Tracy Morgan Introduces Daughter Maven Sonae

08/07/2013 at 04:00 PM ET

Meet Tracy Morgan‘s little lady!

Playing the role of proud papa, the comedian showed off his family’s newest addition in a sweet snapshot posted on his WhoSay account on Wednesday.

“Here is Maven Sonae Morgan at 2 weeks y’all!” the actor, 44, captioned the photo of his little lookalike posing in front of a purple backdrop.

Wrapped tightly in a stretchy cheese cloth, the bright-eyed beauty is sporting a matching floral headband as she stares solemnly into the camera.

Born on July 2, Morgan’s first child with fiancΓ©e Megan Wollover arrived weighing 7 lbs., 3 oz.

Photo by Two Leaf Photography.

— Anya Leon

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AAAAAWWWWW! She is soooo cute! look at those big eyes, how adorable!

lulu2013 on


debbie on

How cute and so much hair for a 2 week old…adorable!

Jessica on

She is so cute. I love this!

Lyla on

OMG!!! She is so tiny, and adorable, and BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Congrats!!!!

jenn on

im sorry but she is scary looking

KIM on

You’re an a**hole jenn. Saying that about a precious baby. She’s beautiful.

myshelle on

I agree. She isnt very cute with the “sack” look and its just her head. I have to agree with jenn

Shopgirl on


katey on

Congratulations on this beautiful little girl! She looks so delicate and you can see her personality shine through already. I like the name Maven, it has a really nice feminine and classy ring to it while being kind of fresh. What sort of bothers me is that her name is Maven Morgan, I find her first and last name to be really similar sounding. But maybe that isn’t that bad in daily life? I’m not from the U.S. so I can’t say.

Sherae on

What a doll!!!!!! All that hair and so alert. Very sweet

booboo on

Correction: she is NOT his look-a-like daughter. She’s actually beautiful……. much more like her mother. Though, yes, she does favor him….. a bit.

Brooke on


Misty on

What a cutie!

BB on

Precious! Enjoy!

Michelle on

She is so tiny and adorable! What a sweet little girl. Congrats, Tracy, Megan and family!

CYG on

Too cute! πŸ™‚

Anonymous on

gorgeous baby…..but she looks uncomfortable in what appears to be a burlap sack

Bell on

That is the cutest baby I have ever seen! What a doll

Anonymous on

She is so cute, this pic looks like one of those Anne Geddes creation.

saturdayschild on

burlap wrapping and….some kinda weird purple head thing. Flower too big for baby’s cranium, take it off!

nice hair and Tracy’s eyes.

kim on

awww, didnt know they were expecting. too cute =)

lexi on

suppper beautiful πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Andrea on

Such a cutie pie! πŸ™‚ I love the flower headband! ❀

Tiffany on

Such a pretty baby!!! Like a little doll ❀

fanofboardwalkempire on

too cute for words- Maven is just simply beautiful!

bethypoo1971 on

Maven is just to adorable!

Blah on

Look exactly like him!! Congrats!

jessica on

Adorable baby<3

Bryce on

Looks like Tracy finally “got someone pregnant!”

M on

They say if you can’t say anything nice, not to say anything at all. So I’m not

Niki on

She is sooooo cute!!! Looking JUST like him!

UpandOver on

Very cute. Be sure to teach it all the anti-gay slurs and hatred that you are known for …you creep.


Read somewhere once that the the greatest way a man can show love and respect for his children’s mother is to marry her, and let’s add stick around to raise those children. Too bad Mr. Morgan doesn’t feel that much love for his child. I guess he just wants to make a quick getaway, like a lot of men, when the novelty of both mother and child wear off. How sad that this kind of behavior isn’t even considered unusual or immoral anymore.

Dana on

What a cutie!

Carrow on

She’s so pretty! All that beautiful black hair and look how alert she is!

razzamatazz on

She looks much more mature than 2 weeks old! Love the furrowed forehead… like she’s thinking “What’s going on here?”

Roxy on

razzamatazz, I was thinking the same thing. She has a very mature looking face that looks much older than 2 weeks old. However, she’s a cutie pie. Beautiful big bold eyes. I’m surprised Tracy can create something so beautiful considering that he looks like a black Shrek.

Lisa on

He’s so cute and, I love the name!

kay on

Aww a little beauty! Congratulations!!

donnatex on


Lesley on

Sweet baby girl! Absolutely beautiful!!

Lesli on

Cutie pie…


Another Angel has been born.

