Malin Akerman Is ‘Anxious’ to Return to Work

08/05/2013 at 11:00 AM ET

Malin Akerman Television Critics Assocation Gregg DeGuire/Wireimage

Returning to set after giving birth can be a daunting task for actors, but new mom Malin Akerman hopes she has found a way to make it work.

“I had been looking in to television plots for a couple of years,” Akerman told PEOPLE Sunday at the Television Critics Association panel for her new ABC sitcom Trophy Wife.

“I get to be on home base now and get to go home and tuck my baby in to bed so that’s an extra, added bonus.”

Ackerman, who gave birth to son Sebastian in April, has apprehensions about heading back to filming on Friday.

“This will be the first time ever being a mom and working so I am a little bit nervous, a little bit anxious, but I am excited,” Akerman, 35, told reporters.

“I’ve got a really good, supportive husband, so we will figure it out but we will see what I am capable of. We’ll see if I get fired — I hope not.”

Until she heads back to set, first-time mom Akerman is enjoying the small milestones of parenting her little Sebastian.

“He smiled already at his two-month mark. It’s the most awesome thing. It’s so stupid in the most incredible way,” she says. “You are like ‘Oh my, God! He moved a finger! Did you see that?!’ They turn over, they poop in your hands and it’s great — right after you changed the diaper and it is all over you. It is amazing.”

And although Akerman may be able to play a beautiful, tall trophy wife, she is looking forward to raising a rambunctious boy.

“I am such a tomboy myself,” she shares. ” I have scars all over my body from climbing trees and riding bikes with the boys. It’s been a part of my life so I am so excited to just play sports with him once he’s [old enough]. He’s great. He’s a happy boy.”

— Patrick Gomez

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Anonymous on

You can hear how much she loves her son. It’s very sweet to hear. I am sure it will be hard for her, but it sounds like her husband is great and will support her.

Liz on

Okay, so SHE feels it’s an “added bonus” to be away from her baby all day but home in time to tuck him in? What’s wrong with THIS picture?!!!! Ugh!

cluedin on

She meant its an added bonus to be able to get back and tuck her child in at night. Not a lot of moms get to do that

Sylvia on

I like her. I think she’s very pretty and its very clear how much she loves and adores her son.

Its refreshing to see a celebrity who actually KNOWS HOW to prioritize her family and fame.

Jenny on

You are all so rude. Go put your house in order before you judge someone else!

Anonymous on

Liz- She never said she’ll be away from him all day, just that she’ll be able to tuck him in herself at night. Likely he’ll visit her on set.

And to those of you saying she should stay home…did it ever occur to you that she may HAVE to work? She’s what you call a working actor, not an a-lister earning millions. There’s a difference!

Anonymous on

I also meant to say that perhaps her husband is going to be a stay-at-home dad and the baby will get quality time with daddy! 🙂

meghan on

Such judgmental cows posting.

Marky on

I am continually amazed that my generation worked so hard to make certain women had choices as to whether they were stay-at-home or working moms, yet today…women bash anyone who makes a different choice from the one they made for themselves! Why on earth do you feel it’s okay to criticize her choice? She should be able to work as long as her child is well cared for, and you stay home if you please. I was a SAHM to 4 children, but I would never slam someone who wants no children at all, only one, works, or stays home, or has 20 children. As long as they are loving, caring parents…why do you feel it’s your business?? And don’t drag out that tired phrase, “It’s a comment section, I can say what I want”. That almost sounds as rude as “who cares?”

M on

Well said Marky 🙂

Hea on

What if HE’S at home with their baby? What if they SHARE the duties of parenthood? It doesn’t have to be the mom who stays at home, you know?

kazumi on

i can understand her, what i can’t understand are some of the women here who always have the need to criticize someone, go back to your own miserable lives and stop rubbing negativity on others

kazumi on

@liz she also said she gets to be on home base now, so that must mean she traveled a lot for work in the past so she’s glad to be able to get home in time to tuck her child to bed, i salute working moms because it’s very hard to be one, and you are the only one i see that is wrong in this picture

Anonymous on

Liz I think what she meant was that she’ll be able to be home everyday, as opposed to living in another state/country etc for months at a time which typically happens when filming movies. Not that the only time she will see him is to tuck him in, but rather they will have a decent routine. (Like working parents that do 9-5)

It’s such a shame to see so many people (sadly, mothers) criticize one another for what other choose to do for their families. Do you not get tired of being so judgmental and catty? I mean really?

Anonymous on

Marky, very well said. I am so sick of “the perfect parents.” The ones who have “the perfect names,” but pick on everyone else’s names….too weird or too simple. They are experts on everything, including running their mouths. If they run their mouths like this here, including calling children ugly, women fat and ugly…it’s likely they do this in front of their child. These “perfect parents” claim children will be picked on for names such as Apple and Vernon, but if they do its because of behavior such as theirs. My children don’t think names like Apple and Vernon and strange bc they don’t care about a name….they play with ANYONE. Who cares about a name! Care about a person.