Amanda on

This makes me very sad. My dad was 47 when I was born, and now at 26 I am constantly worried about his severely declining health and all of the things he will miss out on in my life.

PS on

Wow, so many haters. Do you think that Lucas and his wife didn’t think through their decision before becoming parents and that they don’t have a plan to provide for the child if something happens? I know people whose fathers were that old when they were born and they turned out fine.

Not only that but Ms. Hobson is an insanely successful businesswoman in her own right (Google is your friend, y’all!). To imply she’s a golddigger is just silly and reflects your personal jealousy.

For crying out loud, just be happy for them and that a beautiful new baby has entered the world.

Ella on

Congrats to the happy couple, but I feel for that child. Her father will have died so early in her life. 😦

Charli on

I love it! Congrats to them!!!! I love her name.

Harriet Vane on

A friend of mine is having children even though her husband has MS and will likely not make it to their children’s graduations and weddings. But they have love, faith and happiness – for as long as fate allows. You never know what fate will bring, and you can’t decide for others what’s right for them. Everest is a lucky baby because she was born into a family full of love.

Sue on

We may not know what fate will bring us, but when you have a child at 69 you know that it is unlikely to be enough years to see this child reach adulthood.

Grace Marie on

Great !!

Just My Opinion on

@happy Yeah right, more like unhappy. Your parents could have had you at a younger, and die in a car accident in their 30’s. You’d still be (un) happy.

Sue on

Dying in your 30s, for any reason, is highly unlikely. Dying in your 70s or 80s is anything but unlikely.

Anonymous on

Sue, stop being such a miserable bitch. THAT type of behaviour can also kill you.

Jen on

“May the Force be with you” George and Mellody.

Carrie Ann on

why in the heck would you have a child at 69?!! Just stupid, plain old stupid!

mamanas on

Maybe for you. But nyone else is not your business.

Anonymous on

Congratulations to the Lucas family! They have had quite the exciting life lately! 🙂

To those of you that have anything negative to say, shame on you. How does this joyous news bring out such judgment. It is their life and they can do as the please whether you agree with it or not. By spewing such hatred and negativity it only shows what type of person you are. I miss the days when everyone had more respect and manners towards one another.

Jen on

Age is nothing. How many dads father 5 kids in their 20’s and are miserable dead beats? I’d rather this baby have however many years with a loving, devoted father than a lifetime with one who doesn’t care.

MrMonkee on

Just this morning I heard a report that 70% of African American children grow up in fatherless homes. And 53% of Caucasian children grow up in the fatherless homes. Hispanic children have the best chance of having both parents in the home while growing up. With that being said, at least this child has a chance of at least starting out with two loving parents even if George is older than most for his first biological child. I f he lives for 10 or 20 years the child still has a better chance than most kids whose sperm donor is alive but missing in action.

mileysux on

So sweet! Congrats, Lucas family!

Black And Proud on

How disgusting and revolting! As a black woman, I cannot begin to understand why this beautiful sista would get near a white man. Does she not know our black history? Does she not remember the oppression that white people inflicted on us? I know our black brothas have been buying the white perpetrated media lie that white women are the ultimate trophys and symbols of success of achievement. Ofcourse, black women do not blame our black men for believing this lie. We know this is the white man’s way of afflicting division into the beautiful and strong black community. I just can’t believe this sista has betrayed our black community!

Kristy on

@Black and Proud, GIVE IT A REST. People like you are the prime reason that so many black Americans can’t get beyond the Civil War. And they are too darn proud and hard headed to shut up for 2 seconds and LISTEN AND REALIZE that not all white people hate black people, or even dislike them. I don’t care care for you too much, not because you’re black, but because you’d ignorant and sound like an idiot. I’d say the same thing to a pink elephant, if it was spewing such hate.

nunya on

Why was this comment posted?

mamanas on

As a sista who us married to a white man. Let me guess who is selling out the black community. Me or the person selling drugs in our commumity. She has a right to love who she loves. You sound like you just got off the plantation.

The truth on

LOL right on girl! Best comeback yet! You told her! What a racist. Her comment should be flagged. I’m embarrassed for her!

shannon on

Wow ate a bunch of f&#&#&#& retards…why in he hell would you poat this comment.. I thought that’s why you has a moderator

Lucy Jones on

If you look in to ‘Black History’, you will find that in reality the African slave owners sold their slaves to the white men.

There are still hundreds of thousands of slaves in Africa today.

You are a disgusting, ill-informed racist.

She can be with whoever she wants.

jack on

Why does People feel the need to say it’s the first biological child of Lucas? Also unless you have done the DNA testing there is no way of knowing whether they used donor eggs and sperm.

