Another Baby on the Way for Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green

08/02/2013 at 07:00 AM ET

Megan Fox Pregnant Expecting Second Child
John Shearer/Invision/AP

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green are expanding their family.

“I can confirm Megan is expecting her second child with her husband Brian,” the actress’ rep confirms to PEOPLE. “They are both very happy.”

The couple welcomed their 10-month-old son, Noah Shannon, last September. Green, 40, is also dad to 11-year-old son Kassius Lijah from his prior relationship with Vanessa Marcil.

“All I wanted to do my whole, whole life was have a baby and, now, I’ve finally done it,” the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles star, 27, said in March. “I just want to give Noah as much of myself as I can.”

The new arrival has had quite the effect on the couple — especially Dad’s sleep.

“I really felt young for my age until my new son was born. I’ve never felt so 40 in my life,” Green jokes.

Page Six was first to report the news.

— Sarah Michaud

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Jay on

Congrats. But why are they making a Ninja Turtle movie again. It was awful the first time around.

RobBellAlMom on

Congratulations to Megan and Brian! Wishing her a healthy and complication free pregnancy. Little Noah will be a big brother :-).

Emma on


Bette on

Congrats to them!!

Callie on

She complained after she had the first baby that it was too much work and that for their marriage to survive she would need a nanny because she needs sleep and doesn’t like getting up in the middle of the night and yet she is pregnant again?

wooooozee on

Yes…I complain about everything having to do with my little nitwits but would have another one tomorrow. Motherhood 101

SLR on


SusieQ on

Absolutely how I feel about 10 times a day!! LOL

Carrow on

Girl your comment is spot on! I LOL’ed at it! ♥♥♥♥♥

Leah on

Lol Callie she said she looooved being a mom but they had hired a night nurse after a few weeks so they could get some sleep. Seems logical to me. But unless you are absolutely miserable then you are not a good parent, right?

Cricket on

I often complain at 4am when my kids are awake for some ungodly reason! But I’d have another baby in a heartbeat 🙂 it’s what us moms do!

Alayna on

That was quick…but wonderul news! It will be nice to have two kids close in age- they’ll be perfect playmates. Wishing her a healthy and easy pregnancy.

bsquared41 on

I love her! Congratulations!

Can't on

“All I wanted to do my whole, whole life was have a baby and, now, I’ve finally done it,” Congrats on the skill of being female, lol. I’d be more impressed if a dude said that.

NoItDoesnt on

Wow! What an awful statement. I’m sure the many couples who suffer from infertility really appreciate your candor on the subject, though. Just because someone is a woman does not guarantee that she will have the ability to conceive.

Congratulations to the couple! I’m sure the kids will be glad to have a playmate so close to their age.

st on

Don’t forget about the pregnant “man” a couple of years ago. LOL

Anonymous on

Ok. I’m male, 32, & want a baby

Sandra on

@callie- Its called first time mom syndrome, most women usually get over it when they fall into a routine and realize that they can handle it.

Marge on

I always found it gross how old she was when they first got together but now that she’s older the age difference isn’t that big of a deal. And I’m not a huge fan of her but they seem like one celeb couple that might actually work. Congrats to them!

Anonymous on

Marge, I thought the same thing about Beyonce & Jay Z. He was 32 & she was 20 when they started dating. Crinch….. Then he was 38 when he married her at 26. Still crinching, but a lil less. She 31 & a “Grown Woman” and a mother & everyone loves her and her 42 yr old husband now.

Lindsay on

You can’t give your child as much of yourself as you can when you have your kids back-to-back likes that. Noah is still just a baby! I think she’s young and reckless.

Marge on

You have no idea what you’re talking about. So you can go shave your back now. Bye Linsday!

Biazinha on

Lindsay, how stupid R u? I had 2 kids by the time I was 27, they were 3 and 2. Now that they are 10 and 9 guess what? They are best friends! Best thing I have ever done was to have my kids close on age. Go get a life!

Felisha on

Exactly! My kids are 11 months apart, and yeah, it is demanding, but they are best friends! If they chose to have another baby, it is no ones business but theirs. Congratulations! At least they have the means to take care of their children!

Ava Hill on

I totally disagree with your comment. My daughter was born Dec 1999 & my son Mar 2001 and although it was hard, the bond they share is special and I still had time for a one year old and a newborn.

