Christina Applegate Unsure If She Has the Energy for More Kids

08/02/2013 at 01:00 PM ET

Christina Applegate Access Hollywood
Vanessa Heintz

Like many mothers, Christina Applegate can’t decide if she wants to have more kids.

“I’m 41 years old and I don’t know if I could do the whole not sleeping thing again,” the Anchorman 2 star said Thursday on Access Hollywood Live. “If I was 35, then maybe I’d have the energy.”

Although daughter Sadie Grace, 2½, isn’t an only child (husband Martyn LeNoble has a 16-year-old daughter, Marlon, from a previous relationship), Applegate is unsure about giving her a little brother or sister.

“When I get up it hurts,” she jokes. “Some people can do it and I say, ‘Hats off to you.'”

Still Applegate admits that she may change her mind, adding, “That’s just how I feel right now.”

The actress says LeNoble, 44, would like a larger family, but he is equally concerned about having enough energy for another child.

“I think we both want to make another Sadie,” Applegate explains. “We watch this little person and she’s so perfect and she enhances our life so much that you go, ‘God — how could we not produce more of these?'”

“We’re both kind of like, ‘Eh, we’re a little old’ — we don’t know,” she says.

— Sheila Cosgrove Baylis

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Holiday on

That’s why people shouldn’t wait until they are so old. They are so tried and drained. Start young and you won’t have that problem.

lauren on

I feel bad that everyone is putting you down for expressing your opinion Holiday. I totally agree and wish I started a few years earlier.

Sarah on

Perhaps if she had met her husband when she was young she may have started having children younger, Holiday. What’s the point of having kids if you’re not with someone you want to have children with? I’d rather see people wait until they are older and procreate with someone they plan on being with for more than a couple years.

Nicole Hill on

You are entitled to your opinion, however I completely disagree. I’m 30 and recently married earlier this year and do not plan on starting a family for another year or two. While some women choose to get started younger I chose to finish my education and experience life prior to getting married. As a slightly older mother I can financially and emotionally provide for my child in ways I couldn’t at 21. Not to mention many women also suffer from fertility issues and medical conditions causing later motherhood.

Lauren on

Do we not forget she also had breast cancer and you have to wait 5yrs before you can even try for kids because like any cancer, you need to be on the meds for 5yrs afterwards or potential the rest of your life.

Risa on

Yes, at 38 years old I wish I would have gotten married younger however I didn’t meet my hubby until 27 and married at 32. Had my first child at 34 and my last at 36. I fought breast cancer all last year and while I may be old I’m just grateful to be here another day for my boys! I am so happy you found your soul mate and had kids young. I wish you nothing but the best!

LEN on

Would love to have had children some years ago but not everyone follows the status quo. At 37 I’m still hoping the right person comes along in time for me to have a child. I even laugh at the ones thinking 32 is old! Ha! Yea whatever in NYC and other big cities women aren’t even getting married until 35 or so. Open your eyes people, it’s not the 1950’s.

Ruth on

Holiday, I’m glad you are young and able to have children…however not everyone is able to do so. Not only do couple struggle with infertility but some do not get married until later in life and do not want to have children out of a marriage. Whatever the situation it is hurtful to assume that everyone is able to have a baby at 25.

Laura on

Yay Ruth!! Love your comment!! I didn’t meet my husband to be until I was 29(I wasn’t going to settle for just any man just because I was nearing my 30’s). We got married when I was 32 and started trying for a baby on our honeymoon, but was unable to get pregnant. Thanks to my great fertility doctors, we welcomed our first child 2 weeks before I turned 35 and our twins when I was 38. Yeah, I may have had more energy in my 20’s, but I wasn’t settled in my life, either financially or emotionally. To me, my kids were born at just the right time!

Sharon on

I agree! I’m 41 now and my kids are 9 and 4. My husband and I married at 21 but infertility caused us to have children later! I had way more energy twenty years ago, but I didn’t have the patience, time or money. I’m glad things worked out the way they did.

Anonymous on

Okay, I agree with Christina. I had my son when I was 21, now if I was to have another in my 40’s I do not think I would have the energy. On top of that, I was diagnosed with second chance infertility when i was 24, so of course I would not be able to have another naturally. Young or older, a person has to be able to keep up with the childs energy level.

meghan on

How did I know Holiday would be weighing in on this matter?