It’s insulting to adopted children, to people that use donor eggs and frankly isn’t important.

Jen DC on

@Gina: You realize that as president of an investment firm, Mellody Hobson is worth millions herself, right? Not G. Lucas’ billions, obviously, but she’s wealthy in her own right. Furthermore, why do you care if he doesn’t? As an attorney, I would have advised him to get a prenup, but clearly that’s between the two of them. Your inference is disgusting.

As far as everyone’s “Oh, poor baby to have such an old dad!” Imagine all the free time he has now that he’s in semi-retirement. So even if his life is cut short – something that can happen to anyone, at any time, regardless of age – this child will have had a lot of attention and love from him.

Sue on

That’s just it- if Lucas dies in the next 10 years (and here’s hoping he doesn’t) his life won’t have been cut short. When someone dies at 79 no one says OMG he was so young!

While it is true that none of us know how long we will be alive, when you are 69 you know that it probably isn’t more than 15 years, and that is if you are lucky.

happy on

True Just my opinion, true but the likelihood of that is slim. You have no idea how sad and lonely the holidays or anything you accomplish in life when you go it alone since high school. You just don’t get it! It’s hard.

HollyGoLightly on

He already has three children who are less than well-adjusted, and he brings another into the world?

Jen DC on

@Black & Proud: You’re sad. While I don’t disagree there has been historical and systematic oppression of black people in this country, to allow that to dictate whom you love is simply additional oppression. As a fellow black woman, I’ve never allowed race/ethnicity to dictate my response to affection, respect, intellectual equality or physical attraction. And I’ve dated black men, white men, biracial men, Filipino and Hispanic. Those were the last things about them that mattered to me.

Kristy on

@Jen DC, what an eloquent explanation you gave for your personal views. It’s wonderful to hear that you look beyond the color of a person, and into the heart and values of that human being, the things that truly matter. At the end of the day, we’re all the same, placed here to coexist. God bless you for rising above all the hate out there ; )

WiddoMouse on

Good for them. Just goes to show that anything is possible if you have the money. They look like a happy and loving couple. Why shouldn’t they have a child together?

SAR on

Acually, HollyGoLightly, his other three children are QUITE well-adjusted and love their dad tremendously. He was and is a terrific father to them. People snipe at him for “doing nothing” from the mid-80s to the mid-90s, but in fact he was devoting his time to raising his children. That was more important to him than making movies.

Mellody has plenty of her own money, so she is hardly a “gold-digger.” And if George “couldn’t wait to have a biological child,” then why did he in fact wait so long? If he wanted one that badly, he could have gotten a gestational surrogate to have his baby years ago. Decades ago. He could certainly afford it.

Cicilie Jenssen on

I do have to agree with most of the comments here, he is way too old. Money will only get you so far. Kids need thei parents. Congrats though, probably a beautiful baby!

patsy on

a baby at 69??? Hello around the clock nannies….

Anonymous on

I like that name but 69 is too old to father an infant. Nice for his wife though, I guess; her stepkids are nearly too old to have been her biological kids!

Cindy on

All of you haters need to wake up and realize that the uber rich are not like the rest of us. They can have children into their old age (and have as many children as they want) because they can afford all the help in the world. How many of you would take a pass on having an old billionnaire father? I didn’t think so.

fanofboardwalkempire on

Congratulations to the happy family. Love the name Everest!

Kate on

87 at high school graduation. Not living for their wedding, when they have children, etc. Famous people have children later because they can afford to and the child will be well taken care of but what about the emotional toll it takes on children?

Lyoness on

Congratulations! I LOVE the name Everest. It’s unique and classic at the same time. I’m sure that she’s quite loved. To all the comments about age… Just stop. Halle Berry is a couple years older than Melody. What are you going to do? Go to Melody’s door and say “No baby for you.” Calm down and wish them well.

PacificGirl on

How adorable. LOVE the name Everest.

Kate on

no fool like an old fool

NSBooklady on

They really seem to be a devoted, loving couple and decent people but a first child when dad is 69? He may be a very healthy, active senior but he’s still a senior and will be 90 by the time his child is old enough to drink.

Edie on

Congrats! This child will be well cared for no matter the age of the parents. Let’s all just be happy for them!

M on

admit it. this child was born through surrogacy. don’t lie about it…congratulations though

Anonymous on

Clearly reading comprehension is lost on you, isn’t it?

Mimi on

Enough with the age people! Yes, he’s kinda old, but so are Halle Berry, Olivier Martinez, John Travolta, Nancy Grace, Gina Davis, and soooo many others who have had kids passed their 40s. 69 is way too old to start all over, i get it, but you gotta live the moment, and life is RIGHT NOW, not tomorrow or 10, 20 years from now.