Amanda on

I agree Lindsay. Not to mention the increased odds of pregnancy complications occurring with two pregnancies back to back like that.

Dee on

I’m thinking it’s nobody’s business but theirs…

BooBoo on

What a stupid, STUPID know-nothing comment to make.

Yes, I’m SURE there’s nothing more “young and reckless” than a 27-year-old grown woman and her husband, in a serious, stable, committed relationship for a dozen years, making a decision to have another child together.

You’re an idiot.

Sharon on

Yep, gotta agree with all of you. Shes 27, not 16 and has enough money to have 10 kids back to back. I think its great that they will be close in age!

Anonymous on


BooBoi on

Obviously, you must be talking about yourself.

Yvonne on

@ Lindsay,
That’s true, but on the other hand it’s lonely to be an only child for a period of time for babies as well. We had a 4 year stretch between our two children and it wasn’t better for them at all. We had no choice because we had miscarriages and it took that long before we were successful.

But it was a challenge to keep our first child happy and entertained without another child to play with. None of my friends settled down and had children as soon as I did, so it came down to weekly play dates at a learning center. That just wasn’t enough and it was hard for our son to not have that child to child interaction.

Jenn on

They seem like a happy family who are content staying out of the limelight for the sake of their family. When a new Mother comments on being exhausted and needing a Nanny to me that is a “New Mom” talking.

I am sure she settled into the routine quite nicely and this is why she feels ready for another. Motherhood is an emotional roller coaster and things can be said in the heat of the moment and for those that are in the spotlight it may come back to haunt them but it has to be taken in context.

Congrats to them !!!

Julie @ Willow Bird Baking on

Wow, are there really people who will judge and nitpick and hate about someone’s decision to have two child on a completely normal schedule? Please. stop.

Congratulations to them.

Anonymous on

@Lindsey ….what an idiotic thing to say. A year and a half apart isnt exactly back to back. My grown daughters are 17 months apart and were loved immensley and equally.

Karen on

Lindsay, I completely disagree. I am a twin, so I never got to be an only child. I never got to be the only baby, the only toddler. I felt fully loved and supported, and felt my parents loved me with everything they had to give, which was a lot! Love is not a finite quantity that has to be split up and shared. It really isn’t. And having siblings close in age (in my case – 3 minutes apart) is very special.

Pete on

Could be an unplanned pregnancy!

gb on

Great for them. Lindsay…reckless, really?? I know more than a few couples who had kids close in age and they weren’t as young, nor were they reckless. Their kids have/had happy childhoods and were never starved for attention. You yourself must be really young and immature to express yourself in that manner.

MissScarlett on

Congratulations to the growing family, but I must disagree with one of the previous posters. Being an only child does not mean being a lonely child. Definitely made me more independent, and I was always able to entertain myself without my parents trying to find something to keep me happy.

Chrys on

I agree completely MissScarlett! As a fellow only child I can say it is inaccurate to say you’re lonely. It made me independent and responsible. You can be a part of a very large family and still feel lonely.

Sharon on

Yep, my husband is an only child as well as my mom…both have never complained that they were lonely growing up.

Denise on

Congratulations to everyone!!!!!

BBB on

I’m not a fan of hers but I see nothing wrong with her having another child. The children will grow up as each others’ playmates and there don’t seem to be any public signs of a rocky marriage so congrats to them.

gopackgo on

Congrats to them! They seem like a truly happy couple. They make their appearances when necessary, but appear to be happy being a family. They are not media whores and just seem to be enjoying their life together.

Mandy on

Congrats to them. Not a big fan of either, but to me, a baby is always happy news. I wouldn’t want mine that close in age, but that’s my choice, not her’s. I do want another as I don’t want my child growing up an only child as I did. I got way too much attention from my parents’ & felt smothered at times. My parents’ wanted more, but it wasn’t meant to be. Let’s all just be happy for them & let them live their lives while we live ours.

Isabel on

Lindsay, young and reckless is an immature teen who gets drunk and decides to operate a vehicle; not a person who chooses to have their children closer together. It’s a personal decision and since you aren’t being asked to raise them, it’s none of your business.

PS on

Congratulations to the happy couple and the best of luck to them. Raising babies a year and a half apart can be tough but not impossible – I know couples with children that close in age and even closer. As long as they know what to expect (friction and competition between siblings that close in age can be pretty intense – I speak from experience and from seeing my nephews who are also close in age interact) and get a lot of support, they’ll be fine.