Anonymous on

Anonymous- I’m sorry you were apparently mis-lead. Having secondary infertility (the actual name of the condition) doesn’t mean you’ll never be able to have another child without fertility treatments. It just means the likelihood of doing so is similar. Miracles DO happen. 🙂

Ruth- I agree with you completely. In addition to what you said, I’d also like to point that not everyone in their 40s is “tired and drained”. Some have more energy than people half their age (and for some that fact doesn’t change even when they’re twice that old. Look at Dick Van Dyke and Steve Martin, for example!)!

MommytoanE on

I don’t think anyone of any age should feel pressured to have a Duggar sized family. Its not in the cards for everyone. I am completely happy with my one and only. I don’t feel like she misses out on anything, and she’s a very happy child. Her teachers adore her because she’s not only smart, but she finds a way to bond with everyone. She never excludes anyone. I am glad I never gave into the pressures to have more than what I was able to handle. NO ONE has a single right to judge ANYONE else on their family size, the age they were when they had kids, or anything else for that matter. No one has a right to judge anyone else period.

Melody on

Ah, yes, Holiday – because everybody meets their life partner at the age of 20 and has the ability to financially support themselves from the get-go. And nobody has fertility problems either. For goodness sake, think about what you say!

MomOfTwo on

I’m done with having babys by 30 😉 I met the love of my life with 19…

valeskas on

Holiday, you are one dumb woman, Christina also had cancer, but the stupids of the world do not remember that. She fought cancer and then she had a baby. Everybody who had cancer and lived to tell about it, will tell you what chemo does to your body. You are so weak when you go through this.

People like you make me sick.

Angi on

Whatever sized family you have is what is right for you…when you are ready. Good for her on recognizing what she can handle.

Damoiselle on

I wondered how long before Holiday would weigh in on this.

klutzy_girl on

For the most part every single person has made excellent comments, thanks for all of your open mindedness and ability to not judge others. That’s how it should be!

Holiday, your unhappiness with your life choices screams out in every comment you make. If you were happy you wouldn’t feel the need to judge others. It’s really sad and at this point you sound like a bitter old record.

sky on

I did not meet my husband until my late 30’s and started our family in my 40’s. It has given me more energy and love and excitement of life. I had my fun in my 20’s and career in my 30s.

I am glad I waited as I would have made the wrong choice and ended up divorced like so many women I know who were desperate to find their mate before they hit 30, and are going through a midlife crisis and lack of any career direction.

Mel on

I met my husband at 36 got married at 36 and had our son at 38 ! We just had our daughter last year when I turned 42- yes I wish I had met my husband in my 30s but I didn’t ! And if I married anyone else I wouldn’t be as happy so I would never change a thing! Yes energy sometimes is not what it used to be but no matter what , I love my family and I find the energy!

I respect Christina’s decision – she has been through a lot and seems like a great mom!!!!

Natalie on

Kids make you tired and drained no matter your age when you have them.

I’m not saying everyone needs to get pregnant at 20 something and I’m not referring to women who struggle for years to get pregnant.

But I think we need to stop perpetuating the idea that it’s oh so easy to get pregnant at 40 that you can just wait around forever and bingo a baby.

It’s what we want to hear because all our lives we’ve been told we can have it all whenever we want.

I have a lot of respect for Elisabeth Rohm for being honest.

Natalie on

I’m sure she was trying to be diplomatic in how she responded to a personal question, but Christina get real you are 41 it’s pretty much now or never if you want to get pregnant. That’s reality. That’s biology.

lauren on

So true Natalie! Celebrities need to stop perpetuating these myths that they can get pregnant naturally whenever they want. I understand that life does not always work out and not everyone is ready for kids by their 20s or early 30s. However, could the reason so many couples struggle with infertility be age related???

Colleen on

Good luck to you Christina in whatever decision you make. I really enjoyed you & your dad on “Who do you think you are?” It was so sad when they showed the tombstone on your grandmothers grave.

lovely123 on

Applegate is being more honest with most people her age.

Vanessa on

Holiday has and always will be a moron.

