Autumn Reeser Expecting Second Son

07/30/2013 at 10:00 PM ET

Autumn Reeser Pregnant Expecting Second Son
Courtesy Autumn Reeser

All signs pointed to a baby boy — and a baby boy it is!

In a new entry to her pregnancy journal</a, Autumn Reeser reveals she and her husband Jesse Warren are expecting a second son — and she certainly saw it coming.

“The pregnancy has been following pretty much the exact same pattern as my first, and although it would have been nice to balance things out with a girl, I wasn’t surprised to find out we were adding another awesome little man to our mix,” the actress, 32, writes on her website Move Lifestyle.

Aside from finding out the sex of their second child, a recent high for the expectant parents has been sharing the baby bliss with their firstborn, 2-year-old son Finneus James.

“He asks to ‘hear’ the baby and puts his ear up to my belly to listen or hug or just to be close,” Reeser shares.

But nothing can quite compare to the toddler’s excitement for the family’s upcoming summer beach vacation — Reeser, however, jokes she can’t relate.

“For some reason, he’s also very excited about going to the beach with the belly-baby (Mommy is less-so about finding a bathing suit that fits),” she says.

As she anticipates the Nov. 24 arrival of her baby boy, Reeser — despite feeling a sense of panic when it comes to preparing for his big debut — has recently been reveling in all the joyous moments of her pregnancy.

“There are wonderful things that I forgot about — the exact feeling of those little feet and hands kicking around in there has got to be one of the most extraordinary things I’ve ever experienced in my lifetime,” she shares.

— Anya Leon

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klutzy_girl on

Awesome! And I love Finn’s name, so can’t wait to hear the name of this one once he’s born.

Noneya on

So cute that Finn wants to hear his brother’s heartbeat! My oldest grandson did the same thing with his baby brother and when he heard his first cry, I took him over to see him and he put two little fingers over his heart and said, “Grandma – it IS my baby brother!.”

Liz on

Yes and she can name the little one Ferb!!

Lyla on

Yess!!! Omg I wish she would name him Ferb!

myladyeve on

Congrats to the happy family!

Brooklyn on

Very cute photo!

lola on

why do people insist on announcing the gender before the baby has arrived…? so silly! so superficial!

Liza on

How is that superficial? It’s their experience to shape and create however they want. Save the judgement for “stars” who really do stupid and superficial things like naming their babies after wind directions and fruit.

Elliot on

Congratulations to her! , two beautiful brothers 🙂

Re: it being superficial?? Deary me, you must lead a very dull life if what someone else does bothers you so much, especially when it’s based of HAPPINESS and JOY. There’s always at least one that has to crap on the happiness of others.

J.E.B. on

Autumn Reeser. Her real name is Fall Peanutbutter Cup.

Anonymous on


Liza on July 31st, 2013
How is that superficial? It’s their experience to shape and create however they want. Save the judgement for “stars” who really do stupid and superficial things like naming their babies after wind directions and fruit.

So stars can only “shape and create” certain things? Hmm…. Why do you feel you get to tell us what we can judge and not judge?

Lynsey on

I am due four days b4 her I think I’m having a boy as well… Congrats to her and her and the boys

Natalie on

Love Autumn’s outfit! Congrats to them. Before I had my kids I wanted one of each a boy and a girl. It’s what I have but I would have been happy with boy/boy or girl/girl. Wanting doesn’t mean she’d be unhappy with the result she has. She seems thrilled.

I don’t understand the current trend of gender reveals with both celebs and non celebs. I don’t get it but I don’t begrudge people who are into it.

Anonymous on

I think parents choose to announce the gender before the birth for two main reasons:

1. So that people who want to buy a gift for the baby know whether to go pink or blue.


2. Because they want to share their joy! 🙂

Anonymous on

All of that being said, I will freely admit that I prefer when people keep their baby’s gender a secret until the birth (a secret from others, that is. If they want to know themselves, that’s fine!). I prefer to be surprised. 🙂

Holiday on

That’s too bad she didn’t have a girl. Her son is very cute though and that’s nice he will have a brother. You can tell she is disappointed in another boy though.

Tanja on

I think she doesn’t really care what others have to say.If people want to share their babys gender or name with others…uhm…why not?

It shouldn’t be bothering you.^^

Congrats for having her second son.I would love to have two sons.:)