And the golddigging comments are a joke. Melody has been a very successful business woman before she even met Mr. Lucas.

couldbeworse on

a baby is a wonderful blessing.

to all of those people who are like “hes too old at 69” take a second to think about the very creepy peter stringfellow who recently became a father again and hes in his 70s. his wife is even younger lucas’ wife. pictures of them together look very odd. i cant remember how old she is. no older than early 30s if i had to guess. it looks like hes posing for pics with his granddaughter.

Athina on

If I could come back in another life, I would love to come back as George Lucas’ next baby.

Gia on

Not a big fan of older people becoming parents. But they were older when they meet and had a long courtship (which is a good thing) .So congrats to them!

Myla Cree on

That’s why babies are for the young. All this technology allowing old people to have children, stinks. Thank God he can leave her a fortune, she won’t need a father.

mamanas on

I think many of the people on this thread shoud not have any kids. Guess we could include obese peope, low i.q, short, from the south, Christians and republicans.

Mar on

Congrats to the Lucas’. My only issue is why does the media have to differentiate between adopted children and biological? He had three kids now he has four!

sappcls on

I’m confused wasn’t she pregnant approximately 3 years ago. I use to watch her on, “Good Morning America” and she was CLEARLY Expecting a child. After searching on the WorldWideWeb there is no INDICATION of it. So I wonder what Happened?

O.ra on

I agree with the skeptics, I’m sorry but this is quite quite old. M. If it was a boy almost surely chances for autism. Y.
We’ll see. O.K.
Didnt realize this woman was a millionaire like everyone says.

dpbl on

Congrats, Grandpa…..oops, I mean ‘Daddy’.

Anonymous on

Oh wow, I’m embarrassed for you.

cristina on

All I can say is Mozel Tov and that I am available to be adopted if George and Mellody will have me.

Smitty on

Gina by lack of your intelligence in posting such negative comments and obvious extensive research on Ms. Hobson’s back round one can conclude she is not a gold digger.

teresa on

he’s the same age my grandma was when i had my first daughter. yikes

marshall on

He lowered his standards

cheri on

George looks pretty healthy and a young 69 to me. He’ll be just fine as a new dad.
Congrats to both of them.

justlise on

So she will be 62 when this child graduates high school and he probably won’t be alive. Bravo … intelligent decision.

dilitant on

Congratulations to the parents! Shame on People for making such a big deal out of the kid being biological . . . can’t you just say the baby is Lucas’ fourth child and his wife’s first?

I also have to say @Black And Proud – wow?!!!? 15 years ago, I did my college thesis on reverse discrimination. It is clearly still alive and well. I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want to be held accountable for the behavior of your distant ancestors or even your own parents. Everyone, regardless of skin color, should be given the same chance to earn or lose your trust and respect. The words coming from you are just as bad as those that came from slave owners, the KKK, and the lawmakers who came up with “separate but equal.” Shame on you.

Anonymous on

You can’t fault someone for finding their love late in life. Why shouldn’t they enjoy parenthood? Just because they’re older? That’s dumb, if you take care of yourself there is no reason why he or she couldn’t live a long and active life. Outside of accidents, which we all can have; they can live to see all their child’s milestones. My grandmother lived to be 93, she was active and vibrate till the night she went to sleep and didn’t wake up. I feel like most of you that are criticising are expecting to have horrible lives when you’re older and you’re already unhealthy and unhappy people. Get over it! That’s your life not others.

Anonymous on

All of you saying age is such a huge factor in being a parent what about other variables?

If you’re overweight or obese you shouldn’t be allowed to have kids because you’re at an increase to die earlier too.

Or to anyone that is young you can’t hav them because you are just far to immature and incapable or providing a stable home both financially and emotionally.

Also, how about anyone with any hereditary medical issues that could be passed along to your children. No kids for you because it would be mean and cruel to saddle them with that.

See my point is there is no right or wrong, no rules, hell there’s no guarantees in life so why not just live the way that makes you happy and allow others to do the same. The hatred and anger that’s being directed to people you don’t been know is so sickening. I’d much rather have an older loving parent than any of you that possess such dark characters.

itslikethisblog on

George Lucas’ age is insignificant. He’ll have and love his daughter regardless and I’m sure take measures to provide for her in the event of his death.

James Gandolfini died at a relatively early age with an 8 month old daughter. Our service men are dying daily with young and yet unborn children. So all you ignorant naysayers… stop posting stupidity.

Cate on

With all of the children who are abused, neglected, or unwanted in the world, it’s always sweet to hear of the birth of a child who is very wanted and loved. Wishing this family all the best.