Renee on

I take my hat off to older mums. I’m 28 with a 2.5 and 15 month old… It is exhausting, although absolutely worth it. We look forward to our 40’s when the kids have moved out haha. On the other hand I would imagine that some older mums enjoy the break from having had a career for 15- 20 years before kids and may find kids easier than work. Such a personal choice

Anonymous on

Natalie- While I agree that Christina shouldn’t postpone having more children for too much longer if she really wants them, I think it’s a bit silly to say that it’s “now or never”. There’s no magic “cut-off” age when it comes to having children, and several celebs have had or are expecting children in their mid or even late forties (Halle Berry, Geena Davis, Nancy Grace, and Kelly Preston are just a few examples).

Mila on

Christina only u know best what u can or can not handle. U have a precious baby girl now , enjoy her!

Anonymous on

Meghan, I know she would be as well 🙂

Klutzy girl, thanks for saying it way nicer than I would.

Jesse on

If you want a baby young, go for it. If you want a baby when your old and nearing retirement, you risk having more miscarriages and fertility problems. Enough said.

JJ on

This is EXACTLY why I didn’t want to be an older mom. Had both of mine before I was 30, and I am SO happy I did! The thought at becoming a mom again at almost 40 seriously makes me want to vomit.

Summer on

Given that the average age of marriage is 27 for women and 29 for men, I’d think more and more people are waiting until their late 20s or 30s to have kids. Having kids in your 20s isn’t nearly as common as it used to be. Personally, I think early 30s is a perfect age. Gives you time to go to school, build a career, get married and have a bit of time together, and then have kids. But to each their own!

Quinn on

Good for her! There’s nothing wrong with having one child. Research has proven over and over again that only children are at no disadvantage, despite the old-fashioned stereotypes. I prefer her attitude over someone who gives in to social pressures.

Journey on

I can relate to how she feels. My dog had to be out down earlier this year after 14 years. I considered getting a puppy last month and after careful consideration, I realized that I didn’t want to go through the puppy stage for 1 year +. So although two different things, you do need to have energy and the time.

Angelique on

I had mine at 25 and 27. I’m 36 and still don’t have energy. It all depends on the person. I physically couldn’t handle a child now.

Jeter on

I had my one and only at 21. I had tons of energy but the finances were a struggle! Now that I’m 34 I have my finances figured out but much less energy! But the pressure to have more than one is crazy!!! The comments people have made to me over the years about my “lonely only child” used to drive me crazy. Now that I’m older they just go in one ear and out the other. If she has 1… Great! If she has 2… Awesome! Christina is a survivor and I’m sure she cherishes every day with her family. Good for her!

Nannyto1 on

Good for her for being honest and admitting that it might not be what they want. My hubby and I chose to have only child and we were “young” enough to have several more. It’s a personal choice.

karmababy on

At least she’s honest. Good for her.

Sylvia on

I have to agree with everyone here – minus Holiday. Honestly, having a child isn’t easy for everyone. Infertility can happen to one partner or both or sometimes finances aren’t good or your mental/emotional state of mind/health isn’t there.

So lay off because life works out DIFFERENTLY FOR EVERYONE. I bet your personal life/situation isn’t where you thought it would be.

Use your head before you pass judgement towards another woman.

Anonymous on

At 41, I would not have another, no way. I’m 34 and I have a 1 year old and a 4 year old. Having two, even at 34, is pretty exhausting. It’s those early years that are killer (and I work full time out of the home).

Nicole on

Weird that she said she would have more energy at 35? 25 I could see, but there is not a big diff between energy at 35 and energy at 40. Bottom line, it’s an individual decision and what’s important is giving a child a loving, stable home, not the age of the parents.

Kristin on

Well Nicole 35 was before she had cancer so she probably did have a lot more energy then.

jackie-o on

I respect all of your different point of views and opinions. My opinion is that I feel many women waste a good part of their lives waiting for that right man to marry them and have children. And unfortunately many women wait so long, until they are unable to have children because of then long wait. What I mean is that as women we have control and power and should never wait for the “right” man.

However, like I stated before I respect every woman and their decisions I do not judge their lives. We need to stick together and support each other. We are such wonderful human beings, we are able to bring life into this world, that itself is a wonderful miracle. I believe that children need love and great parents. Whether you are 21 or 41 and having your first child doesn’t matter as long as the baby is loved and taken care of. We are women, hear us roar!

Edie on

Be nice, people…state your views with respect, knowing that not everyone will agree with you or have the same opinion.
Having said that, I think Christina has had her little miracle and IF she and her husband so choose they should or should not have another. It’s their family and up to them!

