Vince Vaughn Welcomes Son Vernon Lindsay

08/09/2013 at 03:00 PM ET

Vince Vaughn Welcomes Son Vernon Lindsay Michael Kovac/Getty

The Delivery Man has delivered!

Vince Vaughn and his wife Kyla welcomed their second child, son Vernon Lindsay Vaughn, on Wednesday, Aug. 7, PEOPLE has learned exclusively.

Named after Vaughn’s father, Vernon weighed in at 8 lbs., 4 oz. and measured 21 inches long when he was born at a hospital outside of Los Angeles.

The actor’s rep confirms the good news to PEOPLE.

Vaughn, 43, announced in April that he and Kyla, 34, were expecting a little sibling for their 2½-year-old daughter Locklyn Kyla.

Just four days prior to Vernon’s arrival, the couple — who married in January 2010 — enjoyed a night out at Tony Bennett‘s 87th birthday and Exploring the Arts fundraiser.

“The whole family is so excited to welcome this sweet boy into the world,” says a friend of the Vaughns. “I am sure Vince will have Vernon out on the ball field in no time!”

Appropriately, Vaughn stars in the upcoming Delivery Man, out on Nov. 22, about a middle-aged man who discovers he has fathered over 530 children throughout the years through sperm donations.

Only 528 kids to go!

— Elizabeth Leonard and Anya Leon

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LC on

I’m sure he will be adorable! Interesting name, though.

?? on

congrats. his wife is beautiful.

kinkycurlyliebe on

Awww congrats to them!!!

Nikki on

Lindsay is my stepfather’s middle name. Love it for a boy. Congrats to the happy couple!

klutzy_girl on

Aw. I checked Wikipedia and Vince’s father’s full name is Vernon Lindsay. I figured they used Vernon because it was the first name, but that’s so sweet!

Congratulations to them.

samantha on

Congrats Vince and Kyla! He’s gonna be a cutie! Locklyn looks just like him so maybe he will look like his momma!

jennrae on

Their little girl is so beautiful and I’m sure their baby boy will be also. Congrats to them both.

Anonymous on

That’s so nice and so cute

Karen on

Congrats! A nice normal name too!!

SillyKitty on

Uh… Jennifer Anniston is not that hot either.

Sylvia on


violet on

Sounds like an old name.

Reuben on

Lindsay Vaughn? Interesting.

Anonymous on

Their daughter is adorable. Congrats, I am sure their son will be just as cute.

Paula on

Maybe his son and Owen Wilson will make a movie together one day…Funny!

NSBooklady on

Awesome! Congratulations to the proud parents. So nice to see people naming their children normal names that have personal significance.

Learical on

Totally unnecessary comment about him and Jennifer Aniston, Anonymous. Quite unnecessary.

stacey on

HORRIBLE name. If I was his wife I would of said no way, that poor kid. Hope they come up with some kind of nickname.

Emry on

I bet he is such a wonderful dad.

Guest on

Congrats! Love the name.

Gerard Aikema on

Great Job. The Real deal.

..... on

Congrats to them!! Always such an exciting time. Gotta say, though, that’s not the best picture of him. Looks like he hasn’t slept in days (or something else going on). lol

Jess on

There is nothing sweeter or more enriching than carrying on a family name. It’s timeless and wonderful. Congratulations to the Vaughn family!

sandy on

Aww, that’s my dad’s name! I never had the nerve to name my son that but since Vince’s name is a “V” name I think Vernon (Vernie) is perfect- especially since he’s named after grandpa!

Sharon on

Congratulations!! I really am not a fan of the name, but i do thing naming him after Vince’s dad is really sweet!

myuntidydesk on

Congratulations, but please… VERNON LINDSAY? Well, protect him while you can because he will be getting beaten up soon enough. LOL.

Myla Cree on


kira on

nice name, but sounds like lindsay vonn – the skier.

Lina on


American Mom on

There are some male names that are interchangeably feminine, like Lindsay, Dana, Lesley, etc. Look at Leslie Howard from Gone With the Wind for example. And you constantly hear about girls being given masculine names without any uproar over it- look at Jessica Simpson naming her daughter Drew for instance and I’m sure there are lots of others. So enough criticism – it’s not your child and he is honoring his own father for goodness sakes!

Anonymous on

Vern Vaughn is a really horrible name

Anonymous on

How does Vernon Lindsey, sound like Lindsey Vonn?

Congrats! No matter what name someone choses for THEIR child, the peanut gallery knows best.they know when children will be laughed at, what names are best, what goes best with a last name etc. We should allow ppl here to pick the names.

Sharon on

Aaah, his full name is Vernon Lindsay VAUGHN….

Callie on

So happy for them. I LOVE the name too. Nothing named after a plant or an object or a food group. Nice job 🙂

Annie on

Yikes on the name……why not have Vernon the middle name?? Wish them well.

laurie on

hopefully the baby looks like his cute wife and not him! he is very unfortunate in the looks department for a movie star

Mary on

vince needs a tanning session.

Lyoness on

I like it!! Obviously it’s a family name but it’s old school and dapper. His father must be very special to him. 🙂

katey on

congratulations! I love ‘lindsay’ for a boy. it’s so sophisticated and classy. ‘vernon’ is cute, as well. not a name you hear often, but a nice normal name, nonetheless. good name choice, I’d say. Locklyn and Vernon is a cute combination, too. Even if I don’t like the spelling of his daughter’s name. The ‘lock’ part irks me.

