Spotted: Jimmy Fallon Heads to Work with Winnie

08/08/2013 at 11:00 AM ET

Jimmy Fallon
Doug Meszler/Splash News Online

Jimmy Fallon is really getting the hang of this fatherhood thing.

The Late Night with Jimmy Fallon host looked like a pro as he stepped out in N.Y.C. Thursday cradling  2-week-old daughter Winnie Rose and a briefcase on his way to work.

Fallon and his wife, Nancy Juvonen Fallon, welcomed their daughter on July 23, and the new dad revealed in a YouTube video that she’s “a great baby” who doesn’t cry. “She’s awesome,” he admitted with a smile.

The comedian, 38, also said that the other member of the Fallon family, Gary the dog, has bonded with the new arrival.

“Gary is super cute, totally protective,” he said.

“This morning we were feeding her and Gary walked up and she was like, ‘I’m cool, don’t worry about me,’ and quickly looked over and licked her head. It was really cute because she smells so good and everyone would like to lick her head, but Gary gets away with it ’cause she’s a dog.”

Fallon admitted that he’s tired but “it’s a fun tired, because you’re just excited to see what she does next.”

— K.C. Blumm

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Hey on


Nikita on

So Sweet!!!!

Carrie M on

How precious!!

Beth on

Gosh, I hope he washed the dog slobber off the baby’s head. And he should probably carry her in a car seat-she’d be more stable and secure since his other hand has his briefcase. At any rate, I bet he will be a cool father and I am sure this child will grow up to be a lovely, fun person.

gagirl on

Omg Beth, SHUT UP!!!! People have been carrying babies since forever. He does not need some stupid carrier. I can’t stand opinionated people who think they know everything. You wouldn’t say that about a woman juggling a child and something else. That’s his kid; I’m sure he’s got it.

Felicity on

I agree he is the child’s father I am pretty sure he has got it xxx 🙂

Marie on

I agree with your sentiments gagirl, but want to point out that that is your OPINION.

Lala on

Seriously Beth? Plus how do you know he’s not about to put her in a car seat, or stroller? Nothing wrong with a hands on dad. She’s one lucky girl!

Tia on

Nobody uses car seat in NYC, Beth.

lisa on

If I was carrying a newborn I think I would make sure both hands were free. Just sayin Jimmy.

Renee Greene on

Great Job! You and the Mrs. will be the best parents ever for Winnie! Can’t wait until you takeover the Tonight Show!!!!

lilah on

Love Jimmy Fallon! Congratulations!!

kids are funny on

I knew someone would complain about him carrying her in one hand and briefcase in the other!!! this board is ridiculous sometimes!!!

Jessica on

So happy for him. I love Jimmy Fallon. Cant wait until he takes over the Tonight Show.

Shannyn on

^ I’m sure the baby is fine. Very cute the way he talks about her!

Lomavista on

Anyone know if the name is short for Winnifred ? Just wondering because that’s such an old world classic name

Laine on

He looks so happy and that baby could not be any cuter. Seriously adorable photo. Congratulations to them!!

Agape on

You can clearly see he has a secure grip on his precious cargo. His posts about the baby always ooze with love and protectiveness. God bless the Fallon family!

Guest on

Congrats! So cute!!

Mary on

Awww, so cute, Winnie is waving to the paps.

Tina on

How sweet. Love Jimmy Fallon.

Katie on

Relax Beth. Sure he doesn’t have two hands on his child, BUT I’m sure if he was getting ready to trip, he would instantly drop the briefcase to protect her. Parents learn how to do things one handed very quickly. I could hold my few months old child and put the crib side down with one hand. I’m sure he felt that he had a perfect hold of her. He sounds like a devoted father who would protect his daughter at all costs.

blessedwithboys on

Carrying the baby in one hand and an object in the other is perfectly normal… A neonate being taken away from its mother is not. I hope his wife was nearby and just got cut out of this shot.

Gail on

I swear I don’t know who is cuter. Jimmy seems so happy and excited to be a Dad. Winnie’s a lucky little girl!

Katie on

Blessed: Maybe she was away from her mother. Maybe he was taking the baby to the dr. for a well check a lone because the mother wasn’t feeling great or used that time to sleep. Maybe the baby isn’t being nursed and only bottle fed (or is bottled fed breastmilk when out) and can be away from mom for a little. Maybe she is right near him since he isn’t carrying a diaper bag. Who knows. Babies can be away from their mother for a short time (and yes I know the meaning of neonate) especially if there is food for him or her readily available. Not all mothers can nurse. I couldn’t no matter how much I tried. It sucked.

KP82 on

AW, I love him! He’s gonna make such a great and FUN dad!