Anonymous on

Come on George. Smile already. Married and a new baby should make you happy all the time.

Susan Valdes on

“Lucas, 69, and Hobson, 44” … God bless them, I don’t even have the energy to chase after my dog and I’m a lot younger than he is! I guess they’ll have lots of help!

Julie on

What’s with the negative comments. Yes, he old and he loves his wife and little girl and she will know that she was wanted and loved the rest of her life and financially the family is set. Better then having kids and telling them they were an accident or mistake to their face like some parents. Or having kids in your teens when you don’t have the finances or some the maturity to look after them.

Sherae on

Oh wow. Going to be a wealthy little girl…but I don’t know how fair it is to have a baby at 69 and 44. Not cool

Suzee on

OMG they are too old to have a kid. They’ll be dead by the time he’s 10.

sky on

Enough of the negative comments about age, fertility, gold digging, etc!. Be happy for the married couple. Melody Hobson serves as the President of Ariel Investments (Chicago-based investment management firm and adviser to the mutual funds offered by the Ariel Investment Trust). Who cares if he is much older. They found each other later in life and wanted to have a child together. I think there are so many bored and negative people who come to these sites to throw in their antiquated and ignorant opinions. Get with the times, people are living longer, getting married later and yes, having children later too. We are defying the odds and loving life to its fullest!

sky on

@ shannon – What are you saying?

Jen DC on

@Kristy: I was asked once in high school why I dated the way I did. And my answer is still the same: I love men. I think everyone has something positive to offer, and it never made sense to me to block knowledge of a person based on the false construct of “race.” It doesn’t mean I deny what goes on around me; it just means that I won’t ALSO oppress MYSELF by giving in to that mode of thinking. It just mystified me, even when I was small, that people who claim and insist that race shouldn’t matter, made race matter in one of the most important decisions of their lives – whom to love. If Mellody Hobson has found that George Lucas fulfills her intellectually, romantically, physically and YES, financially, why should she deny that? What would we prefer her do, spend the rest of her life alone? Lower her standards so other people can be happy with her choice? *She* has to live with her decision…

Anyway, as you can see, it’s a touchy topic. I’ve heard it all when dating outside my race, from men and women. But I’ve never hesitated to stand up for my choice (much to the chagrin of several of my boyfriends). It’s just not anyone else’s business who I bring home. Unless they are about to pay my bills, they can get the h3ll on…

Rae on

I care more about their baby news than the stinkin’ royal baby, yet our ex-monarchy’s reproductive success had way more press cover than an American cinematic icon. Priorities?

And if you think Lucas is old, La’s ex-Gov Edwin Edwards, 85, and his 30-something wife just had a baby.

Jody on

I am very happy for both of them.

Sharon on

Here we go again….hes too old, shes black, hes white, blah, blah…why do people ALWAYS have something to say?! This is a couple with tons of money who will love this little girl…let them alone!!!!

Guest on


Luckily no Star Wars names.

dai coneray on

congradulations! they are such a cute couple their smiles just light up a room! i had a child with an older guy and it was fine! we divorced but he is still alive! and he did more with the kid physically than I did! so hey SKEPTIC dont worry! God is good all the time!

Ms. J on

Congratulations! I believe that baby girl will be abundantly blessed by God and her parents! Awesome news!!!

Cheryl on

Black and proud…you sound ridiculous and racist!!! As a black woman, I am thoroughly embarrassed by your hateful comments! Love has no color…human beings fall in love with human beings. I’m sure you are single and bitter…a lot of black women are!

blackgems on

Did I mention gross?
How much did Everest cost to conceive?

dudley doright on

congrats!!…love these 2 intelligent + talented people as a couple!

kelly on

sure hope she can keep up with a baby..forget him, he is way toooooooooo old..the kids frds will call him gramps

Ida on

Congratulations! Well wishes for and with the Blessing you have been granted.

king with wisdom on

congratulationnnnnnssss!!!!!! to both lucas and mellody and may God bless and nuture everest.My paternal granmoda died at the age of 130yrs so who lied to the negative and evil minded folks out there.Yea the couple looks aged but can live up to 120yrs and see their grand children hellooooo


don’t you think at 69 it is time to stop , yep it is in nice he didn’t have to adopt this time,But 69 my dear , OH MY GOD

Lana on

BlackandProud: Yeah, you are sooo right. Black women should only marry black men. And while we’re at it….let’s resegregate schools. *rolls eyes*

Suzee on

Very selfish.

