Kate Hudson Proves She’s World’s Coolest Aunt in New Ann Taylor Ads

08/02/2013 at 02:00 PM ET

When Kate Hudson starting shooting Ann Taylor‘s fall advertisements, the brand didn’t have to look far to find the mini models who would appear with her. It turns out brother Oliver Hudson‘s boys (Wilder, 5½, and Bodhi, 3) were more than available to get their Zoolander on.

“My brother brings my nephews over to my house a lot, and all the kids get along so well,” the actress told WWD. “We have a very, very close family, so for them to be here today and enjoy this process with me and to be able to see them on Madison Avenue in these pictures is going to be a lot of fun.”

Shot by photographer Mikael Jansson, the campaign celebrates the multitasking career woman and portrays a very well put together Hudson — who is mom to sons Ryder, 9½, and Bing, 2 — stylishly juggling her work and family life. In one image, she’s reading a pile of scripts, while in another she’s baking cookies with her nephews.

Kate Hudson Ann Taylor Ads Nephews Oliver Hudson
Courtesy Ann Taylor

“This campaign is my favorite so far. It’s a glimpse into my life and the full, busy lives women live every day,” shared the actress. “We are constantly striving for balance. We want to excel at our jobs, be there for our families and look and feel fabulous doing it.”

Kate Hudson Ann Taylor Ads Nephews Oliver Hudson
Courtesy Ann Taylor

It definitely seems Hudson, who has signed on to be the face of Ann Taylor until 2014, has a good handle on being a working mom — all while looking stunning. But she doesn’t pretend it’s easy.

“We’re all just figuring it out as we go, right? But if I were to offer my advice, I’d say, Try to be present,” explained the actress, left pictured with her adorable nephews on set.

“When you’re at your job, be 100 percent committed to it and do the very best you can. And when you go home at night, leave all the work behind and show up completely for your family. That’s the best part of your day, so really be there.”

Shanelle Rein-Olowokere

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Isabel on

Beautiful boys!

Someone's Mommy on

I agree! Beautiful boys, and she looks great here, too.

Anonymous on

Why wouldn’t they use her own two children?

Mouse on

Probably because her brothers kids are more attractive and photogenic.

Anonymous on


Anonymous on

I totally dress like this to bake cookies with my children, too. 🙂

Rachel on

One part style, one part sunshine?? Could that BE more cheesy? Also, this isn’t an article, it’s an ad for Ann Taylor and nothing more.

Camille on

Rachel, it says one part style, one part substance (not sunshine).

Debra on

too bad she is not as talented as her mother.

philadelphiagirl on

She has a brother, two half-brothers, a quasi-stepbrother (Boston) and two half-sisters, but who’s keeping track; and yes, I see Oliver’s eyes on that little face!

noam on

@rachel: the slogan is “one part style, one part substance” not sunshine. but the font does not do it any favor!

golden on

What happened to her face? Botox? Fillers? Plastic surgery? I know she had a nose job years ago, but it was a good one. Whatever she’s doing now is not good.

Penelope on

Why do women have to “keep it together” and look fabulous at the same time? Because the media and advertisements like these tell us we should. Too much pressure. Sometimes you look nice as a mom, but most of the time you are just casual and maybe overweight. It’s fine.

Jada on

One was probably too old and the other too young.

mesexy_t on

My thoughts exactly..

temmytee on

@ Rachel, it’s one part substance, not sunshine…….though I thought it was a cheesy line too.

Mrs. Brace on

The concept is easy to balance when you have the $$$$ they have. Again, why did she not use her own kids? She doesn’t want hers exposed and photographed like that probably.

OpionatedAustinite on

I get dressed up like that to bake cookies too.

Nadia on

Ummmmm her brother, Oliver Hudson whose an actor everyone has always known about?

Charli on

Those boys are sooooo cute!

Sara on

Using her nephews got more publicity than using random models but I do not understand why they didn’t use her own children. Maybe one of the dad’s said no?

Zeze on

These two seem closer in age than hers, maybe they wanted it that way for the photo?

emily on

Yes, that’s an appropriate outfit for baking with kids!