Merlinman on

blessedwithboys…they used a surrogate…

Natalie on

Oh geesh! Some of you people are just ridiculous. He was probably walking her to his car to strap her into the carseat. I had twins and sometimes had to carry 2 infants to their cribs. If I left the one alone for even a second she could’ve fallen down the stairs or 2 yr old sibling could’ve tried picking her up to try and help. Persecute me! Get a grip. There are worse things that you could do to a child than carry them with one hand or let dog lick top of her head. *rolleyes*

Charli on

He looks like an old pro. Beautiful baby! I love Jimmy!

kim on

poor kid, what a horrible name. do parents give ANY thought into their childs name anymore?? hopefully she wont get made fun of “winnie the pooh” or weenie…kids are mean

Britt on

Does anyone know if she was adopted, carried by a surrogate or by his wife? Its never said or at least I’ve missed it if an article has.

monika on

love him

Rika on

Interesting how his wife isn’t in sight… Guess he has no use for her now that he has what he wants–a child. There have been rumors about how he’s been planning to divorce her as soon as his new show starts, and I guess this is the beginning of it. Poor child’s going to grow up in a broken home all because her father is selfish.

Georgiee on

Are you kidding yourself Rika?

Just because you can’t see his wife doesn’t mean they’re getting a divorce! Do I sense some green eyed monster lurking?

My husband goes out with my daughter on his own! Doesn’t mean we’re getting a divorce! Don’t be so narrowminded.

ME on

Uhh, why would you reply to that person about being a green eyed monster. Do u actually think people are jealous of jimmy?!? Thats weird. You do know that jimmy fallon is not the only person in the world that can have a baby. Anyone can (including adopting) so why would anyone be jealous? What a dumb statement. And if your referring the person is jealous of something else about jimmy, i still dont get it. Jimmy Fallon is not all that. What, do u actually think anyone would be jealous over just an celebrity. Just weird to me

monika on


jennrae on

Gosh, I was more surprised by the fact that Jimmy Fallon carries a briefcase to work than how he’s carrying his baby. A bag, backpack, maybe…but a briefcase? I know they used a surrogate but no doubt Nancy isn’t far behind seeing as how someone has to be carrying the diaper bag.

Janice Pielert on

I’m so happy for Jimmy and his wife. Winnie is a beautiful little girl. No wonder Gary the dog wants to kiss her.

Milky on

She does look like she could slip in a minute, look at his awkward shoulder, so I think it’s a fair comment to make. But he doesn’t seem like a doofus so I’m sure he’s got it under control. Probably just one of those pap shots that catch you at a bad moment just before you reach the car or stroller that everyone unfairly overanalyses 🙂 Who’d be a celebrity?!?! Not me

curlyk on

I have to wonder who in the world would choose the angry or sad symbol above?? What in the world? What a happy time for him. Congrats Jimmy!

Guest53 on


tara on

my gosh beth chill the heck out.

Katie on

Dang Rika relax. I doubt anything you said was even true, but then I’m sure you are one of his closest friends and know what you said is the absolute truth. His wife was possibly close by and even if she isn’t, it doesn’t mean they are divorcing. My husband wasn’t with me a little bit ago at the store. Guess we are divorcing too.

Sandyb on

I love the name and she looks adorable!

Felicity on

OMG he is so cute congrats on your new arrival I hope that he is what you and your wife wanted was a gorgeous little boy to cuddle and to share many happy times with him he will always be a b
Very special little boy he will never run short of love wish you all of the best for the future xxx 🙂

Sylvia on

Aww..this is such a beautiful photo. Plus, I love Jimmy he’s amazing. What a lucky little girl.

wow on

Weird that she is not in a car seat (if he is driving or taking a cab) or stroller if he is walking to work (which I doubt he was)!

LOL! on

Love the happy/proud/loving looks of new dads.

fie on

He needs to be educated on either a baby carrier (that becomes a car seat if he is going to be catching a cab OR if he is driving) or a stroller if he was walking to work (which I doubt he was). Not good!!!!

ktanne2639 on

Is anyone else hoping that he’s bringing her to work so he can show her off?!!! I sure hope so!!! LOVE you Jimmy and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE babies!!!!

tamara on

some of you need to get a grip…he’s carrying his daughter AND just because she isn’t shown doesn’t mean his wife isn’t right near by…maybe she is, maybe she isn’t…and how many of you would be bitching if the baby was always in a carrier of some kind and never pictured being held…i’m sure there would be an uprising over that (she must be neglected, since she’s never held or some other crap)….some of you are just ridiculous and need to get over yourselves

LoveFallon13 on

Some people on this thread are WAY too judgmental. I love seeing a dad hold his baby. And Mr. Fallon is so cute holding his baby girl.