Anonymous on

Yes I agree he is way too old to be a father. I don’t think the child will know her dad

Dawn on

Well if he sees his daughter’s high school graduation he’ll be very lucky. I don’t understand why you have to children at almost 70, seriously…

Sandie on

It seems as racism is still here and more prevalent than ever. STOP WITH THE NEGATIVES AND BLESS THE COUPLE. I WISH EVERY BLESSING TO GEORGE AND MELODY.

Sandie on

To Kate and Gina, You two must be some very unhappy women, do you have lives of your own? However old the couple is, he married the woman he loved. Gina, make sure you do your homework before running off at your mouth about Melody.
Talk about yourselves, jealousy is a b—-.

Sandie on

Mind your own business for the ones with the negatives. Will you be taking care of the child? Did you have anything to do with the conception of this beautiful child? MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS AND STAY OUT OF OTHERS.

Ben on

OMG the “haters” here are crazy. I’m 54 now, my wonderful parents had me when they were in their late forties. They passed away when I was in my mid-thirties. Of course I wish they were still here but HELLO, if they didn’t have me I wouldn’t be here!

Icky on

Tony Randall was 68 when he fathered a child. Nick Nolte, 66. Paul McCartney, 61. Luciano Pavarotti, 71. Rod Stewart, 60. Those are just the famous ones. There are plenty non-famous older fathers. So what? Congratulations to a lucky girl.

Fanta on

Doesn’t matter how old the dad is. He is a father and has a right to have a baby with his young wife. People are so cruel to say a person is too old to have children. At least his sperm worked, apparently it was too old to create a baby? Love this couple. Congratulations to them!

Fanta on

That precious baby girl has some WEALTHY AND POWERFUL parents!

Fanta on

just because some of you had your children at young ages don’t mean everyone is going to have their at those ages. Everyone’s life is different and everyone have their own experiences. George and Mellody are blessed. Their child will be blessed and love.

kris on

Man. I swear I have never read so many negative comments about another peroson from this many grown people!. Grow TF up. They made this decision for them. Not any one else. I congradulate them and their new bundle! If you have nothing nice to say..Mabey you shouldnt say anything at all.

Lauren on

Wait… Is this hi child or grandchild??? Don’t actors (Alec, Bruce, Trump, etc.) get snipped after 50?

Didi on

@ Gina: Clearly, you have NO freaking idea what you are talking about! Mellody Hobson is NO golddigger! She is president of Ariel Investments. Headquartered in Chicago, the firm offers six no-load mutual funds for individual investors and defined contribution plans as well as separately managed accounts for institutions and high net worth individuals. As president, Mellody is responsible for firm-wide management and strategic planning, overseeing all operations outside of research and portfolio management. Additionally, she serves as chairman of the board of trustees for Ariel Investment Trust. She began working, at Ariel, as an intern while she attended Princeton University and has been employed there since 1991.

Beyond her work at Ariel, Mellody has become a nationally recognized voice on financial literacy and investor education. She is a regular contributor and analyst on finance, the markets and economic trends for CBS News. She also contributes weekly money tips on the Tom Joyner Morning Show and pens a regular column for Black Enterprise magazine. As a passionate advocate for investor education, she is a spokesperson for the Ariel/Hewitt Study: 401(k) Plans in Living Color and the Ariel Black Investor Survey, both of which examine investing patterns among minorities. She also is affiliated with various charities and believes in giving back to the community particularly to youngsters, minorities and the disadvantaged.

Mellody is chairwoman of the board for DreamWorks Animation SKG, Inc. as well as a director of The Estée Lauder Companies Inc., Groupon, Inc., and Starbucks Corporation. Her community outreach includes serving as chairwoman of After School Matters, a non-profit that provides Chicago teens with high quality, out-of-school time programs. Furthermore, she is a board member of the Lucas Cultural Arts Museum, The Chicago Public Education Fund, The Sundance Institute and is on the board of governors of the Investment Company Institute. Mellody earned her B.A. degree from Princeton’s Woodrow Wilson School of International Relations and Public Policy. She also received honorary doctorate degrees in humanities from both Howard University and St. Mary’s College. [1] In 2012, she gave an inspirational commencement speech to the graduates, of St. Mary’s College.

Skinnyminny2006 on

Very tacky indeed to clarify whether his children are biological or adopted. A better thing to do would be to say, “This is the couple’s first child.” And then they could have just said, “He has three children (list names and ages) from a previous marriage.

Karen HallKare on

Gina dear, “Gold diggers don’t graduate from Princeton with a financial degree, then made partner@ the tender age of 25. She also is CEO of her own financial firm. I gau ranted you, she disn’t show u ppl at the “party” in a nude dress or showing her private parts on social media.
Congrats Mel and George.