Jack and Lisa Osbourne Expecting Second Child

08/06/2013 at 01:00 PM ET

Jack Osbourne Lisa Osbourne Pregnant Expecting Second Child Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

The Osbourne family is expanding — Jack and Lisa are expecting their second child.

“I knew I was pregnant when all I could think about was Taco Bell and donuts right after I’d already eaten dinner,” the blogger jokes to PEOPLE exclusively.

The couple, who were married in HawaiiΒ last October, are already parents to daughter Pearl Clementine, 15 months.

“I am in my second trimester, feeling great and trying not to eat everything in sight,” the mom-to-be, 26, announced on RaddestMom.com Tuesday.

“We feel so blessed that our family is growing and Pearl will have a little brother or sister to play with. It’s crazy to think that we will soon be a family of four!”

This will be the second grandchild for Sharon Osbourne, who told PEOPLE in April that Jack, 27, “wants about five kids and Lisa comes from a big family, too. They both want to have a whole brood.”

— K.C. Blumm

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tieraney on

Awesome news! They seem like good parents, can’t wait to hear details about the soon-to-be little one!

Karatina on

Omg congratulations!!! I love the osbournes. I wish them all the best and hope the child is born healthy and happy. Hopeing for a boy though!

bggr2w on

Wow, she is really beautiful, and that dress is gorgeous. Congrat’s to both of them!

Sylvia on

I don’t really like the Osborne family, but congrats regardless. Babies are a beautiful blessing!

Marky on

Having had a great relationship with my sister (we were close in age), I think it would be great if it’s a girl, and they can have a special bond as sisters. I had a friend for life!

Lisa on

Congratulations!! If this is a girl they could name her Ruby Tangerine!!

Anonymous on

Haha, cute!!!

Liz on

How wonderful!!! Congratulations to them!!!!

Carrie M on

Jack is really a handsome dude, isn’t he (actually she’s gorgeous too)? Congrats to the Osbourne family on their new addition!

Heather on

or Jade Honeydew… πŸ˜‰

Nancy on

Good for them! Pearl is a cute pie!

fanofboardwalkempire on

I love Jack and Lisa and am thrilled for them.

Great news for the happy family!

kim on

wow. they didnt waste any time! good for them!! congrats =)

Ginger on

Aw. Sweet news. Hope the baby is happy and healthy. Nothing in the world as sweet as a grandchild.

Anonymous on

Congratulations! I think she is beautuful!

bekah on

I guess they were serious about wanting lots of kids close in age. Congrats to them.

Marge on

I still can’t get over how attractive he turned out to be! And his wife is gorgeous! Congrats to them!

Anais on

what a fine family guy Jack has turned out to be. More power to him and his growing family!

KiKi on

So impressed with this family. You have come so far and continue to succeed! Many blessings to all of you.

Lala on

Congrats to them! Also, her dress in that picture, is gorgeous!!

Love it! on

I’ll join in! They could name her Sapphire Orange

Love it! on

And a big congrats to them! It’s great news!

Sharon on

Congrats and best wishes! Love the positive comments!!! Hope i don’t jinx it!

Shawna on

For those who are commenting on how quickly they got pregnant again I would think that Jack’s MS diagnosis might have played a part in that. I’m sure he wants to be a healthy, active father for as long as he is physically able and having the children while he is still in the early stages of his disease will enable him to do that.

Anonymous on

Shawna- Very good point! If they’re really serious about having five kids, I have a feeling we’ll be seeing almost a pregnancy a year from them for awhile! πŸ™‚

That being said, congrats to them!

Lana on

Look at him! He wasn’t very attractive during his teenage years. He’s very handsome now. Wish them all the best, health and happiness. Keeping my fingers crossed that he won’t have to battle MS for a veeeeeery very long time.

Cathy on

Really good point Shawna…..MS is an insidious disease, as it effects everyone differently, some more severely than others. I hope that he has a lot of healthy years with his kids before this disease prevents him from doing normal activities with them…….and Congratulations go to Jack and Lisa. Isn’t it weird that Ozzie is a grandpa? LOL

Bettie on

Congrats, gorgeous family!

karen on

Congrats Osbornes! Thats 2 for Sharon to spoil rotten and 6 or 7 now for Ozzy, (keep touring to pay for the spoiling of those babies i’m hoping he will hit my city!)

ohmyme on

Just got finished reading about Jack’s “loser” sister Kelly, and now a refreshing change reading about how very well Jack is doing and moving along with his own life! Congrats to you!

Damon on

I’m shocked. With his medical conditions, a new marriage, & a small child I’m thinking they would have planned for the madness to calm down before adding the madness of a new baby. Apparently not. Young people sometimes don’t get it until they get older.

bekah on

I forgot about Jack’s. MS diagnosis hopefully he has many years to enjoy his family.

Is MS a genetic disease?

kira on

congrats to them, but i hope they are seeking genetic counseling with regards to his MS.

Anonymous on

Damon- As someone else point out, Jack’s particular medical condition (MS) means that, if he wants to be an active, reasonably healthy father for all of his kids, he and Lisa kind of have to have them close in age.

MS, unfortunately, is a progressive illness, and the rate of progression varies from person to person. Jack could be basically fine for a number of decades, but he could also go downhill relatively quickly. The sooner he has all of his kids, the more of a chance there will be of him being around for all of them for a long time. πŸ™‚

Anonymous on

bekah- From what I understand, there is no clear answer to that at this point. It’s strongly believed that some people are genetically predisposed to the disease, but no one knows for sure at this point. At any rate, it’s probably a combination of factors that actually trigger the disease.

Anonymous on

I also meant to add that, from what I’ve read, alcohol and drug abuse (something that Jack, as we all know, openly struggled with in the past) is thought to play a role in MS developing.

Before you say anything, I’m not slamming Jack in anyway. I am simply pointing out that it may not have been only genetics (or even genetics at all) that caused Jack’s MS, and thus his children might be fine even if they, too, have a genetic predisposition.

Patti on

I love the fact that Ozzy is a Grandpa LOL

Anonymous on

Anonymous, I have never heard of alcohol or drug abuse being tied to MS. Can you post some links as to why you got that from? From my knowledge, he has never said that as well. There is no for sure known cause, which is why there is no cure. The MS association makes no mention, nor does any credible affiliation that drugs or alcohol can be a cause, which means, it Most likely is not, otherwise it wold be discussed by the big reputable groups. They state the major theories are immune, environmental, genetics, and infectious.

guest on

I wonder how awesome this news will be in twenty-five years when he has given both of his children MS

Sharon on

So hes not supposed to have kids because of that? What about people with a family history of cancer, or who have had it themselves, or any other disease? If that was the case, there would be a LOT of ppl not having kids in fear of passing it on to them. Such a stupid comment…unreal.

Anonymous on

Guest, it’s not proven to be a hereditary in the way you are saying. My Grandfather had it and not a single other person in our family has gotten it so far. Are you saying that someone with cancer, heart disease, or any other disease shouldn’t have kids? Could you imagine?

Sharon on

Just saw your reply to guest after i posted mine…they pretty much say the same thing!

rachaelmall on

I’m not understanding “the babies are too far apart” drama.

Most siblings are at least 18 months to two years apart…or are you people saying siblings should now be three, four, or five years part?

Lauren on

Good luck and congratulations. Jack seems like the only sane one of the family.

Anonymous on

She looks like J Wow, mayb she can be her sister. Anyway Congrats to the couple! My Hubby and I just found out we are too! Yay!! Thank you Jesus!!

Linda on


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