AJ Calloway Welcomes Daughter Amy Belle

08/12/2013 at 03:00 PM ET

AJ Calloway Welcomes Daughter Amy Belle Jamie McCarthy/Getty

It’s a girl for AJ Calloway.

The Extra correspondent and wife Dionne welcomed daughter Amy Belle Calloway on Monday, Aug. 12.

“We are so thrilled,” the proud papa tells Extra.

“I am still coming down from the moon … I now know what it feels like to have heaven in my arms.”

The former 106 & Park host, 38, wed his longtime girlfriend in June, three months after he proposed to her.

Calloway announced they were expecting their first child together in January, when he posted a sonogram photo on Instagram along with the caption, “World I want you all to get ready for the coolest kid on the come up …God is working overtime! Feeling blessed and overjoyed! Loving living and creating a life!”

— K.C. Blumm

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Bette on

How cute, her initials are ABC!

Sylvia on

I love how he expressed heaven equalling his daughter. That is very beautiful. Congrats to the happy couple and thank God they gave her a NORMAL name.

Amy on

Maybe this will mark the comeback of the name Amy 🙂

Amy B. on

Me too!

Becky on

My 3 year old is named Aimee. I love it!!

Sherae on

Amy Belle? Bleh. Sounds like a cow. But congratulations. All babies are blessings.

Olivia on

Yeah, Sherae sounds like an escort.

Veronica on

Watch it. He named her after our grandmother. I think it was a great way to honor her memory.

Amy Elizabeth on

Great name!

Akita on

Nice name…Hope she has beautiful smile like her daddy 🙂

Suvy22 on

Congratulations, Very happy for you both but that ABC thing is only going to be cute until she turns 5, Then she’s going to haaaaate you, hahahaha we know personally !

diane on


Shia on

So People is going to just IGNORE the fact that he has 5+ other children from past relationships? They can’t even get a one line mention?

Veronica on

I’m his cousin and no, he does not have any other kids. Stop the rumor mill.

Amelia on

What are you talking about? He doesn’t have any other kids.

Jac on

People are so ignorant. This is AJ’s first child. It’s also his wife’s first child. Why is it so hard to believe that he’s having his first child at 38? Instead of talking about the non-existent kids he has that you made up in your head, commend him.

Sharon on

Congratulations! Sweet, classic name =)

vee on

Love her name!!! My 3.5yr old is also Aimee 🙂 classic name making a comeback

Anonymous on

I don’t get why everyone is getting up in arms about Shia’s comment. Obviously she confused him with someone else! 🙂

Anyway, congrats to them, and I love what he said about heaven in his arms!

Anonymous on

Sherea, not even sure how you pronounce our name….is it She-Ra, The Princess of Power? I hope not. Either way, the name THEY picked for ThEIR daughter is beautiful and none will be misprounounncing it.

Anonymous on

in a world where people are naming their kid “north”, AMY is very welcomed…my parents too thought they were doing me a favor, or helping me make my “mark” on the world giving me a truly unique name. its been nothing but a pain all my life. I wish my name was Amy 🙂

JustMe on

My 10 year old is Aimee 🙂 I always thought it such a feminine, and classic name.

Katherine on

Very nice to hear a celebrity give his child a normal name for a change!

Ava Hill on

Congrats! He made a smooth transition from BET. I remember him from 106 & Park. The original host along with Free.

Sandra on

@Anonymous and @Shia- It means something less than positive in today’s world to be portrayed as a black man with multiple babies and baby mommas. Righteous condemnation from a point of ignorance ( meaning you didn’t know who you were initially talking about) is not righteous, its just mean!

Amy on

Great name!

dsfg on

How exactly do you get She-ra out of Sherea??? rea is not pronounced ra . . .

Annie on

The people who got upset over what Shia said can chill. Had she said something completely different like Oh he is a black man so Im sure this isn’t his first child I would’ve understood the irritation and calling her ‘ignorant’. However, she didn’t say that! From what she said it really sounds like she simply mistook him for another similar celebrity and Im sure didn’t mean to offend, so relax! Congrats to the happy couple and God bless!

Anonymous on

And Amy Belle sounds like a cow?

Pamela on

Congratulations to the happy couple. I love his interviewing style. How come this wasn’t planted all over the media? “A beautiful MARRIED couple welcomes a girl”

Anyway, may God bless the entire family.

Patty on

Congrats!! So glad for the happy couple. I agree with Pamela… This news should have been blasted ALL over the media. Blessings from God are smiling on you. You have chosen a name for your daughter that’s making many family ancestors very happy. God Bless you!