Jimmy Fallon: Our Daughter Was Born via Surrogate

08/09/2013 at 01:00 PM ET

Jimmy Fallon Nancy Juvonen Surrogacy
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Two weeks after announcing that he and his wife had welcomed a baby girl, new dad Jimmy Fallon reveals their daughter Winnie Rose was born via surrogate.

“It wasn’t really a secret, but my wife and I had been trying for awhile to have a baby. We’ve tried a bunch of different things … anyone who’s tried, knows — it’s awful. So we had a surrogate,” the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon host says in a new interview with TODAY.

Having faced fertility struggles before, Fallon, 38, and his wife Nancy, 46, chose to keep the exciting news to themselves, preferring to celebrate with family and friends once they were officially first-time parents.

“We tried before, we told people and it didn’t happen. It’s just really depressing and hard. This time we just said we’re not going to tell anybody, it’d be just more fun if it’s just private between me and my wife and then we get to introduce her to everybody,” Fallon explains.

But when Winnie finally made her big debut, the couple’s decision to keep the pregnancy quiet caused a last-minute run around.

“When it happened we were in shock. We’re like, ‘Alright, who do we tell? Who’s going to be mad at us if this gets out?'” he recalls. “We had to call everybody and it’s so emotional when you call everybody.”

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— Anya Leon

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Guest on

So, so happy for you! Congratulations!!

bekah on

I’m happy for them!

Carrie M on

Fantastic news and a gorgeous baby!

Skiwoman60 on

Its not important they used a surrogate.Congratulations to the happy family.Enjoy

JJJ on

They were here in NH the first week of July, so a surrogate certainly makes sense as they would not have been traveling so close to a due date if his wife was carrying. All the best to them, a baby is a blessing no matter how she arrives. Her family is obviously very much in love!

Katie on

Congratulations. You wanted a child and you were given the joy to have one enter your lives. It doesn’t matter if that child is biological because you carried her (which she could still be with a surrogate), adopted or if you had to use a surrogate. She is YOUR child and that is ALL that matters.

Denise on

No matter how she came into this world its that she is loved!!!!!

She is beautiful enjoy your daughter.

Anonymous on

Congrats! So refreshing to see a couple being honest about fertility challenges (are you listening, J-Lo?)

O.ra on

I use the same obgyn as Jennifer did with her twins. I thought JL was open that she used drugs and/or IVF — like Mariah, and ALL the celebs with the tons of fraternals running around.

Or was jHo claiming it “ran in her family” like everyone likes to say …… Lol?

Her doctor won’t discuss it, trust me I tried once ! Haha (nor should she i know….)

SarahJane on

Part of me is happy that he announced they used a surrogate. It helps to remove any stigma that may be associated with it.

However, part of me is sad, it’s such a private, personal struggle and decision, I wish it didn’t matter to the public how his beautiful daughter was brought into the world. I guess that’s just part of being a celebrity.

Either way, many congratulations to the happy family! I’ve always been a big fan of Jimmy!

Heather on

Congrats to them!

EmmaWasHere on

Wow, I had no idea she was older than him! She looks gorgeous and I’m sure Winnie Rose couldn’t have happier and sweeter parents who adore her.

rugby circus on

It’s nobody’s business and I’m sad they felt they had to spill everything. But I understand their desire for privacy. When you’ve had even one loss, you’re scared to say anything to anyone the next pregnancy.

Hopefully it will help remove the stigma from infertility and the use of a gestational surrogate.

O.ra on

Oh he said it was via gestational surrogate or just “surrogate” ? I didn’t know he was clarifying that about the egg donor/ sperm donor stuff. The way Giuliana Rancid always claimed

Ok that cleared that up. Thanks

Nicole on

Well this will at least shut the idiots up who kept saying she could’ve been preg. Anyone with half a brain knew this already. I don’t think it matters, however, I think people should be honest and not try to act like they had no issues (hellon Mariah, JLo)

Smithy on

Adore him. Congrats.

maddie on

I’m happy for them. I do hope they were able to use his wife’s eggs. It’s always sad when a child is half biologically related to one parent and half some anonymous person who could have a bunch of children their child will never know. To intentionally create that situation for a child isn’t fair to the child. All children should have the right to know their genetic relatives whenever possible, and to use one parents’ genetic material but not the others sends a mixed message.

toprat on

That is the biggest bunch of crap I have ever read maddie! It just might be the most stupid as well.