Neon on

FUGLY!!!!!!!! As “ELL Please stop reproducing!!!

frogdancer on

looks just like him!!!

moxy on

I dont always like TM’s humor, but his baby is beautiful!

Barbie on

Wow! She looks like daddy!

megan smith on

she’s so alert! very cute…congrats

Barbara Wade Cox on

adorable…she makes me laugh, just like he father…beautiful hair…

Mrspansas on

Love all that wavy hair…So adorable.

Anonymous on

OMG!! What a beauty!

traycee on

look like a baby gorilla. Not to be mean, but she does. Too bad she looks like her father.

Taraakapinky on

That’s not mean traycee; it’s racist as hell! You should be ashamed of yourself.

NSBooklady on

OMG! She is an absolute doll. Congrats to the proud parents.

mcb on

OMG! Absolutely darling!

canadasue on

What a sweetheart! She couldn’t be any cuter!!!

Edie on

Congrats! Now, GET MARRIED and raise that darling daughter!

Babies Rock! on

What a beautiful little girl Maven Morgan is!

Monique on

She is absolutely PRECIOUS!!!!!!!!

Congrats to the happy parents, Tracy and Megan! God Bless you all.

tyanna on

All u stupid ignorant a** people on here talking about that baby that baby is no where near ugly and yall know that yall are just some hating jealous a**people who need to grow the fu** up yall just mad cause yall got some ugly a** kids or either cant have none.and this is for everybody who say that baby is ugly or have something negative to say about her (GET A LIFE)

jamie hannggee on

WOW, She is not cute at all. What a squishy mug on her.

Kellie on

She is absolutely beautiful!

MrMonkee on

To all of you posters with the “now get married” response……like that piece of paper really makes a difference. 56% of those “married” people end up divorced in less than 5 years. So tell me what good came from that piece of paper you seem to think is so important? Sure doesn’t guarantee a better Mother or Father does it?

Bree on

So adorable!!

My daughter had almost as much hair at two weeks old (And almost the same colour too, funny since I have blond hair and hubby has light brown hair!!) by 4 months it was almost all gone and is now the same colour as mine!! Something tells me that Maven won’t have the same fate πŸ™‚

Love the expression on her face, so serious!! I am guessing that this is one little girl that doesn’t miss to much even at two weeks old.

Jordan ! on

Maven has her daddy’s eyes. She is a cutie

Yolie on

Aaawwww, (i can nibble dem cheeky cheeks) God Blessed you with His beautiful Angel. Treasure every Precious moment, take plenty pictures & video tape. They grow up so fast.
Congratulations on your new beauty queen.

Megan, was Tracy working your nerves cause Maven looks just like him…

Ms M on

Adorable, Whoever jenn is who wrote that demonic comment, no one is feeling her evil vibes! Only well wishes for the couple and their beautiful child.

Jamie on

She is absolutely beautiful!! Love the picture.

melinda on

well, she looks just like him already, you know except she’s lighter and a baby and a female.

Lyn on

Looks like Ashanti!

Sara on

What a dolly!

CKoran on

She’s beautiful !!!! Congrats to all of you …..

Anonymous on

Awwww!!! How cute. She is soooo adorable and precious.

kamielle on

She looks like her papa! Very adorable!

Nancy on

P R E C I O U S!!!!

Terri on

Oh my, she is just too adorable for words.


So BEAUTIFUL! Congrats!!!

Anonymous on

Finally! A pic of somebody other than a Kardashian!

Gigi on

Beautiful baby with a beautiful name.

Tajma on

Beautiful little girl

Jen on

She’s adorable! and her parents didn’t saddle her with a stupid name! Good job Tracy.

SLB on

Sooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhh I love her!

ImaBoomer on


Mille05 on

She’s soo cute! Like a baby deer! πŸ˜€

Susan on

So cute! Looks just like her Dad!

KiKi on

She is truly adorable!

Lilyflower on

She’s adorable. And to the people saying mean things about this innocent baby…karma will be coming for you soon πŸ™‚

Phyliis on

She is so beautiful she looks like him.!!!!!!!

Lisa on

That baby is a doll! So precious. congrats to the family.

jacweaver on

That is one darling little potato.

Diana on

I love this picture. Maven is so sweet and beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

American Mom on

Maven is very sweet but that is not a very good name choice. A maven is a woman who sets trends, leads by example, amongst other things.. A style maven, a local maven, etc. for example. It is not a good choice as a name in my opinion.

American Mom on

The Irish name Maeve might have been better choice.