Athina on

Her excuses don’t wash. It’s not that big of a deal especially with her financial resources. Pump your milk and hire a night nurse for the first few months until the baby is sleeping through the night. Who cares if there’s a bit of guilt. In the long run the baby won’t remember and the little girl will have a life-long sibling.

Guest on

I’m tired of women judging women. You’re judged if you don’t have kids and judged if you only have one. Plenty of only children are well adjusted and fine. Our world isn’t exactly underpopulated so power to ya if you only have one. My gosh it’s a personal choice and not having a sibling isn’t the end of the world. I know lots of very happy only children. Some of them have even said they preferred being a only child. And btw maybe she doesn’t want to use a night nurse. Maybe she wants to be a very present parent.

Hannah on

Um idiot Athina. She had a double mastectomy! She can’t nurse!!

Anonymous on

Athina, you have no insight at all into child development. You don’t realize how important those nighttime feedings are for bonding between parent and child. Early experiences are the most critical for development even though a child does not consciously remember. I feel badly for your children.

marie on

@ anonymous. How can you compare this sitution to Dick Van Dyke and Steve Martin? LOL They may be older dads but are not the ones who carry the baby and are the primary care givers.

travelsoul504 on

I didn’t get married until I was 36 and now at 38 I cannot have my own biological child. I will need an egg donor and a sperm donor as both me and my husband have medical issues. Unfortunately we did not know about our medical issues until we tried for our baby.

I don’t know how many times, while in my early 30’s, so many women told me I still had plenty of time to have a baby. They were wrong! I did run out of time.

I agree with what a few of you have stated, some celebrities do give a false perception that a baby can be made easily regardless of age. It would be better if they were more open and honest about age, medical conditions, and infertility.

Nekhbet on

Do what feels right for You Christina ! We do not live in a cookie cutter world . Be who You are deep inside and enjoy Your child every day .

philadelphiagirl on

don’t do it. Not only are you too old, but the second one will NOT be like the first. And jeez, what was her husband thinking, a daughter named Marlon? is it for Brando or for Jackson? eeeek. One is enough, Christina.

diane on

wow people are judgmental! she’s not talking about women over 40 having babies in general, she’s talking about herself and how she feels about it. it’s her life she can do whatever she wants!! and dont forget she had cancer and under went major treatment and surgery. while she’s cancer free now, that can be a big stress on the body.

Hope on

Four thoughts:

Biology is a funny thing. A 14-year-old girl can get pregnant. A man in his 50s can get someone pregnant. But a mature, independent woman with life experience, with a college education and a job, who has her own place, is financially stable with a good health, physically and mentally, and who really wants children, may be out of the race simply because she has passed 40 (in a lot of cases, even earlier).

Not everyone has found someone they want to have kids with by the time they’re 25.

And BTW, is it absolutely necessary for everyone to reproduce? There are plenty of people who choose not to have children, for different reasons. I think that’s a valid choice. God knows there are a lot people who never should have become parents. It’s not a basic human right, you know.

There’s also the alternative of adoption or foster parenting. A fantastic option!

response to holiday on

comment to Holiday , some people try when there young but cant get pregnant…it is what life deals you…took me 13 years the first time and my baby passed away, I was then fortunate to have my son at 37 and daughter at 41….maybe you were lucky that you could get pregnant when your husband walked into the room, but that’s not all of us…don’t be so quick to speak up….

Kathy Carpenter on

The ” not sleeping” part of having newborns is the toughest thing. At least it was for me. I felt like I was in a stupor most of the time. Depends on the baby also. My firstborn was a nightmare….very fussy,colicky, cried for hours at a time. I’d keep going to the Pediatrician but he’d say that’s just the way he is….he will grow out of it. I had two more after that and they were both easy babies but still for months I was sleep deprived. I was young had my last one at 32. I could not imagine doing it again at 40. Christina has been through so much with the Cancer and the surgeries and reproductions….that’s not easy…it does take a lot out of you. Whatever she and her Husband decide….it will be right for them…….that’s the good thing about having choices.

Sam on

My Sadie (Jane) is also going to be an only child. It’s not the end of the world.

April on

Had my first at 23, second at 35, third at 41. Admit I had more energy at 23, but had way more patience and tolerence at 41. Now can’t relate to people my own age (62) because I spend my days listening to Blend on Sirius, and playing X-box with my daughter. People get to do what they want in this respect. While my friends can’t imagine having a 21 year old at our age, I can’t imagine being at great grandmother at my age!!