To Beth: so what you are saying is that putting the baby in a car seat or a stroller is better than holding her? Babies do better and are healthier when they are held. It doesn’t matter where he was going with her… I think it’s awesome that he would choose to carry her close to him, and I’m sure if he was going to be getting in a car, he is aware of child seat safety and I’m sure he follows the rules.

And for those of you saying that he shouldn’t take her away from her mother, that’s a bunch of crap too. All moms need a break at times.

And to the people complaining about him carrying a briefcase, maybe that is HIS version if a diaper bag! When my husband takes the kids out on his own, he gets pretty creative with how he carries diapers, wipies, etc.

Anyway, congratulations Mr. Fallon! Your daughter, Winnie, is absolutely beautiful. You are going to love being a daddy!

(Oh, and to the idiot who commented about Mr. Fallon’s new “son” do you live under a rock? It’s a girl, you moron!!!)

Angela on

Adorable…but what are those red bumps all over her little hand:(???

Tee on

Chuckles, leave it to Jimmy to take his newborn to work (if he really did, I mean c’mon 2 weeks and taking her to work, even I with an open mind think that’s far too young to expose her to so many people). I’m thinking this was just a shot done to look as though he was taking her and I presume if he really did I bet Mom and carseat were waiting in the car.

Rachel on

The amount of obnoxiousness in the comments on this site has gotten out of hand. There’s another photo from just minutes later of Jimmy securely holding Winnie in BOTH hands clearly getting ready to get into a car. Not a cab. And I’m sure he was going to strap her into a car seat. Where was mom? Who knows. I thought they used a surrogate or possibly the baby is even adopted (no pregnancy announcement or pregnancy photos) so it’s not as if he’s leaving a woman who just gave birth to a baby.

And we don’t know where he’s going. He could be taking the baby to a doctor’s appointment or finalizing things if the baby was adopted. They might be meeting mom somewhere or maybe she just hadn’t come down yet. Regardless, WHO CARES? The baby is adorable. Jimmy looks thrilled. And he and Nancy have been married 6 years. Quit planning the demise of their wedding when you know nothing about them.


Becky on

I love this guy. That baby is super adorable. I could not be happier for them all.

jessicad on

I can’t believe people find fault in a man carrying his child in his arms. It’s more natural than putting her in a car seat or a stroller all by herself, she’s close and cuddled up to her father, and he seems so happy!

Marky on

I saw pictures of his wife looking very pregnant. Google it, and they are out there.

I sure didn’t carry my babies in a car seat all the time; that’s one of the reasons so many have weird shaped heads these days–always in the car set or bouncy seat. I carried mine in my arms and put them in the car seat, which was always in the car! Jimmy’s fine, his wife is fine, and Winnie is fine, too! Good grief, why all the negativity?? And Blessed, get a grip; babies have 2 parents and both are capable of caring for the child!!

Georgiee on

I carried my daughter & baby bag out of hospital when I was 3 days post partum & was still in a lot of pain! Everything was fine! He’s the father, he can do what he wants!

Such an adorable bub 🙂 love the name too.. Are they really that small? I don’t even remember my daughter being that little & she is only 4 month old 🙂

jovan on

hands on dad–good for you jimmy

Glojean on

Love Jimmy! The baby looks comfortable. Would I carry a baby that way? I have; but I am past 40 now and wouldn’t dare try! 🙂 He looks so happy to be sharing his day with her. I can imagine his office!

trinnme on

aw daddy fallon love!

gb on

So precious. He looks like he has a very firm grip on his baby girl.

Anonymous on

It’s amazing what perfect parents many of you are on here.

Beth, has never held her child with one arm and hand, which I find amazing! I have several children and have never been able to do that. I make breakfast, do laundry, wipe noses and butts while holding a baby.

Blessedwithboys, you make it seem like two week old babies spending time with their dad is a crime when they aren’t around. They will survive and there is nothing wrong with this.

Wow and fie, you have never walked and held your child or walked your child…TO the car?!?!

Anonymous on

Guest- Chill. I doubt he meant that literally!

Now that I’ve said that, why is everyone claiming they used a surrogate? I get that she didn’t look pregnant. However, they haven’t said a word about how they welcomed their daughter. That means that, while they may have used a surrogate, it’s also possible they adopted.

Although not very likely, it’s also still possible that she was pregnant. In rare cases, women’s bodies don’t show any outward (or even inward in some cases!) signs of pregnancy…including the classic “baby belly”. Just google “I didn’t know I was pregnant” or watch the show of the same name.