Carolyn on

My son is an only, never lonely. He’s grown into an independent, outgoing and resilient young man of 22.

Christy on

Lindsay, I am just about 11months and 2 weeks older than my sister. I never felt neglected by my parents and it was great having a sister so close in age! 🙂

lexi on

congrats to the beatiful couple 🙂

Alissa on

Congrats to Megan and Brian. I hope everything goes smoothly.

Spacing of siblings is a topic with a lot of opinions from everyone, not just here. There are no rules and no conclusions to draw from anyone’s experience…every parent is different and every child is different.

We all need sleep to function. I have no clue if Megan really said that or not, but it doesn’t matter. If you want a nanny and can afford one, then get one.

The part about parenting that worked for me was being able to do and make whatever decisions I wanted without having answer to anyone about it. I think that is the part all parents like too.

Olga on

Congrats to the both. I like this couple. You never hear negative stuff about them.

chloe on

good grief people, there is no standard rule about parenting.. For some it works only for one child, others years apart between children, others close in age… Just because one way doesn’t work for you, doesn’t mean it’s wrong or children will be neglected or lonely… My brother and I are 18 months apart and never have either of us felt neglected, I loved having someone so close in age because we dealt with things at the same age, and I got to learn from his experience the year earlier in school… My cousins are 5 years apart and they love and it worked for my aunt and uncle, for my mom and dad it was close together…

As far as I am concerned- we should focus on the positive, a happy couple are expecting another child. They do not pimp out their child and seem to have a stable and good relationship with each other…

Aneta on

Callie, a lot of women need help with a new baby and feel overwhelmed. What I find disappointing that as women we tear each other down instead of supporting…

Carolyn on


Lindsay, just because you find the idea of two young children overwhelming doesn’t mean no one else can do it. Let me guess, you were either an only child for a time and then had to share your parents attention with a sibling or you feel like you didn’t get the attention you deserved because of your siblings. Either way, grow up. No one cares what you think. It’s not your business.

Tina on

Congrats. Love them together.

spitfire on

I’m due in oct with second, daughter will be 5 in feb. I wish they could have been closer but miscarriages happen. I can only hope they will have a close and bonding relationship!

Brandi on

Congrats to you spitfire and best wishes!!! Babies are such a beautiful blessing!!! ♡♡

Emily on

Congrats to them! We had our babies 18 months apart and it was crazy for the first year. Now they are older and it is great! Honestly, it was the lack of nighttime sleeping that was the hardest part. Everything else was wonderful!

Patti on

aww Congrats Megan and Brian….I like this couple a lot….

Andrea on

She’s getting praise but Jessica Simpson got bashed when she got pregnancy with Ace fast after Maxwell also. Jessica is 33 also and this tramp is 27. Why not bash her? Oh wait I forgot she’s Megan Fox. God forbid anyone bash her. Stupid hoe!

Jaci on

Bitter much Andrea? Its not because she is Megan Fox, its because she is in a long term committed relationship. And calling her a stupid hoe? Why because she is again, in a long term committed relationship? How sad for you…

Sharon on

Because this “tramp” is married and didnt preach about how she was saving herself for marriage and turn around and have 2 kids out of wedlock like Jessica Simpson did. The fact that she isnt married isnt the problem, its the fact that she made this big deal out of not sleeping with Nick Lachey before they were married is the problem. Huge difference.

Shawna on

Callie – please link to the article where Megan said that. That is a pretty serious accusation to make with absolutely no backing to it. I have never seen her say anything but that she is absolutely in love with her child.

Vic on

Wonderful! She is such a gorgeous mom! Congrats to them

Amy on

I am an only child as some other posters on here are and I am independent self sufficient and proud of who I am. However as my parents age, I would have liked to have had a sibling to rely on. That said every child is a blessing and people on here should all just stop judging and congratulate them not bashing Lindsay for saying that about two close in age. Maybe it was an accident, maybe it wasn’t. Meghan seems like she will be a good mom but who knows. All we can do is wish them well and be thankful for what we have not what we don’t or judge others.

cbaker on

there are some plusses to having nannies raise your children. can you really see this selfish nitwit taking care of one or more kids ? nope, she might get dirt, slobber, something on her or the child crying, etc. better to have a loving nanny raise the baby and mama just breeze in every now and then.