Mariah on

Thank You, Christina, for admitting publicly what many of us feel but are too scared to admit!!


i disagree, Holiday. Start old and you enjoy what you can afford at a nice, leisurely pace. We did and it is perfection. I would rather be sort old and well off than young and poor.

bee on

Finally! A celebrity with some SENSE about things! What a NON-self-centered answer.

Good for you, Ms. Applegate!

imnotsorrydotnet on

Don’t worry, the world will continue to turn without you reproducing your DNA again. Or once, for those of you pouring money down the fertility treatment rabbit hole. You’re still a woman if you don’t pop out a kid, trust me.

doretha on

I had my daughter at 22 and my marriage didn’t work out but I don’t regret it at all having her young. She’s my one and only. Now at 45 I can’t imagine dealing with a newborn.

Mindy on

Forget about age, we breast cancer gals don’t need the estrogen boost that pregnancy brings. I can understand doing it once if it’s your only chance to be a mom, but if she does want more kids, for the sake of her health, I hope they use a surrogate or adopt.

Ashley on

Having kids in your 20s is not for me. I married at 22 and my husband and I are enjoying our 20s and establishing our life before we have a baby. We are young and are able to travel and not worry about taking care of a child. We are in our prime. We look great and feel great. We can go anywhere in the world on the spot. We are not tied down. We are also going to school and saving for a mortgage. I plan on having children in my 30s. We will be financially stable. Also most moms that start young are uneducated and most likely to get a divorce or are just having kids out of wedlock. You make me sick. Its 2013 not 1950.

Cj on

Most marriages end in divorse… esp ones who get married so young…if your in your 20s and have a child you would already be educated..good on you for travelling and saving for a house you sounded educated until you said. You make me sick. cmon! let people do what they want and be happy without people like you throwing up in their faces.

Supergrmr on

I am 40 and debated having another daughter is 17 and soon going off to start her life but I am Leary of having another cause I don’t wanna be in my early 60’s with a teenager at’s not fair to them having such older parents

BRod on

I’m 35, and I don’t even have the energy to have a child!

DrealaV on

I chose to not have children until I felt I could give them every minute, why does one person choice make them wrong? When you chose to have children it is your choice…sad world we live in when we pass judgement on someone for this…

kitty62862 on

I agree with Christina’s reasoning. It’s always good to see people thinking carefully, ahead of time.

TJ on

Ugh the mommy wars always come out when People posts these stories. Women are judged no matter what they do. Young or old, married or single, one child, many children or no kids, women are judged based on their reproduction choices.

Christina had cancer and went through a divorce in her early thirties. Maybe it wasn’t until she met her now husband that she even wanted kids. Who knows!

It’s HER decision what she chooses to do with HER life! Women need to support each other rather than bring them down. I think it is better for women to find the right man before they have kids. Kids are life long commitments, not something you jump into because everyone is doing it.

MichaelaQ on

Holiday, for some women, things just don’t work out that way. I got pregnant with my first baby at 25 years old, but lost that baby. I ended up losing 5 more over the course of several years time. Then my husband and I decided to adopt, which took a long time. I would have loved to have had kids in my 20 and 30’s, but life happens differently for some people.

?? on

I don’t want kids! Just because I am married does not mean I want kids. My husband and I are perfectly content. It doesn’t matter if she has one or two dozen. Stop being hypocritical. Just because you can’t have a baby physically does not make you any less of a woman. Adoption . .fostering . .volunteering?? Those are other ways women can impact a childs life. I guess I have never understood why it has to be biologically carried when there are already so many children who are abandoned and alone. Guess that is just me.

guest on

It will be easier in the long run with two! They play with each other. Even when they get older. My teenagers are all best friends. After youre gone they will have a sibling. If you’re little one is just 2 I’d have another quickly and put my feet up for good after that!

Jazz on

Well at least she already has 2 kids. Kids are draining specially over the age of 40 or even after 35. She is smart to realize her limitations.

Liz on

@holiday… 41 isn’t exactly old. I waited until my mid 30s to have kids-Not only was I able to be financially secure But I was able to enjoy my life and travel all over the world. I probably have more energy at age 39 then women 10 years younger than me. I’m so glad that I lived my life before settling down. I have so much more to offer my kids now then I would have 10 or 15 years ago.