Lomavista on

Sorry but I sort of agree maddie. In terms of future genetic health issues and risks— some genetic traits that may come out that were unexpected, etc.

I agree. Just that parents be open at some point with their kids when they’re older. Or maybe take them for DNA testing like Snooky has 😉

jenna on

Sad? Please. What is sad is losing a child to a genetic disease that occurred because both parents were carriers. Using donors allows some people to have a family without having to put future children at the same risks. I applaud all of the donors out there who are willing to help others create their families.

Donna on

The final result it’s what’s important. It’s ok to keep some things private. Congratulations to them both. They have a beautiful daughter !!

Jay on

I thought everyone knew this.

Katie on

Why does anyone have to admit to struggles? It is a very private matter. I got pregnant both times within a month of trying so I don’t understand how difficult it must be to want something so badly and for some reason it just isn’t happening. If a man has ED, should he disclose it? If a woman has bladder leakage and needs surgery, do they need to disclose it? No, it’s private. If someone wants to say that they had struggles, fine, but if not, they shouldn’t be put down for it. For some people, it can make them feel less human to not be able to get or stay pregnant (my friend struggled severely and told me that).

Anonymous on

Katie, a baby born via a surrogate can still be the parents’ biological child. The fertilized egg is simply transferred to the surrogate’s uterus but she has no biological (DNA) ties to the baby whatsoever.

Sherae on

I mean this was kind of obvious. His wife is almost 50. Congrats to them anyway. Winnie is a doll.

dudley doright on

this guy has always been so likeable

Poppy on

There is a reason 46 year old women find it hard to get pregnant…biologically, they aren’t supposed to be having babies at that age.

Lauren on

I agree with you Poppy and I don’t care how they had a baby. My problem is, she’s going to be an old mom and I’d like to point out that she might not be alive to see her child have grandkids

Katy on

You could get hit by a bus tomorrow and not live to see your grand kids.

Live in the now rather than on the fear of what might happen.

toprat on

Let’s worry about the baby just born, not the babies unborn children, Lauren. Let her love and cherish her daughter, and yes she is older but I am sure she is quite able to mother this child.

Nicole on

After Jimmy got his puppy and had her on his show, I wondered why he didn’t have kids because you could clearly see how much he adored Gary. I remember thinking that he seemed like he would make such a great dad … never knowing that all the while he and his wife had been struggling to have a baby.

I feel bad that he had to tell everyone how little Winnie came to be because that really is such a personal thing. But congrats to both Jimmy and Nancy on their sweet arrival. Best wishes!

Jess on

Such a great surprise for the family. My Husband and I did the same thing when we chose to adopt. We didn’t tell anyone not even our children until the day our wonderful little girl was born. It was a HUGE surprise to our families but they were all very happy for us.!

Britgirl on

A question I’ve been wondering… When you use a surrogate, is the child biologically yours, or are you using donors? Not that it matters at the end of the day, I’m just curious.

Zeze on

I think it can be either situation britgirl.

Casey on

There is a difference between gestational surrogacy and surrogacy. Gestational is where both a woman’s egg and her husband/spouse/partners sperm is used and implanted in the surrogate. When just the eggs it is surrogacy (I’m sure there is a medically term, just not sure). Hth!

Amanda on

Traditional surrogacy = baby is biologically the surrogate’s. A sperm donor or the sperm from the intended father is used and the egg is from the surrogate.

Gestational surrogacy = baby is not biologically related to the surrogate. Egg/sperm donors or the egg/sperm from the intended parents are used.

Katie on

Anonymous: I know that a surrogate can carry a baby that is biologically the parents she is helping. I stated that in my post: (biological because you carried her (which she could still be with a surrogate).

Guest on

They have their baby and she is loved and will be taken care. Enjoy her. Loved him from his snl days

WhatRUTalkingAbout2 on

Um, Nicole…have you forgotten about Kelly Preston and Halle Berry who were both in their mid/late 40’s when they had their children (will have in Halle’s case) without a surrogate? It CAN happen.

Marcia on

It’s wonderful for them. Congrats.

Guest on

So happy for these two on the birth of their daughter. Have fun guys! It’s better than you can ever imagine!!