Joan on

Congrats to both! Neat name for sure!!

Anonymous on

Vernon? Not a great name for a baby, but just my opinion.

Anonymous on

congratulations to them. i sure like family names, i hope to name a son curtis ambrose after my dad and grand-dad on my mom’s side.

Gloria on

Always a fan..Congratulations to all. What a blessing.

Wendy on

Vern Vaughn, that’s memorable.

Sam & Freya’s Mum on

Sweet that their new son’s names have meaning for them but uugh, poor kid, old fashioned, ugly name.

just me on

What a crappy name.

Lindsay on

Love the name! I was named after my maternal grandmother’s family name. It was also a prominent name for a lot of my male ancestors. I love my name and I think it’s great for males and females. Because of the family connections I have with my name and why my mom chose the name for me, I understand why they chose to name their son Vernon…and I actually like it! Know what I mean, Vern?


LOVE da NAME, “VERNON” & itz also my DAD’S NAME but HATE “LINDSAY” because it seems so girlish….but itz GR8 that VINCE named his SON after his father!!!!

Sue on

So the daughter has a trendy name and the son has an old fashioned name? I guess I’m not sentimental, I’d pass if it wasn’t a name I loved. Mom is pretty

Donna on

I’m sure the baby is beautiful…but Vernon ? really..? Kudos to his wife…. she’s a better person that I would have been.

Purpleshell on

Anonymous on August 9th, 2013
God he’s ugly. What on earth did Jennifer Aniston see in him?
Here is something to think about…We are all mirrors and judge others by what we see in ourselves.

Catca on

I went to school with 2 different boys named Vernon and they both had plenty of friends and no one tried to beat them up. And yes, the name Vernon is traditional and well known enough to actually have more than child in a class with the name. Good grief people! And the article even stated it’s a family name! I like the name Vernon Vaughn, it has a nice alliteration to it.

Mztmom on

Vern Vaughn. Sounds like an infomercial gizmo. “For just $19.99 plus shipping and handling, you too can own a Vern Vaughn.”

Anonymous on

Rose- That was really unnecessary and rude. There’s nothing wrong with not wanting kids (if in fact that’s the case with Jen. Obviously we have no way of knowing for sure, seeing as how there are a ton of reasons people decide not to have kids or to delay having kids!)!

Anyway, congrats to them, and I love that they named him after Vince’s father! And to all of you complaining about the name: If it worked for the baby’s grandpa, why can’t it work for him?!

Anonymous on

Er, I should have said if the name WORKS for the baby’s grandpa. As far as I know, he’s still alive. 😉

Georgiee on

Some of you are pathetic!

So what if you don’t like his name. It’s not your child! And it’s a family name anyway & there is nothing more wonderful than carrying on a family name. I know someone that named her son Gary. Old fashioned yes, family name though.

Some of you are so awfully harsh! You must have eaten a bowl of bitchy for breakfast! Gee whizz. You’re supposed to be adults!

Congratulations Kyla, Vince & Locklyn.

Sarah on

Celebrity couple names their child a completely normal name and the masses complain that they don’t like it.

Celebrity couple names their child a trendy made up name and the masses complain that they don’t like it.

You all are complete hypocrites. You post that these celebs should give their kids a normal name, low and behold a normal name is produced and you complain that it is too normal.

stacey on

OMG, this is worse than Zuma

nycdoowopgal130 on

I’m sure the kid will love his name (NOT) when he goes to school and kids tease him about it. Why don’t parents stop and think. It’s important for children to be accepted by their peers, not stand out from the crowd. However, in Hollywood, a nice normal name is the exception I guess.

Georgiee on

And to add to my post from before… My daughters name is Adelaide, it’s a name that’s been around for thousands of years and its also a city in Australia. It was my grandmothers name & yet I get bullshit comments like these to say I named her after a city! Adelaide, the city was named after Queen Adelaide!!!!
My sons name is Bailey, that’s also an alcohol but plenty of people name there kid that!!!

Just because you don’t like it, it doesn’t affect you!

Anonymous on

I hope grandpa Vernon isn’t reading these comments, since so many people are basically saying his name is horrible!

Anonymous on

In addition to what others have said on the subject, I’d like to point out that ANY name can get teased! No name on the planet is tease-proof!

madeline on

Congrads to the family. Children children . Do you really think the child of Vince Vaughn has anything to worry abo!ut. Daddy is a movie STAR. Grandpa is an. Actor too. My guess is the kid will grow up to be known and famous too. Growing up Madeline was a. Name I had to fight for. It was my grandmothers name. She died of breast cancer. No one ever got away with giving me a nick name. I would have kicked some butt. These days it seems every other little girls a Madeline. We need to STOP judging. Teach our children kindness and let us be proud of who we are. Stand TALL little Vernon being named cir a grandparent is a wonderful gift.

Brooklyn on

Congrats to them. At first I didn’t like the name, but it’s growing on me.

skylar on

In this picture Vince looks like her Father, kind of creepy. I know she is not that young, she just looks very child-like next to him.