Bottomline- Unless and until they choose to share that information with us, we don’t know how they welcomed their bundle of joy and we shouldn’t speculate!

Anonymous on

Okay, I have to chuckle at the “she should be in a carseat” comments. First of all, as others have said, it’s perfectly normal for a parent to carry a baby-one handed, and it’s pretty doubtful Jimmy is going to let anything happen to his little girl.

Second of all, if she HAD been in a carseat, people would have been complaining about that, saying things like, “Carseats should only be used in the car” or “That’s not good for her back!” Celebs can’t ever win!

Anonymous on

On a more light-hearted note: There’s got to be some interesting story behind how his female dog got named Gary. 🙂

jackie2830 on

This is how a parent should feel…….so excited to see the next thing the baby does. And not being fearful of dog swipes………just love it. What a fun life Winnie is going to have with this Mom & Dad. God Bless! ♥

sarah on

actually its better to carry your child close to you, it promotes bonding, and keeps the baby from getting flat head syndrome, which is very common when children are kept in car seats for prolonged amounts of time. That is why so many new mothers are taking to wearing sling rins and cloth wraps to carry their children. its easier on the back and better for both child and mother/father.

bob white on

I used to like Jimmy Fallon a lot, but ever since he whored himself out to Capital One to help them get young people trapped in a cycle of high-interest credit card debt, I can’t watch him without feeling disgust. He was already a millionaire; why sell his soul for a few more bucks when there were hundreds of other ways for him to feed his bank account without contributing to the misery of his own biggest audience?

CAL on

Wow! 90% of you commenting are BSC! I for one think this is an adorable picture!

Catz on

Ok for all you complaining the mother/wife is not about stop your blathering and think a moment. Maybe he was giving her a chance to have some time to HERself and rest. And that to me is the sweetest thing a spouse can do during the first few weeks after birth.

Isabel on

Some of you people are absolutely ridiculous. The definition of making something out of nothing.

Julie on

@gagirl….you are a voice of reason and I totally agree with you! For centuries babies have been carried around with one arm and have done fine. Heck, I raised four and could clean the house and get ready while carrying a newborn around like a football….never dropped one!

Annie on

Jimmy use two hands for that darling baby girl….need to lose the briefcase!

Terry on

Jimmy was on the Today Show this morning and he said they welcomed their baby by surrogate and that they didn’t want to tell anyone before the birth and that they had tried on their own for many years. So that answers that question.

Anonymous on

Marky, he said this morning they used a surrogate. There wasn’t one picture of her pregnant. Would love to know where you saw them.

Tlc on

Good to see that all the sanctomommies are out in full force!!!

Holy crap on a cracker people! GET A LIFE! The comments or opinions of some you are absolutely asinine!!!!

the one that made me laugh the hardest and longest? “A NEONATE SHOULD NOT BE AWAY FROM IT’S MOTHER” Bwahahahahahhaha….omg….you my dear, need to get into the freaking REAL WORLD!!! It’s not 1950 anymore. There are PLENTY of stay at home Dads and mothers who go back to work. Get real…neonate, do you think it makes you sound important or educated. NOPE…it makes you sound pompous and ignorant!!!!

This blog really needs to be shut down now. It’s gotten to the point where it’s who can post the most nasty, ridiculous comments every day. Really, what’s the point.

pmello on

what is wrong with some of you people?babies are tough, for hundreds of years were born in a field strapped to moms back and she went back to working in the field.i always carried my babies like a sack of potatoes and both survived as well as many others i raised.i am so happy a dad is willing to show the public he is going to be a complete caregiver and not just leave the job to mom nor a nanny.i love you jimmy fallon and can see from your happiness you won a bigger prize than those powerball winners did this week.poop,throw up and all!! oh and babies only cry when they need something or something is wrong.they girgle, smile, pass gas, pee in your face during changing,poop, a lot of that and spit up and i would not trade one second of those experiences for anything in the world,except maybe the peeing in the face, nah, i learned a good lesson and it never happened again, you change boys very, very quickly after it happens the first happy and do not miss one minute of it, there is no greater joy on earth!!

Anonymous on

sweetest name for a baby girl ever.

stacey on

actually what he’s doing is perfect! Occupational therapist complain about the OVERUSE of car seats to transport babies…they build more muscle tone when carried in the arms of a parent or caregiver. They can see life from a different prospective AND see their parent. Along with the obvious benefit of building a bond…

As far as holding a brief case, I have no doubt that he is comfortable holding a brief case and the baby because he is USED to carrying her around now…which means he is doing everything right! Stop judging him, its 1 picture…like the saying goes: you don’t know him or anything about him.