Nicole on

Lauren, my mom was young when she had me and died when she was 42. She didn’t live to see her grandkids either. Nancy is 46. She could live another 50 years, you never know. Age is not as relevant as it used to be. And Jimmy is 38, yet no one has said one word about him being too old.

Zeze on

Really nice that they are open about their fertility struggles. Nothing more annoying than these celebrities that make it seem like no problem, when in fact it gets harder to have a baby after 35. Congrats!

Skinnyminny2006 on

Congratulations to them-whether Nancy gave birth herself, they had a surrogate, or they adopted. A family is a family. And I am glad they are happy!

joyce on

doner egg plus jimmy fallon dna insert into a surrogate=their baby. nice. not…

Lomavista on

I think that’s Sarah Jessica Parker’s daughters too.

Paula on

At 46? Wow! I don’t recommend being an older parent, but whatever. Congrats and I wish them happiness with the new baby!

Marky on

lauren, my sister recently died from cancer and will never see her grandchildren; does that mean she should never have had her children, who she loved and raised to be wonderful adults? Seriously, some of you act as if there are guarantees that everyone will live however long you think is long enough. Some people die when their child is 1, it just happens. This woman doesn’t have one foot in the grave, as near as can be told, and may live 40 more years sharp as a tack.

UnKnown on

Good for Jimmy and his wife!!!!! Who cares who had their baby, a baby is a baby does NOT MATTER who had the baby!

Marky on

Oops, maybe the pics I saw where she looked pregnant were simply pictures where she was a bit chunky; I just googled Jimmy Fallon and wife and there are some where she looks about 4.5 months. My apologies, honest mistake.

Joanna on

Now it makes more sense to me that they used a surrogate. I know there are people out there who have babies in their late 48’s but it’s more on the rare side than commonplace. If a couple is on the older side of baby making the chances that they use a surrogate tend to go up. Either way I’m so happy for them. I love the other pic of Jimmy out and about with Winnie. I love the name too. Brings back many an awesome Wonder Years memory 😉

Callie on

She had problems getting pregnant due to her age. I’m 46 and the doctor even tells you the chance of getting pregnant is slim to none because you have no eggs left. I’m glad they found another outlet to have this beautiful baby!

chris on

Maddie, I have had the pleasure fo being a gestational surrogate twice for two different families. Let me say that unless you have been through the process, you can hardly say what everyone parent wants.

I know that one of the families I worked with had tried without luck 8 times and over 2 1/2 years with me with her eggs. She finally relented and used a donor and the love seen on her face to hold that baby was priceless. Some people can look past not being “biologically” related and still have enough love to give a child.

And so you know, there are some donors who have open relationships with the families which is a choice made by all. Many families consider their surrogate as part of the family and wish to share that bond with their child.

Please stop perpetuating the negative stigma and stereotype of surrogacy.

spnik2006 on

After the age of 43. Doctors do not use the eggs if the woman they will use donor eggs. She may have already had eggs removed before that age and frozen. Not really important, but I like women to know that almost all women over 45 are not having babies without help. Congrats!

Carmel on

So great! The baby is 100% yours, the surrogate is just the toaster over lol The woman is 46 for heaven’s sake of course she was having problems, just get a surrogate and get it done! Go Jimmy

jennrae on

I used to have the biggest crush on Jimmy back when he was doing song parodies on SNL for Weekend Update. I’m so happy for them both. I don’t know anything about her, but she’s got to be pretty awesome to have Jimmy. I’m sure she’s also tired of having her age, and their age difference, pointed out to her. Some people aren’t lucky enough to find love when they’re most fertile.

Me on

It is too bad that celebrities are “forced” to tell all about their personal lives because they don’t want to offend anyone. There were other celebrities who used help in having kids or twins that have yet to spill the beans. Jimmy Fallon is a good guy and doesn’t want to upset anyone. Just as long as you and your wife are happy that is all that matters Jimmy, congratulation on the birth of your much awaited daughter!

Charli on

So happy for themwhatever way she was conceived. God bless!

Brooklynmommy on

Sick people. Jumping through crazy and unethical hoops for a baby that is not even biologically theirs! At 46, you have 0 viable eggs, DUH!

If you want a kid that another woman gives birth to thay is not genetically husband + wife then ADOPT!!!!!!!

Nad on

Get your facts straight before making ignorant comments BrooklynMommy.

