Kristen Bell: I Won’t ‘Make Myself Miserable’ Losing Baby Weight

07/30/2013 at 09:00 AM ET

Kristen Bell Redbook Cover Baby Weight
Brian Bowen Smith for REDBOOK

“I’m proud to sit out the baby weight rat race,” new mom Kristen Bell Tweeted Friday — and the House of Lies star proves it with her September Redbook cover.

In the story, which features photos taken 11 weeks after her daughter Lincoln was born in March, Bell says that she’s 15 lbs. heavier than her pre-pregnancy weight, and she’s okay with that.

“I’m going to continue working out and see where it goes,” the actress, 33, explains.

“I’d like to get back down to where I was before the baby … But if this is where my body wants to be, so be it. I’m not going to make myself miserable for the rest of my life trying to get back to where I was before.”

“I like my Lincoln Leftovers because they’re proof I did something extraordinary. I gave life to my new BFF & she gave me a comical amount of midsection skin,” Bell Tweeted, and she admits that her fiancΓ©, Parenthood star Dax Shepard, loves her new curves.

“All he did was tell me he loved me chubby,” she reveals. “He even asked me to stay chubby after the baby was born.”

Bell gained 43 lbs. with Lincoln and has lost some of the weight through healthy eating — fruits, veggies and protein shakes — and low-impact workouts, along with the slimming side effects of breastfeeding. And she insists that she didn’t obsess about her weight gain while she was pregnant, so she’s not about to start freaking out about it now.

“I refused to worry about something I could not change, and I still refuse,” she says. “Look, I’m like any other woman. All this evolved b.s. that I’m telling you is my mantra: It’s not something I practice naturally. I had to surrender to not worrying about the way I looked, how much I weighed, because that’s just part of the journey of having a baby. I am not a woman whose self-worth comes from her dress size.”

— K.C. Blumm

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cn tower on

Her attitude while pragmatic and healthy is a little ahead of the curve for Hollywood. Until the biz is more forgiving and accepting and puts talent ahead of weight, woman with normal bodies will continue to miss out on roles. Too bad..

Rebecca on

Love her!!

Shelley on

I absolutely fell in love with her after that sloth video with her crying went viral. She seems very down to earth and her husband is hilarious as well. I am so happy for them!

Lisa on

Good for her. I love how People posted this article and then right above it is a story about Jennifer Aniston starving herself to look a certain way.

Noneya on

Good for her! How refreshing to see a new celebrity mom NOT in a rush to get back to before!

Dawn on

So she might miss out on a role or two… least she won’t miss out on those truly important moments in her sweet baby’s early life. I love that she’s speaking out on a normal back to body ease with herself, though I wish she and her partner in love wouldn’t refer her normal hot bod as ‘chubby’

Celeste on

She looks fantastic! Glad I get this magazine so I can read the rest of the interview.

Anonymous on

I think she has a refreshing and healthy attitude. Thanks!

me on

She looks great in that picture! I love her attitude on this. Focus on being a mom not a supermodel!

Guest -AB on

Good for her. Thank you, Kristen Bell. The sticks come a dime a dozen in HWood. Your personality and humor – and duh you are no less beautiful than before – is what lands you roles. I think anyone who hears you for 5 minutes laughs their a** off, so I’m not worried for your career. Just keep family and self happy…..LOVE Parenthood. #season5excitement

Callie on

I normally don’t care for her but I must say, she looks BETTER a tad heavier.

MomofThree on

Kristen Bell, you are my new best friend.

Anonymous on

This is why I adore Kristen Bell. She has a healthy, practical outlook on life. I’m glad she is sitting out the “baby weight rat race”.

cris on

Finally a secure confident woman in Hollywood. Kim and all the rest of the nut bags that try to be back to the size or smaller they were before people see them after just giving birth. It’s nuts; HRH Dutchess Katherine & Mrs. Bell seem to be the only normal people in the spotlight lately. Secure mama’s raise secure babies. Congrats to both!

Sara on

What curves? She is already thin enough… Healthy weight ladies.

Brooke on

Lincoln Leftovers – LOVE it

RG on

She’s still beautiful πŸ™‚

Names4Real on

Lincoln leftovers. haha

Love her.

BJ on

Good for you! Congratulations!

kelly on

Bravo!! The more I read about Ms. Bell, the more I like her. She seems really cool

Anonymous on

Thank God a REAL woman/ mother!!!!! More power to ya, Kristen!!

Anonymous on

Love her….wonderful outlook! πŸ™‚

J abrams on

need more like her!! I just love her attitude. And she seems so happy. Look at kim kardashian who won’t even go out in public because of her weight. Is she really that happy then?

Linda on

Good for her. Wish more celeb women will take this mentality instead of pushing their bodies right after giving birth. This baby weight rat race trend is so ridiculous. They have this added pressure along with having to take care of a baby. Give them a break.

Alexis on

She and Dax are establishing a really healthy body image for their daughter, which is great! She looks happy and healthy, extra 15 pounds or not.

super on

She looks beautiful!

missy on

Lincoln Leftovers!! I love it. Good for her. She looks fabulous.

zab on

Totaly, 100% agree with you!

LC on

I love her! She is funny, smart, and beautiful. I also gained 40 pounds with my pregnancy and 7 months later have about 10 more pounds to go. But really – who cares? I admire her speaking out and telling everyone its not a big deal!

nikki on


jussica on

I love the comment she said about her dress size not being her self worth. Many girls and women are taught to believe ( mostly by mens standards) they have to be “perfect” in order to be beautiful. Well, the truth is, beauty is skin deep. Love yourselves, girls!!! You are beautiful even if you think your not.

j.u. on

It’s really pathetic that she is considered “chubby.”