MommytoanE on

Awe! What a precious little princess. So much hair!! lol the picture just leaves me wanting to pick her up and cuddle all that cuteness.

Guest on

Awwww!! She looks just like her daddy!! She’s such a cutie!!

Dominique on

She is such a beauty

Anonymous on

How could anyone find anything negative to say about this beautiful little baby girl. Congratulation’s.

yvone on


Sylvia on

She’s adorable!



Anonymous on

She is adorable but you made her look like a peanut.

Sandra on

I’m glad she’s with a black woman!!!!!!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

Anonymous on

Kathleen, go away. You don’t know anything about this family. Who are you to judge. He’s engaged to the baby’s mother and he hasn’t gone anywhere. Not that it’s your business anyway. Sounds like maybe your baby daddy didn’t stick around, but that’s your problem.

Anonymous on

What a cutie pie!!!

amy on

Darling baby girl.

Charli on

I love the floral headband but the baby looks like she wants someone to free her from the cheesecloth. lol

Tee on

She is precious indeed and looks lovely against the purple background.

Marky on

What a precious little “peanut”!! Hope they enjoy every minute!

Missy on

I get what your saying Tyanna but you just sounded as ignorant as they did by talking negatively about their own children… know INNOCENT children. This baby is beautiful and if you can actually say something negative about a gorgeous innocent little baby then I feel sorry for you

Anonymous on

So cutte

Anonymous on

Whoa! Does she look like a carbon copy of her daddy or what?!

Anonymous on

what a beautiful little girl, congrats.

Anonymous on

Awww she is not the most beautiful baby ever but please don’t judge someone that cant defend herself against all these negative comments remember selfish people she cant read or write just yet LOL!!!

donna on


I'm Standing Right Behind You on

There’s no doubt that’s his baby…so cute!!!

Guest53 on

beautiful; and so alert for a tiny infant. congratulations to parents and extended family

joan719 on

What a sweetheart-totally a cutie!

joe on

ewww!!! look at that crinkled forehead.

marion a gawron on

freaking beautiful……………

Ann on

So adorable, like a little pea in a pod!!!

Karen on

What a beauty. She has her Daddy’s eyes. Congrats to the happy couple.

Anonymous on

She is so cute! Man, she sure has a lot of hair.

Sad. on

It’s pretty sad to see so many people with negative comments about a child. You all are pretty sad, and I hope that you figure out whatever it is in life that got you to become so nasty and bitter. Go work out your issues before you come on here to talk trash about a newborn.

Cynthia on

She is Beautiful, see what our God can do!!

sharonann3 on

She is very beautiful.

Marie on

Awe look at the little peanut…she is too cute and adorable. Congrats……spoil her rotten…lol.

mazie beth on

aw, what a wide-eyed cutie!

Jamey on

She actually probably likes being in the cheesecloth. Cheesecloth is soft, and wrapping her tight like that is like being swaddled.

Debra on

she is so cute!

Jacquie on

she is so adorable. What a great shot.

Dotty on

She is adorable. May the Lord bless her and her proud parents, Thank you for sharing.

sharon on

what a beautiful baby!

AmandaC on

She is a beauty, not sure about the cheese cloth, a cute blanket would have been cuter.

Lady on

She is way too precious!!!!!!

BW on

Beautiful little girl!

Diana on

She is beautiful and a blessing…all children are a blessing…Sorry but I have to comment on the nasty comments regarding a 2 week old baby…such unbelievable remarks…”she looks like a baby gorilla”, wrapped too tight in the burlap sack, etc..Oh Lord, what has happened to here…it’s an article about a 2 week old baby! Don’t say anthing if you’re going to spit inane remarks…

Judy Moran on

Awww…. She is absolutely adorable! A little princess πŸ™‚

Waldo on

Not keen on the cheesecloth

Dorie on

Awww, she’s precious!!! πŸ™‚ Now, those that are insulting, it’s only because they’re children aren’t as cute as this dumpling. πŸ™‚

bekah on

I generally do not like these type of pictures, but she is a cutie. Tiny little thing and looks just like her daddy.

AllisonJ on

such a cute little girl!

Sweets on

Very Cute! You should be proud and happy parents

Dannie on

Yikes, that’s sort of a scary picture.

Terri on

Omg…what an adorable picture!

Chris on

How cute! Very bright eyed and looks like she wants to smile already. That’s a great sign of wit and intelligence.

jennrae on

She’s precious!

steve on

She looks just like him.