Jenn on

That’s one lucky baby.

gracie on

None of us kows the spacific circumstances of this surrogacy and we do not need to. But I have to say, I know three different woman who became pregnant past the age of 45. Although it is not the norm, some woman do have viable eggs so to assume this child is not the biological child of both parents is wrong. People chose different ways to have a family. Lets all just be happy for Jimmy and Nancy and wish them every happiness.

mytwocents on

Love that! What a beautiful surprise to share with everyone and I’m so happy for them! As someone who has struggled with fertility I know first hand it does not matter how you become parents as long as you have a baby to hold in the end so congrats to them!

Lynn on

Brooklynmommy, what is unethical or sick about using a surrogate? What I find sad is a person who feels they have the right to make judgements about someone they do not know nor do they have all the facts about that couple’s situation.

Anonymous on

Marky, thanks for clarifying she was “chunky.” So kind of you. Since she has faced fertility struggles, she could be on meds, which cause weight gain. Or maybe, she’s just the size. Why label her size? Just another moment where I am glad I don’t comment on the size or the way others look. I know my kids are raised well.

In regards to the surrogacy, they never said whose eggs they used….did they? Several are saying they aren’t hers. Why couldn’t they be? Many freeze theirs early on when they have struggles….maybe she did. We don’t know. Ad it’s not our business, I hate that they had to share this. The comments of people make them though. So very sad.

Poop on

It’s nobody’s business if they used a surrogate

hector on

Ok, lets be serious for a minute….Past your child bearing years does not equal infertility!!! It’s offensive to those who are really suffering from infertility to say that is what this couple went through. A woman is well past her child bearing years at 46 and that does not make her infertile, it makes her OLD. Too old to bear children. Im glad they were able to buy a child and I wish them all the best with her, but let’s be real here….this woman is old enough to be a grandma, and it’s sad for her kid that she will the oldest mom in the class.

myla cree on

I am so glad I had my kids b4 the 1st test tube baby. Life was so much simpler.. Congrats, to them . Jimmy is the funniest guy on TV.

orangekitty on

Brooklynmommy and all you other people that are ignorant re: fertility issues, get over yourselves! If you are not at all familiar with the causes, treatments, procedures regarding infertility than don’t make stupid, uneducated comments. There are many reasons why a woman would need to have a surrogate – and duh she can use her own eggs or donor eggs. Ditto with sperm dumbasses! And for all you people that can get pregnant easily put yourself in the agonizing position (both physically and emotionally) that comes with infertility. And for all you age haters out there, who says living to see your grandkids is the biggest achievement in life? That’s ridiculous. I see 42 y/o grandmothers who can barely take care of themselves let alone their legacy of welfare offspring! The most ludicrous thing about this whole thing is that this couple had to talk to and be judged the general public about something that should be private and remain their business only. Some of you people are just sickening! And STUPID!!

LM on

Congrats to the lovely couple! For those that say she’s an old mom, whatever. I recommend being an older mom. I had my baby in my mid-30s and was considered “at risk.” But, it wasn’t until that age that I was mature and patient enough to have a child. If I would have had a kid in my 20s, so help that child 🙂 Anyway, however the baby came, and whatever the age of the parents, I’m sure this will be a happy, happy family.

myla cree on

Instead your going say stuff about young moms. I eas 22 and my kids t fine.

MaryJane Cannabian on

Thank Science!!!
Congratulations to Jimmy and his new little fam, I so admire women who help others become parents, Surrogacy is a wonderful selfless gift.

Isabel on

As per usual, the litany of ignorant idiots shows up.

Carol on

How do any on you know who had help or not having a baby? Who cares how they had a baby, its theirs. My mom had me when she was almost 40 and didn’t use any fertility treatments and my sister had a baby at 40, so what? Some women can still conceive well into their 40’s and as far as I can tell, celebrities have been honest about their struggles. Is this that crap about Beyoncé again using a surrogate. Jeez people. Some people complain about anything.

Anonymous on

Nicole- Um, Mariah has admitted she had help (see the fourth paragraph of this article): http://celebritybabies.people.com/2011/10/22/20-20-interview-mariah-carey-nick-cannon-monroe-and-moroccan-scott-first-photos/ . 🙂

Anonymous on

Poppy- Then why do a lot of women remain biologically capable of having kids until their fifties (technically, a woman is biologically capable of becoming pregnant until she goes through menopause)?

