Poppy Montgomery: Violet’s Name Not Meant to Follow Family Tradition

08/07/2013 at 01:00 PM ET

Poppy Montgomery Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Lloyd Bishop/NBC

Poppy Montgomery certainly followed family tradition when she welcomed daughter Violet Grace in April, but the actress admits it was a complete accident.

Despite joining a long line of flower names — Montgomery’s sisters are Rosie Thorn, Daisy YellowMarigold Sun and Lily Belle — the baby girl was actually named for her paternal grandmother.

“I didn’t realize Violet was a flower when I named her. It was so odd!” the Unforgettable star said during a recent appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. “It’s my boyfriend [Shawn Sanford]’s grandmother’s name and I was like, ‘Violet! I like Violet.'”

But, shortly after deciding on her daughter’s name, Montgomery’s mom celebrated the unexpected news.

“My mother’s like, ‘Another flower!’ and [I said], ‘No, no wait! It’s a color!'” she recalls.

While she mistakenly chose a floral moniker for her baby girl, Montgomery, 38, is still counting her blessings when it comes to her own name.

“I was almost named Pansy and that is not fun,” she shares, prompting new dad Jimmy Fallon to quip, “That was my nickname in high school.”

— Anya Leon

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Grandma on

What a flippin idiot… “I didn’t know violet is a flower”… Right. Idiot.

grandma milf on

Really need to be mean? I thought a lovely genuine story. Thank you Poppy.

honeybear on

Why so grumpy grams? Drink some milk of magnesia and calm down.

Anonymous on

Grandma, does it really need to be explained what she meant?

chloe on

I have yet to understand the need that people have to be mean and rude just for the sake of it. The world is such a negative place, why contribute by calling people an idiot on the internet.

I think the story is cute- she picked a name for her daughter, thinking of the colour, not realizing in the moment that it is the name of a flower and follows her family tradition of naming girls after flowers…

NoneYa on

Not surprised as she dropped out of HS. Stay in school, kids!

dixie on

Was Poppy’s mother a flower child hippy from the 60-70’s? The siblings names are really comical….In truth, I am fond of Lillie Belle….kinda cute.

Violet Grace is a lovely name. It could have been so much worse (North West, Apple, Free, etc.)

Hazel on

What’s wrong with following family tradition, you twit?

SR on

Sorry, I’m agreeing with Grandma on this one.

Dawn on

What a cute story! That’s what pregnancy brain does to ya! I didn’t realize she was an Aussie! Have always loved her–though she was one of the best Marilyn’s

irishmama on

because she never heard “Roses are red, Violets are blue” before, and the two of them never discussed it and he never said, well, you know, Violet is a flower, hon? doubtful. but I do love the pansy comment. love jimmy fallon, and congrats to their little bundle anyway

Kim on

I hope she managed to graduate from 5th grade, at least. SMH

Guest on

She’s not the brightest tool in the garden shed, is she. You can hardly tell she dropped out at 15. What a loser.

bonkerbengal on

I think of violet as a color also, not a flower but to each their own..

bestname on

My Grandmothers name was Violet. We just named our baby girl Violet. I think it’s a wonderful name and I’m constantly getting compliments on it. However, I do think it’s odd she didn’t know it was a flower.

chris on

Wow….then Poppy you are dumb as a rock. “I didn’t know Violet was a flower:”

Linda on

Cute story!

Noneya on

OMG! Come on people! She named her child Violet not realizing AT THE MOMENT that is was a flower as well as a color! What’s the big deal? Lighten up a little will ya!!!

teresa on

roses are red… violets are blue…didn’t ring a bell?

denise on

Grandma is an idiot!! Thanks for sharing Poppy…….

Marco on

You’re a redhead Poppy, so stop acting like a blonde.

meghan on

What a Dope.

Grandma on

Ok. The only thing more idiotic than poppy PRETENDING that she just came up with the name Violet on a whim, did not look it up on a baby name site, did not even discuss the name with her husband, hence she “did not even realize a Violet is a flower”…are you people who actually believe this MOST RIDICULOUS completely made up story!

On a side note, Violet is a gorgeous name 🙂