Anonymous on

So so soooo CUTE!!!

kim on

how precious!! she is such a cutie!!

Anonymous on

So cute – I thought it was going to be a pic North West!!!

wtf! on

lets hope she doesnt turn out to be gay..or tracy will stab her

Shaynaynay on

She looks like a baby gorilla.

Pink Dragon on


susan on

Just one of the most adorable babies I have ever seen.!!!!!

CS on

She looks like a little peanut…so cute!

Anonymous on

Congratulations Mr. Morgan She is adorable!

Sue on

Little Maven is beautiful. Your wife must be an exceptional beauty as Maven looks nothing like you. We love you anyway :0)

Lisa D. on

Doesn’t it look like she’s saying “.. Whatsup? LOL so cute, so alert! Man, does she have a head of hair!

jackie on

AWWWW,so cute.

aall55 on

what’s that , a peanut ? cute !

Anonymous on

Adorable! look at that face, she looks just like him!!!

Peg on

Adorable! Love her little cocoon. God Bless.

maggie on

Too precious this tiny bundle of sweetness.

Anonymous on

Adorable?, of course Babies are adorable, what did you People expect?, a Horse ?????

Angela on

The baby is truly adorable. I can’t say the burlap colored cloth around her does anything for her complexion. So cute! But I hope she has more flattering clothes.

Juice on

I hope she doesn’t turn out to be gay, or he’ll kill her.

Caecilie on

Beautiful baby girl. Blessings to you and your family.

barb on

It looks like she is thinking “whats up”

Jean on

Wow – she is beautiful! But someday she’s going to wonder why someone tried to make her look like a peanut…

Julia on

Congratulations Tracy and Megan! Maven is going to break a few hearts someday…she’s beautiful!

Sammee on

Soooo flippin adorable!! And kudos to Tracy for not turning a photo of his daughter into a payday.

Nancy on

Why did they wrap her in a sack???

Nancy on

First Amendment rights: GONE!!!

Nancy on

Cute baby!!!

Brenda on

OMG. She’s a mini-me of Tracy Morgan. What a little doll. Very Precious.

Stephanie on

Tracy she’s so adorable God’s little blessing

Anonymous on

A face only a mother could love

Martha Cobb on


Pamela on

She is so beautiful! I love the picture! What a precious bundle of joy she is! Congratulations and God bless.

Anonymous on

HOW CUTE IS SHE? Good job Tracy!!!! I would LOVE to paint her portrait!!

phy on

she looks like daddy soooooo cute

lesabre94 on

What a doll! Sure she will bring you joy. Thank you for sharing her with us all. What a blessing.

Marion on

Never heard of Tracy Morgan, but the baby sure is cute.

Karen on

Are we all looking at the same photo? She looks like something trying to escape a weird pod.

RLFord on

She looks just like her daddy, poor thing.

ltnybryn on

Awe, what a beautiful little girl. She is a pretty version of her daddy. CONGRATS to them!

crazy on

Love must be blind. All these infants are butt ugly. Did someone say Winston Churchill?

marie on

Looks just like Dad! She is sooooo adorable. Congratulaions!!!

marie on

Her name should be “beautiful”!

Bieber on

She is SO cute!!!! Congrads!

Simone on

OMG what a doll and she looks so alert already…love the picture its perfect!!You can tell who her daddy is just the beautiful female version πŸ™‚

BJ on

The baby looks just like Morgan–adorable!



Karen on

Congratulations, she is her father’s daughter. Tracy she looks like you, how nice.

stEVEN on

As adorable as adorable a bundle of innocence and love can be. Of concern, the braces on the brain prejudiced father who spews his hate toward others. How does he plan to earn the right of a father who will ensure his little one does not know any hate from him toward others? Good luck Tracy Morgan, once we could have been considered fans, you exposed your ignorance driven hate and will not, even at this happiest of time, holding you fully accountable.

Good luck Maven Sonae you’re a keeper, hope the love you fill your papa with is infective so he fully divests himself of it.

margie on

looks like her dad……going to have great luck

Jill on

That is one ugly baby!

me on


Sasha on

Cutie pie!

pat banks on

Children are gifts from God….shame on all the people leaving negative comments about this precious gift…..God doesn’t like ugly…better remember that..May God bless her & keep her safe!!!!

Anonymous on

Why must people make negative comments about a child?

a on

she really does look like a maven! congrats on your new addition!

Anonymous on

Way too cute!

Anonymous on

She is beautiful!

Stargazer on

Whew! Uh, okay…if y’all say so…