Anyway, I feel bad for them that they felt they needed to share that information with us. How a child is conceived is no one’s business but the parents, and we have no right to demand that celebrities (or anyone, for that matter) share that very private info with us!

Ronnie on

I think it’s great that these two people get to celebrate the joys of having a child. In regards to age it doesn’t matter how old you are not how young, all that matters is the baby gets the love and attention needed. Fertility struggles can happen to anybody and it is sad especially for those wanting a baby. The reasons can vary and it is very rude to leave ignorant comments on what should be a happy occasion. It is bittersweet having to admit to struggles conceiving and we should offer support not scoff and judge those struggling. It doesn’t matter based on anything else except if you want a baby. Congrats on your baby Jimmy and Nancy, Winnie is lucky to have two caring parents that adore her!

Anonymous on

Carol- Exactly! The only way we can possibly know for sure if a celeb has had help conceiving is if the celeb tells us (or we’re a family member or close friend of the celeb, of course! Although rare, sometimes family members and friends of celebs DO comment here!)!

Also, I feel bad for the older celebs who actually didn’t have help…because people always seem to refuse to believe them!

sky on

@ Maddie. Why is it sad if she used a donor egg? Perhaps the donor wanted to help someone who wanted a child. The baby is 100% Nancy and Jimmy’s and will be raised with so much love . I applaud someone who donates their eggs to help someone else. It’s really nobody’s business how someone gets a child (adoption, ivf, etc). This baby is a blessing to the Fallons and will be loved. I have so much disgust for your negative comment. Go back to your house in the backwoods!

Mary on

I agree with Maddie. With a donor egg, the baby is biologically Fallon’s, but not his wife’s. And since she didn’t carry the baby, she has no bond with the child either. It must be sad for his wife, having to look at this child that her husband created with another woman. Really, if Jimmy Fallon wanted a biological child, he should have divorced his wife and married someone else. Now both his wife and his child have to suffer. It’s terrible, and I don’t understand anyone who would ever agree to using donor eggs or sperm. It’s cruel to the other spouse, since you’re essentially saying their DNA doesn’t matter.

Anonymous on

Mary, first, he has never said that she didnt use her eggs. Second, you are truly an uneducated and ignorant person, who clearly has not dealt with infertility or losing a child. I pray that you never do, but if you do, you may understand. Third, I am really appalled that you think he should have divorced the love of his life if she couldn’t donate an egg. So, adopted children have “no bond” and shouldn’t be placed in a home? I mean its essentially the same thing now isn’t it?!

Mary on

Anonymous, I have family members who have struggled with infertility. They were either able to get pregnant after Chlomid or IVF, or they adopted. Which Jimmy Fallon and his wife really should have considered. And Nancy is 46, so the odds are that her eggs were not used and a donor egg was used instead. And by using donor eggs or sperm, you are essentially creating a child with someone who is not your spouse. Don’t you find that cruel? If they wanted children, they really should have considered adoption. But since it seems like Jimmy Fallon wanted a biological child, he turned to a donor egg and surrogate to get the job done. His wife is now left to raise a child with whom she has no genetic or biological link. She is a stepmother. At least if they had adopted, neither of them would have a genetic/biological link, and they would both be even in terms of parentage. Like I said before, using donor eggs or sperm is cruel, as you are saying you are selfish enough to want a biological child and your spouse’s DNA does not matter–you are willing to have a child with anyone. Either adopt, or divorce. Don’t put your spouse and child through the pain and resentment that donor eggs and sperm bring.

Lane on

Mary, I think you could afford to retain some counselling, the type of counselling that couples using donors get. You seem to have a lot of issues to work through. Oh, and thanks for projecting your personal values on others. Life is short; you should kill off that pessimism soon..

J on

Thats rediculous. She was 46 not 86. Why is it ok for freak shows like the Duggars to be having kids naturally at 44 but God forbid a woman should try to have her first child at 41 (the age of Jimmy Fallons wife when she first started trying to have a child)? Back in the day, women occassionally had children in their 40s. The difference was that 100 years ago, women were having their 10th child at 40 not their first. I have many friends and family who naturally had children between the age of 38 and 46.

I suspect Fallons wife probably used an egg donor with all of the fertility trouble they had but who knows.

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