Lisa on

Selfish of them. Each child, in my opinion, needs their fair share of love, dedication, commitment in order to raise well. Feel sorry for her first, Noah 😦

Joe Petitjean on

WOW Brian is a baby day making machine these is 2 with Megan and 1 with Vanessa.

Melissa on

Congratulations, to them! If I could afford it, I’d have a “night nurse/nanny” too! Who likes waking up every 2 hours?! I’m expecting my 3rd and dreading that part….

Sun on

Congrats to the family!

HistoryGeek on

So basically the nanny is having another child… Do you really think that that high-maintenance woman raises her kid? She probably just takes the kid out to get her picture taken.

Jamie Brigham on

Ok first of my mom and aunt were 11 months apart and best friends. My mom was born at 7 months gestation. My older 2 children are 14 months apart and best friends. They can read each others minds like they’re twins its amazing. My youngest son will be an only little child now that I can’t have anymore. I hope he turns out amazing and luckily I make lots of play dates (a few a week) my cousin has 2 kids his age. For those being nasty get a life. You can choose to do what you wish with your reproductive organs and so can she…. So shush!

emmab73 on

My two daughters are only 20 months apart, and at ages 12 and 13 they’re best friends even now. I wouldn’t change a thing, and I recommend having kiddles closer in age, so they have a playmate growing up. My eldest was too young to understand sibling rivalry, and all she saw was a permanent best friend. Congratulations to Megan and Brian, and may your lives together be filled to overflowing with love and laughs.

Kaycee on

I am going to guess that both Megan and Brian will handle this just fine.

My mom had 4 kids in 6.5 years, 2 of us 12 months apart, 4 year break and then 2 more in 18 months. She was UNDER 30 by the time she was done. Granted this was late 60’s / early 70’s and she was a full-time SAHM. My dad was literally and figuratively old school (never once was he in the delivery room) and was little if any help to her, other than financially. Yes, they were married to each other and were until my dad’s death, nearly 20 years ago.

Geekykestrel on

I had mine 5 years apart and am very glad (14 years later) to have done so. One was born 6 months before the eldest went to kindergarten so to think that having them far apart is easier is definitely not true. I had a little one at home – I’m still a SAHM – for 10 years. No nanny. No grandparents/family to help. Just me and my beloved husband and we did it. Good luck to them. I hope they produce happy citizens. I think he is terrific. Those must be some darn pretty little people!

Meghan on

Aw, congrats! I like them, they seem like really nice people. I’m so happy for them! :))

AllisonJ on

awww… congrats to them!

Nicole on

Ignore Lindsay. He/she is just looking for attention. Congrats to Megan and Brian!

Annie Mouse on

“All I wanted to do my whole, whole life was have a baby…”

That’s pathetic.

Sharon on

I dont find it pathetic at all! Shes maternal and loves being a mom. Some women dream of their wedding all their lives…what is the big deal? At least her children are WANTED and not thrown away like a piece of trash like some babies unfortunately are. So rude and judgmental!

diane on


sat on

Congratulations! I love how they have stayed out of the spotlight.

Rachel on

@lindsey. Two children 18 months apart is very normal. I know about 20+ families with children that close in age. Just because something is too hard for you doesn’t mean someone else is more than capable. I have 4 kids in 6 years and I get a lot of comments about being super mom or something, but I don’t feel that way. It’s just more natural for some.

wellwisher on

I say she’s smart to have a child at this time. I envy women who have kids mid to late 20s. It’s actually the best time. By the time you’re 45, you have a pre-teen, and by 45 you have an 18 year old. You can watch them grow up, become independent adults, and still have your own life to enjoy as someone moving into their 50s and 60s instead of spending that time raising young children.

soph on

A little defensive, eh Biazinha? Hope those kids of yours could come up with something a bit more clever than “get a life,” but with you as their mom, I doubt it.

Anonymous on

Seriously, you have issues if you call her defensive soph! Have you read some of the other comments. Maybe you are the one that needs a life.

jean on

I wish them happiness if they stay together long enough. Brian sued his ex girlfriend the mother of his other child. Megan complains about the normal routine of a baby no sleep and etc.

mommameg on

Babies close in age is the way to go!

My first and second are 17 months apart, my second and third are 2.5 years apart … closer was so much easier!!