Guest on

Christina–go for it! The sleepless nights only last a short while and soon your new baby would be a perfect playmate for Sade. If you ask me two kids is easier than one. I had my first at 35 and second at 36. Having my third now at 41. It’s called having an education and a career. And now I have the money and the time to be an awesome stay at home Mom!

Jackie Moore on

I think some people wait until they’re financially stable to start having children even if that means they have to wait til they’re older,my sister couldn’t have any children. She’s now 48 but her and her husband decided not to try or even adopt a baby when they were younger.

rugby circus on

To Christina, though I know she’ll never read this: I am 33 and have two boys (7 and 5) and I don’t have the energy for another. They’re exhausting lol!

Anonymous on

Lauren- Actually, it depends on the breast cancer. With some, you do not have to be on the drugs for five years. This was apparently the case with Christina, as Sadie was born about a year (if memory serves) after she had her mastectomy.

Mindy- Only some breast cancers are “estrogen-based”. Christina’s may not be.

Anonymous on

marie- Only Steve Martin is an older dad, to my knowledge (I’m sure Dick Van Dyke has kids, but I think they’re all grown), and you mis-understood what I meant. I was simply saying that it’s not always true that people in their 40s have less energy, and then pointed out that some people have more energy at TWICE that age than some people in their 20s and 30s, using Dick and Steve as examples. 🙂

Anonymous on

Jazz- Um, no she doesn’t. She has ONE child. The older girl (as stated in the post) is her husband’s from a previous relationship, and she doesn’t appear to live with them.

Katie on

A lot of people make some great points, but there are also some arguments to be presented.

1) as you get older, unfortunately you become a higher risk pregnancy with far more chances for complications or birth defects. I am not saying these children would be any less loved, but it does create a lot of stress.

2) why do you have to be financially secure before having children? Is there not a point that we should be teaching our children that life is not always easy, but that with hard work and determination, that goals can be achieved. My husband and I are young. I had my second child at 25, and he is now 4. We may not be as financially secure as would be desired, but we both work hard and teach our kids fiscal responsibility and that just because they want it, does not mean they can have it.

I can see arguments for both sides. I have friends that are battling fertility issues because they waited until later in life. I had my kids at 21 and 25, and will enjoy not having teens in my home when I retire and travel with my husband.

Gina-Nicole on

Christina….it is okay to stop at one 🙂

Jen on

Ashley said:
Having kids in your 20s is not for me. I married at 22 and my husband and I are enjoying our 20s and establishing our life before we have a baby. We are young and are able to travel and not worry about taking care of a child. We are in our prime. We look great and feel great. We can go anywhere in the world on the spot. We are not tied down. We are also going to school and saving for a mortgage. I plan on having children in my 30s. We will be financially stable. Also most moms that start young are uneducated and most likely to get a divorce or are just having kids out of wedlock. You make me sick. Its 2013 not 1950.

That is so great for you that you can travel and do whatever you want. Seriously I am happy for you. However, what is up with the last part of your comment? ” Also most moms that start young are uneducated and most likely to get a divorce or are just having kids out of wedlock. You make me sick.” Are you serious with that statement?? That is not true for one, for two its really rude & generalized. Plenty of women marry young, have a good education and are staying married. I don’t agree with anyone that says what is right or wrong for people to have kids whether they are younger or older. As for it women that have kids younger making you sick… You really should do a reality check if what someone else chooses to do makes you sick. Are you sure that your happy? Nothing anyone else chooses to do makes me sick, its not my life so it doesn’t matter.
People on here get way to personal and involved with others lives.

Anonymous on

Lauren, the reason why people are saying things to Holiday is because she is always telling people that you need to have children young, children need to have siblings, and you need to have a boy and girl. She does it OVER and OVER and OVER. You don’t need to have any of these. She also does it in a condescending way.

Sadie was born about 2 1/2 yrs after her mastectomy.

Jessy on


What a stupid thing to say. I had my child with 41. And it’s not because I waited. Sometimes it goes like that.

Barbara on

I’m glad Christina is being truthful with herself and with us. Not every situation is the same for everyone. We all need to understand that.

She and her husband are blessed with a daughter who is loved and cared for. Should we be happy for them for that?