Sarah Michelle Gellar: My Daughter Thinks I Get My Hair Done for a Living

07/30/2013 at 11:00 AM ET

Sarah Michelle Gellar Scott Kirkland/PictureGroup

Can a working mom have it all? Maybe. But for Sarah Michelle Gellar, that means taking jobs close to home.

“Ultimately, yes, you hope that everybody can have it all, but everyone will tell you that is almost impossible,” the actress, 36, and mom to Charlotte, 3, and Rocky, 10 months, told PEOPLE Monday at CBS’s 2013 Summer Television Critics Association tour in Beverly Hills.

“I applaud the women who can still make movies and travel all over the world, but that is not for me,” she says.

“I’ve luckily found a job where I can take my daughter to school in the morning and still be at work. And for me, it is the best of both — I mean, the ultimate job I could ever ask for.”

The Buffy the Vampire Slayer actress, who will star this fall with Robin Williams in CBS’s new show The Crazy Ones, says while having kids affects the roles she takes, it doesn’t necessarily help with character development.

“Once you get on set, you have to decompartmentalize and focus on the job,” she says. “My character on the show is nowhere near having children, so you put that away.”

Gellar looked fabulous Monday, and chalked it up to a mix of healthy eating, exercise — and a little help from Spanx.

“God bless whoever invented them,” she jokes. “You know, I chase two children all day long, so there’s that constant ‘Let’s go swimming now! Let’s go do this now!” And I take advantage of being in California, so ‘Let’s go outside! Let’s do this!'”

She continues, “I try also for the healthy choices to influence both me and my children’s meals as well. We have a garden, and we grow everything ourselves, and we make it into juices. My daughter loves kale juice and kale chips, so we try to make it into a family thing.”

Asked if her kids know what she does for a living, she replied, “Not a clue. My daughter thinks I get my hair done for a living … And my son is 10 months old, and I am lucky he knows who I am.”

— Tim Nudd and Patrick Gomez

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Susan on

That’s sweet. 🙂

Jill on

Still as adorable as she was on Buffy. Absolutely love her!

JuliaC on

And that, folks, is her contribution to society! Ta-da!

jennrae on

Love SMG, but shouldn’t it be “compartmentalize?”

Anonymous on


Sherae on


Nikki on

Love Sarah and Freddie and how they’ve remained so grounded, and truly low key. Adorable family, and I hope her new show is a total success!

Marie on

SMG is always so down to Earth but I guess this means I have to give up hope of “Ringer” ever coming back. I will def watch her new show though…SMG always gives 100 percent to every show. 🙂

Anonymous on

I’ve always liked her from when she was on All My Children, she started in the business young, but she manages to stay grounded and responsible her husband and her seem like such adorable humble people. You don’t hear of them in the clubs or making the rounds on the talk shows to brag about this or that. I like the fact she is a “real” mommy who puts her children ahead of her career. I wish her nothing but success and joy.

Anonymous on

Jennrae, she used the right word in the right context.

Anonymous on

Saw previews of the new show when we went to the movies this weekend. It really looks funny. We will give it a try. I have loved her since she was on All My Children.

Katie on

You applaud the moms that can still travel the world and make movies? What about those of us who work normal jobs every day, and don’t have the luxury of bringing our kids to work or to have a nanny care for them? We drop our kids off at daycare or “Make it work”. Those are the PARENTs that should be applauded, because it’s not always the moms that make a family go round.

gob on

OMG @ Katie, not everything is about YOU!!!!! Christ almighty how entitled are you that you have to take something a complete stranger says and make it about you. Get overyourslef you crazy c u next tuesday

chrissy on

well said gob, made me LOL!

klutzy_girl on

hahaha right on gob!!

Briana on

LOL I just had to reply after reading Katie’s comment.. Gob pretty much said it all for me ha but seriously.. I was just reading that like “oh wow.. here we go..” BRAVO. obviously, she is relating it to HER life and what SHE does for a living.. she’s talking about the business SHE’S in.. how dare she ay? she should be talking about how great YOU are apparently.. lmao gimme a break