Smart move, Megan.

kim on

awww! so happy for them!! =)

kim on

wow. some womens comments are really disgusting. HOW DARE YOU berate a sweet, happily married couple who are wanting to add to their beautiful family. who in the HELL do you think YOU are to pass judgement?!! YOU are the SAME people who b!tch if the couple are unmarried, if the couple are younger (or older), if they are of the same sex, you name it!! shut the f*@k UP if you have nothing nice to say!!

Daisy on

Smart girl! If they’re fortunate enough to be with the right man and can afford it, women should have all their babies when they’re young. Sometimes life doesn’t work out that way, but if it does I say go for it! No career can compare.

BushsBeans on

Hard to believe she garners such a large paycheck for her lack of acting skills. Never been impressed w/ her.

Anonymous on

Now there’s no chance she will be mine. Ah well. Happy pregnancy Megan!

Reese on

They seem like such a solid couple. And Megan is very maternal, she always seemed that way with her step-son and it was always endearing. I wish them well. Congrats!

Rose on

When did she say she is miserable and has a nanny? I must have missed that one. Good for them they seem happy. I also applaud them for not selling out their baby. No they may not rake in as much as Kim but people would still love to see the baby. Congrats!

Karen on

@Callie.. realize after time bonding with that first child.. your views change, immensely!

Anonymous on

I think it is great they are having another child. I do not know them personally, the same as most of you. We have no right complaining that they are too close in age to have another child. She is not reckless. She does not go out partying like a lot of other celebrities and got pregnant after being married. How is she reckless? My two boys are 20 months apart and they are great together. Yes, it is exhausting at times. That is life.

Ruthie Fournier on

Megan is such a huge score for Brian. She’s too much for him. He must be the nicest guy in the world. I recently saw a photo of Megan and was shocked to see that botoxed her face or maybe had some surgery. Good for these 2 and their growing family.

Kari on

Wow, a married woman having another baby? I don’t get the shock factor of some of you people. Who cares if she has another baby?

Laguna Beach Lady on

Congrats to Megan & Brian. They appear to be genuienly happy & little Noah will be a great older brother.

cady on

From what my doctor-who saw me throughout my entire pregnancy with twins last year- told me, it’s absolutely easy to get pregnant following the first year after the birth of a child. Your body doesn’t recover 100% (inside and out) for maybe a bit less than a year. So it may have been a surprise. Also, I remember the long stretches I’d go without sleep the 1st 3 months after I had my twins, I wanted to hire a nanny too! But I got through those time without the extra help. I can understand needing it though. Also, my desire for more children struck me RIGHT after I gave birth and stayed until a couple of months ago. It was a depression that I wasn’t pregnant anymore. You never know what happened prior to her getting pregnant again. It’s hard as a first time mother. I praise her for not selling her pregnancies and their births to the media. “Oh I can get 1mil for a baby picture!? Here ya go!”- every celebrity but her and Channing seem to sell their babies. Way to go and good luck!

Emily on

Actually, Lindsay, having a sibling close in age to your first child is a great thing for both children. I was 20 when my husband and I had our first, and 22 when my second was born. They are 22 months apart. And they have had a wonderful childhood growing up together and having me at home with them. It’s not young and reckless when you can afford it, and even get hired help if you need it because you’re a working mom. Don’t judge her choices. My kids are 7 and 9 years old now, and they are happy, wonderful kids.

Chris on

Actually, first Turtles movie was the only good one!

Sharon Little on

She was so beautiful,why on earth did she full around with her face?She still is,but,now, her face is frozen into a permanent vacant sneer.Yes,why are the re-making Nija Turtles,it stunk.

Viola on

Congratulations…wishing you the very best…Please don’t give any attention to people with their negative thoughts…

Julianna on

Congratulations, Brian and Megan!

don on

@’re an idiot.

ali on

My sister and I are 11 months apart aswell. We HATED eachother lol, but we do have an amazing relationship now being 25 and 26 🙂

sarah perez on

@can’t – I’m sorry you feel that way. I think its great that she wants to be a mother. all I’ve ever wanted was to be a mother and wife my family makes me very happy and proud just because a woman wants a family doesn’t make her less feminine or anti woman. being a mom is a blessing

Julesy on

Wonderful for the couple!

halarina on

I pray their home and hearts will make room for Jesus.

muiltar on

Meagan Fox needs to learn how to act.