Daffygrams on

“Anonymous” beat me to the question. Curious why they didn’t use her own kids. Whatever the reason, her nephews are cuties!

fred on

Right after the nanny gets the kids ready, the chef cooks breakfast, I go for my run and get my stylist here to get me put together. Then the housekeeper does the laundry, dishes and housekeeping. Whatever…..good to be present- while having nothing to do.

Zeze on


Vic on

Such beautiful boys!! Love Oliver Hudson!!! And Kate too.lol

Charli Mabriel on

Thank you Penelope! Absolutely agree!

Mrs. Brace & others who may follow you. Give it a rest! She’s famous, she has $ & every single person in the USA had the same chance (pls don’t say famous parents, there are TONS of celebs who knew no one!) to be who she is & have what she has.

Brenda Drew on

Puleeze, these celebrities like Kate Hudson and so many other successful actresses with children can pull if off pretty easily because they have lots of help! Especially with the housework. They can fully concentrate on their careers and motherhood because they’re not running around doing laundry, making beds or vacuuming or cleaning their huge homes! They might cook an occasional meal if they like to cook but they probably don’t do the clean up unless they like to do that! I know Angela Lansbury loved to do her own housework and has been a domestic goddess but for the most part these actresses get off easy when it comes to household drudgery! Also, acting in films is like freelance work, you’re not working 24/7 like for a television show or like for a Broadway show on stage while the show has it’s run! With filmmaking you make a film from anywhere from two months to six months unless it’s a huge epic trilogy like ‘The Lord of the Rings” and you have a lot of time off for family and vacations!! Having read tons of celebrity bio books and following the stars for decades, all the ones from the 30s on, I see where this is the case! Let’s get real here and they always have their entourage around them when they’re on the set or doing a commercial to make sure they look gorgeous and they spend a ton of money on their wardrobe, makeup, hair and special treatments! That’s where a lot of their money goes to besides their million dollar homes, their cars, their staff, their agent and their vacations!!

Nicole on

People today are just dumb. I have read nothing but negative comments. Uhh she’s always had a brother DUH. Dawsons creek. Her two year old I’m sure would NEVER sit still doing a professional shoot. Saying the boys are more attractive kind of sickens me. They’re close in age look alike and are adorable. That doesnt take away her own child’s cuteness. I like this article but every day people in America are nothing but HATERS

Zeze on

You sound like a bitter Betty!

Marilyn on

They are beautiful boys but just wondering why not her own kids?

Julie on

Adorable kids…they look just like Oliver!

Vivienne on

I think it’s a little odd that Ann Taylor chose Kate Hudson as their spokesmodel. While she’s completely adorable, I just don’t see her ever wearing clothing like that. Her style in real life is very bohemian, something AT definitely is not. I’m fully aware that she’s an actress; I’m just not buying it.

meghan on

Why don’t they pic an actress who actually works as one?

stacey on

Those kids look like they could totally be hers.

LuvBigCity on

So cute!

megan smith on

why does everyone have to say something negative? Her nephews are cute and she got to do something fun with them….what do any of you care that she didn’t use her own sons. i think it’s nice….jeez…people are judgmental

Anonymous on

Meghan- She’s probably slowed down a little so that she can be with her boys more. Why is that a bad thing?

Brenda Drew- If you don’t like celebrities, then why are you on a site called Celebrity Babies?!

Nicole- Exactly! I think some people forget that Kate’s youngest is only two. And from what she herself has said, he’s quite a handful (she’s described him as a “fireball”). So it’s extremely unlikely he would cooperate for something like a photoshoot.

And Ryder may very well have not wanted to do it (photoshoots don’t tend to be a nine-year-old boy’s favorite thing to do!).

Iza on

I know! I don’t get all the negativity! It’s so odd. I mean, I’m sure Kate totally understands that no woman cooks fully decked out in an outfit like that. It’s an ad. It’s meant to be over the top and luxurious. Who cares?

As for the boys…who cares if they aren’t her sons or if she chose not to put her kids in the ad with herself? That’s her right. Maybe they approached her about it and she said no? It’s no big deal.

These boys are gorgeous! The older one actually looks a bit like Kate’s oldest son. I think the little one looks more like Oliver. 🙂

Brit on

They probably used Oliver’s kids because her’s are so far apart in age

Terri on

Why did they use her nephews? Closer in age, very photogenic, & look more like Kate than her own sons.