Nancy on

Wow! Great role model for women and girls today. I applaud her!

Anonymous on

Good for her! A truly inspiring article to read.

Stef on

Thank goodness someone sees how ridiculous this whole “body after baby” craze is.

justbirdie on

Those pants she’s wearing in the cover shot were definitely a mistake! She would have looked even better in anything other than plaid! Were they TRYING to make her look big? But I am pleased that she isn’t making herself miserable over a couple of pounds. Nothing should dim the joy of a new baby.

Michelle on

I think she looks fabulous with the extra weight. The first time I saw her after having the baby, I didn’t even recognize her, I think the little bit of extra weight suits her face better.

tanya on

That’s a great attitude to have. Good for her πŸ™‚

Anonymous on

I love Kristen and Dax. I love that she’s in no hurry and that he is not pressuring her, but actually encouraging her about the baby weight. With most of us it didn’t magically fall off and Kristen is a real woman in my book.

Nicole on

Women are the ones obsessed with being skinny, NOT men.

MG on

And my girl crush on KB continues to grow…

Anonymous on

You go girl! Amen!

Karen on

Sadly… what he calls chubby is likely a size 6! HAHA Well Dax thats just healthy hun!

Suzee on

She looks pretty darn good for just having a baby! I think those people who lose tons of weight right away are not good moms. You should be at home enjoying your newborn, not out working out for hours and hours.

Suzee on

I gained 43 pounds too! And I did not overindulge! The weight came off very slowly but I didn’t care. I just loved being with my son. The weight loss could wait.

Anonymous on

I LOVE her attitude! You go girl!

Mama on

I gained exactly 35 lbs with each of my kids, lost 20 lbs within the first 6 weeks post-partum and was exactly 15 lbs. heavier than pre-pregnancy for the rest of their 1st years. Then with each of my kids, those extra 15 lbs. just came off and were completely gone by time each baby was 1.5 years old. That was normal for me, as I think it probably is for alot of women (outside of those in Hollywood who think its a badge of honor to lose it within weeks). Thank you Kristen for being a good role model to women and accepting your body through its changes! Enjoy your baby and don’t spend one minute of worry on those last 15. They will come off whithout even trying when their ready!

Shannon Z on

My little one was born just a few weeks before baby Lincoln, so I feel ya Kristen! I’m just enjoying my beautiful daughter- the weight will come off eventually. And if not, oh well. My husband says I’m even more beautiful to him after I gave him this wonderful gift. You shouldn’t let something like a few extra lbs in your midsection or stretch marks make you feel less worthy. Your body did what it was made to do!

Jessica on

Funny I saw a picture of her last week and I was thinking she looked better than ever and I couldn’t put my finger on it. More women could benefit from this healthy and positive state of mind.

ava on

Finally, a positive role model for women–thank you, Kristen!

Joan on

Congreats to you on you”re baby! & for having common sense!! concerning baby weight!!

sharon on

FINALLY someone with a head on her shoulders. Enjoy your little one and don’t give a care what anyone might say because they wouldn’t be your friends anyway.

cee on

Love her!!!

Cracking up on her comment about midsection skin! πŸ™‚ I am 4+ years postpartum, have lost all of my pregnancy weight & still have that skin. I am learning to embrace it because there is no way that I am having a tummy tuck! OUCH!!

RO on

Kristin, I think you look beautiful and NORMAL! Too many “stars” starve themselves back to skinny and it just isn’t right. You are amazing, never change!

Camille on


Anonymous on

thata girlllll!!!!!! now thats POWER!!

Nikki on

I love how sensible Kristen is being. That said, I think it’s a bit judgmental to assume that women working out and trying to lose as much of their baby weight as they can as quickly as they can automatically makes them bad moms. I mean, I don’t approve of putting your entire self-worth in your appearance, but I also don’t think we should judge women for putting effort into their appearances to look as good as they can-and that should be the same for mothers as it is for childless women.

Izzie on

BFF? No, you are your child’s mother, not friend. You didn’t do anything all that extraordinary, either, as millions of women do it each day. Vapid celebrities need to just go away…soon!

Sandra on

@Izzy……Its not that serious and if she feels that what she did was extraordinary, who are you to say otherwise.

Laura on

But yet she calls herself chubby??? If that’s chubby then I guess all ordinary women are chubby or fat. Which makes me hate my weight even more 😦

Rebecca on

Always liked her. She’s one of the very small few celebrities that I would actually want to know. She seems awesome.

Lily on

Psst! Izzy! I think you got lost and ended up on a CELEBRITY Baby Blog by mistake! Oopsie! I know it has to be a mistake that you’re HERE whining about celebrities. I know you didn’t notice and now people will think you CHOSE to come here deliberately and complain about the SUBJECT of the blog! How embarrassing for you! Quick! Scroll up and click on that X on the right! Quick, before someone notices and thinks you’re SILLY!

Debs on

Kirstien you are awesome..good for you lady, you have great self worth, in the wonderful person and mother that you are and that is rare in Hollywood today.

Tina on

Good for her. Wish her and her family the best.

Cici on

She is putting baby first unlike a lot of Hollywood moms. She is an inspiration and amazing role model!!! I love her and love everything she is in.

Anonymous on

Izzie- It IS possible to be BOTH parent and friend to your child, you know! Certainly being a parent has to come first, but there’s nothing wrong with also being friends.