RachelNicole on

As a board where you are able to voice your opinions, what is wrong with someone saying that they think 18 months is too close in age? The loneliness comment could be deemed offensive by some but once again it is an opinion. My preference would be to stagger my children. My children are 17 and 11 but love each other dearly
. The snarky comments are not necessary bu
t they are what they are. It is so easy to be nasty and tell someone to shut up behind a keyboard. Tolerance for all things opinion related is the key….

Sharon on

Unbelievable!!! They’re married, have money, arent “too old or too young” and are in a stable relationship, yet someone STILL finds something to complain about. Will it ever stop? Congrats and best wishes to them!

Stephanie on

I think if I could do it all over again, I would have had both of my boys closer together. They’re 13 & 9 and born almost to the day, 4 years apart, both December boys. They were best friends back when my youngest was a baby until about a year or so ago, now my 13 year old just wants to be with his friends, without his little brother tagging along.

Granted, in this day and age, when I say he’s allowed to hang with his friends, that means sleep overs at our house, and not hanging out somewhere else. I would have loved to have them back to back, which probably would have allowed for us to have 1 more, but in my opinion…and this is just for me, I’m 37 and think I’m too old to have another one, and medically speaking, more.birth defects can occur with being an older mother, which is also my own choice.

My 2 older brothers are 14 months apart and they have the best relationship, although they’re severely competitive with one another, which I’m sure is normal. I think it’s great this couple is having another baby, who are we to judge again anyway?? If they want to have 30 kids, it’s their business…plus they’re not exactly strapped for cash…and the age difference is another who cares? It’s not as if he were in his 30’s and dating a teenager.

There’s actually a Hollywood couple that will most likely last forever…

Surf City on

Why the heck are so many of you bitter melons hating on a married couple who are having another baby? They love each other and their kid and they can take care of it, but still all the hate?

vor on

I know what you mean Surf City. There are always people commenting on these blogs, just to spew hatred and negativity. I dont know why they bother. I guess their own lives must be perfect, since they feel that they have the right to judge everyone else. Its pathetic.

Anonymous on

They already have 2 boys…time for a girl 🙂

Liz on

Nothing, wrong with and yes, younger moms tend to have babies close toghter like Megan, is doing. Her kids will be 19 months apart and be close friends. My older brother and sister are 14 months apart and super close and yes, my mom, was younger than Megan, when she, had first two.

Anonymous on

Okay, why is everyone saying the babies will be eighteen months apart? They didn’t say anything about when she’s due, thus we have no idea how old Noah will be when his sibling arrives!

Also, if Megan were due when Noah turns 18 months, she’d only be one month along, and it’s extremely rare (for obvious reasons) for a celeb to announce that early. Most announce at the three or four month mark, meaning it’s far more likely that Noah and the new baby will be fourteen or fifteen months apart (i.e., just over a year apart)! 🙂

That being said, congrats to them. Also, have we ever seen a pic of Noah?

Summer on

Assuming that they waited 3 months before breaking the news, as most celebs do, then her kids will be 16 months apart. I have a lot of admiration for moms who can do that. My son is almost 8 months and I can’t fathom going through another pregnancy right now. Draining! But they probably have the money for a live-in nanny, which certainly helps. Personally, I think it’s a bit selfish as you barely have time to enjoy your first baby before rushing into another, but that’s just my opinion and you know what they say about those!

soph on

Good one, Anonymous.

Joyce on

Congrats to Megan & Brian… I gave brith to 7 its alot of work but I did it and it was the best thing of my life. I love being a Mom and wouldnt change it for the world.

PG on

She is such an unattractive woman.

Anonymous on

Pg, do you feel better now? The need to state some is unattractive, ugly, etc….shows ow unattractive you are as a person.

Suzee on

Damn that’s fast. It took me 9 months to say that I will consider having another child someday.

Monica on

@ Callie Sex is unevitable! LOL 😀 Even though Megan complained about her first, it wasn’t for her to decide weather to get pregnant again but God’s will.

Summer on

Lindsay, no one is born with a certain amount of love. As you bring more people into your family, into your circle, into your life, you grow more love. A second child doesn’t take away love from a first child, the parents just get more to give. The planning of a family is not cookie cutter. Everyone does it their own way, and it’s funny to call a 40 year old man “young”, or to categorize a married couple who have already amassed millions of dollars, and have a 10 month old son that they have managed to keep out of the paparazzi “reckless”. It’s up to each couple on when and how many and why they have children. I’m sure every married couple that wants kids weighs the pros and cons. Just because you would do it differently doesn’t make these two wrong.